6 thoughts on “A New Bride of the Night

  1. The most important commentary comes first: comics take SO MUCH TIME to make and yet here we have sixteen self-contained pages in all their monochrome glory, that is an ACHIEVEMENT and I’m so glad you submitted this!

    The style here is really energetic in a way that ensures the story keeps ticking along at an engaging pace; your notes mention that you were shooting for an underground vibe and I think you’ve achieved that here. Tones are our friends! I like the ambiguity of the undying woman’s actions, too, since clearly she thinks she’s on the up and up with her needs (she has a website and everything!) while still, you know, needing to feed on people in some way. Makes for a really interesting piece that encourages thoughts and rereading. Hope we’ll see more from you in the future!

    • This comes really, REALLY late but wow, thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment!! Indeed, tones are our friends and I love them so. <3 And I'm glad about that last bit: my intent for this story was indeed to engender discussions about the piece itself in all ways. I'm glad you caught that. Thank you for reading my story!!

  2. Ooh, what a neat and spooky comic! There’s some fascinating details here — I love the weird juxtaposition of the modern cell phone and website with the vampire lady and her house. Also love the gravestones for various faiths! It’s a great touch to show that their wants were respected even after their deaths. You definitely hit the ambiguous vibe you were going for. Like I assume the human gal will survive that bite, but BOY HOWDY that is a lot of teeth! And actually, looking back, I’m not 100% clear on if she’s saying the previous sacrifices stayed with the vampire lady for eighty years, or if each one was enough to sustain her for that long. Presumably it’s a one-way trip if their families didn’t know if they were buried. It really gets more ominous the longer I think about it, and that’s great. :D

    • Ahhhh, WOW, ULTRA LATE REPLY! I’m so sorry — but ahhh, I’m also so happy that, that you just GOT it. Nailed it. Love that you noticed details I put in, and well, if it gets more ominous the more you read…the better ;) Thank you again, I appreciate you reading my comic!

  3. I’m really struck by how the scribbly figures contrast with the flower frame and other similar elements. Really neat!

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