7 thoughts on “Shousetsu Bang*Bang Issue 94 Cover

  1. I love the winter/summer juxtaposition with these two! (And I definitely recognize them, so extra heart eyes coming from my corner of the internet.) Also really like all the detail on the clothing, like the stitching on the ears and ribbing on the hoodie.

  2. Such a charming cover! The vibe I get is “chestnuts roastin on an open fire” and “suns out guns out” in the same image. Makes me wonder if these characters are living different hemispheres of the world, where the seasons are opposite to each other. Hope they get to meet in a central location for a lovely rendezvous ;)

  3. The colors on this are so fun! The butcher one’s purples stand out strongly against their companion’s warmer palette, which only makes sense: got to hue warm for the winter and cool for the summer. I also really enjoy how it’s a seasonal piece both both hemispheres, so no matter what your local weather is for Christmas it’s going to match! Super cute, really inviting, and a great way to welcome people to the issue. Five stars from me!

  4. I especially love that purple body with the beefy and somewhat hairy arms and her clear confidence and joy inhabiting it.

  5. I love their body language so much, both of them leaning towards each other, they look soooo into each other it’s adorable. I love this butch with my whole heart, very nice work!!

  6. This one is lovely, and reminds me of a dream vacation out there somewhere just fuckin chilling and hanging and having fun. Good vibes art

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