Maid In America

by Purrsia
illustrated by Nanashi


It was only when Aaron was standing at the doorway of his own apartment in a three-piece suit that he realized Stu could talk him into pretty much anything.

God only knew what the neighbors would think. The neighbors probably already thought plenty of things, with three men in various flavors of gay living in one tiny apartment with an even tinier bedroom. Stu certainly didn’t care, and David probably didn’t even think about that kind of thing, but Aaron did sometimes. Sometimes it even bothered him.

He knocked on the door anyway.

Stu opened it.

He knew Stu would open it. He knew Stu would be wearing the maid outfit. They’d planned it, start to finish. He suspected Stu had a checklist.

But there was still something crazy about opening the door to see Stuart in a tiny black dress and white ruffled apron. And cap. “Sir,” he said, bowing to Aaron. “Do come in. The master is away, but–”

I can’t do this, Aaron thought. This is too crazy. Even for us. “Ah,” he said, and walked inside.

Stu had turned the lights down and lit a few candles, but they were still hardly in a country manor. Most of their furniture was thrift-store chic at best. Stu turned his back and said, “Do follow me, Lord.”

Aaron could see a lot of his thigh in the skirt. He still felt stupid, but he had to admit he was getting turned on. “Where is your master?”

“He is out on his travels, Lord. Would you like some tea?”

“I’d like to know where your master is,” Aaron said, attempting to put some anger in his voice. “Don’t lie to me, whore.” The word felt strange in his mouth.

“Sir,” Stu said, with exaggerated fear. “I surely–”

“Then don’t lie to me,” Aaron said, and pulled his hand back. I can’t do this, he thought again. Stu only came up to a little over his chest. He’d never hit anyone in his life.

Stu winced and pulled back. “Sir!”

Oh, thank God, Aaron thought. Just the threat was enough. “Get down on your knees, you little slut.”

“Sir,” Stu said. “I can’t– the master–”

“Don’t you want to be a good host?” Aaron said, leaning down over him. “You should serve your master’s guests, shouldn’t you?” He put a hand on Stu’s shoulder and pushed him down. “I’m ready to be served.” His jacket felt stiflingly hot; he reached up and pulled at his cravat.

Keep it on, Stu mouthed at him.

“Hurry up,” Aaron snapped, but he kept it on anyway. As compensation, he reached down and pulled on the shoulder of Stu’s maid outfit; it didn’t fit well, and slid down of one of his thin shoulders.

Stu reached up and pulled Aaron’s fly down. “Is this what you wish for, Lord?”

They’d done this a hundred times before, but this was different. The tiny maid’s cap on Stu’s blond hair, the thought of being served, the dim light… “Hurry up,” Aaron repeated, his cock throbbing with need.

Stu’s slim fingers pulled Aaron’s cock free of his pants, and Aaron gasped at the release. The apartment air was cool, especially in contrast to the layers he’d been wearing. Stu’s mouth was far different; hot and wet, with tight, intense pressure.

“That’s more like it,” Aaron said, trying to make his voice sound demanding. There was a rush of power involved with commanding Stu; it wasn’t like he got to do it very often, under normal circumstances. Stu was obedient to a fault right now, though, moving his mouth back and forth in a way that made Aaron wonder how long he could possibly last.

“How will you explain this to your master?” Aaron asked. “When he returns, and you’ve been despoiled?”

Despoiled? Could he think of anything lamer? Still, it worked. Stu gasped and took his mouth off Aaron’s cock. “Sir!”

Aaron grabbed Stu’s hair. “Suck, you little whore. Let’s see what your master thinks of you when I’m through with you.”

“Sir,” Stu mumbled, and licked the tip of Aaron’s dick. “Please, I beg you–”

“What might you be willing to give me, then?” Aaron asked, tracing a finger over Stu’s cheek. “If I go easy on you?”

“Anything, Sir,” Stu said. “Anything.”

Aaron arched an eyebrow. “Anything?”

“I beg you,” Stu repeated, green eyes looking wide in the light from the candles.

“Well,” Aaron said, “If you put it that way, I might–”

They both froze as they heard the key sliding into the door lock.

“No,” Stu said, and scrambled to get up.

Aaron put a hand on his shoulder and held him fast. “Don’t move, you little slut.”


“What is going on here?” David thundered. His voice was deep and strong enough, but it was clear that role-playing wasn’t his strength. Stu had been right to have him come in at the end.

“My lord!” Stu cried. “It’s not how it looks–”

“It’s exactly how it looks,” Aaron said. “Your little whore of a maid is–”

“That’s enough,” David said. “From both of you.” His long legs crossed the tiny apartment in a moment; Aaron hoped, for a moment, that he’d thought to lock the door behind him. “You little whore,” he said to Stu, lifting the skirt up to expose his ass.

He hadn’t been wearing underwear; Aaron regretted not checking sooner. His cock was aching now; he could see how hard David was under his tight, formal pants.

We’re all crazy, Aaron thought, as David spanked Stu hard, and Stuart moaned so loudly Aaron figured they’d just given the neighbors even more to talk about.

“Oh, you little slut,” David said, and tugged at the buttplug in Stu’s ass. Aaron could see how slick he was with lube. “Let’s see how you feel when you get what you really want. Service my guest, won’t you?”

“Yes,” Stu said. “Master.” He bent his head back down to Aaron’s cock. Stu licked again, and Aaron’s nipples felt hard and rough against the fabric of his shirt.

David unzipped his fly and pulled the buttplug completely free. “Get on all fours,” he commanded, and Stu obeyed. Aaron watched them both; David with his broad, athlete’s build, dark-haired and green-eyed; Stu with his blond head bent down, round ass up in the air. Aaron held onto Stu’s hair and tugged a little. He hardly ever dared do that when they were having sex, but it seemed right this way, and hell, Stu had wanted it, and oh God it was nice. He came hard and held Stu’s head in place, and Stu spat and choked and looked so fucking good he wanted to start fucking his mouth all over again.

“Touch me,” Stu begged, and David commanded between thrusts, “Don’t touch him. Make him wait.”

Aaron sunk down and watched David fuck Stu. “Please,” Stu said. “Please touch me, oh, God, sir–”

David came, and Aaron decided he couldn’t watch Stu beg any more, as hot as it was. He reached over and stroked Stu’s cock, rough and quick, and Stu came into his hand.

They collapsed together on the floor. David stroked Stu’s hair while they both caught their breath. “Told you,” Stu said, after a minute. “That was hot.”

“It was hot,” David said. “It was completely fucked up, but it was pretty hot.”

Aaron grabbed the lace cap from Stu’s head and tickled against his face with it. “Yeah,” he admitted. “It was hot.” He pulled his stupid cravat free, finally, and stretched out against them both. “Now I want a shower.”

“We need a bigger shower,” David said thoughtfully.

“We need a better apartment,” Aaron said. “This isn’t much of a mansion.”

Sir,” Stu said, “when you get a better job, I’ll get right on top of that.”

“How come you’re not the one getting the better job?” David said, rubbing his hair affectionately.

“I’m a poor graduate student,” Stu said. “And David’s not skilled. So it’s gotta be you.”

“What the hell does ‘not skilled’ mean?” David said, reaching over to smack Stu gently on the side of the head. “I’m gonna slap your ass again.”

“You’re the one who didn’t want to go to college,” Stu said, wriggling out of his lovers’ grasp. “I gotta use the toilet. Don’t have too much fun without me, okay?”

They watched him walk away, and David stretched out his arm, bringing Aaron tighter into his embrace.

“We really don’t stand a chance against him, do we?” David asked.

Aaron just shook his head and smiled.

illustrated by Nanashi

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