9 thoughts on “Prospective Participants for Bang*Bang 105

  1. I’m planning to write something! And I have a friend (new to SSBB) who will hopefully be available to illustrate it for me

  2. I have a thing for this! That I hope to submit it on time, as my original plan for it was art-based but due to scheduling conflicts, is being (easily) converted into prose \ o /

    Having said that, if anyone is interested in art duties, please let me know and I’ll contact you!

  3. Hi! If anyone would like for me to illustrate something for them, check my stuff out here https://linktr.ee/glassesblu

    I can be contacted via the group discord or through any of my social media DMs.

    I like to draw tender moments, hugs, and touching. I also specialize in drawing funny goofy antics and slapstick poses.

  4. I would love to illustrate a spooky piece for someone (or someones!)!

    Please feel free to hmu via the group discord, where I also have some socials with works listed in my intro! I’m new to SSBB but definitely not new to queer erotica ♥️

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