Shousetsu Bang*Bang no. 108 Cover

by Viy Sitante Love4


How Soon Is Now?

by Viy Sitante illustrated by melanofly An old black and white show plays out on the laptop. The man on screen is dressed in a black suit, gesturing wildly as he appears to regale his audience with his tale. The laptop screen shows all but says nothing, however, because its audio output port is connected […]


a ghost without a soul

by Viy Sitante   My name is Clarinda. My daddy is Clarito and my momma is Miss Maede. I have to call her Miss Maede because she hates being old, but she doesn’t look old at all. She also says calling her ‘momma’ is degrading, so I call her Miss Maede. She looks awfully happy […]


Anathemaphilia, or, how I learned to love the Beast who so loved the world

by Viy Sitante Crunch. Gronch. Crack-schlick-slurp. Harsh and quick is the separation between meat and mouth, with further sounds similar to a garbage compactor when the bones break. When the massive creature in front of Max Arizmendi finishes its current mouthful, a booming gulp reaches his ears—finally causing him to blink, before he continues to […]


A New Bride of the Night

by Viy Sitante Love8