Behind the Scenes

Really. The hyperbolic reaction may have been something like throwing the first thing he can grab across the room, preferably straight to his boyfriend. But Tyler’s not into theatrics so he only manages to blurt out, “You’re going to do what?” He stares at Kevin incredulously and hates the way Kevin’s acting so nonchalant about this—this preposterous idea.

“It’s just for publicity, Ty. You know how it is,” Kevin says with a shrug then lifts the mug filled with hot coffee to his lips like they’re in the middle of a simple discussion about the weather.


Caught in a Rush

The rush begins.

Aidan blinks, thinking that his eyes are probably playing tricks on him. But the content of the small piece of parchment he found in the outer pocket of his bag doesn’t change. The letters printed in bold, cursive font still form the same message: ‘Mr. Mathersen – You have been qualified to join SandS. Step-by-step process will be revealed in the next few days. Tell no one.’

Scribbled underneath are instructions, specifically stating that the note has to be destroyed, so Aidan heads straight to the boys’ restroom, shreds the paper then flushes it down the toilet. His eyes are transfixed on the torn pieces swirling along with the water, watching it until it disappears.