Caught in a Rush

by Kuroobaa (クローバー)


The rush begins.

Aidan blinks, thinking that his eyes are probably playing tricks on him. But the content of the small piece of parchment he found in the outer pocket of his bag doesn’t change. The letters printed in bold, cursive font still form the same message: ‘Mr. Mathersen – You have been qualified to join SandS. Step-by-step process will be revealed in the next few days. Tell no one.’

Scribbled underneath are instructions, specifically stating that the note has to be destroyed, so Aidan heads straight to the boys’ restroom, shreds the paper then flushes it down the toilet. His eyes are transfixed on the torn pieces swirling along with the water, watching it until it disappears.

This has got to be a dream. SandS, as far as Aidan knows, is a very exclusive club. No one, except its members, really knows what they do, what their objectives are (if there are any), and whether the name stands for anything at all. Unlike most organizations in school, SandS is known to recruit members based only on certain qualifications. What they are, Aidan has no clue.

“Aidan!” Trish’s voice echoes across the hallway. Aidan slows down and waits until she’s walking alongside him.

“Something wrong?” Trish tilts her head to one side, creases appear on her forehead.
It’s difficult to hide anything from Trish, since she can read through Aidan easily. But this isn’t something Aidan can share, so he bites his tongue before he can start spilling out details about the note. He doesn’t know what will happen if he tells someone about it and he doesn’t want to find out.

Several students flock outside the building. Trish stops over to one group and talks to some girls before joining Aidan across the street. They stroll along the vast lawn of the campus, making their way toward the co-ed dormitory.

Some members of the track team are jogging across the grassy surface, and Aidan spots him even before Trish nudges his arm.

“He’s really hot, you know,” Trish says a little too loudly, and she completely ignores Aidan when he tells her to be quiet. “You should ask him out.”

To Aidan’s horror, the guy turns, smiles at them and waves. Aidan can feel his cheeks burning. He only relaxes when the guy finally turns to follow his teammates toward the road leading out of the university.

“I think he likes you.”

“Oh, please.” Aidan rolls his eyes and walks ahead of Trish. He doesn’t want to hear more of her delusional remarks.

Garret can’t possibly like him. There’s absolutely nothing interesting about him at all – he is average looking, inept, and definitely needs to work on his social skills – while Garret’s completely the opposite. At least that’s what Aidan thinks.

“Aidan, my man!” Paul charges at Aidan the moment Aidan saunters through the dorm’s main entrance. Before Aidan can jump out of the way, Paul grabs him and wraps an arm around his head. Aidan struggles, but Paul only tightens his hold.

“Oh, for goodness’ sake, Paul, let him go,” Trish says, but Paul only cackles in response. Aidan sees her grab Paul’s forearm but he can’t tell what she’s doing.
Paul just cries out, “Ow, ow,” and loosens his grip on Aidan’s head.

The sudden release makes Aidan stumble. When he finds his footing, his eyes snap back to Paul in time to see him rubbing his forearm and telling Trish, “You didn’t have to do that.”

“Yes, I did. Because there’s no other way to get through that thick skull of yours,” Trish says, jabbing her forefinger against Paul’s temple.

When Paul lifts his arm to block Trish’s hand, Aidan notices that there are reddish crescent marks on his skin. Trish must have dug her fingernails into them. Again.

People are watching them now, and one thing Aidan’s not comfortable with is getting too much unnecessary attention.

“You guys knock it off,” he says and strides toward the stairs. He hears Paul and Trish bickering behind him.

“Guess what?” Paul says when they’re climbing up the stairs. “Derek says his dad gave him some free tickets to this new movie. Anyone want to tag along on Saturday night?” He turns to Aidan, brows furrowed. “You’re not working, are you?”

“Only until five.” Aidan pushes the door when they reach the third floor. “Someone else claimed the closing shift on weekends.”

“Great! Derek’s actually hoping we can meet around six. Trish?” Paul whoops when Trish says she’s coming. “I’ll go tell Derek now before he gives the tickets to someone else.” Paul says before running to the opposite end of the hallway.


The specialty bookstore where Aidan works part time doesn’t get many customers on a Thursday night, so Aidan is quite content to work until closing hour.

It’s quiet and peaceful when there aren’t any people around. Aidan takes advantage of this by doing his homework. Mr. Khaviv, the store owner, usually arrives fifteen minutes before the store closes to help Aidan lock up.

Aidan glances at the clock hanging on the wall behind him. It’s half an hour before closing time. He buries his face back on the book he’s reading and jots down important details on his notebook.

The bells on the door chime, but Aidan doesn’t look up, presuming that Mr. Khaviv has decided to come earlier.

But then a voice – suave and husky – says, “Excuse me.”

Aidan snaps his head up and his heart stops. Well, almost stops. Garret is standing on the other side of the counter, smiling in a way that makes Aidan want to swoon. “I was wondering if you can help me find a book?”

Aidan wants to say ‘sure’, but the word is stuck in his throat, so he just nods, puts his pen down and slowly slips out from behind the counter.

“Excellent! Thanks.” Garret’s eyes brighten. Aidan’s about to ask what kind of book he’s looking for but then Garret says, “You’re Aidan, right?”

Aidan whips his head around to meet Garret’s gaze. “H-how did you know?”

“I’ve seen you around campus.” The not-too-discreet way that Garret’s eyes sweep over Aidan from head to foot doesn’t go unnoticed and Aidan remembers what Trish has said.

Nah, he’s not interested, Aidan thinks and he’s not sure if he’s only trying to convince himself. But the idea of Garret liking him that way seems like nothing but a fool’s dream.

“I’m Garret, by the way,” he says, and offers his hand, which Aidan takes, trying his best to look nonchalant.

“What kind of book are you looking for?” Aidan asks, as he pulls his hand back and leads Garret to several rows of shelves.

“It’s…” Garret clears his throat and wedges his lower lip between his teeth. Aidan wants to kiss him. “It’s actually an adult book,” Garret says, a faint shade of red coloring his cheeks.

It takes great effort for Aidan to tear his eyes away from those tantalizing lips. When he does, though, he turns abruptly to lead Garret to the area where they keep the— oh… oh…

Aidan stops mid-step and nearly loses his balance when Garret collides against his back. But Garret is quick enough to grab him by his arms so Aidan stays on his feet.

“Sorry,” Garret says, pulling his hands back and shoving them in the front pockets of his jeans.

“Oh, don’t be.” Aidan waves his hand before him. “It’s my fault. But…” He bites on his lower lip, worries it a while then swallows any uncertainty that has grown thick around his tongue. “What kind of uhm… adult book, exactly?” Aidan manages to ask. He feels awkward just standing there so he moves toward the enclosed area of the store where they keep books that are not supposed to be seen by those who are underage.

“The Kama Sutra,” Garret says, and leans closer, his breath hot against the back of Aidan’s ear. “If you have one with lots of graphic illustrations, all the better.”

The deep, rumbling tone that Garret’s voice has taken on sends a shiver down Aidan’s back and sets his whole body shuddering. He knows what that book is about, of course. Just thinking about it makes his jeans feel tighter and he prays that (please, please, please) Garret will not notice the bulge forming. Aidan keeps his back turned and points at some books lined at the top shelf. “It’s way up there.”

“Oh.” Garret steps up beside him, tilts his head up, and gnaws on his upper lip. “Don’t you have the ones for gays?”

For what? Aidan’s jaw almost drops. He’s glad he’s able to keep his mouth closed but he’s pretty sure that incredulity is written all over his face.

Garret just laughs, shrugs and says, “I do hope you have that one. I sort of need it for my social research.”

“I, uh…” The heat that rises on Aidan’s cheeks rapidly spreads across his face all the way to the back of his neck. “I’m sure there’s one up there. I haven’t checked the latest inventory yet.” His eyes look everywhere but Garret. He racks his brain for an excuse to get out of there before he loses his cool. “I better get back up front. Someone else might come in.”

Before pushing the glass sliding door close, Aidan adds, “We’re closing up in around twenty minutes though, so please hurry.”


The last period is over. Aidan breathes out audibly, glad that the day is over. Most students pile up at the doorway, so he waits until everyone is almost out before getting to his feet. His mind is preoccupied with a list of things he needs to do this weekend while ambling out of the classroom.

As soon as he steps across the threshold, someone bumps into him. The books Aidan’s holding slide out of his arms, and he crouches to pick them up.

Someone holds out a book before him, and says, “Sorry man, I shouldn’t have been texting while walking.”

Aidan recognizes the voice even before he lifts his eyes up to meet Garret’s gaze.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you.” The cheeky grin that spreads across Garret’s face makes Aidan dizzy. And the light touch Aidan feels on his arm makes his heart pound against his rib cage.

Several words begin to form in Aidan’s mind, aiming to impress the man before him. But what comes out of his mouth instead is, “Uh, no.” Before he can start stuttering like a retard, Aidan stands up, mumbles a quick ‘thank you’, and bolts out of the building.

By the time Aidan reaches his dorm room, his heartbeat has returned to normal. He settles his books on his desk, and glances at the clock on his bedside table. He has one hour to spare before he needs to be at the bookstore. Getting some homework done sounds like a rational idea. That way he has less to worry about during the weekend.

The time Aidan has on his hands is enough for less tedious assignments, so he decides to write a review on the short story that Professor Powell had them read earlier in class. He grabs his English Literature book and starts flipping the pages.

A piece of paper slips out of a page and floats down to the floor. Aidan glances at it and before he can tear his gaze away, he sees the familiar font. He picks up the sheet out of curiosity, and gasps when he realizes that it’s from SandS. But this time, it has a different message: ‘Be near the back entrance of the Arts and Sciences main building at a quarter before midnight tomorrow. Pledging process will begin. Wear a red shirt.’


Saturday comes, and Aidan now thinks he has been cursed to make a fool of himself. Either that or his friends are playing a practical joke on him. He meets Derek at the theater lobby with Paul and Trish as planned. What he didn’t expect is to see Garret there. Not just somewhere in the area but with Derek and Derek’s girlfriend, Faye.

His friends know he has a crush on Garret, so Aidan can’t help but wonder if this is all a set-up. When did Garret become part of Derek’s circle of friends, anyway? Aidan knows Derek because he’s Paul’s distant cousin, and Aidan shares several classes with Paul.

Their college is a small world, so he figures Derek has probably met Garret because Derek’s with the school paper and Garret’s in the track team.

But he’s not about to ask.

There are other things that Aidan thinks he needs to focus on as soon as they walk inside the dark theater, like how long he can hold his breath, because Garret is sitting right beside him and leans – fucking leans – into his personal space.

What makes the situation worse is the fact that they’re watching a horror movie, something Aidan’s not too fond of, so he keeps his eyes away from the screen. He can’t turn his head to his left, though, because Derek practically has Faye on his lap. He tries to keep his gaze on the backrest of the empty seat in front of him and pretend he’s watching.

When the silly suspense music starts playing in the background, Aidan can’t help but glance up, only to see a horrifying scene. He looks away almost instantly, twisting his head to his right with his eyes partly closed.

Aidan’s heart leaps up to his throat when he opens his eyes and sees Garret staring at him, watching him, like Garret is peering into his soul. For a moment, Aidan thinks he’s going to drown in the depths of Garret’s deep blue eyes. A heavy, unsettling feeling sinks in his belly.

Startled screams erupt inside the theater, ripping Aidan out of the trance he has drifted into. The movie seems to be at its climax, and Aidan pretends to watch until the end. He doesn’t turn his head to look at Garret for the rest of the night.


Aidan creeps behind the Arts and Sciences building like a thief in the night. He checks his watch and realizes that he’s five minutes early. He twists the hem of his red shirt around his finger, nervous about the pledging process.

Several other students arrive a moment later. Aidan knows some of them by face, but some don’t even look familiar. He tries to determine if there are any similarities between him and the other students. Other than all of them being male and some being in sophomore year like him, nothing stands out.

Four men emerge from the darker area, all wearing black masks.

“Thank you for coming. You will all be taken to our house, but the location must remain a secret for now, so you will have to be blindfolded,” one says, and Aidan notices that the man is holding a clipboard. “If you have any objections or doubts, you may leave.”

A handful of students back away, but the rest remain where they are. The man holding a clipboard starts going around. When he reaches Aidan, he asks for Aidan’s full name, checks his list and nods at one of his companions. Then a black cloth is pressed against Aidan’s eyes.

Aidan feels someone tug at his arm, then he’s being led down some path where he ends up getting inside a vehicle. His heart begins to beat rapidly, like he’s running a mile per minute. Then he feels someone press beside him, and something warm (a hand?) lands on his knee.

“Hey, relax,” a male voice whispers. “You’ll be fine, I promise.”

The vehicle starts moving, and, later, Aidan wonders whether they have been driving around in circles or straight to their destination. Either way, it isn’t long before they stop.
The man who has been talking to Aidan during the drive guides Aidan out and leads Aidan to God-knows-where.

When Aidan’s blindfold has finally been removed, he finds himself standing in the middle of a large, dimly-lit room with lighted candles scattered around the floor. Flames flicker, forming eerie shadows against the walls.

Before them are five people wearing black hooded robes. Aidan can’t see their faces. Those wearing masks form a half circle behind them.

“Welcome,” one of the hooded men, perhaps the leader of the group, says. “Today begins your pledgeship.”

The man doesn’t give out his name, saying that the pledges will find out once they are officially initiated into the organization.

Someone else gives them a background of the organization’s history, tradition, operating procedures and some rules and regulations. Aidan learns that SandS should actually be read as S-and-S and it stands for ‘Shield and Spear’, which is the male symbol.

The most interesting fact Aidan discovers is that the organization is comprised of gay members only.

At some point, the leader speaks again. He says, “You will all be required to complete certain tasks, most of which involve academic achievements and public service.” Then he encourages the new recruits to ask questions. Aidan doesn’t ask any. He just steps back and watches the group’s leader with utter curiosity.

There’s something awfully familiar about the man’s voice that Aidan can’t put his finger on. He can’t help but steal glances at the man even after he has dissolved in the darker corner of the room.


“So…” Paul plops down on the seat next to Trish and steals the untouched apple from her tray. “You have been quite busy, Mathersen,” he says, using the apple to point at Aidan before rubbing it against the sleeve of his shirt. He takes a large bite and says, “Wha ave you een uh to,” with his mouth full.

Trish pulls a face. “That is so gross, Paul.” She winces when Paul takes another bite and shows her the contents of his mouth. “Eew. Disgusting,” she says and tries to push him away, but he only shoves his face in front of her again.

Aidan watches them wrestle from across the table. He doesn’t even try to stop them. It would be pointless.

“Hey, guys.” Derek slides his food tray on the table and claims the seat next to Aidan. “Faye has dance rehearsal, so either I have lunch with you guys or I don’t have lunch at all,” he says, and a huge smile spreads across his face. “I figured you won’t be able to resist my charm.”

The cheerful sound of his friends’ banter fades into the background when Aidan sees Garret enter the school cafeteria. Their eyes meet and before Aidan can look away, he sees the corner of Garret’s lips curl up in a smile.

“Yo, Garret!” Derek says, waving wildly in Garret’s direction.

If only Aidan can slip away unnoticed. But just as a perfect excuse pops into his mind, Garret reaches their table and the first words out of his mouth are “Hi, Aidan, haven’t seen you around much.”

Since when did Garret start keeping tabs on him?

“That’s what I was trying to say earlier,” Paul interrupts. “What have you been up to Aidan? You got yourself a boyfriend now?” Paul laughs at this, obviously amused with himself.

Aidan notices that the smile on Garret’s face fades.

“Oh, shut your fucking mouth, Paul.” Trish attempts to press her palm against Paul’s mouth but Paul grabs both her wrists.

When Aidan catches a glimpse of Paul’s watch, he’s prompted to check his own. Shit. If he doesn’t hurry, he will be late for his scheduled task.

“I have to go, guys.” Aidan gets to his feet and slips the strap of his backpack over his shoulder. “I have some things to do in the library,” he says and he cringes inwardly, hating the fact that he can’t tell his friends what he’s been up to. Without another word, he dashes out of the cafeteria, yelling, “See you guys at dinner,” over his shoulder.


Time flies and Aidan barely notices that weeks have passed. He returns to his dorm one night after helping at the local animal shelter for two hours. It’s the last public service he needed to do to complete his tasks, but he hopes to continue volunteering. Working with the dogs gives him some kind of inner peace.

After gathering a change of clothes and his towel, he heads to the boys’ common bathroom. Aidan hasn’t really had any problems with living in the dorm, but even after a year, he’s still a little uncomfortable with the lack of privacy while bathing, especially since he’s openly gay. The other boys have never taunted him, though, so he doesn’t complain.

The bathroom isn’t empty. A couple of boys leave as Aidan steps into an empty stall.
Later, he hears the door open and several voices fading while lukewarm water is raining down his face. He assumes that the rest of the bathroom’s occupants have left.

When Aidan turns off the water to grab the soap, he hears something that sounds like a suppressed moan. His hand freezes over the soap dish, waiting for the sound to cease, but it doesn’t.

There isn’t anyone around, so he figures someone must still be in the middle of the bathroom. Not many people want to take the spaces near the entrance since the walls surrounding each stall are only as high as Aidan’s chest.

Concerned that the person may be hurt, he wraps his towel around his waist and heads over to where the sound’s coming from. A soft gasp escapes his mouth when he turns the corner and sees Garret in the last stall, his back pressed against the tiled wall, head thrown back, lips parted and his arm moving like he’s… he’s… oh my god, is he jacking off?

Quickly, but as soundlessly as possible, Aidan backs away and returns to his stall, his penis twitching from the image that’s stuck in his head. He turns on the shower, not bothering with the hot water, and lets the coldness seep into his skin.

The urge to touch himself is so strong, but he keeps one hand fisted at his side while the other rubs soap over his torso. Abstinence from sexual pleasure until he’s initiated is one of SandS’ rules. He doubts the leaders or members will find out if he indulges, but he won’t risk it. He just closes his eyes, feeling the cold water fall on his aching erection.

Aidan decides to forego shampooing. He’ll just take another shower in the morning. He steps out of the stall, dries himself up then haphazardly slips his night clothes on and leaves before Garret can see him.

On the way to his room, something else occurs to him. What is Garret doing in his floor? As far as he knows, Garret lives off campus.

When Aidan enters his room, he finds a letter on the floor just behind his door. Someone must have slipped it under. His roommate’s asleep so he crawls on his bed quietly.

The letter is from SandS, informing him when the initiation will be held and the time and place where pledges will assemble.

He can’t wait.


Tonight will be different. Aidan wants to look his best for the initiation ceremony, so he chooses his clothes meticulously.

He arrives at the courtyard near the engineering campus thirty minutes later. Some of the pledges are already there waiting. They make small talk while some sink into deeper conversations about extra-curricular activities in school, sports, or cars, most of which don’t spark Aidan’s interest.
Three SUVs pull up near the edge of the lawn. The now familiar masked men step out and beckon them over. Aidan waits for the blindfold but he doesn’t see any. Instead, he’s guided inside one of the vehicles.

“It’s time for you to see where the chapter house is,” one of the men says as he slides beside Aidan. Nothing much is said after and the drive to the SandS house is relatively quiet.

Just as Aidan has always suspected, they must have been driving around in circles when blindfolded since the drive tonight lasts only half the time it usually takes them to get to the house – manor, even. The place isn’t really as huge as a manor, but the Victorian-style structure before him is considerably larger than an average residential home.

Torches are lined along the edge of the pathway leading up to the main entrance. It’s brighter inside than Aidan remembers. But of course, he has only gone through the usual path with a thick black cloth pressed against his eyes.

A large streamer that says ‘Welcome New Members’ is hanging on one wall in the living room. Colored strips of paper hang from the ceiling.

After they have seen enough of the ground level, they’re all asked to move to the basement. This is a more familiar area – one Aidan has seen many times during their orientation.

Members of the organization are lined up at one side of the room. Some aren’t wearing masks at all.
The leaders still have hoods thrown over their heads. Aidan instantly recognizes the leader’s voice when he begins to speak.

“Welcome, pledges. Tonight you will all be initiated and become official members of Shield and Spear. But before that, some of you will have to go through one last test – a one on one ritual with some of the leaders and members.”

Aidan zones out. His eyes wander around the room. The rest of the members are pulling their masks off and some leaders are lifting the hoods of their robes, revealing their identities for the first time.

Once the leader is done with his little speech, he walks over to Aidan then lifts his hood with a flourish. Aidan is only half-startled, because he had a hunch that he knows the face hidden beneath the dark cloth. But it still takes a while before he finds his voice.

“Hello, Garret,” he says.


Everything that’s happening around Aidan is a blur. Voices fade into muffled, indistinct sounds. People melt into hazy shadows and the room evanesces into a black hole.

All Aidan can feel is the rapid beating of his heart, the rush of emotions swirling around his chest. His mind is focused on the man standing before him. Garret’s body heat merges with his own. The proximity is making Aidan’ s head spin.

The warm touch against the back of Aidan’s hand sends a wave of frisson throughout his body all the way down to his toes. He feels weightless, like his feet are hovering above the ground.

Garret leans closer, his lips barely an inch away from Aidan’s ear. “Come with me,” he says, his voice a low purr, causing Aidan’s blood to surge down and pool in his belly. The need to feel more of Garret’s touch boils deep within him.

Aidan follows Garret through a dark purple curtain. Behind it is a smaller space with an elliptical bed at the center. It’s covered in red and black satin sheets. There are incenses burning on the table at one corner. A mixed scent of cherry, musk and vanilla floats in the air. Aidan is momentarily distracted, his eyes sweeping around the room.

But when he feels Garret press up against his back, hands resting lightly on his hips and something hard and hot rubbing on his backside, Aidan falls back into his own world.

The rush of sounds – Aidan’s heartbeat, his breathing – fills his ears. Then he hears Garret growl and whisper behind him, but he cannot fully comprehend Garret’s words. Aidan thinks he says, “You ready for your last test?” So he just nods and lets Garret lead him to the bed.

Aidan feels Garret ‘s fingers lace with his. He’s sensitively aware of the slight squeeze Garret gives and the gentle tug, prompting him to face the other man. Garret leans closer and says, “You can say no and we’ll stop right here.”

Is he serious? As if Aidan can say no at this point. He’s far too gone, the yearning burns achingly throughout his body. He manages to say, “Don’t stop,” and squeezes on Garret’s hand.

Garret doesn’t seem to want to stop either. He launches forward and claims Aidan’s lips, so fast that his teeth knock against Aidan’s. A pained noise rises from the back of Aidan’s throat, but Garret doesn’t pull back, just slows down and shifts to a more comfortable angle.

Aidan feels Garret’s hand on the back of his neck, and moans when Garret pushes his tongue through Aidan’s lips. His body shivers with desire as Garret slips his other hand underneath Aidan’s shirt. In his mind, he is begging, take me now please.

The bed is soft against Aidan’ back, dipping as he settles more of his weight on it. Garret makes quick work on removing Aidan’s clothes. Then he stops, sits on his knees near the edge and watches Aidan. His eyes rake over Aidan’s naked body with pure intense longing. Garret makes this strangled noise like a hungry animal before diving down to kiss Aidan once more.

Garret’s palms are warm against Aidan’s skin, making Aidan feel feverish. His touch is reverent as he traces every curve and dip of Aidan’s body, and Aidan squirms and says, “Garret, please.” Garret pulls away to strip his clothes off, then covers Aidan’s body with his own, skin sliding against skin.
The world crumbles around Aidan, leaving nothing else in existence but him and Garret.
Thrill shots up his spine when he feels Garret’s cool, slicked finger rubs against his entrance. The soft, hushed words that Garret says coax him to relax. He melts at the feeling of Garret’s mouth against his neck, tongue teasing the sensitive skin. The heels of his feet dig deep into the mattress when Garret sucks on his clavicle, distracting him for a while until Aidan feels the pressure of Garret’s finger inside him.

Aidan pushes down on Garret’s hand until Garret’s pumping into him. He can feel Garret’s finger twist then brush against his prostate, sending sparks of white all the way down to his toes. His lips part in a silent scream, one hand clutching against the sheet underneath him, the other clawing on Garret’s back.

“Please,” Aidan begs. “More please.” Aidan could care less if he sounds too desperate. All he wants is to feel Garret inside him, for Garret to claim him.

Garret takes heed, adding another finger, until Aidan’s writhing uncontrollably.

“Mine,” Garret growls against Aidan’s shoulder, brushing his teeth lightly on the skin.
Anticipation burns through Aidan when he sees Garret slides a condom on his erection. Then Garret helps Aidan raise his legs and sling them over Garret’s shoulders. Aidan opens himself up, offering his body to the man whom he has been yearning for.

A sudden rush of breath is pushed out of his chest when Garret sinks into him, filling him up. Aidan’s only partially aware of the sounds he makes, the pleas of “Move, Garret!” and “Faster!” and “Harder!” are faint to his own ears.

The sounds that swirl around them, between them – their heavy breathing, the grunting and moaning, skin smacking against skin – echo in Aidan’s ears. Aidan focuses on the feeling of Garret moving inside him, the pressure building up in his belly, the feel of Garret’s lips on his own, and on his jaw and along his neck.

When Garret wraps his hand around Aidan’s erection, Aidan loses control. He thrashes his head, chanting, “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes,” and arching his back to move in time with Garret’s thrusts. Pleasure rips through him, driving out sounds he will surely be embarrassed about later. Garret’s name falls from his lips when he finally releases. The orgasm tears him apart for a while then gradually pulls him back together.

Garret’s pace quickens, grunting as he pushes and pulls out of Aidan. Then Garret throws his head back, says, “Oh fuck,” in a subdued whisper and shudders before falling limply over Aidan.

They share a kiss – slow and gentle. Then Garret slides beside Aidan, tugging on Aidan’s hip until they’re lying on their sides.

Aidan can’t help but wonder if this is just a dream.

He starts to say, “That was…” but he can’t seem to find the right words.

“Amazing,” Garret says, a smile spreading across his face. He cups Aidan’s face, brushing a thumb along Aidan’s cheek. “I have a confession to make.” Aidan nods and brushes his fingers on Garret’s chest. “Don’t freak out, okay? But this – what we just did – isn’t really part of the initiation process.”

Aidan’s eyes widen and his body tenses. “What? But… but…”

Garret presses a finger on Aidan’s lips. “I’m sorry,” he says and pulls Aidan closer. “It’s just… well, I’ve always wanted you. Ever since I saw you at the intercollegiate meet last spring with Derek and his cousin.” Aidan remembers that day. Clearly. Like it was just yesterday. “And Derek says you like me too so I thought… I thought it’s about time I made a move.”

The first thought that runs through Aidan’s mind is to berate Derek for telling Garret how Aidan feels about him. Then Aidan realizes that if Derek didn’t say anything, then Aidan will still be pining for Garret. He makes a mental note to thank Derek tomorrow.

“Is asking someone you’re interested out on a date not an option anymore?” Aidan asks.
A light, melodic laugh ripples out of Garret. “You were right there within my reach and you look so crazy gorgeous so I just thought I’d jump at the chance to do something about it,” he says, his hand sliding up and down Aidan’s back. “Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.”

“You planned all this?” Aidan raises an eyebrow. “Getting me into your club and taking advantage of me?”

“Of course not.” Garret props himself up, leaning his weight on his elbow. “It’s not my decision to make. The committee’s been eyeing you since you came to school – openly gay and confident. I’m just one of the many. But the other leaders know about my hopeless attraction so…”

“So they played along with your little ploy to get into my pants.” Aidan cannot hide the smirk that teases at his lips. If he were nearly as bold as Garret, he might have thought of doing the same thing.

“I don’t hear you complaining.” Garret looks intently at Aidan, like he’s trying to read Aidan’s mind.

Aidan doesn’t say anything. Instead, he curls his fingers on Garret’s brown locks and pulls him down for another kiss.

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