8 thoughts on “Better Angels

  1. HELLO giant angel lady, wow!! I am a sucker for too many eyes in weird places (and extra wings), and also her lips and nails are just gorgeous. The lighting is beautiful — everything is SO glowy. Also like the slightly ominous tendrils of what look like space/reality breaking curling in from the right. It really gives a nice balance to what otherwise reads as a surprisingly tender moment.

  2. My eyes were immediately drawn to the lady and her gaze in turn guided me up to see the giant angel. What a good effect!! Your monstrous many eyed angel is beautiful and awe inspiring. And are those stars in the deep black of her feathers?? I really love the adoring look and body language they both have.

  3. Gasped when I saw this! Oh my! It’s so lovely, I can imagine some kind of mutual fondness, awe inspiring deference? The mutual finger grazing is tender…


  4. Wow, this is /so/ gorgeous!! Their body language is absolutely beautiful, these two love each other dearly and it shows. There are so many beautiful details in this, like the folds of the dress and and the delicate pose of the hands and all those feathers! Really beautiful work.

  5. !!!! oh my GOD this is BEAUTIFUL. I love your angel design: she feels monumental and mobile AND gentle all at the same time. and her human friend is just gorgeous. I’m just staring at it now, and could probably do so for the rest of the week. the blue highlights and shadows really give it that ethereal glow, the pose and clothing are so lovely, and! the spots of starlight everywhere!!! so good! I’m in awe: I’m looking at both of them the way they’re looking at each other.

  6. I absolutely adore angelic designs that go for really weird, borderline (or not so borderline) horrific details while still presenting them as beings capable of great gentleness and affection. Too often people use the “some records of celestial beings are pretty weird, huh?” angle to swerve into an “aha, they’re monstrous, so therefore that makes them horrible!” direction, which seems to defeat the purpose of the exercise; if a servant of what is implied to be objective goodness, love, and light can be scary, doesn’t that have wonderful implications for the varied frailties of mortal flesh? The eye(s) contact between these two is so sweet, you can really see the fondness between them in spite of their massive differences. And of course your linework and color choices are superb. I hope they’ll be happy together for a long, long time!

  7. This is GORGEOUS oh my gosh. the use of teal in here is ideal. the way the focus is on the angel’s face but then theres some shadowy stuff going on around the edges is so cool

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