5 thoughts on “Shousetsu Bang Bang Issue no. 101 Cover

  1. Good lucking person x nice text treatment = a winning cover! Makes me want to take a BL 101 class now too if this is the professor………
    thank you

  2. This cover is so hot!! I love the hint of a smirk on his face, and those rolled up sleeves, and the way you interwove the text with the art came out so well! Great work!

  3. It’s beauuuutiful!!! The mouth and eyes particularly pop, the highlights there are wonderfully detailed. And the posture, the tilt of the head, the spread thighs, all incredibly inviting as a figurative work. And the juxtaposition of the pink/green text with the image, and the overlay – all beautifully done! Love this cover, thanks for sprucing up all of our work with your art!

  4. He is fiery hot! The way he is looking out of the corner of his eyes and his eyelashes frame his eyes particularly struck me, but I second what others said about him too.

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