by Cowboy Rider

“We caught one!” 

Sariel could scarcely hear the triumphant exclamation over the pounding of his heart. His wings were pinned tightly to his body, and his ankles and wrists were held firm in warm, harsh hands. 

Before he could utter a sound he was hoisted up and tossed onto a sparsely clothed bed that squeaked under his weight. The impact hit the same bruises that bloomed from his fall. The men – there were multiple of them – laughed cruelly as he wriggled futilely, attempting to free himself or right himself or make sense of any of this. 

He couldn’t see, but he wasn’t sure if that was because his eyes were closed or because they’d done something to take his sight along with his holy gifts. He was afraid to open his eyes and find out. 

“Please,” he whispered, voice coarse with centuries of disuse. What he was begging for he couldn’t be sure. He knew how this next part went. Not with those of his kind (Lot had been able to prevent such a calamity), but he’d borne witness to many others. 

“He’s a beautiful specimen,” murmured a man to his right. 

The bright starburst of pain registered on Sariel’s cheek before the crack of the slap. He cried out, fading into a whimper as his body shook violently. 

“How precious,” a voice at the foot of the bed mocked. “Poor little angel, all trussed up by the sons of men.”

“Enough pussyfooting around.” A rough hand gripped Sariel’s loincloth and ripped it away harshly. 

“Well now,” said the cultured voice, “this is fascinating.” An inquisitive finger ran dispassionately through Sariel’s slit, skimming his limp member and causing it to twitch in traitorous interest. “Delicious.”

Cold fingers grabbed Sariel’s left nipple and twisted cruelly, causing him to cry out again. “Call me Daddy,” commanded the owner of the fingers.

Sariel couldn’t think past the pain. “W-what?”

The fingers twisted further, until Sariel feared the flesh would give way entirely. “Call me Daddy,” he commanded through gritted teeth. 

“D-daddy,” Sariel gasped out, “please.”

Another twist. “Again.” 

“Daddy,” Sariel pleaded. Tears pricked the corner of his eyes with pain. 

The release of pressure was nearly as agonizing as the twisting had been. “Good slut.” Sariel slumped back into the mattress in relief only to gasp in shock as the abused bud was flicked cruelly. 

A finger skimmed over his halo, causing him to flinch violently. He pulled futilely at the bindings on his wrists and ankles with a low roar of frustration. More fingers joined in, poking and prodding at the sensitive circle of holy light floating above his head. It was too much, too much—

“If you think that’s too much,” purred Daddy, “just you wait. We haven’t even started.” 

Sariel whimpered, trying to twist away from the contact. 

A finger pushed deeper into the halo and rubbed deliberately against the grain, causing him to yelp in pain. “Please… please don’t…” He knew it was useless. These men were set on their course, and unless his gifts returned to him, there was nothing he could do about it.

“Y’all cut that out.” This was punctuated by a door’s closing decisively. 

The steady thump of footsteps preceded a large, rough thumb wiping away the tears under Sariel’s left eye. “Hi there, angel. You are a pretty thing, aren’t you?” This was accompanied by an appreciative hand running down Sariel’s body until questing fingers delved into his slit, prying him open with efficient movements.

Sariel’s heart sank with the motion. He wasn’t being let go, but— but maybe this wouldn’t be as terrible as he feared. 

The fingers continued to work inside him, stretching the virgin flesh and provoking a growing wetness. “Now I let you all have a piece, but that’s a privilege, not a right, you understand? I will revoke it if you don’t shape up.” He didn’t raise his voice, but the command in it was clear. By the time he finished, the squelching of Sariel’s hole filled the room lewdly. 

The ascent from around the room was evident even in Sariel’s sightless state. 

A gentle thumb pried down Sariel’s bottom lip. “Open your mouth for Daddy, angel.”

Sariel complied helplessly. A slicked cockhead pressed between his lips almost as soon as the thumb left it. 

“That’s it, angel.” That large hand still working inside him twisted and hit a sacred place within him. “Sir, you wanted to taste him, yes?”

“Yes, Lord,” purred the sophisticated voice. 

The cock in Sariel’s mouth pressed forward, taking every inch as its due, even as Sariel began to choke on its girth. His halo still smarted, and as he writhed the cloth binding his ankles and wrists bloomed with aching welts. He needed to get out of this. He couldn’t. He needed to stop them. He couldn’t. He needed to resist the pleasure rising within him. He couldn’t.

A tongue, wet and slightly rough, ran along the tip of Sariel’s small cock. He jerked, unintentionally pushing himself further onto Daddy’s cock.

A rough hand yanked him back by the hair as he began to cough. “Such an eager slut.”

A warm chest, still clothed, pressed against Sariel’s back, further pinning his wings. “You ought to thank Daddy for his cock, don’t you think, angel?”

“Thank you for your cock,” Sariel murmured obediently.

A hard slap to Sariel’s face. A nip on his ear. “Not quite, angel.”

Sariel gasped at the pain. “Thank you for your cock, Daddy,” he corrected himself. 

Loose heat wrapped around Sariel’s cockhead as Daddy shoved his cock in one long stroke down his throat, then held his nose tight to the tangled pubic hair at his base. He needed to breathe. He couldn’t. 

There were surely enough fingers in him now. The slick he didn’t even know he could produce was coating his thighs and beginning to cool on the thin mattress under his ass. 

“You can come anywhere but his cunt,” the man behind him declared. “That one’s mine.” 

There was a slight grumbling among the group, but they soon became enamored with their tasks. Sariel’s jaw ached as that wide girth kept his lips pried open with first languorous rolls of the hips then with short punches of movement into and out of his throat. The mouth on his cock was more interested in teasing him than in bringing him pleasure, only interrupting the kitten licks on the head with singular bobs down to the base, done tortorously slowly. And through it all, ever more fingers were stuffed into his cunt in a steady, maddening rhythm. Sariel could be forgiven for forgetting about the fourth man in the room. 

“Gonna fuck the halo,” came a gruff voice from near Sariel’s head. “Cover that shiny hair in it.” 

Sariel whimpered, both at the words and and the soreness in his throat as Daddy shoved his cock down it once more. Tears flowed freely from his still-closed eyes now. 

A bare cock pressed between Sariel’s bare ass cheeks. “If you make Master come with your halo, angel, I’ll let you come on my cock.”

Sariel let out a noise of pure need. He’d been needing to come for what felt like an age, but he’d never been allowed to get close. He focused on making his halo as small as he could, even as he had to swallow down Daddy’s pre that was filling his mouth. 

He couldn’t help the flinch that the new cock violating him caused. That area was so sensitive. He held strong. He needed to come. And the sooner they all came, the sooner this would all be over, surely? 

Master, for his part, pushed in slowly. Sariel couldn’t be sure if that made it better or worse. But the low groan he let out made reluctant pride and hope fill his chest regardless. “Oh, Lord, that feels good.”

The man behind him chuckled. “Yeah? You hear that, angel? You’re making Master feel so good with that hole of yours.”

Sariel whined as Master pulled out and pushed back in again. His halo was not meant to be used like this. They weren’t even supposed to be touched at all. At least the dribbling cockhead felt better than probing fingers. Master mercifully kept the pressure steady, and as he built up a pace, it became merely uncomfortable instead of unbearable.

A slicked finger pushed inside Sariel’s mouth next to the conquering cock. “You’re drooling, slut. Swallow.”

Sariel obeyed, wincing as his lips were stretched even further. 

“Here, let me.” Sir abandoned Sariel’s cock to replace Daddy’s large fingers with two of his slender ones. 

Sariel let out a sound of pain through his newly tight gag as Sir pushed the fingers in to the second knuckle, stretching his lips to the breaking point. He thrust a couple of times, even running one finger over his tongue in a tease, then retreated between Sariel’s legs. 

“Going to open up his ass,” he explained. 

The man behind him nodded. 

Master groaned as Sariel could feel the first wetness seep through his hair to settle on his scalp. “Oh fuck. Going to come. Going to cover him in it. You ready for that, baby?”

The man behind Sariel nudged his ear, prompting. Sariel’s attempt at nodding was somewhat thwarted by Daddy brutally fucking his face. 

“Oh fuck, that’s it baby, know you need to be covered in it…” After a few low grunts, Sariel was as promised, warmth spurting over his hair and dripping down his forehead. He pulsed several times in the grip of Sariel’s halo, then pulled away, blessedly. 

It was only then that Sariel noticed the pressure in his ass. The sounds of his wet cunt were now accompanied by his significantly less wet asshole. 

“Turn him over,” Sir ordered, sounding strained. “Going to take his ass now.”

“You prepared him properly?” The man now beneath Sariel asked with a hint of menace in his tone as he situated him with his ass in the air and supported his chest with his own. 

“Yeah,” Sir huffed. “Not going to damage your precious br—”

“Just get on with it,” the man snapped. 

“Yes, Lord,” Sir replied, lining his cock up to Sariel’s hole. He didn’t linger there for long, just pushed in until his balls were snug against the meat of Sariel’s ass.

As Sir picked up speed, Daddy groaned. “Such a pretty little slut you’ve got, Lord. Going to come in that tight little throat. Ready for it, slut?”

Sariel didn’t know the answer to that, but it didn’t much matter. Daddy was coming, and wouldn’t have cared about the answer even if Sariel could’ve given it.

Daddy moaned long and low, the spurts of come quickly choking Sariel and spilling out from his exhausted lips. He swallowed, though, as commanded, and even licked up the release offered to him on a rough finger. 

Once he’d finished, Daddy scruffed him on the neck. “Good slut.” 

Sir was fucking his ass in long strokes, letting out appreciative noises occasionally. It felt nice. Like getting his dick sucked but longer. He wanted more. He wanted his cunt filled. He wanted… He shouldn’t want any of this. He should want to go back to his role, his purpose. He should want to escape. He couldn’t. 

“Hurry up,” the man beneath Sariel commanded. He wasn’t finger fucking Sariel anymore, but rather holding him open with large fingers. “I’ll admit I’m eager for this one.”

“Yes, Lord,” Sir panted. “It’s warranted.”

“Beg Sir for his come, angel.” The man’s hot tongue ran over the shell of Sariel’s ear. 

“Please, Sir,” Sariel complied. “Please, I need your come. I need it. In– in my ass. Please.”

“You know I have a weakness for begging, Lord. Fuck.” He thrust home roughly and was coming. The sensation was downright pleasant compared to the other two Sariel had experienced, and it made him look forward to the man coming in his cunt even more. Sir finished with a satisfied sigh and patted Sariel’s thigh companionably. “Good boy,” he said absently as he pulled out.

The door opened and closed.

Sariel was alone with the man. 

Sariel just breathed as he was handled this way and that until the man was standing with Sariel’s ankles over his shoulders at the edge of the bed. His cock rested lightly but with promise at Sariel’s entrance. 

“You know what you have to say, angel.”

“P–” Sariel coughed, his voice rough with the abuse he’d taken. He tried again. “Please. Please fuck me. Fuck my – my cunt.”

A spank landed on Sariel’s painfully hard dick. “Not quite. Try again.” Despite everything, the voice sounded patient. 

Sariel couldn’t help the blush as more slick dribbled from his hole. He felt so empty. He needed a cock in him. But could he really…?

The man sighed. “Open your eyes, angel.” 

Sariel obeyed with a relieved breath. That he could do. Then he gasped. The man was… beautiful. Clearly human in a way that made Sariel envious, but so, so stunning. Then he blinked because he could see the man… and nothing else. From the beginning of time he’d been tasked with watching all of humanity’s wretchedness, with taking account. And now, here, all he could see was… this. This room. This man. 

He knew what he needed to do. It was his last piece of himself. His position in the heavenly chorus. It’d been so long, and once he’d done it, there would be no going back. But the blessed relief of only his own agony was too tantalizing to bear.

He sang. 

“Please, Lord, please. Please fuck me. I promise I’ll be good, I’ll do whatever you want, I just need…”

He trailed off as that cock surged within him. The pressure was immense, burning and purifying as his body made room for the man inside him. For the Lord. 

One hand gripped Sariel’s sticky hair while the other roughly stroked his dick. “That’s right, little angel. I’m your Lord now. I’m going to keep you here and pump you full whenever I please. Do you know how much Nephilim cubs go for on the open market?” His thrusts sped up, sparking terrible pleasure down Sariel’s spine. “I’ll let you come each time you give me a litter, angel. And I’ll fuck you as often as it takes to make that happen, you understand?”

The tears had returned. Sariel wished he was confused, wished he hadn’t understood. At least then he’d have an excuse. But as the pleasure rose with every stroke, every thrust, he couldn’t fool himself. “Please, Lord,” he begged. “Please let me come. Please, give me your litter. I need it.”

“I know you do, angel,” the Lord said. He gave a series of rapid-fire thrusts to that spot within Sariel. “Come for me, and I’ll pump you full.”

Sariel couldn’t have held back if he wanted to. He came with a cry, cunt spasming hard around the cock filling him. 

The Lord grunted in satisfaction, gave a few more long thrusts in Sariel’s still clenching channel, and came in a warm rush of seed. 

He kept them joined for another long moment, both breathing heavily. The Lord pulled out with a satisfied chuckle and briefly cupped Sariel’s cheek, wiping away fresh tears that were only replaced by new ones. 

He forced the halo wider, then pushed it down until it filled Sariel’s mouth, pinned to the back of his head in a painful gag. 

“Can’t have you bothering the neighbors, angel,” was all He said in explanation. 

Sariel sobbed more freely as his sounds of anguish were muffled and his situation fully sank in. 

The Lord walked to the door. As it swung shut behind Him, He stopped its momentum for a brief moment, allowing a last few beams of light to filter through the crack onto the sobbing, come-stained angel. He called out, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”


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4 thoughts on “Angel

  1. Yay, blasphemy! :D Love the use of the halo during sex, and the capitalized pronouns at the end are such a fun little touch.

  2. Doesn’t it just make it even worse (in the juicier sense) that he’s there for the Nephilim cubs in the end, not even for the sex!

  3. That’s definitely a different take on the concept of angels being sexless creatures! One can’t help but wonder how difficult it is to hide a nephil after they come of age, given the Biblical description of them as giants, and perhaps it’s best we don’t dwell too long on WHY those cubs are so valuable…

  4. Good lord! (No pun intended.) That. That sure was a story! I’m glad someone did their own interpretations of the angels, angels are some of my favorite topics.

    (I wish I had more but I’m still trying to grok with what HAPPENED! Cubs and halo sex!!?!)

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