Fleeting Moments

by Chupacabra (チュパカブラ)

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A touch of lips, and it begins again.

“…Brian? I thought I told you not to come here!”
“And I thought I told
you that I’m horrible at listening.”
“..heh. How silly of me to forget.”

He doesn’t want to move away. This mouth, these poisonous lips; just a kiss, and he’s caught already. Slide of fingers along his jaw as a hand presses to the small of his back, and he has no choice but to be drawn into that embrace. This is where he’s meant to be, where he wants to be. He wraps his arms around him, presses their hips together. It shouldn’t be this easy. And he hates that it is.

“Well then, shall we get on with it?”
“You paid good money for my time.”
“Jace, that’s not why I’m here! I just wanted to see you…”
“I know. But let’s not waste what time we have, hmm?”

Can’t really catch his breath as fingers slide into the waistband of his pants, and maybe he doesn’t really want to. A smile, and he draws away from that embrace, shakes his head at the puzzled look. “You really want to stand?” A laugh at the blush that causes, and he leads him back, over to the bed. Pulls him down with him, presses a kiss to his forehead. “It’s better like this.”

“…are you sure you want to–”
“Brian, stop being such a baby.”
“I’m not! I’m just… worried for you.”
“..I know. Don’t worry, I’m fine.”
“Shall we, then?”

Clothes fall away, and he can’t help but gasp at how beautiful the other is. No matter how often he sees him– Kiss to his jaw, murmuring, “I love just looking at you.” He leans into the hand cupping his cheek and smiles. It’ll be okay. Then he lies back, pulls him with him. Slide of flesh, a sharp gasp, and there’s a hurried whisper: “Are you okay?” He smiles, cups the back of Brian’s neck. “I’m fine. It’s my job, remember?” There’s no answer, and the silence stretches for what seems like forever. Then he starts moving, and Jace can’t help but moan. He’d missed this. He wraps his arms around that neck, looking for a kiss. He tastes like sweet and sour and spice and cinnamon. He tastes like home. And Jace has to hide his face at that thought, lest Brian see the tears that threaten to fall.

And all of a sudden, he can’t do this anymore.

He has to, though, no backing out now, and he gives in to the pleasure. The lust. Just take me away from here, I don’t care how. Whispers into that pierced ear, “harder. Fuck me harder.” Leave a mark that will never fade. Make me yours. Please, don’t ever stop. His head falls back, jaw slack, as Brian responds, moves faster, beads of sweat being absorbed into the bedspread. And it’s easier like this, so much easier, to just lose himself in the sensations.

It feels like an eternity, but he knows it isn’t. Wishes it was, wishes almost desperately. But then it’s over too soon, white-hot lights behind his eyelids and heat spilling out between them. Another kiss, hungry, deep, and then Brian’s following him, and maybe that weight collapsed on top of him isn’t such a bad thing. A brush of fingers through that damp hair, and he smiles, pulling him closer. Doesn’t mind that Brian seems to be trying to bury his face into his chest. Maybe, if they could stay like this forever, it would be okay.

But a light shines through the blinds, and the smile wilts away. Damn. A sigh. “Time’s up.” He feels Brian freeze in his arms, then press a kiss to his chin. Rolls onto his side as the other gets up, and pulls the blankets close around him. Savoring the remnants of that warmth. There’s the shuffle of clothes being pulled on, and a voice across the room. Just a murmur, barely audible, but he hears it: “I’ll be back.” And then the door clicks shut.

And he sighs, burrows into the blankets, and is grateful that no one can see him smiling, even as he cries.

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