A Lick Of Sense

by Cowboy Rider The explosion that echoed from the back row of his work room was not the loudest Florian Ambrose Desmar, lead instructor at the Academy for Arcane Excellence, had ever heard. Still, his shoulders stiffened at the sound and he stood still, waiting for even greater fallout. None arose. In fact, there was […]



by Cowboy Rider “We caught one!”  Sariel could scarcely hear the triumphant exclamation over the pounding of his heart. His wings were pinned tightly to his body, and his ankles and wrists were held firm in warm, harsh hands.  Before he could utter a sound he was hoisted up and tossed onto a sparsely clothed […]


When Skies Are Gray

by Cowboy Rider The tongue plundering Samson’s mouth was making it hard to think. Being here was moronic. All of it was, really: Agreeing to help Elroy sneak his way into a high-class society ball to meet his prospective mate, as Elroy might technically belong here, heir to his influential pack’s head council seat, but […]


Lucky Stars

by Cowboy Rider There’s something about barbeque that makes coke taste better, Amadeus thought as he stared into the dwindling remains in his cup. It was something Pepaw had always said with an exaggerated belch that had scandalized his childhood self. He smiled slightly at the memory, glancing around. The basket, once containing four sauce-slathered […]


Love Bites

by Cowboy Rider It happened simultaneously. Pain bloomed in my shoulder. A sturdy wrist pressed steadily under my nose. Panic threatened at the edge of my consciousness, but I took a deep breath. This was as it was meant to be. I’d memorized Jamie 3:12 for exactly this purpose. The breath also gave me a […]


Capitalism Breeds Innovation

by Cowboy Rider The thumping music of the bar melts away as I spot him. It’s been years since I’ve seen him last, since the day Vate left the orphanage where we’d both grown up and never looked back. Not that I blame him, I’d done exactly the same thing a year later, not even […]


The Man Of My Dreams

by Cowboy Rider A cock teased against my entrance. I was grateful that I opted to sleep without underwear tonight.  “Are you ready for me, dear one?” the man behind me murmured in my ear. He was large and warm and wrapped securely around me.  I writhed against him, seeking more friction with his cock […]


(Un)Familiar Territory

by Cowboy Rider “I need your help.”  Rain’s answering giggle already has my teeth on edge. “Of course you do darling, why else do you call? I say, whatever would you do without me?”  “I don’t know,” I grit out.  Rain sighs dreamily. “You’re such a charmer, Lowitt. I’ll be over momentarily.” He hangs up.  […]