6 thoughts on “The Conjurer’s Pact

  1. oh WHERE can I get me one of those demonic dick enhancers??? that looks like FUN!!! :D
    Your color, light, and composition here are amazing. The outlining makes it so crisp, and the use of yellow rather than a matching color to outline the demons really gives them that pop of otherworldliniess (in addition to the…ya know, horns and claws and tails…). Also love the light sources, the glow from the sunset and the blue dick. Just wonderful!

  2. TWO sexy demon illustrations in one issue? Bless you for this feast. I love all the blue glow here — not only is it a great magic color in general, it reaaaaaally pops with all the warm oranges! The texture on the demons’ horns and tails is also really cool — I thought it was really tiny text at first glance, and then maybe more of a wood texture? It’s very eye-catching and feels kind of otherworldly, so whatever it is, I love it.

    Also: damn, that dude is hot. He is tripping every single one of my This Is A Bad Idea (but sexy) alarms. :’) Send help.

  3. Look at you, back at it with the rim lights! The yellow off the horns and hands looks so good! And I SO love that magic cock, what a fuckin legend. The tattoo-rune was a stroke of genius. I love the colors in this so much, it’s a really great piece and I am in awe

  4. Everyone in this picture is so hot it’s not fairrrr

    Absolutely agree with everyone else about the lighting and the textures, this is gorgeous and it feels so ~decadent~

  5. UMMMM I echo everyone else to say that everyone is too hot in this picture. Such excellent expressions, and that SMUG look on this conjurer’s face are perfect. You did such a great job with the lighting here too, I see that soft rim lighting from the window!!!! Glowly gradient demon hands look super cool, as does the magical dick and tatts! I bet this is going to be a lonnggg night for them…

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