5 thoughts on “Prince of Roses

  1. Oh gosh the use of thorns here is just fantastic! I love that final panel of the thorns joining their mouths.

  2. The prince getting frustrated at things not working to his expectations and then that being his downfall…sweet as hell

  3. Wooooo boy did Mr Prince not-so-charming get what he deserved and then some! Even without any dialogue, you’ve conveyed his gross (and uncomfortably realistic) entitlement loud and clear. Everything once the thorn vines come out is delightfully creepy. It makes me wonder if the sleeping guy was human in the first place, or a creation of a malevolent rose plant, or even if this is some kind of life cycle where the roses take over one new body after another. It’s fascinating to think about!

    In terms of the art, I ADORE the last shot with the thorn vines drooping like a string of saliva between their mouths. The first page is also really striking — I love the just slightly off dancing pose, with the hand around his wrist instead of holding hands like a normal dance partner would. Also while I’m guessing the reversed coloring on their hair and clothing was a practical choice, it looks rad as hell. I love that they even got different shoes while keeping the overall color block size the same.

    Most of all: yeaaaah you did the thing!! I remember you telling me about this ages ago, and I’m so happy you finished it! It’s great. :)

  4. First and foremost, HUGE congratulations on getting an entire comic piece pushed out for the issue. You completed the whole thing (hopefully to your satisfaction!) in spite of every challenge in the way! Magnificent! I’m a Big Monochrome Liker and it’s great seeing people use it to its full potential; lots of high-contrast panels in this, silhouetting, and the ability to make even a really gory scene come off as abstractly fascinating. One can get a really different vibe based on whether they read the dark-haired one as being magically sleeping or flat-out dead when he’s found. The implications of that last shot are also a lot of fun: as mentioned above, is it like a little spit-trail between them, or is the nameless prince starting to bloom with roses and thorns of his own? Congrats again on the truly massive amount of work this had to have taken, and getting it in on time!

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