Satu Finds Himself

Satu whimpered, wriggling in pain and ecstasy as Ilari tugged on his nipples and bit down on his neck. “Nnnrg,” Satu said, trying to give as good as he got, but having a hard time moving in his current position. Kitsune were flexible by nature, but there just wasn’t much he could flex with his ankles by his ears.

Ilari was silent as he reached a hand underneath Satu and tugged on his tails, which was the end for Satu–as it always was. “You’re too easy,” Ilari said, although Satu barely heard him through the rush of orgasm, and the choir of singing nerves that accompanied it.

“Maybe your humans’ll be more of a challenge,” Satu said when he returned to his mind and processed what had been said.

“In their own way,” Ilari agreed, licking along the side of Satu’s face.

Satu pushed him away with a grimace. “I wish you didn’t have to go.”

“I know, kit, but I’m the only qualified kitsune for the job.”

“There are plenty of other six-tailed kitsune employed by the government, they could–”

Ilari laughed gently. “We only narrowly avoided diplomatic incidents with the last three ambassadors because they failed to understand human mating patterns. The humans have all but threatened war if the next ambassador has sex with the wrong person, which you know we can’t afford. It’s either me or we give up on having the humans as an ally.”


Book of Myth: Origins

There was nothing Satu loved more than reading. He loved writing, but not quite as much as curling up with a good book, the growing anticipation of an inevitable climax–frequently close, but never on hand. Until, suddenly, it was right there, Satu along with it, cresting and riding that precious wave–

Well, okay, there was one thing that Satu liked more than reading.

And that was sex.

“H-h-hah,” Satu gasped incoherently, though there had been words intended when he’d first opened his mouth. Probably words like ‘I love your cock inside me’ or maybe just a ‘fuck yes,’ but whatever they were supposed to be, they were long lost as Satu’s lover rocked a little deeper, and Satu’s aimless consonants turned into an endless needy whine.

His lover’s rhythm sped up, and he came with a grunt, his cock softening and starting to slide out immediately.

Satu made a dissatisfied noise and knocked his wrist into his lover’s head. “What the hell? And you call yourself a goddamn kitsune?”

“Ah, sorry, sorry,” Ensio said, catching Satu’s arm and pinning it to the bed. “I had a long day.”



Once, long long ago, there was a man. He married a woman, and together they had a child; a handsome son. Time passed, and the wife passed as well, leaving her widower to raise their child alone. The man felt that a mother’s presence was very necessary to the health and well-being of a child, and so when the opportunity came to marry a widow in the village, he offered and she accepted.

Now this widow had a son of her own, one of similar age to Vanya, the father’s son. Everyone expected the two boys to be raised equally as brothers, but the step-mother favored her own son, Feofan, in all things.