5 thoughts on “Shousetsu Bang*Bang no. 100 Cover ver. 7


    You’ve always excelled at compelling compositions and this is no different, and I like how this goes from a shoe-shine to something much more once the postures of the two figures (and just where that boot is resting) really sinks in. It’s a great example of a cover that’s both relatively chaste — as chaste as a guy with a bared and hairy chest shining another presumed man’s boots can be, anyway — and also TREMENDOUSLY loaded with subtext. I fully support your dedication to the Tom of Finland wheelhouse while elevating it into something all your own!

  2. Okay first off I am just so happy I’m not the only person who drew furry tits.

    This is just sooo gut-punchingly sexy in a subtle and also not subtle at all kind of way, I love it so much, you can feel the sharply-held-breath in this freeze frame.

  3. Oooh, bootblacking, VERY nice! I don’t art, but I’m looking at that perspective betting it was a huge pain in the butt to get right and it looks fantastic. Love the way you ran the title down the leg, and extra love the delightfully undone shirt and gorgeous slice of chest underneath!

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