3 thoughts on “Shousetsu Bang*Bang no. 99 Cover

  1. This is such a fun, electric cover!! I really love the color scheme, with the purples and pinks and cyan just a touch of orange feels really vibrant. And all the hands add so much movement to it!!

  2. The color palette you chose is doing some serious work here in setting the mood, which is great: the warm, muted earth tones of the living partner is a great contrast to the intense white/purple/blue of the more ghostly paramour, all while leaning into the Halloween feel with the purple, black, and orange theme. The hands could be friendly, could be dangerous, could be something else, and above all else make for a suitably spooky seasonal cover! I also really dig the lettering, too, nice and crisp without getting lost in the composition. What a great introduction to an issue full of pleasant (and not-so-pleasant) thrills?

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