Satu Finds Himself

by qui-te


Satu whimpered, wriggling in pain and ecstasy as Ilari tugged on his nipples and bit down on his neck. “Nnnrg,” Satu said, trying to give as good as he got, but having a hard time moving in his current position. Kitsune were flexible by nature, but there just wasn’t much he could flex with his ankles by his ears.

Ilari was silent as he reached a hand underneath Satu and tugged on his tails, which was the end for Satu–as it always was. “You’re too easy,” Ilari said, although Satu barely heard him through the rush of orgasm, and the choir of singing nerves that accompanied it.

“Maybe your humans’ll be more of a challenge,” Satu said when he returned to his mind and processed what had been said.

“In their own way,” Ilari agreed, licking along the side of Satu’s face.

Satu pushed him away with a grimace. “I wish you didn’t have to go.”

“I know, kit, but I’m the only qualified kitsune for the job.”

“There are plenty of other six-tailed kitsune employed by the government, they could–”

Ilari laughed gently. “We only narrowly avoided diplomatic incidents with the last three ambassadors because they failed to understand human mating patterns. The humans have all but threatened war if the next ambassador has sex with the wrong person, which you know we can’t afford. It’s either me or we give up on having the humans as an ally.”

“I can go with you,” Satu said. “We’ll tell everyone we’re… marred.”

“Married,” Ilari corrected, laughing again. “I’d love to have you with me, but we’re trying to avoid a diplomatic incident, and somehow I don’t think you’ve ever resisted a sexual impulse in your life.”

Ilari was right, of course, Satu wasn’t one to refuse himself pleasure–not unless the later payoff was going to be worth it. Living with the humans for months or years, with no one to fuck except Ilari would shortly drive him mad, much as he adored the albino librarian.

“Ach, kit, it’s not so bad,” Ilari said, running a thumb along Satu’s jaw and turning his head so their eyes met. “You’ve got your book to work on, and someone new will come along to hold your fancy–and every other part of you.”

“I just hate that you have to leave. The library won’t be the same without you.” Distractions would be harder to come by, and Satu would have to be more productive.

“And my bed won’t be the same without you, Satu. When you miss me, just think of how lonely I’ll be, stuck in the middle of human territory with no relief save my hand, and no company but my memories of you.” Ilari accompanied the comment with a handful of teasing fingers trailing down Satu’s thigh, which, thanks to the incubus potion they’d taken earlier, led to a very productive distraction.

Late the next morning, Satu was thinking about his lover’s departure. Sure, he had plenty of other lovers, but Ilari was the most regular one. And Satu knew that he was practically Ilari’s only sexual partner, too. Ilari would probably regress to his repressed human-raised near-celibate state, and after Satu had spent so much time helping him break that pattern, too.

Satu pulled one of his five tails to the front, and ran the tip of back and forth across his palm as he thought. Ilari was right that Satu wouldn’t do so well in the human world. Knowing now what he knew about humans, it was impressive that he’d made it through his years of study in the human university without getting kicked out. If he went to the human court, with its restrictions and mirages, Satu wouldn’t make it a week without causing one of those diplomatic incidents–well, maybe a week, but not a month, and Satu’s post was for at least a year.

It was downright tragic, that the beautiful librarian with his six ink-spotted white tails, and his curious sexual hang-ups that nonetheless led to some of the hottest sex Satu had ever had, like that time that Ilari had… Satu shook his head to clear it. It was downright tragic that all that beauty and sexual potential be abandoned to the human court without even another kitsune for company.

“My poor Ilari,” Satu muttered, dropping his tail and picking up a pen to tap on his desk instead. The humans used to allow a whole delegation of kitsune, but instead of keeping the sex between them they had–well. It had been many, many years since more than one ambassador was allowed. “If only we could send someone with him.” It didn’t have to be Satu, there were other human-raised kitsune, not with six tails, but surely some of them had more self-control. But no, the humans insisted on only one. Satu tapped his pen down, but it slowed just before it hit the paper, his eyes suddenly caught on one of the illustrations that hung up around his room.

The illustrations were the beginning of what was quickly promising to become Satu’s life’s work. Each one had been drawn carefully onto prepared paper, with enchanted ink, and set with invisible spells. Spells with the sole purpose of bringing those images to life for a bit of sex and fun. “We can’t send another kitsune, but surely even the humans can’t object to a few dirty pictures?” Humans were prudes, but they had to at least acknowledge that kitsune had needs.

Satu’s book was far, far from finished, of course–the more he worked on it, the more stumbling blocks he knocked his magical toes on. The black ink had taken weeks to work out, and that had proved the easiest of all Satu’s materials. “A pamphlet would be just right, though.” It was still two weeks before Ilari was set to leave, which would be just enough time to put maybe six images together, and then Ilari would have company whenever he needed it.

Satu’s toes started to curl in anticipation. His current problem was getting the spells to last more than one or two uses, but he had some ideas on how to fix that–and if they didn’t work, well, even ambassadors could receive letters.

Satu reached for a bottle of ink and a blank sheet of paper as his mouth slowly curled up to match his toes.

When the dinner bell chimed throughout the citadel, Satu looked up from his illustration, blinking his eyes to clear them and realizing just how long he’d been working. He looked back at the picture he’d made and tapped his pen on the side of his inkwell. It wasn’t quite finished–he’d only done one tail so far–but it was close enough that he could set the spells to dry and finish in the morning.

Stretching and covering a yawn, Satu left in search of sustenance and company, possibly in that order, possibly in the opposite one, or possibly even both at once. That thought reminded him his friend Toqi was due back from the coast that afternoon, and Satu took a sharp left, knowing just where to find the four-tailed kitsune.

The next morning when he returned to his room, Satu had the feeling that something was out of place, but what it was he couldn’t tell. His pens and brushes were in place, his inks and paints were capped, none of the pictures had been disturbed. The piles of reference books were still haphazard, and the illustrations that hung around the room in various states of finished and enchanted were just as he’d left them.

Satu ran the tip of a tail around his lips as he considered the room. Everything was the same as he’d left it, but something–something–was different. He glanced over his desk again, and this time he noticed it. Yesterday’s illustration. It was missing.

Oh, the page was still there, with the background Satu had added. But the figure was missing.

Satu cursed and snatched the sheet off his desk, inspecting it as if anything other than the obvious could have happened to it. This was bad. Bad, bad, bad. He had to find that magical construct, and fast.

Crumpling the sheet in his hand, Satu ran out of the room, colliding with someone not three steps later.

“Watch it, little bro.” Strong arms caught Satu and held him up.

“Ensio!” Satu cried, clutching at his brother and crumpling his drawing further. “Have you seen me?”

Ensio’s hands steadied on Satu’s upper arms, putting some space between them as he regarded Satu contemplatively. “Is this a trick question?”

“No!” Satu knocked Ensio’s hands away–they were too distracting. “I have to find myself!” He waved the empty sheet of paper under his brother’s nose.

Ensio scratched an ear, his expression puzzled. “I know human drugs are tempting, but we’ve talked abo–”

“Ensio,” Satu said, exasperated. “I drew a self-portrait and left the spells to set overnight, but when I got in just now, the figure had already walked off.”

“One of your live-drawings? I see.” Ensio nodded, though Satu didn’t feel he was taking the situation seriously enough. “So there’s a sex-crazed you wandering around, and also a magical construct version?”

Satu punched his arm. “This is serious! I have a reputation to uphold! What is he going to do? What if people think he’s me? What if–what if he doesn’t give as good of head as I do?” Satu had worked damn hard to earn that reputation.

“At least your priorities are in order,” Ensio grumbled. “And this is the first you I’ve seen this morning, if you were still wondering.”

“Ah, fuck,” Satu cursed, though he shouldn’t be surprised, Ensio would have understood sooner if he’d met the construct. “Will you help me look?”

“A guru might be better at helping you fffffff–”

Satu cut him off with a particularly deadly look.

“I mean, of course I’ll help you find yourself. This is too entertaining to pass up.”

Satu ground his teeth together. He loved his brother, he did, but now that they were both adults, he had a growing understanding that his brother was a jerk. Still, he needed help finding the construct, and Ensio was the only person around.

Ensio ruffled Satu’s hair, then slid his hand down Satu’s spine and tugged playfully at his tails because half the citadel knew Satu’s weakness, and the other half was female. “And where would this drawing of you most likely be?” He tugged again.

Satu bit his lips against a whimper, because Ensio would take that as permission to be distracting, and this was not the time. “If I knew that I could find him.”

“Well, your illustrations are meant to be sex-toys, aren’t they? So if this one is supposed to be you, he’ll be looking for sex. And where does this little kit go when he wants sex?” Ensio tugged another tail, and Satu yanked it away from him as he considered the question.

It usually depended more on what type of sex he wanted–there were the gardens, the lounges, the baths–or it depended who he was looking for, Toqi frequented the stables, Ensio the practice grounds, Ilari–Satu gasped. “The impotence library!”

“I swear you’re the only kitsu–”

“Ilari’s there, come on.” Satu didn’t wait for his brother, just turned and ran for the secondary library–the one which was full of real knowledge, and enough impotence spells to make sure it was used.

They were in the covered walkway that passed along the side of the courtyard garden when an impassioned moan drifted over the bushes, followed quickly by a muffled whimper.

“Is that–?” Ensio stopped and twitched an ear to listen better.

“It’s Toqi,” Satu said, because last night had rebranded the sound of those moans into his memories. “But I don’t know who’s with him.”

Ensio gave Satu a strange look, then stepped off the covered walkway into the garden proper. Satu followed. “Ensio, what–?”

“Shh!” Ensio pulled Satu behind a bush and carefully pushed some leaves aside, allowing them a clear view of the show in the garden.

Toqi was sprawled across a bench, his legs spread wide and one arm tossed over his eyes, fist clenching and unclenching as a single-tailed kitsune knelt between his knees. Satu couldn’t see much from their angle, just the slow slide of the kitsune’s head and the pleased twitch of his tail.

“Ensio,” Satu hissed because he didn’t mind an exhibition any more than the next kitsune, but they had a construct to find.

Ensio waved him to silence.

“Satu,” Toqi moaned, and Satu’s attention snapped back to his friend. Toqi was occasionally absent-minded, but he’d never mixed up the name of a lover before. “Gah, Satu, you’re amazing.” Toqi reached out a hand to brush it through the curly brown hair of the one-tailed kitsune sucking him off, and Satu’s eyes widened slowly in realization.

“Oh god, this is even better than last night.” Toqi’s hand fell away as his eyes rolled up in pleasure.

Ensio muffled a laugh. “Guess you don’t have to worry that your construct gives worse head.”

“This is not funny,” Satu hissed at him. “This is not funny at all, you asshole.”

“You’re using human insults again, and this is fucking hilarious.”

Satu clenched his fist in preparation for punching his brother, and was almost startled by the crunching of paper; the original illustration was still in his hand. “Whatever,” Satu said, reminded at last of their task. “Let’s just get him while he’s distracted.” He turned to push through the bushes, but Ensio pulled him back.

“It can wait, and anyway, I want to see this.”

“See what?” Satu asked, waving the sheet of paper at Toqi and…the construct. “His–my–his head is blocking anything interesting.”

Ensio snorted quietly, and used the hand he had on Satu’s arm to tow him away from that clump of bushes and back into the covered walkway. “We can fix the view,” Ensio said, dragging him up a flight of stairs to where a second level overlooked the garden. Having been designed by kitsune, the garden was laid out so that nothing obscured the view from above except for some tasteful ambient vines. “How’s this?”

Satu didn’t answer because it was honestly pretty hot, watching himself–more or less–giving head. Toqi’s cock was long and thin, with plenty of length for Satu–either of him–to slowly tease in and out, his tongue caressing and swirling. Not that Satu could see his tongue from their new vantage point, but the look on Toqi’s face was revealing, and he knew intimately which caresses made which expressions.

Construct-Satu reached a hand up to toy with Toqi’s nipples, tweaking them in a way that both Satus knew drove Toqi crazy. Toqi made a needy noise, which echoed among the garden’s stone walls, and reached down to tug on Construct-Satu’s ears. Construct-Satu’s tail–only one, and how come Toqi hadn’t noticed that?–curled over his head, and Toqi grabbed that instead, tugging gently and causing Construct-Satu to wiggle his bottom up and down, all but humping the air. Satu’s cock filled with sympathetic memories, and he pressed it forward against the stone of the parapet.

Then Satu had to bite down on a gasp as Ensio tugged at one of his tails. “The obvious weakness,” Ensio whispered, stepping close, and tugging again. He ran his fingers through Satu’s fur from base to tip, then let go and leaned his chin on Satu’s shoulder, wrapped his arms around Satu’s waist. “I didn’t realize Toqi was so hot.”

“Probably because he’s not a girl,” Satu said, leaning forward for a better view. Ensio had a type, even if it wasn’t without plenty of exceptions.

“I can appreciate the male form as much as anyone.” Ensio nuzzled Satu’s neck, and thrust his hips forward to make his point, his erection nudging against the base of Satu’s tails.

Satu wanted to refuse on principle–Ensio was supposed to be helping him recapture his self-portrait–but more than that he liked the feel of Ensio’s skin on his, Ensio’s strong arms encircling him. Besides, Satu was horny, and the sight of his otherself and Toqi was … inspirational.

“I didn’t realize how vain you are,” Ensio mumbled, the words tickling against Satu’s skin. His tongue flicked out, and Satu tipped his head to give him more room.

“I’m not vain,” Satu replied in quiet protest.

“Then why is your self-portrait so much better looking than you?”

Satu focused his eyes back on Construct-Satu, who was somewhat more fit than he was, but, “It’s really not that much different. Just the hair.” He’d given the drawing of himself the haircut he’d been planning to get for the last several months.

“And the angles, the muscle tone, the curve of the spine.” Ensio trailed his hands over Satu’s hips, his arms, and his back as he spoke. “I’d definitely fuck him if I had the chance.”

“He only has one tail,” Satu pointed out, knocking Ensio’s hand away from his waist because insults really weren’t much of a turn-on.

“Vain and elitist.”

Satu shoved him away entirely. “Then just go fuck him instead, asshole.”

“I’d love to fuck his asshole.” Ensio tugged on Satu’s tails one last time, then skipped off down the hallway, and down the stairs.

“My brother, seriously,” Satu muttered to himself, turning back to watch the scene before him. It was fairly unchanged–at least until Ensio walked out from the walkway below.

“Toqi, isn’t it?” Ensio’s words floated clearly to Satu’s ears.

“A-ah?” Toqi asked, blinking his eyes open and trying to focus.

“Oh, and is that my little brother Satu?”

Satu–the real one–could have killed him.

“Mind if I join in?”

Oh yes, death was imminent.

Toqi’s eyes rolled closed in pleasure as Construct-Satu hummed an affirmative. Ensio smirked as he let his robe fall, glancing over his shoulder to be sure Real-Satu saw the expression. Then he sauntered across the last few steps and tugged up on Construct-Satu’s tail until he had to leave his kneeling position for a crouch, his ass hanging in the air. Real-Satu’s hips rolled with the thought of the burn from such a tug, and he leaned forward, pressing his erection harder against the stone parapet. Because, okay, maybe he’d wait a bit before killing his brother.

“Satu,” a voice from behind startled him, and Satu spun around like he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. It was Ilari, standing there with a half-amused expression on his face. “Something interesting in the garden?”

Satu’s eyes slipped back to the scene below him, where Ensio was still holding Construct-Satu’s ass up by his tail, but with the addition of his fingers stroking and petting Construct-Satu’s anus, sliding deep inside him. “You could say that.” Satu’s voice was somewhat strangled.

Ilari tried to step forward and see, but Satu blocked his way. “It’s, um, it’s not–not what it looks like.”

Ilari gave Satu a strange look and moved around him. “A threesome in the garden?”

“Okay, maybe it is what it looks like.”

“Wait–that’s Toqi, and your brother, isn’t it? And who is that with them? Is that–is that–” Ilari looked between the threesome and the kitsune standing next to him. “Is that you?

Satu scratched an ear nervously. So much for any hope of a surprise gift. “Maybe?”

Ilari wasn’t paying much attention to the answer, though. “Ah, no I see he only has one tail. Where did they find a guy who looks just like you, but prettier, and with less magic?”

“It’s not prettier!” Satu snapped. That illustration looked just like him, except for the hair.

“It? Pretty sure I can tell he’s a he from here,” Ilari said, calling Satu’s attention back below. Ensio had entered Construct-Satu, thrusting with more performance than urgency because he knew they had an audience. Construct-Satu had his hands on either side of Toqi’s hips, bracing himself to meet Ensio, his mouth hanging slack and open. Toqi was watching, his red tongue flickering across his lips.

“He’s not prettier,” Satu repeated, but now his own attention had wandered.

Ilari put an arm around Satu’s waist and pulled him close. “It’s not like you to be jealous; what’s tugging your tails?”

“Ensio…” Satu absently answered, because Ensio was pulling Construct-Satu’s tail up again, which only add to the delicious burn of Ensio fucking him.

Ilari shifted so their hips were touching, and ran a hand down Satu’s arm. “Ensio is–is–what is this paper?” his fingers tapped on the empty illustration Satu still clutched in his hand.

Deciding that would make the explanation much easier, Satu handed over the sheet.

“This is one of your living drawings, isn’t it?” Ilari frowned as he put the puzzle together. “That is you down there, isn’t it? That’s why you’re so upset? Because you’re having better sex than you’re having?”

“Toqi implied he gave a better blow job.”

“A horrible insult,” Ilari agreed, pressing up against him. “Although Toqi always thinks the blow job he’s getting is better than any he’s had in the past.”

“You and Ensio both said my self-portrait was hotter than me.”

“But you’re the real thing. It’s just a picture. A hot, fuckable picture.” Ilari’s tongue ran up the side of Satu’s neck–the opposite side from where Ensio had been. “They have a hot, fuckable picture of you, but I have the real thing.”

He pulled on one of Satu’s much-abused tails, and Satu started to cry out, but Ilari clapped a hand over his mouth. “Shh, they’ll hear you.”

Satu bit his lip to stay silent, his eyes focused on the scene below, even if Ilari had his body’s attention.

Toqi was still lying on the bench, only now Construct-Satu was above him, with Toqi’s long cock buried deep inside him. His eyes were slit, and his tongue was peeking out of the corner of his mouth in concentration as he lifted himself and slid down again.

“Do you wish that was you?” Ilari asked, his hand sliding inside Satu’s robe and along his cock. “Riding Toqi as your brother looks on, feeling that long, slender cock deep inside, skimming your sweet spot every time you slide down, a brush of pleasure that you can’t stop to appreciate because if you stop it stops too.”

Satu whimpered, and Ilari slid his other hand inside the robe, one clenching around the base of Satu’s cock, the other reaching farther back, fingers rubbing Satu’s balls, teasing and twisting.

“And now your brother makes his move, bending to take your cock in his mouth, tugging on your tail with one hand, the pleasure so intense you’ve forgotten that you have to move.” Ilari sucked on Satu’s neck, his long fingers working Satu’s cock, as Satu’s breath stuttered in his throat. “Who will come first?” Ilari asked.

Satu forced his eyes back open and assessed the three in the garden. “T-Toqi, he’s almost–almo–”

“Ahhh!” that cry came from below, as Toqi’s back arched off the bench, thrusting deep into Construct-Satu.

“I feel like I should object to you knowing Toqi so well.” Ilari’s hands paused.

“You were raised by humans.”

“Mmm, yeah, and that makes the arguable-incest of what comes next uncomfortable, too.” Because Construct-Satu had climbed off Toqi and wrapped himself around Ensio, thrusting his hips eagerly without waiting to make sure Ensio was inside.

“Uncomfortable, but kind of hot,” Satu said, because they’d had that conversation before.

“Well, you two are well-matched.” Ilari started moving his hands again, and Satu’s eyes slipped closed once more. “You’ve both the same coloring, but Ensio is a larger version. More muscled, taller, manlier. His cock is wider, too, so he can spread you open when he presses in, stretch your channel even after you’ve had Toqi in you. And from the looks of it, his length is just right for hitting that sweet, sweet spot every time. Not just brushing past it, but pressing squarely and solidly with each and every thrust.”

Satu wasn’t really listening beyond the sound of Ilari’s voice, though, because his hands were moving, up and down, one thumb slipping across the tip of Satu’s cock, the other sliding deeper between his legs and inside.

“The other you is close down there,” Ilari said, “You should be watching.”

Satu cracked his eyes open again, watching as Ensio brought Construct-Satu to his climax and over it. “Do I really look like that when I come?”

Ilari laughed. “Vain little kit. Do you want to finish here, or should we collect your construct for more fun?”

Satu shuddered in pleasure at the thought of him and him and Ilari. “He’ll need to return to the page, though.”

Ilari didn’t acknowledge Satu’s response, though he did understand it. “Ah, but you’d like that later; two of you inside me at once, or one riding my cock while the other sucks off yourself.” Ilari sped his hand up, wiggled a long finger inside, reached for that place he knew so well. “I bet you’ll love sucking yourself off, seeing if you can teach yourself any new tricks, find that hidden spot that no one can find.”

It wasn’t his words, though, just his tone, and his fingers, soothing, burning, twisting, smoothing. And the thrust of Satu’s hips, bumping his cock’s head against the stone, rubbing the base of his tails against the heat of Ilari’s erection.

Ilari whispered something in Satu’s ear in Human. It was probably a sexual insult–humans had plenty of those–but all Satu cared was that it sounded exotic and dirty, and the next thing he knew he was splattering his come against the gray stone of the low wall. Satu slumped bonelessly in Ilari’s arms and caught his breath enough to open his eyes, seeing the garden below.

Ensio was looking up at the walkway, a pleased smirk on his face, and a boneless Satu in his own arms.

Satu might still kill him, but not until he’d recovered, which might be awhile.

It was relatively easy for Ilari to help Satu collect himself and return to his room for a nap. Satu locked the door, put the page on his desk, and crawled under the covers, asleep before his feet had even warmed up.

He slept the sleep of the sated until something woke him, and Satu opened his eyes sleepily–and found that he was staring into them. It looked a bit like someone had hovered a mirror an inch away from his nose, staring into eyes the same color and shape as his, on a face the same color and shape as his.

“What.” Satu was rarely at his most eloquent when just awoken.

“You locked the door.” Construct-Satu whispered it like it was a precious secret.

“Just in case you got off your page again and tried to escape.” It had obviously proven a necessary precaution.

“Then you’ll just have to entertain me.” Construct-Satu rolled his hips to prove his meaning, not that he really needed to clarify that comment to himself.

“You need to get back on your page,” Satu said, though his body was already perking up in interest–because the construct was pretty hot, no matter what that meant about Satu and his tastes.

“Not until I’ve had at least one fuck. That’s what you made me for.”

“You might be a flawed creation.”

“Just what everyone wants to hear from their creator.”

“I’m not making this book to ask the hard questions.”

“It wasn’t a question, but I am hard. Are you going to fuck me or not?”

Satu pushed Construct-Satu away and sat up. The polite–well, the sexiest–thing to do would be to wait for Ilari to return so he could watch. But then again, the picture wasn’t going anywhere–unfortunately–and if it did, Satu could create another just like him. Ilari could watch later. Hell, everyone in the citadel could watch later if they liked. But right now there were two Satus in this bed, and they were both hard, both horny, and both willing.

Satu turned back to Construct-Satu and pushed him down on the bed, straddling him. Satu tossed his house-robe on the floor and leaned down to nibble at his own nipples, soothing the skin with his tongue after, and marveling at the taste and texture of what was effectively himself. Construct-Satu was undone at first, but then he came to his senses enough to run his fingers up and down Satu’s back, soft fingertips at first, then scraping his short nails over the skin.

Satu shuddered at the sensation. He sucked one last time on a nipple, then with short darts of his tongue licked his way down over his soft chest, and softer belly. He paused to torment his navel, swirling his tongue around and tickling, until Construct-Satu giggled and pulled his hair to make him stop.

“You know I hate that,” Construct-Satu said, releasing the hair and smoothing it with his fingers instead.

“And now I know why everyone keeps doing it, too.” Satu swiped his tongue once along the join of hip and leg, garnering a twitch and another giggle. He considered tormenting himself longer, but really he hated that in a lover, so instead he bent down and took his own cock in his mouth. Except it wasn’t his–well, it was, but–hell, it didn’t really matter, because Construct-Satu’s breath caught on a tiny whimper, and Satu had a mouth full of cock, and he was nothing if not an expert at fellatio.

Satu lost himself to the task at hand, the slide and suck the same as always, yet also different because it was himself that he sucked off.

“Shit, I am good,” Construct-Satu muttered, brushing his fingers through Satu’s hair and tugging at his ears in just the way Satu liked.

Satu grinned smugly around his cock. Damn straight he was good, and his other self knew– “Wait.” Satu pulled away. “You should be sucking me, not this way around. You’re just paper.”

“Wow, you really know how to flatter a guy.” But Construct-Satu was already on his way to reversing their positions.

“Well, you won’t remember it later, and I will.”

“I remember getting fucked by Toqi and your brother earlier.”

“No hard ques–ahh, fuck.” Satu’s words were stolen by the warm heat of his mouth wrapped around his cock, sucking, licking, sliding, that flexible tongue massaging every part of him in turn. Okay, yeah, he was pretty damn good.

Satu lost himself to pleasure, his fingers twitching spasmodically in his construct’s hair, and expecting the end to arrive any second, which Construct-Satu pulled off. “Get the bottle from the drawer.”

It took a moment for Satu to process the request, and then it took several tries for him to get the drawer open. He fumbled the little bottle to the construct, and only then had the presence of mind to wonder exactly what he planned to do with it. Satu rather wanted to top, to bury his cock deep inside his own ass, see how his length and girth matched up against that pleasurable spot inside, see how much he could make himself scream.

Construct-Satu’s fingers, now slick with oil from the bottle, slipped inside Satu, who sighed in pleasure and resignation. He’d learn well enough on this end of his cock, he supposed. And there would be other times.

After considerately sweeping Satu’s tails out from beneath him, Construct-Satu hooked Satu’s legs over his shoulders, and slowly, so very slowly, entered himself.

Satu made a strangled sound, and pressed his head back into the pillows below. He wouldn’t say it was a perfect fit, but fuck if it wasn’t amazing. Neither Satu lasted long at that point, and Satu was quickly covered in his own spunk, inside and out. He hummed contentedly and ran his fingers through some of it, holding it up to his construct to clean off.

“Like I haven’t done that before,” Construct-Satu scoffed, but he licked it up happily enough, treating each finger to such a thorough clean that Satu’s cock twitched in sleepy curiosity.

“You should go back on your page,” Satu said, watching as that clever tongue switched to cleaning off his abdomen. It tickled, but Satu didn’t have the energy for more than a slightly wiggle of protest.

“What if I don’t want to?”

“You have to.”

“Eventually, perhaps.”

“No, you have to so I can–”

“Can what? Break my spell so I’m locked in at your whim?”

“Fix your spell, and you’re just a drawing.”

“But I’m you; would you want to be stuck on a sheet of paper forever?”

“You’re not me. You’re just a drawing of me.” Satu sat up. His muscles were still a bit wobbly, but the afterglow was definitely extinguished. “I’m not creating people, just characters. I’m sorry you’ve got too much self-awareness, but–”

“Maybe we’re not just characters, maybe we are people. You’re creating people, just to fuck us, and then effectively kill us.”

Satu ran a hand through his hair. He shouldn’t even be surprised that he was having this conversation with himself. It had been hovering at the edge of his consciousness almost since the beginning of his project. It would have been nice to have it before the sex, though, when his brain was still functioning. “I don’t kill you, the magic wears off, I have no control over it, and you don’t exist without the magic.”

“But I have memories, more so than the others, since I am someone specific. I have all your memories, and the others were nothing but a few sexual urges. And they were only good for one fuck, but now I can make my own memories, so what makes a person, and what does not?”

“I don’t know,” Satu said, getting up to pace across his room and back. “I don’t know. Maybe you are a different kind of person?”

“The kind that exists only to pleasure another, and then vanish?”

“I said I didn’t want to ask the hard questions!” Satu snapped. He nearly stomped as he crossed the room a second time, stopping near his desk and the empty drawing on it.

“Well, if you don’t ask yourself the hard questions, who will?” Construct-Satu asked, swinging his feet to the floor. “You might be a god, or you might be an author, or there might not be a difference, but you’d better figure it out before you get half-way there and realize you can’t finish.”

“I won’t–”

There was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” Satu called, which broke the spell keeping the construct in and unlocked the door.

The door opened, and Ilari entered, glancing between Satu and Satu and measuring the tension between them. “Hello Satu–and Satu.”

“Ilari,” both Satu said in unison, glaring at each other.

Ilari waited silently for a long moment. “You know,” he said at last, “I always pictured you as the kind to fuck when faced with himself, not to fight.”

“We fucked,” Satu said.

“Now we’re fighting,” Construct-Satu added. “He started it.”

“Oh no, I was perfectly happy not asking the hard questions.” Satu held up a hand.

“They need to be asked.”

“What questions are these?” Ilari stepped up next to Satu and pulled him close.

“Am I a monster for creating these constructs, these people, and then just using them for sex? Letting them die?” Satu leaned his head against Ilari’s shoulder, breathing the quiet scent of him. “Am I a god for creating them in the first place? Are they people, or just characters?”

“Hmm.” Ilari ran a hand along Satu’s tails, just stroking them soothingly as he thought. “There are some philosophy of magic books in the library. I don’t know if they will hold your answers, but it would be a place to start, if you are really so worried about this.”

“I’d really just rather a certain construct went back into his illustration.” Satu shot a new glare at himself over Ilari’s shoulder.

Construct-Satu scoffed and leaned back on the pillows, one knee bent up for display. Apparently just getting Satu thinking about the questions was enough for him. “I’m not tired.” He reached down and started rubbing gently at his own cock.

“So…” Ilari raised an eyebrow at Satu, ignoring Construct-Satu as only someone used to working in the impotence library could.

“I haven’t had a chance to inspect the spell,” Satu said, somewhat defensively. On one hand he couldn’t fault his construct, but on the other hand he was rather annoyed at himself right now. It really wasn’t the time.

“I thought you were having troubles with getting the spells to last beyond a single use.” Ilari studied the illustration where it lay on Satu’s desk.

“I tried putting the spell on the paper instead, which seems to have worked too well.” He glared at his living drawing, who was already back at half-hard, which was pretty impressive. It probably had to do with the magic, though, because Satu had worked out a few of the more important details before dealing with lesser issues like spell duration.

“Why did you make it, anyway?” Ilari asked. “You’re always so cautious with what you draw, but here’s your first attempt at a new spell technique, and your first attempt at drawing a specific person, and your first drawing of yourself.”

“Oh, I, uh…it was going to be a present for you, something to take to the human court, so you’d have more than just your hand.”

Ilari looked between the two Satu’s, and Satu felt more than a little weird that his gaze seemed to linger on the masturbating version longer than it did on him–was that jealousy? he wondered. Finally Ilari turned back to Satu. “I think that’s wonderful. I’d love to have an illustration along, especially one of you. But only if it’s not–not–”

“Not that one?” Because Construct-Satu had existed for less than a day, and he’d already caused enough mayhem that even Satu could see the troubles of sending him to the human court as is. “He does give good head, though.”

“Priorities, kit, priorities.” Ilari shook his head affectionately.

“He’s serious, though,” Construct-Satu added from the bed. “I can show you.”

Ilari buried his nose in Satu’s ear and whispered, “You’re really quite insatiable.”

Satu wrinkled his nose. “I am not that bad.” He knew there were limits, at least.

“No, but you are that sexy.” Ilari tugged a tail just slightly to make his point.

Satu opened his mouth to object, but then he remembered that he couldn’t study the spell until Construct-Satu returned, and really, there was no reason to force him. Not when they could just wear him out, which would be far, far more fun.

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