Book of Myth: Origins

by qui-te

There was nothing Satu loved more than reading. He loved writing, but not quite as much as curling up with a good book, the growing anticipation of an inevitable climax–frequently close, but never on hand. Until, suddenly, it was right there, Satu along with it, cresting and riding that precious wave–

Well, okay, there was one thing that Satu liked more than reading.

And that was sex.

“H-h-hah,” Satu gasped incoherently, though there had been words intended when he’d first opened his mouth. Probably words like ‘I love your cock inside me’ or maybe just a ‘fuck yes,’ but whatever they were supposed to be, they were long lost as Satu’s lover rocked a little deeper, and Satu’s aimless consonants turned into an endless needy whine.

His lover’s rhythm sped up, and he came with a grunt, his cock softening and starting to slide out immediately.

Satu made a dissatisfied noise and knocked his wrist into his lover’s head. “What the hell? And you call yourself a goddamn kitsune?”

“Ah, sorry, sorry,” Ensio said, catching Satu’s arm and pinning it to the bed. “I had a long day.”

“Well, you’re having a short evening if you don–ugnh–” Satu’s words fled as Ensio slid his lips around Satu’s cock, sucking hard and fast, which was only fair, considering.

“Some older brother you are,” Satu grumped when they were both finished.

“You’re the one who crawled in here,” Ensio reminded him.

Satu was not appeased. “I was reading, and no one else is home.”

“You and your damn books,” Ensio said, throwing an arm across Satu’s chest. “Someone should figure out a way to let you have sex with them, give the rest of us a break.” Not that he ever sincerely complained, even when Satu woke him up in the middle of the night as he had tonight.

Ensio was snoring lightly only moments later, but Satu lay awake for hours, staring into the dark.

Sex with books…

Kitsune society was, to put it bluntly, promiscuous. Sex was always on the table (also under it and against the door), and there were no societal taboos restricting who could sleep with whom. Visiting humans often had a hard time adjusting; Satu had needed the concept of marriage explained to him at least half a dozen times during his studies at the kitsune-human university in Alverten. He still didn’t really understand it, honestly. Sex with just one… But that was a thought for later.

With no taboos, there was an awful lot of spunk flying around, and no one really cared where it landed. So if Satu wanted to stick his cock into a book and come all over the pages, the only people who’d object were whoever wanted to read the book next–a problem easily solved by denoting a ‘special’ book. But that was a little uncouth even for a kitsune, and paper was…not really the best material for self-pleasure.

Besides, the book wasn’t really the book–the exciting part, the story, that wasn’t made of ink and wood pulp, it was made of words.

One could not simply have sex with words. Sex could be had via words (Satu had one lover with whom he solely exchanged steamy and satisfying letters), but you couldn’t fuck the words themselves. Not unless magic was involved. Luckily, Satu had studied magic extensively at school, having a natural aptitude due to his five tails.

Satu dipped his pen into his carefully enchanted inkpot, then hesitated with it hovering over the clean white paper which lay before him on the desk.

“What’s a sexy word?” He wondered aloud. Sex itself wasn’t too bad, but rather uninspired. Moist was surely out. Fuck rather crude, and anyway, those hard consonants were probably not all that comfortable. Love had potential, but–ah, hell, he had to use something.

Touching his pen gently to the paper, Satu carefully inscribed the word LOVE with a flowing script.

Setting the pen down, Satu traced magical runes in the air over the page with his finger. Then he had to wait for the ink to dry and the magic to set. Satu drummed his fingers quietly on the table, wondering exactly what would happen when his word-golem came to life. He’d simply altered the spell that the other kitsune used to animate inanimate objects for…intimate purposes, which meant that technically he should have a very horny word on his hands in a moment.

There was a soft shlup sound from the desk, and Satu glanced down at the paper before him. The word LOVE had grown and was starting to pull itself up from the paper. It grew more as it detached, and the letters gained depth until they were only a little larger round than Ensio’s cock (which was somewhat stouter than Satu’s). The L was the first to leave the paper fully, though it was attached still to the O, which crept up behind. The letter stretched as it crawled across the desk and dropped into Satu’s lap.

“Hmm,” Satu said, reaching out to pick it up. The L’s shape was lost, and at the slight upwards tug of Satu’s hand, the O unraveled as well. “Not exactly what I intended.” He squeezed a little, and the enchanted ink firmed up slightly in his grasp. “Figures.” He dropped the letters onto the desk, but the ink didn’t pile well, the tangle toppled over, and the long side of the L landed squarely in his lap.

Satu wore only a loosely tied robe, and the ink was cool against his exposed thigh. The kitsune shuddered lightly at the sensation and went to retrieve the errant letter. But his hand paused halfway, and Satu figured, hey, why not? He knew what the spell wanted, might as well see what would happen.

The letter L slid up Satu’s thigh–a little bit slick, and a little bit sticky. It crept into the opening in Satu’s robe and wrapped itself around Satu’s cock, which perked up at the curious sensations.

After twining itself fully around Satu, the word made its way behind Satu’s balls, then headed farther back, passing Satu’s entrance and creeping into the fur at the base of his five tails. It twisted and squirmed between them, until all five were wrapped up in the coils of the word.

The tailing end of the E now fell into Satu’s lap, and Satu snorted quietly to himself. “I’ve a lap full of love,” he mumbled, shifting up so the letters could have more space, because now the L was sliding back towards his previously ignored entrance. It didn’t seem like enough, so he leaned himself fully forward onto the desk. The ink was more snake-like now, twisting back on itself and prodding gently at his anus. It also tightened its hold on his balls, and around his cock, until any lack of interest from the sheer inanity of the situation was gone from Satu’s body.

Still the L didn’t enter him, rubbing gently around instead, the curious stick-sliding sensation driving Satu to distraction.

“Who knew love was a tease?” Satu muttered, smacking his head against the desk–it was right there–and wiggling his ass encouragingly.

The tip of the word became slick, cool moisture dripping all over Satu’s ass and down his legs before the bespelled word took his unspoken invitation and finally–finally–thrust inside of him, which caused the hold on the rest of him to tighten, and Satu whimpered.

The trailing tip of the E–or so Satu had to assume, since the other end of the word was in his ass, and the letters were all connected–rubbed itself on the tip of Satu’s cock, more cool slickness dripping from it and lubricating Satu’s length, allowing the twist around it to slide up and down as the L end started thrusting in earnest.

“Fuuuck.” Satu groaned and tried to rock into the motion, but there was no resistance before or behind because of course he was being fucked by a literal word. A word which was wrapped around his equipment and nothing else–well, and his tails, but those were an erogenous zone all on their own, and having this…this tentacle weave in and out among them as it shifted in and out of Satu…

“A-ahh!” Satu cried, spilling over the edge, his come spattering onto the floor (hardly a first).

The enchanted ink lasted a moment longer, and then it disintegrated. Satu didn’t know if that was because it had come too or because the spell’s purpose had been fulfilled, but it left a faint black dust on his important bits and inner thighs that clung to his fingers when he brushed at it.

Satu settled back into his chair. So that was sex with a word. It… hadn’t been what he’d wanted.

“Is there a way to have sex with a book?” Satu asked the librarian.

The librarian gave him a Look.

“I don’t mean with the–not the–not the physical book, and not the words, either, but–is there a way to have sex with the story?”

“Many visitors here like to role play,” she suggested, nodding to a corner that was decorated like a forest bower, one based on a popular novel.

“Oh, yes,” Satu said, reminded of a certain time when he and Toqi had dressed up as Sir Ilyrion and the– “But that’s still not what I mean.”

“Can you be a bit more specific?” the librarian asked.

“Is there a way to make the–the characters come alive, out of the book?” Satu asked.

The librarian’s brow furrowed. “An illusion?”

“No, magically bring the characters to–” Satu stopped talking when the librarian’s face lit up at someone behind him.

“Why don’t you try the other library,” she said, pretending to focus back on Satu. “I’m not really equipped to handle magical knowledge questions.”

“Figures,” Satu muttered, barely sparing a glance for the muscle-bound kitsune who’d entered behind him and stolen the librarian’s attention. There were two libraries in Kitsune Castle. One held books for romantically decorative purposes, and the other for actual reading ones, though technically both were supposed to be staffed by intelligent kitsune.

Satu left the library and headed through the halls toward the other library, the one that was often called the impotence library, due to the sheer number of impotence runes that were required to prevent both libraries from being little more than romantic props. There was also a sign on the door which read ‘please no sex in the library.’ Many kitsune went their whole life without stepping foot in this library–though few went a week without a visit to the other.

Satu was not such a kitsune. He’d spent plenty of time in both libraries, since his love of books went beyond finding them ambient romantic props. And anyway, sometimes he couldn’t get through the exciting part of a book without something to dampen his …enthusiasm.

Another reason for visiting this library frequently was the librarian. He was a six-tailed albino kitsune, with white fluffiness floating behind him like a cloud as he moved around the library doing his job. There were black smudges in the librarian’s tail fur and on his ears, too. Satu used to think it was a delicate spotting pattern–but closer examination proved it was just ink smudges.

Not that the examination was as close as Satu might have liked; he usually didn’t talk to the librarian–Satu was slightly intimidated by anyone with more tails than he had–but he wouldn’t be able to find what he was looking for without help, so Satu fluffed out his tails, smoothed the soft fur of his ears, and sauntered up to the librarian’s desk.

“Hi,” Satu said, figuring it was best to start simply.

“Hello,” the librarian replied, looking up from the book he was repairing. “Can I help you?”

“What do you know about book magic?” Satu asked.

“Magic books?” the librarian asked.

Satu shook his head. “No, magic that can bring books, or rather the characters in them, to life.”

The librarian scratched behind one of his ears. “I think that’s due to the ability of the author.”

Satu sighed. “Not what I mean. Look, Librarian–” he glanced at the plate on the desk “–Ilari, I want to have sex with the books, but with the story in the book, or its characters, or–what?”

Librarian Ilari was staring at Satu with a slightly glazed expression to his eyes. “You’re that kitsune who comes in here to read all the time, aren’t you?” Ilari asked.

“Well, it’s not like there’s another reason to come in here,” Satu pointed out.

“Which is my point,” Ilari said. “Every time you’ve been in here reading, someone’s quickly come in and led you off. ”

“Well, yeah,” Satu said. “Pretty much everyone’s figured out by now that I’m horribly turned on by books. I only come in here so I can read productively–but that doesn’t mean I’m not ready for some distraction.”

“You come to the impotence library to get laid?” Ilari asked, with an eloquently raised eyebrow.

“It just works out that way,” Satu said defensively. “Anyway, can you help me or not?”

I might be able to help you,” the albino kitsune said, smiling and leaning forward on his desk.

“But…?” Satu said when there was no more forthcoming from Ilari.

Ilari’s smile turned the corner into a smirk. “It’s rather difficult, working in a place with so many impotence runes all over the place,” he said. “Sometimes, after certain kitsune spend a couple of hours in here reading, I get so pent up I come in my pants the moment I step out of the doors.”

Oohhh, Satu realized where this was going. “Well,” he said. “You probably shouldn’t work so much, then. Can’t be healthy to be pent up like that all the time.”

“It just so happens that I’m due for a break,” Ilari said, his eyes dark with promise.

Satu fluttered his tails behind him, and his eyes promised back. “Where do you want me?”

“Over this desk, and damn the magic if I could,” Ilari said, walking around the piece of furniture in question. He backed Satu up to the door, then stepped around him, opening it and gesturing Satu through. “Break room’s across the hall,” Ilari added, skipping ahead a step and holding that door for Satu as well.

“If you’d wanted me, you should have said something,” Satu said as he entered the plush room. There was a small but well-appointed bed, a thick carpet by the magically lit hearth, one wide padded chair, and a sturdy table–clearly the decorators knew how the ‘break’ room would be used.

“Ach,” Ilari said. “I’m terribly shy, usually. I was raised by humans, and even after decades I’m horrible about asking.”

“You poor thing,” Satu said, sitting on the edge of the bed and spreading his legs. “Come here and let me make it better.”

Ilari laughed, but stepped between Satu’s legs, bending down to kiss him hungrily. Satu didn’t wear much–neither did Ilari, for that matter–so clothes were quickly discarded, and skin pressed to skin. Hands groped hungrily; thumbs ran along well-defined muscles, and were chased quickly by tongues.

Eleven tails in a bed were a lot to handle, though, and Satu grunted when Ilari accidentally knelt on one of his.

“Over,” Ilari insisted when he realized what was wrong.

Satu rolled onto his belly and shivered delightedly as Ilari ran his hands down Satu’s back. Ilari nuzzled his nose into the base, where Satu’s tails emerged from, tugging gently on one and then another.

Satu cried out, squirming until his ass was in the air, the sensation both too much and not enough.

Ilari pulled another tail, then two at once. Then he paused. “Did you know you have ink smeared around back here?”

Satu made a noise of supreme frustration. “It’s a long story,” he said. “Now fuck me, will you?”

“Patience, kit,” Ilari said, tickling Satu’s hole with the tip of a tail–Satu had no idea whose.

“Just because you can’t get it up at work, doesn’t mean you get to torture anyone who–” His words cut off in a gasp as Ilari reached around and grabbed Satu’s cock, stroking firmly, and leaned forward to lick across Satu’s shoulders at the same time.

“Sometimes,” Ilari whispered into Satu’s ear, nuzzling the soft fur, “sometimes, I can get it up at work.”

“Bullshi–” Satu moaned as Ilari’s finger slipped inside of him, warm and slick and not nearly enough. “Come on,” he muttered, rocking his hips.

“Impatient,” Ilari said, but he removed his finger and replaced it with his cock. He was narrower than Satu, but longer, and Satu made needy noises as he rocked back and forth to meet Ilari’s hand and Ilari’s cock. His head fell onto the bed when his arms could no longer support him, and not too long after that Satu’s world faded in a rushing roar as his orgasm hit, Ilari not too far behind.

“You should interrupt my reading more often,” Satu said, after he’d rolled over and folded his arms behind his head.

“Perhaps I will,” Ilari said, his head on Satu’s chest. There was a moment of silence between the two of them. “About book-magic…”

“Yes?” Satu prompted.

“I found an old tome not too long ago, which explained a spell–or set of spells, rather–that could make an illustration live.”

“Like a drawing-based illusion?” Satu asked.

“No,” Ilari replied. “Illusions lack depth; they are nothing more than what the caster expected. This spell used to be used on portraits, so that they could step out of their painting and–”

“Have sex with viewers?” Satu asked, wiggling in excitement.

“No, it’s a human spell,” Ilari said, laughter in his tone. “They were just to speak to, or dine with, or something. A way to remember the deceased.”

“Humans are so boring,” Satu grumped.

Ilari laughed again. “If I get you the book, you should be able to find a human-studied mage who can alter it enough for your needs.”

Satu snorted. “I can do it.”

“Messing with human magics is dangerous,” Ilari warned. “You shouldn’t even attempt it if you–”

“–haven’t got a degree in it?” Satu asked. “Guess what I studied. Graduated in, too. Top of my class, published a half-dozen papers about it.”

“You’ve written papers?” Ilari asked.

“They were for human publications,” Satu explained. “But yes, I have. Anyway,” he added, nudging Ilari’s shoulder, “you’ve a book to find me.”

The two reluctantly left the bed and returned to their clothes. Satu could feel the impotence runes snap across his skin as they reentered the library, taking care of his afterglow and any thoughts of an early recovery all at once.

“I do not know how you work in here every day,” Satu said.

Ilari shrugged. “You get used to it.” He turned down an aisle of books, and then another when that one ended. Then there was a small side-room stuffed with scrolls and older tomes, where Ilari finally stopped. “It should be right…here.” He pulled an old green book off the shelf, the gold lettering on the cover cracked and missing. “Animated Portraits: A Unique Way to Respectfully Remember the Deceased,” he read.

“Humans,” Satu scoffed again, but he accepted the book and started skimming through it.

Animated Portraits was a dry and technical read, but it was close enough to what Satu was looking for that he was able to alter the basic structure of the spell–all the while wondering who could possibly want to reanimate their grandmother forever. It meant he’d need to use magical inks, as well as to place a complex series of rune-spells over each image, especially since a book was usually a lot smaller than a portrait, and Satu wanted full-sized characters to walk out of his illustrations.

There would also be setting spells and spells of durability placed on the book itself–basically attempting a book full of fuckable characters was going to be a life-long task. Assuming the average human life-span, of course, and not the much longer one of the average kitsune. Satu still didn’t know if it would be worth it in the end, but there were any number of steps that could fall through or points where he could give up before this was a successful endeavor.

It took Satu nearly two weeks to properly enchant the first bottle of black ink, though he thought it would be easier with the second bottle. Colors would be tricky again, but far from impossible.

Assuming this first bottle worked.

Satu uncapped it, and picked up his pen. He dipped it carefully into the ink (his second attempt had exploded at the first touch of the pen), and then drew a simple line on the paper before him. When the line didn’t catch fire (like the fourth attempt had), Satu drew another and another, until he had a simple–if somewhat angular–sketch of a man. He added some large eyes and a small mouth, then spiked a quick thatch of hair on top of the drawing’s head and made sure the drawing was well-endowed, because it was time to test the next phase of the spell.

Or it would be time in the morning, after the ink had had a chance to dry and the first round of spells a chance to set. Satu debated his options for a moment after laying the spell’s framework, then excused himself from his study to go find a certain repressed librarian.

The next morning the framework was set, and Satu placed the rest of the spell. He sat there, staring at the page and wondering if it would work, when he thought he saw movement of the illustration’s arm. Satu leaned forward to see better, but quickly had to move back as the illustration grew larger and stepped forward off the page.

Satu looked him up and down, smirking in pride that he was as good at drawing as he remembered.

The illustration appeared to be only a human—Satu had left off ears and forgotten to draw a tail. A foolish mistake, but indicative that these pictures could be more than the creator intended. The human was the pasty white of the paper, and his features were almost creepy—though the magic had made them just the bearable side of realistic. The magic had worked, though, and that was the important thing.

“Hello,” Satu said.

“H-hello,” the human stammered. “I feel as though I have been created and called upon to have sex with you.”

Satu nodded. “That part of the spell is probably too strong, then.”

“So I’m just a–an illusion?”

“A ‘magical construct’ would be more apt,” Satu said. “You’re a free being, but also bound by the spell that created you. If you’re aware of that, I will need to tweak it.”

“Oh,” the human said. His brow furrowed as though he was in deep thought, and Satu worried for a moment that the illustration would have an existential crisis, and Satu would feel horrible for playing god, and, shit, but the magic on this one wouldn’t last more than a few days, was he going to feel like a murderer for–

“Are we going to have sex, then?” the human asked, looking up.

“Of course,” Satu said, his grin returning.

They were just getting into a proper rhythm when there was a knock on the door, followed quickly by the knob’s being tested and found open. Ilari let himself into the room. “Satu, have you—oh. Oh, I see the spell is working.”

“Mmmm,” Satu said, thrusting into the naked ass of the human below him—it looked damn strange without tails. He tried to slow down, tried to force himself to stop, but it didn’t seem possible. “Get out or join in,” he finally grunted, biting his lip.

“Oh, join in, of course,” Ilari said without hesitation. He picked his way across the floor, dropping his robe behind him as he approached. The human was bent over the desk, and Satu stood behind him, so Ilari stepped up behind Satu, wrapping one arm around his waist, and pulling Satu’s tails through his legs with the other hand. “I’ll just keep these out of the way, shall I?” Ilari asked, squeezing the tails between his legs and then pulling back on them, but only for a moment before he pressed up to Satu’s back, close enough that Satu could feel his erection.

“You’re such a tease,” Satu said, trying to thrust into the human again, only to find that the forward motion tugged at his tails. “Ah, fuck,” he moaned, pumping forwards and backwards erratically as he tried to push forward, but wasn’t allowed enough distance to be useful.

Eventually Ilari allowed a bit more play for Satu’s tails, and Satu was able to find a rhythm again, forwards into the tight warmth of the human, feeling the pull and soft burn from his trapped tails, the back into relief from the tails, but tortured removal from the human’s hole.

The human, for his part, didn’t react to the addition of a third player—which was frankly unsurprising in a sketch that offered the appearance of depth, but not the actuality of it. Satu slid in and out of the human, and the human grunted encouragingly as the pace increased, faster and faster until the human spilled his seed onto the desk he was bent over.

Satu hardly noticed, his attention mostly on Ilari’s hold of his tails, which was like–like–oh god. Orgasm rushed over him, and Satu collapsed over the back of the human, who shifted and muttered in protest.

“You’re horrible,” Satu said, pushing himself unsteadily to his feet.

“I’m unfinished,” Ilari pointed out, glancing down at his own erect cock significantly.

Satu rolled his eyes, but dropped obediently to his knees, licking and nuzzling at Ilari’s thighs before a hand on his head gently but firmly guided him to Ilari’s cock.

The librarian played idly with Satu’s ears as Satu went to work, sucking and toying with his tongue until he felt someone else kneeling beside him. Satu opened his eyes, startled to see the human beside him. The human grinned and leaned forward, his own tongue flicking out to stroke Ilari.

The librarian cursed, and his hand left Satu’s ears to press across his eyes, as two tongues slid up and down him, teasing and tickling and pleasuring. Ilari’s knees wobbled, and Satu thought he might collapse, but he didn’t– not then, not until he came a moment later, when he folded forward onto Satu.

“Fuck, kit,” Ilari said, gasping.

Satu smirked. “Yeah, I know.”

“Do you mind if I just–go back to my page?” the human asked, gesturing to where it had fallen on the floor. “I think I need a rest.”

Satu waved him off. “I think this will work,” he said, as the human returned to the ink from which he’d been made.

“You’ll revolutionize the kitsune world with this,” Ilari agreed. “Do you have an idea for the full book?”

“I thought I might include different types of magical beings–like humans, nekos, fairies. Maybe some that are more mythical.”

Ilari snorted. “Humans are hardly mythical or magical.”

“Not the point,” Satu said. “It would give people a chance to learn about other beings up close.”

“And to fuck them.”

“Of course. How else do you learn?”

“I’m suddenly worried about the quality of your magical studies,” Ilari said.

“I had some difficulties the year I studied with the humans,” Satu agreed. “But my other teachers were all very helpful.”

“Oh, the humans probably didn’t know what hit them.” Ilari laughed. “What are you going to call this book of yours?”

“I think The Book of Myth will be a fitting title, don’t you?”


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