6 thoughts on “Rite of Hospitality

  1. Oooo, you did such a good job with the feel of this! It looks straight out of an old horror movie. I love the lighting on the victim, it looks so soft and really highlights her peril!

  2. The difference in how much clothing they’re wearing is very fun! Big fan of the little hint of dick under the cute negligee — great look. :) Also, your vampire’s nails match the bitee’s toenails, and I immediately jumped to “they did their nails together” which is maybe not the vibe you were going for but I’m on team chompy GFs.

  3. I’m actually quite fond about the vampire’s arm looped around partner’s arm. And alwags into an off the shoulder peek of the teat haha :)) very rad

  4. such dramatic lighting, and I love the victim’s face — so expressive! and the vampire (if I may boldly make an assumption… I guess they might just be a particularly peckish goth) is giving me Mrs Danvers chic. great boots; great height diff!

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: spot colors applied to primarily monochrome pieces are wonderful because they just plain work. As others have said, this really does have a classic horror vibe to it, complete with a shadowy hallway on a dark (though not explicitly stormy) night! I especially like how you kept a widow’s peak on your severely-dressed night stalker; she’s got something of a bloodthirsty Margaret Hamilton thing going on above and beyond the Lugosi vibes and I’m here for it.

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