4 thoughts on “Viola Sororia

  1. Your use of light is so beautiful here. The slight glittery texture on the background, but also the illumination on the fabric and their hair is wonderfully soft and glowy. It makes the whole thing feel so warm and sweet – this could be a first kiss or a hundredth, with that kind of tenderness and the palpable desire in their faces – so close to touching but not quite! Gorgeous!

  2. I feel in love with this art the moment I saw it. The colors, the pose, the hands—everything is soft and sensually charged still. I am so glad you created and shared this with us. Thank you.

  3. Aww this has such big shoujo romansu vibes!! As usual, your coloring really makes it so atmospheric, and the peachy hazy look makes it feel so sweet and sensual and romantic. I love it!!

  4. Seconding every nice thing said about the lighting! I really appreciate how you’re able to show just enough of an expression on both of them despite the pose and angle to really elevate the piece. It’s a sweet, tender moment, and I hope that they can enjoy their happiness undisturbed for however long it lasts them.

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