Gordian Knot

by bupparo

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Alex calls me over on the request that he needs fashion advice—something that Ata has been trying to convince him of for years. I arrive at his house to find it pleasantly devoid of anyone besides Alex himself and his dog. The first fifteen minutes are spent blasting Arabic hip-hop and eating month-old blue popsicles. (Well, I was eating my popsicle; Alex was fellating his.) It’s only after we’ve eaten the entire box that Alex recalls that he has one of those autism fundraisers to attend this Saturday and needs help picking which suit/tie combination to go with. I agree to help him on principle, because I try to be a good boyfriend and because I would never pass up an opportunity to see Alex in a suit.

Alex pulls a face at his reflection in the mirror hanging on his closet door. He tugs down on an eye socket and sticks his tongue out. The popsicles we’d eaten earlier made his tongue looked like it belongs to one of those desert lizards. Alex catches my gaze through the mirror and wiggles his tongue suggestively. “See something you like?” he crows, his lips curling up at the edges. That sort of cocky smile looks good on him, fits his face better than any other sort of expression.

“Your tongue matches your hair,” I tell him, amused.

As if just remembering, he glances up at his fringe, running a few fingers through the unruly blue streaks. He laughs at himself and says, “I should probably get a blue tie, eh? Colour coordination and all.” He flicks his wrist and rolls his eyes. I roll over onto my back and the world flips upside down.

“A blue tie would look all right,” I say, and Alex hums in agreement, pulling one out of his closet and fumbling with it. He leans forward and works to fit it under the collar of his shirt and knot it properly. The pants to his suit look slimmer than a standard pair’s, and when I mention that to Alex, he smirks and tells me, “All the better to flaunt my ass with, my dear.”

A few minutes pass by without us saying anything, Alex primps himself in the mirror, checking that everything fits and looks all right, and I just lie on his bed watching and feeling the bass of the music thudding in my bones. I say, “The knot on your tie is lopsided,” and Alex blinks and realises I’m right.

He pouts and complains as he undoes the knot, “I’ve always been crap at this.” He’s telling the truth—I always end up doing his ties for him—but by all spousal laws, I’m required to coo and be encouraging.

“Come here,” I crook a finger. “I’ll do it for you.”

The smile on his face is just a breath away from wicked, but I pretend not to notice. He scoots his chair to me and I roll over and sit up. He’s sitting with his ankles hooked around the front legs of the chair, his weight resting firmly on his hands, which are placed neatly between his spread legs. It should look childlike, but it just looks very Alex.

He hunches over towards me and I make short work of undoing the knot. He watches me, dark eyes half-lidded as I work. The weight of his gaze is hot and heavy on my shoulders.

The knot I tie isn’t much better than the one he did earlier. He snorts, “Way to be, Joshua. If I wanted another fail knot, I would’ve done it myself.”

I frown and when I open my mouth to argue, Alex presses his lips to mine. They’re soft and warm and taste like chapstick. This kiss is slower than usual, more lips and less teeth, it’s purposeful. He clambers into my lap and breaks off the kiss with a characteristic, yet surprisingly sharp nibble on my lower lip. He says, “This knot, seriously?”

I say, “As if you can do any better,” and flip him onto his back.

He squirms and arches beneath me and the brush of his leg against my crotch sends little white sparks behind my eyes. “Joshua,” he whines into my mouth, “you’re going to mess up my clothes…”

I bury my face in the crook of his neck and he lets out a broken yelp when my tongue traces a swift line from his collarbone to his earlobe. I sweep my tongue over the heated metal studs and hoops winding through Alex’s ear and murmur, “Then maybe you should take them off?”

The jacket is easily peeled off and Alex shimmies out of his slacks like it’s second nature. The buttons on his shirt are undone with clumsy urgency, my fingers slipping over the plastic and cloth. I can feel my jeans growing tight, my dick straining at the denim. Alex licks at my lips and I slide my tongue hungrily into his mouth, groaning as he trails his fingers along my back and grinds up into my hips.

His shirt is just hanging off his shoulders and the blue tie dangles loosely from his neck, sweeping across his chest and concealing one of his dark nipples and a strip of olive skin. A thin sheen of perspiration clings to his brow and blue fringe; the droplets of sweat that slip down his temples have the slightest tint of blue. Alex’s wild dark hair is splayed across the pillow, his streaks of shock blue appearing with each violent thrash of his head. His hands and fingers twist and pull at my hair and clothing, searching for something solid to cling to, and his eyes alternate between hiding behind fluttering eyelashes and being wide and clouded by lust. I can feel his dick pressing into my thigh, and when I reach down to cup him through his boxers, he spasms and wraps his legs around me with a shuddering gasp. That’s enough for me to yank his boxers down and bow my mouth to suck invisible bruises into the soft skin of his hips and thighs.

Alex whimpers as my teeth raise reddened bumps over his body and my tongue passes over the angry welts. His cock twitches near where my hand rests, holding his hips down steady. “Please touch me,” he pleads, and when I ignore him, he raises a hand to his mouth, licks his palm and reaches down to stroke himself.

I snatch his wrist and give him an amused look. “Excuse me?” Alex gives me one of those desperate looks that makes my mouth water. I press a kiss to his fingertips and slip them into my mouth, rolling my tongue over and between them, watching Alex squirm as I suck. He withdraws his moistened fingers from my mouth and takes them into his own, eyes smouldering. “You’re just asking for it, aren’t you?” I smirk at him and his lips quirk upwards.

“Maybe a litt—ah!”

I run my tongue along the underside of his dick and am rewarded with gratuitous moans and pre-cum beading at the slit. I lick the palm of my hand and pump the hardened shaft and rub my thumb across the tip, smearing the pre-cum. Alex swears harshly beneath his breath and I smile, returning my hands to pressing his hips into the bed and watching him as I slide the weeping head of his cock into my mouth.

Fingers are immediately twisted in my hair and with each swirl of my tongue over the sensitive head, the trembling fingers dig further down into my scalp. There’s an insistent squeaking coming from the mattress, Alex is straining against my grip to arch and buck into my mouth, to make me go faster, take him deeper, to fuck my face.

“F-fuck, Joshua,” he grinds out through clenched teeth.

He looks beautiful like that, with his cheeks flushed and his lips swollen and parted as he gasps for air. The picture is too good; I take his entire length into my mouth and feel it push into my throat. I hold him there for a moment, hot and heavy and throbbing. Words come tumbling out of Alex’s mouth in an intoxicating cocktail of my name and expletives, frantic begging for me to suck him, to let him suck me, for anything. I swallow.

Sh-shit!” Alex bucks wildly, a quaking mess of jelly limbs and corded tension.

Taking pity on him and his frustration, I allow his cock to slip away from my lips. The whimpers that spill from his lips are dizzying. I pull him back into my mouth, taking my sweet time and relishing in the heat and sensation of his dick pulsing deep in my throat, of the shaft trembling where it rests on my tongue.

Alex is gradually granted control over the pace, and soon he’s matching my rhythm, lifting his hips to thrust into my mouth. His fingers tangle in my hair as he controls my bobbing, burying his dick to the root in my clenching throat and grazing my nose against the skin of his pelvis.

I’m never one for a quick and easy ending, so I release his cock from my mouth with a wet pop! It quivers, shiny with glistening spit, and Alex’s grip on my hair tightens, his blunt fingernails digging into my scalp as he demands, hoarsely, “What are you doing?”

I hop off the bed and reach back to pull off my shirt. No sooner is the white cotton over my eyes than I feel the insistent tugging at my belt, Alex pulling it loose and unbuttoning my jeans. His fingers brush lightly against the lines of my hipbones, trailing over the waistband of my boxers.

The second the shirt comes over my head, he mashes our lips together and I can feel the sultry smirk pressing into the kiss. I grab the blue silk of the tie and yank him closer, when our hips bump together, he gasps into the kiss and I lick over the swell of his lower lip. Alex makes a whining sound that just barely straddles the line of adorable and sexy and he dips his tongue into my mouth, breathing hard through his nose as he pushes me back into a chair.

He’s on his knees in less than a second, pulling my cock out of my boxers and spitting into his hand. “Joshua,” he murmurs, eyeing me wickedly as his palm ghosts over my dick. “You know I don’t like being toyed with like that.” He circles a single wet finger around the head of my cock and I reflexively arch my hips up into his touch. Alex doesn’t pull away and gently wraps a hand around my dick, stroking lazily and inching closer. He licks his lips and in a deliberately slow motion, guides my cock into his waiting mouth.

My hips jerk at the sudden wet heat and I can feel Alex’s fingers clamp down into my thighs as I push my dick past his gag reflex and into his throat. I knot my fingers in his hair and hold him down, savouring how his throat is closed tight and soft around me, how it dips and squeezes in the back. I roll my hips forward and sink deeper into him. Alex sucks in a short breath through his nose and his throat contracts around me as he sucks and swallows.

Having Alex suck cock is one of the greatest pleasures a man can experience. His technique is beyond compare: alternating between teasing flicks of his tongue along the head and hard bobs that send my dick straight down his throat. The dizzying white heat shoots through my blood and my head goes light and I tangle my fingers in his hair. I force him down on my cock, thick saliva coating my dick as he works over it, his lips stretched and his cheeks hollowed as he pushes it all the way into his mouth, balls resting on his chin.

Alex fellates like it’s his purpose in life. And anyone can tell that he enjoys this: that having a dick in his mouth and pre-cum trickling down his throat seriously gets him off. Between his legs, his cock is hard and dripping pearly drops from the slit and he’s making these sounds, God, these sounds… You’d think he was the one being pleasured, what with the way he’s writhing, flushed and gasping as he draws back, a single thread of saliva connecting his pink lips to the head of my cock.

He looks at me, eyes dark and devious, as his tongue peeks out from the corner of his mouth. His eyebrows raise and he says, “Well?” His tone is light, amused, and the cool breath of his words against my wet skin makes me shudder. He presses a thumb to the corner of his mouth, drawling, “Is there something on my face?” and drags the saliva and pre-cum coating his lips into his mouth.

“There’s lube in my wallet,” I say, eyeing him as he makes a show out of cleaning his mouth. My legs are shaking and I want to fuck him so hard, make that evil smile melt, fuck him so hard that he forgets his own name.

Alex makes a face at me. “Lube?” He smirks down at my cock and says, “I think we’re good.”

I open my mouth, “But—”

He climbs into my lap and grinds down on my dick, running the slick length of my erection through the cleft of his ass. The words fall off the tip of my tongue as Alex kisses me, tongue pushing into my mouth. He tastes like semen.

I grab him by his hips, stroking the shape of his bones beneath his skin, and rut up against him. The friction is so good and so frustrating. Alex pulls in closer, rubbing his cock between our bodies. His pupils are dilated as he buries his face in the crook between my neck and shoulder, biting me hard and leaving the makings of a violently coloured hickey.

“I hate using lube,” he breathes, brushing his lips along the shell of my ear and sending shivers down my spine. He traces the curve of collarbone with his tongue and murmurs, “Every time we use it, I get stuck with it leaking out of my ass for the rest of the day.” His teeth graze my skin. “I’d rather just have your cum in me.” My hips jerk against him and he chuckles, removing one of my hands from his body and casually rolling his tongue over three of my fingers, taking them into the soft heat of his mouth.

His tongue is quick and devious as it runs between my fingers. I remove them slowly and wrap my arms around his waist and adjust the angle of his hips, spreading the cheeks of his ass and crooking my hand so I can reach down toward his entrance. Alex sighs as I press my wet fingers into him, listening intently for each elated gasp from his lips, feeling his body open up and invite me in.

He’s as tight as ever, the ring of muscle squeezes my fingers as I move them gently inside of him, stretching his entrance and preparing him for penetration. In a sharp movement, I work my three fingers in to the third knuckle. Alex lets out a low groan and ducks his head into my chest. His nails dig into my shoulders and he pushes himself back against my fingers, forcing them in deeper. I can feel him breathing moist puffs of air and convulsing in my arms. The crown of his head is tucked beneath my chin, I can smell the scent of his shampoo and his sweat and it’s wonderful and so Alex.

His entrance is wide and his cock is weeping pre-cum on my stomach and I whisper in his ear, “I want to fuck you. You look so hot when you’re riding me.” The choked whimper he lets out almost makes me bust right there on the spot. He peeks up at me, flushed and dishevelled and so fucking gorgeous, and reaches behind himself to touch my dick. His hand strokes me with practiced ease, my flesh well lubricated with Alex’s saliva and my pre-cum. He glances over his shoulder, lifts himself up and positions my cock at the entrance to his ass. Then, gingerly, he lowers himself onto my dick, wincing only slightly at the girth and the length.

There is little else that can compare to the euphoria of that first plunge into a hot body: the sweltering pressure and the intensity of ecstasy, the overwhelming intimacy of intercourse. There’s so much sensation, so much pleasure, and it just overflows. It’s like directing all the electricity in a power plant into a single light bulb. The sensations are near overpowering and it takes every fibre of my being, every ounce of my self-control not to completely lose it and burst into an explosion of white-hot sparks and unbridled energy.

I shift my grip to Alex’s waist, holding him steady and watching attentively for any signs of pain or discomfort. His lips are parted in a soundless ‘o’ as he breathes heavily and settles down until my cock is completely sheathed in him. The tightness is incredible. Alex licks his lips and darts his eyes up to meet mine. He grins. Suddenly all the pressure increases tenfold as Alex contracts around my dick and my vision goes a little fuzzy. My grip on his hips is so vicelike that if it were possible, I know there’d be ten little purple bruises blossoming under the pads of my fingers.

Leisurely, Alex raises his hips, allowing my cock to slide out of his ass, leaving only the tip throbbing inside him. Then, achingly slowly, he lowers himself, sinking my dick deep inside his tight ass, clenching and releasing throughout the entire action. “Shit,” I mutter, lifting my hips and filling him completely.

I let Alex set the tempo, riding me slow and deep, gasping each time my cock slides back into his ass. I jack him off steadily; each stroke causes him to spasm in my lap and to clamp down hard on my dick. I keep to his beat for as long as I can, but soon the sounds of his ecstasy and the taunting give and take of each push become more frustrating than gratifying. I grab Alex by the hips and abruptly hold him in place, suspended, just as he’s about to grind back down.

His gaze snaps onto me, eyes hazy with lust, mouth open in question, and I jerk my hips up, ramming my dick into his ass in a single swift movement. His entire body stiffens, fingers grabbing onto my shoulders, eyelashes fluttering as his eyes roll back in pleasure. I bounce Alex up and down in my lap, slamming his ass down to meet each of my thrusts. I know Alex so well; I know exactly how to angle myself perfectly with him, and each time I bury my cock deep inside his ass, I hit that one spot that makes him cry out.

I snap my hips again and again, watching Alex’s face contort in pleasure. I cut off his choked gasps with a forceful kiss and shove my tongue into his mouth, causing a tremor that echoes through his body; his ass becomes even tighter. I catch a glimpse of our reflection in the mirror; I watch my dick driving in and out of Alex, the tension in the muscles of his back. He clings to me for dear life with one hand while the other frantically strokes his painfully erect cock. He’s babbling all sorts of incoherent nonsense against my lips as he rides me, “Fuck, Joshua—I—God!” There’s some Farsi mixed in there, and the breathiness of his words is just mouth-watering. I piston into him, the pressure inside him is almost too much, I can feel my head going light, little golden sparks glimmering around the corners of my eyes as I thrust into him. It’s so tight and too good and I know if I don’t cum soon, I’ll fucking go insane.

Alex,” I growl and he lets out a strangled moan, cumming hard all over our stomachs and chests, his eyes huge and his mouth open. His ass constricts, squeezing my dick so hard that my vision goes white and I slam into him and his whole body clenches down and it’s like I can’t force air into my lungs, all I can feel is this overwhelming tight heat. I thrust into him as fast and roughly as I can, and it’s too much, he’s too tight, I can’t fucking take it anymore. I cum so hard and so much, it’s like I can’t shoot my load inside him fast enough, my whole head is reeling at how fucking intense the pleasure and the relief is and it’s like a small bomb of white hot ecstasy has just short-circuited every nerve in my body, all I can do is just cum and cum and cum and oh God, how much can I possibly fill Alex with, there’s so much.

The rapture of orgasm ebbs away after a few long moments and a number of shaky gasps and mumbled Oh my Gods later. Alex doesn’t stir from his place in my lap, my dick half-hard and still firmly deep in his ass. There’s sweat clinging to his brows and his eyes are half-lidded, fatigued. He says blearily, “I like the way it feels when you cum.” I have one of his hands pressed to my mouth; I lick away the semen slicking his fingers and palm. His fingers shake slightly and his toes curl.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

Alex blinks and says, “It’s all warm and full and stuff. And your cock like… pulses.” His lips curl into a content, sleepy smile. “‘S’nice.”

My dick twitches inside him. Alex’s eyelashes flicker and he shudders a little. “Like that.”

We sit there for a little longer. I say, “We should clean up,” and Alex makes a sound of agreement. He shifts, reaches behind himself and slowly removes my cock from his ass. He lets out a low sigh and I can see in the mirror that there’s white cum leaking steadily from his entrance, the drops trailing down his thighs. His ass is still stretched open and I can feel the flames of lust licking at the back of my mind again.

“Oh, fuck,” Alex says suddenly, looking down, eyes narrowed. I tear my gaze away from the mirror. “What?” I ask. His lower lip sticks out as he tells me, grumpily, “You owe me a new tie.”

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