5 thoughts on “Let’s See You Get Out of This One

  1. The texture of their hair really caught my eye!! It looks so soft and hatching that must have taken ages. The effect is gorgeous and very full. I notice the ropes around the bound one’s neck glowing, and your notes did say one of them was an evil sorceress so my mind hungers for what their story could possibly be!

  2. There has GOT to be a story going on with this one. What is that cool glowing collar? Who is the very lovely femme fatale looking gal on the left?? Seriously the little flash of garter belt is killing me, wow. Also really love the all-blue palette — feels like a nighttime scene, a little mysterious and pleasantly intimate.

  3. this is !!!!!!!!! DELIGHTFUL! The first thing that strikes me about it is the expressions – that little curl to the eyebrows, that consternation, tension, maybe a little bit of apprehension – and the GLOWING satisfaction on her partner’s face! Delicious. I love the braid and all the textures of the hair also.

  4. I love the expression of the femme fatale! And the way she’s cradling the others chin nice nice nice
    I love the palette here the colors do a good job leading the eye to the focal point but also then emphasizing that lovely sliver of thigh.

  5. Such hot, gorgeous, people and delightful, expectant expressions ! It feels like maybe one of them is a conjurer or sorceress, since there’s a glowing binding at the neck! Maybe it has been a long game of cat and mouse :)

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