6 thoughts on “Shousetsu Bang*Bang no. 98 Cover

  1. This cover is so gorgeous it makes me mad. The reflections!!! The colors!!! Their tender little faces!!! This rules so much, I love it!

  2. Ooooooh I love this SO much!!!!! the colors are just beautiful, the dynamism of the ripples in the water, and the two gents themselves! i love the details of the hair pulled back and the sideburns, and SO much tenderness in the placement of the hands! I would absolutely put this on my wall.

  3. Great cover! The colors are instantly eye-catching, and puddle reflection is a fun concept. I also love all the texture on the zoomed in version — the blue and white swirls at the left side of the text looks like paint strokes or even sand gardens. It’s super pretty.

  4. I adore the painting style used for this and how well it’s balanced with the text elements; the gold in “(Never)” and the month tie nicely into the rich colors of the image without getting lost, and allowing the ripples to ease up around the center of the picture makes the white text crisp and legible (also without getting lost). Also fun is the clearly old-timey clothing and hairstyles in the reflections contrasting with the distinctly modern footwear! I really like this as a tone piece to set the mood of the issue as a whole. Just delightful, really.

    This submission also encouraged me to check out the previous illustration work you’d submitted waaay back in issue 30something and it’s fun comparing the two to see how your skills have evolved without losing your personal style!

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