19 thoughts on “Prospective Participants for Bang*Bang 94

  1. It’s the last issue of the year, which means Annual Orcventure #9 will be here come December! I’ll be writing and illustrating it as usual.

  2. I’ll be submitting a story, and I would be hella delighted to collab with an artist on it!! The best place to contact me is on twitter @runawayballista or in the S2B2 discord (also as runawayballista)!

  3. (thought I already signed up but I think my comment got eaten, whoops)
    I’ll be contributing a story for this issue and I would love to to collab with an artist for it!! best places to contact me are on twitter @runawayballista and the s2b2 discord, also as runawayballista! This is my first submission and I am very hype!!

  4. i want to contribute a story, and would also be interested in drawing something either to go with that or another author’s work. this is my first time signing up so uhhh hopefully i’m doing this right! i can be contacted on twitter (@maximumgraves) and on the s2b2 discord (bettertowns).

  5. I’d love to offer to illustrate for someone! You can find my work (+ other places to contact me) over at twitter.com/egg_noodle

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