First Draft

by Tamanegi Amai (玉葱亜麻衣)


It was days like these when Richard was glad he had finished his graduate studies years ago.

He had awoken that Sunday to the furious click clacking of Aaron’s frenzied typing as the boy sat at the foot of the bed, laptop resting on his knees. He was as naked as the day he was born except for the bathrobe that lazily hung over his small form. Seems like Aaron was in too much of a hurry to dress this morning, Richard thought with an inner laugh. He supposed this was only amusing because the professor, now in his mid 40s, had gone through the very same process what seemed to be ages before and thus had the luxury of enjoying someone else suffer as he did. What was that word again? Ah, schadenfreude. The gift that never stops giving.

“The very least you could do is help me out if you’re so interested in my predicament, you know,” Aaron said, not bothering to turn his attention away from the screen. Richard lazily turned over to his side, his arm shifting to support his head as he lifted it up to properly view the boy in front of him.

“That,” his deep voice declared, “Would be a serious violation of the honor code. You know that better than I do.” Unfortunately, the indignation of his words was betrayed by the languorous tone they were delivered in. Aaron was not amused.

“Don’t play dumb! I’m referring to the stacks of papers I have to grade for your stupid class. If you have enough time to watch me struggle to finish this report–and need I remind you that its lateness is entirely your fault–you have enough time to start grading some of your own stuff!”

“Don’t want to. You’re far more interesting than some sophomore’s sophomoric attempts at what he thinks to be writing,” Richard couldn’t stop himself from chuckling. “You get it? Sophomoric, sophom–”

“God, this why no one likes you.”

“Hey, don’t lash out on me! You need to learn how not to procrastinate. I tell this to my students every year, time management is key to–”

Aaron pulled at his hair, quickly turning around to glare at the man lounging behind him. “Where do you get off saying that sort of stuff?! You know you did the same thing when you were a student too!”

“But now I’m not. So there.”


“Come now Aaron,” the man smiled as he moved over to drape his arms over Aaron’s shoulders, lightly kissing his neck. “I was only teasing, you’re taking things too seriously.”

“You would too, if your academic career depended on a little, insignificant report that people will probably forget in the next week,” While he didn’t move away from Richard, Aaron made no attempt to acknowledge the professor’s soft lips. Richard smiled. It was so cute when Aaron sulked. Seemed fitting for some reason.

He had met Aaron when the boy had just graduated from university. A little young for his class at 20 years of age, Aaron’s short stature and round face didn’t help matters much. Nonetheless, his wit made up for any physically developmental problems he had. Aaron quickly became a known presence within the department due to his sharpness and naturally amiable nature. It was everything a professor could ask for in a student, and in short time Richard’s colleagues began battling for who would get to be this young boy’s advisor. However, it was ultimately Aaron’s prerogative that led him to study under Richard’s wing.

…Well, the fact that the two had been sleeping together for several weeks leading up to that point probably helped. Nonetheless, despite Aaron’s current quandary Richard believed they were working swimmingly together–just like any model student and teacher should. The sex was just a (admittedly marvelous) plus.

Richard rested his head on Aaron’s back. How smooth the skin was…at times he couldn’t help but be particularly envious of his lover’s youth. The energy to get up and devote so much time for the sake of learning. As you grow older, it seems like everything becomes a chore, Richard thought to himself. Even so, Aaron had a long way to go–with youth comes inexperience after all. The boy’s current frustration was understandable. Richard had known it well at one point in time.

“You’re so worked up, sometimes you remind me so much of myself when I was your age.”

Aaron snorted, “How narcissistic.”

“I beg your pardon?”

Aaron shifted so Richard’s head now rested on his arm. “I question the man who touches someone so tenderly because they remind him of himself. What does that make our relationship then? Masturbation?”

The professor paused in profound thought, after which he finally replied,

“…I suppose so.”

Aaron swatted at Richard’s head, the slightest hint of a smile on his face. “Somehow that doesn’t make me too happy, you know.”

“Think of it as a mutual gift…if you are me, then I am you. Perhaps it’s a bit narcissistic, I’ll grant you that, but unlike Narcissus I am lucky enough to be able to touch,” At this point Richard’s hand brushed passed the boy’s bathrobe, snaking down Aaron’s side to finally rest on his inner thigh teasingly, “…myself without interference.”

Aaron shivered a bit, frowning. “You can’t be serious…you know I have this report to do! If you hadn’t stopped me from working on it yesterday…”

“Turn it in late.”

“It’s already a couple days late!”

“Then it doesn’t matter, does it?”

“Get serious here, Professor!” Aaron snapped, his body becoming tense. “I told you when I picked you as my advisor that I did so for the purpose of furthering my studying, not to fuck around,” he continued in exasperation, “…figuratively and literally!”

Richard raised an eyebrow. Huh. Seemed like Aaron really was being serious…he only called Richard “professor” when he was particularly annoyed with the man. Nonetheless, the boy wasn’t going to get off that easy.

“Very well,” Richard began, still refusing to move his hand, “Then let’s make this a bit educational.”

“…How do you mean?” Aaron sounded uneasy. Richard grinned.

“I will proofread your paper for you, just for any glaring mistakes, don’t worry. However,” the man’s eyes gleamed in anticipation, “For every mistake I find, my hands get to move wherever and do whatever they want with your body.”

“But it’s a rough draft! It’s supposed to–“, Aaron’s protest was interrupted by Richard quickly moving forward so he could better see the laptop on the boy’s legs. His hand stayed where it was. There was a moment of silence as Richard made his way through the introductory paragraph. As the man read, however, it seemed as if he was getting more and more disappointed.

“Of all the…you could at least try to write poorly some…hmm.”

“Hmm…?” Aaron could see that Richard’s grin had returned.

“I’m surprised at you! A graduate student should know how to write out their thesis statement concisely!”

Aaron could feel his face burn as he grit his teeth in embarrassment, “Listen, it’s just that I…haven’t quite figured out what I want to focus this thing on, so I was going to go back and correct it when I finally did. That’s all.”

Richard was no more swayed by Aaron’s words than his hand was from making its way to the boy’s quickly hardening cock under the laptop. He grabbed it unceremoniously, dragging his fingers down its length, suppressing the urge to laugh when he felt Aaron’s body shiver and heard the slightest hint of dissent sound from the student’s lips.

“Inexcusable. One shouldn’t even start writing before they have decided on exactly what they’re going to write about,” Richard leaned his head upwards so his lips just barely touched Aaron’s earlobe. “I don’t even let my undergraduate students get away with that stuff, what makes you special?”

Aaron fidgeted, his body beginning to sweat, “It’s a first draft…!”

“You need a comma here,” Richard simply replied, his hand beginning to massage Aaron’s balls to which the boy bristled and shouted (or at least tried to, he was awfully distracted at the moment),

“A…ngh…comma doesn’t call for that sort of r-response…!”

“A mistake is a mistake. Ah, I think you mean ‘effect’ here…” Aaron gasped out as he felt one of Richard’s fingers enter him, the professor’s other arm wrapping around the boy’s waist so it could take hold of his throbbing member, clamping around the head. Aaron’s mind was going in circles. Richard’s hands touching him so boldly…it felt so good and yet as the professor, this man who he admired so much, picked apart his writing Aaron couldn’t help but feel mortified. It was as like he was having the worst wet dream ever.

“G-god…” Aaron breathed out, “Listen, you’re right, I can just turn this in later, you know? Just…let’s forget about this correction thing, I’ll give you all of my attention and–holyshit–!”

Richard had begun to furiously stroke Aaron’s cock as he nonchalantly inserted another finger into the boy, pressing himself close to Aaron’s back and nibbling on the student’s ear playfully.

“You must be kidding. This is much too fun–and enlightening at the same time! Comma splice.” The stroking became faster and Aaron moaned out despite himself, leaning into Richard’s back.

“I-if this keeps up, I’m gonna–”

“Not yet, you aren’t. I still have a paragraph left.” Richard’s hand stopped abruptly, once again clamping upon the head of Aaron’s now throbbing cock. The boy yelped out in discontent, the sudden lack of stimulation sending a quake of distress through his body.

“No, you can’t do this, you have to–!”

Shhhhh.” Richard glared at Aaron as the boy writhed in discomfort. Just his luck that his last paragraph was his longest yet, and Richard was just taking his sweet time reading the damn thing. Aaron braced himself for whatever the professor would find next.

“Huh. You really are an amazing writer, you know that?” Richard pulled away, removing his hands from the boy and shifting off the bed. Aaron was frozen in place.

“N…nothing?” He managed to get out as he turned to face Richard, body feeling like lead.

“Looks good to me. Just fix that whole thesis part as well as those little things I pointed out and you should be fine.”

This wouldn’t do. This old man had to finish what he started. Slowly turning around, Aaron mashed his hands into the keyboard without a second thought.

“Look. A mistake. Help me fix it.

Richard stared for a moment before a snort of laughter made it out of his mouth. This quite possibly had to be the funniest thing he had seen in a while.

“Well, that really seems like a inconsequential mistake so-”

“Richard, I swear to God if you don’t do something about my throbbing penis I am going to–”

‘Richard’. Now Aaron was really pissed.

“Okay, Okay, I get the point…!” Richard chuckled as he made his way over to Aaron, embracing the boy as his fingers stroked Aaron’s cock tenderly. It wasn’t long until Aaron arched back, letting out a moan of relief as he came…

…right onto his laptop.


“Oops.” Richard offered sheepishly. “Well, nothing that a good clean can’t take care of.”

“That’s not the point! If you hadn’t insisted on this stupid exercise, I wouldn’t even have to…! And that’s not mentioning how even more late I am with this thing, and–”

“God, look at the time! I told Tim I’d have to see him to discuss tomorrow’s department meeting in thirty minutes…”

Aaron was more than indignant, shaking a fist at Richard as the man stood up, heading towards the door. “Are you even listening to what I’m saying?!”

Richard shrugged, “Not particularly. I’ve got to put some clothes on and rush out for a bit, so I’ll see you if you’re still here when I return.”

“Wait a moment! I’m not done–”

Aaron was cut short as Richard quickly walked over, leaning down and seizing the boy’s mouth in a deep kiss. When it ended, Aaron was significantly quieter. Richard smiled, looking deep into the boy’s eyes.

“You know I only do this because I do wish the best for you. All in all, your writing is scores above other people here, including myself, I suppose. I was just having fun. And honestly, I was afraid I wouldn’t get to do anything to you, considering how few mistakes I found.”

Aaron blushed a bit, trying to be obstinate without much luck. “Flattery…will get you nowhere.”

Richard moved away, grabbing some clothes from the dresser. “I’m being honest. But believe what you have to. That’s what’s so endearing about you.”

Aaron looked at the ground. Richard was too charming for his own good…Aaron guessed that’s what made the man such an inspiring professor. The boy sighed. This was ridiculous, he could never be angry with Richard for too long because the man always had something to say that would make Aaron willing to forgive him. Oh well. Couldn’t be helped, Aaron guessed.

“Oh yes! And by the way?” Aaron looked up as Richard paused at the door, rubbing his chin.


“Please finish grading the students’ assignments by five PM tomorrow. I’ll be waiting.”

Aaron stared, at a loss for words. He suddenly felt the urge to take back all he was thinking a moment ago. This guy was a dirty, lying bastard.

“All right then, I’m going to throw on these clothes and I’ll see you later! Good luck with your paper!”

“I…hate you so much right now.”

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