Childhood Friends

by juou no zan (女王のザン)

“Hey, can I talk to you?” Gray asked.

Riley frowned and blinked up at him. “Uh,” she said. “Sure.” She grabbed her backpack and stood up from the table.

Gray led her away from the quad and out next to the auditorium, where they were visible to the teachers watching the students having lunch but well out of earshot. They wouldn’t get in trouble for wandering around campus, but they’d still be able to see someone coming before they were in danger of being overheard.

Gray took a deep breath and said, “I fucked up, Ri. And I need your help.”

“What happened?” Riley asked, frowning. It had been so long since they talked, but she still looked sincerely concerned for him.

Which honestly just made this harder and more awkward. Gray dragged his hands down his face, took another deep breath to fortify himself, and then said, “I kind of told most of the baseball team you were my sex slave?”

“Oh my god, Gray,” Riley said.

Gray honestly couldn’t tell what kind of shock Riley’s expression signaled, but he barreled through the rest of his explanation, because even if she was appalled, Gray still needed her help to fix this mess. He said, “I know, I know, I’m sorry, but they wouldn’t believe me when I said we’d had sex.” He averted his eyes and said the next part very quickly. “So I said not only would you let me fuck you while they watched, I could also get you to fuck all of them.”

“Oh my god,” Riley said. Her cheeks were pink and her shoulders were so stiff they were almost up to her ears. “Gray, we’ve barely even talked since freshman year!”

Gray covered his face with his hands. “I know! I know, I’m sorry, I’m know you must hate me and I should never have told those guys anything, let alone–“

“What?” Riley asked, cutting him off. “I don’t hate you,” she said. “Why would you think that?”

Gray peeked out at her from behind his hands. She did look confused. He let his hands slide down his face and said, “Uh, we’ve barely talked since–in years,” he said. “I thought you were avoiding me.”

“You were avoiding me!” Riley exclaimed. “I thought you hated me,” she said.

“Why would I hate you?” Gray asked, bewildered. “I’m the one who–” He lowered his voice and glanced around, even though he had already made sure they were out of earshot of anyone else. Gray knew that looked suspicious, but he couldn’t help himself. He said, “I basically arranged for a guy to rape you.”

It was Riley’s turn to put her hands over her face. “I told you that was how I wanted to lose my virginity,” she said, muffled by her hands. “You knew I liked it, I thought you were avoiding me because you were grossed out by my weird kinks!”

“Oh my god,” Gray said. That did make sense, but Gray also never would have thought of it. It was hard to remember other people felt shame when he was so wrapped up in his own, which had not been inconsiderable. “Shit,” he said. “Um.” He laughed, simultaneously nervous and relieved, because Riley didn’t hate him and he apparently was not a rapist, but also that meant he had no idea where they stood with each other. Of course, that had been true at the end of freshman year, when they stopped talking, and instead of addressing it, they had both assumed the worst. After a moment of thought, Gray said, “We’re both kind of stupid, then, aren’t we.”

Still covering her face with her hands, Riley nodded.

“Okay, um. Huh.” He caught his bottom lip in his teeth and sucked at it. That definitely changed Gray’s evaluation of what kind of help would be reasonable to ask her for. Assuming nothing had changed, Riley would be pretty difficult to offend or drive away. The simplest solution to his problem was to make it not a lie. And they had, back when they still talked, talked more than once about Riley being into the idea of gang bangs. So Gray asked, “Well, would you have sex with me in front of most of the baseball team, then?”

Riley took a deep breath, and uncovered her face. She was still flushed, but her body was more relaxed. Her shoulders weren’t up around her ears anymore. “Yeah, okay,” she said. “Um, if you–I mean, I haven’t done anything since that time, so maybe we should…practice?”

Gray groaned. “I would love to,” he said, having rarely meant anything more, “but Coach has us practicing so late I barely have time to do my homework and shower, and the first night I have off is Friday, which is when we usually hang out in Chad’s basement, which is when I said I’d bring you.”

This Friday?” Riley asked, eyes wide. She looked at her wrist, as if a watch would help, even if she still wore one. Gray wondered when she stopped wearing a watch. “Why did you wait until now to tell me about this?”

“I forgot?” Gray said. Riley glared at him, and he sighed. “Okay, maybe part of the reason I said something so stupid in the first place was because I was both a little high and a little drunk,” he admitted. “Which is why I forgot. I mean, I didn’t forget-forget, I just kind of, uh, hoped I wasn’t stupid enough to say all that out loud.”

“And then one of your teammates said something about it this morning,” Riley guessed, and Gray nodded. She shook her head. “Okay, I guess we’ll just have to wing it on Friday. Where’s Chad’s house?”

“I can pick you up after practice,” Gray said immediately. Even after all this time, he hated to think of Riley taking public transit alone. “You should, uh. Do you still have that skirt?”

Riley blushed again. “Not that exact skirt,” she said, and of course she didn’t, it had been years, it probably stopped fitting. “But I can, um. Put together the same kind of outfit.”

“Great,” Gray said. His face was warm, so he figured he was probably also blushing. “Perfect. Uh, you didn’t keep doing it, did you?”

“Are you kidding me?” Riley asked, staring at the ground by Gray’s feet, which was exactly why he hated to think of her taking public transit alone. “It’s a lot scarier without you there. And. Not as hot? Without an audience?”

The bell rang, because of course it did, and Gray groaned again. If he’d known this conversation would go well, he would have asked her to talk to him earlier. He put it off until almost the end of lunch because he assumed it would be awkward and they’d both want the easy out offered by the bell ringing.

Gray took a step toward Riley and put his hand on her shoulder. “If it happens again,” he said in a low voice, “I want you to text me a picture. If the guy doesn’t leave marks or come or whatever, just like, take a picture of how wet your panties are.”

Riley whined and looked up at him. Shit, Gray missed that look on her face, embarrassed and aroused and frustrated all at once. “Now I have to sit through classes thinking about that,” she said.

“That’s kind of the point,” Gray said. He leaned in and kissed her cheek, the way he used to. “I’ll see you on Friday.”

“You’ll see me tomorrow at lunch,” Riley said. “Because we should probably talk more.”

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow at lunch,” Gray agreed. He leaned in to kiss her again, but this time, Riley turned her head so he was kissing her lips. He huffed in frustration, and said, “That’s not fair.”

“Now you know what it’s like,” she said, smiling so her cheeks dimpled. “Go to class.”


At baseball practice that afternoon, one of the guys said something to Gray about him being a liar. He was probably joking, but Gray had honestly undersold it to Riley when he talked about them not believing him. They had all called him a liar and made fun of him for making up something so unbelievable. It really pissed Gray off.

To be fair to the rest of the team, Gray technically had not had sex with Riley. At least, not in the way his teammates were probably picturing. But he’d been present for all of Riley’s early sexual experiences, come near or on her multiple times, sometimes at the same time as she did, and arranged for her to lose her virginity in the closest way possible to what she said she’d always fantasized about, so Gray really fucking resented the implication that he couldn’t possibly land her.

In some respects, Riley was unremarkable. She was a white girl of average height, with brown hair and eyes, thin but not especially so. She could have been the supposedly plain girl in a movie, but surrounding her with literal movie stars was probably the only way to camouflage how pretty she was. Her eyes were a dark brown it was easy to get lost in, her hair was a chestnut brown that shimmered in the sun, and despite getting hit hard and early with puberty in terms of growing up and out, she never had the really bad breakouts so many people did. Every so often, she’d get one zit on her cheekbone or nose that was like a picturesque little reminder that she was human too.

And then there was the fact that she was stacked, and had been ever since she was the first girl in their grade to get boobs. Which, to be honest, would have been enough for most of the guys their age.

So, yes, Gray knew she’d gotten hot and was out of his league now, but they’d been friends since second grade. Gray knew Riley better than anyone, and not only did he think it was unfair to call him a virgin just because he’d never had his penis in her vagina, it was insulting that everyone assumed he was lying because he was still a virgin. He had been doing kinky shit with Riley since they were way too young to be doing the things they were doing, thank you very much.

But it was a lot easier to ignore Jason talking about Gray’s invisible girlfriend when Gray knew Riley was going to show up with him on Friday. He flipped Jason the bird off-handedly, secure in the knowledge that not only was Riley going to have sex with him, she apparently wanted it still. Again? He could ask her about that tomorrow at lunch.

Not that there would be anything wrong with Riley being willing to have sex with him because they were friends and she was helping him out. That was a very cool idea also, especially since Gray had spent a large chunk of their high school years thinking Riley no longer liked him. But not only had he not ruined their years of friendship, he had also not managed to ruin the fact that Riley was, for whatever incomprehensible reason, into him.

Yeah, sure, it was possible she would have been into anyone who had been around to watch her get felt up by creepy dudes in public, who was also willing to participate in her extremely risky sexual gratification, and who took a liking to acting as her de facto dom. Which if you thought about it was probably not actually that many people, but definitely more than “just Gray”. But she had been his best friend since the second grade, and Gray felt like he knew her well enough to say that wasn’t very Riley. He simply didn’t think she would have trusted someone else as much as she trusted him, and with the things she was into, trusting someone was probably an important factor in being into them.

Gray was walking to the parking lot after practice with some of the other guys who drove when his phone chirped with Riley’s notification sound for the first time in actual years. Gray had changed phones since the last time they talked, and he’d thought about at the time how stupid he was being when he ported over that custom sound for her, even though they didn’t talk anymore. Now he was glad he had. He fumbled for his pocket and nearly dropped his phone before he got it unlocked.

“Now that’s a good quality in a baseman,” Chad said. “Butterfingers.”

“Fuck off,” Gray said automatically, swiping through notifications until he could actually open Riley’s message. He almost dropped the phone again when it loaded. “Jesus Christ,” he said.

The entire reason they’d started fooling around was that Riley had hit puberty early and hard. She had C-cups by eighth grade, was almost six inches taller than Gray and most of the boys in their grade for a couple years, and people consistently thought she was older than she was. Older boys had creeped on her, adult men had creeped on her, and Gray escorting her everywhere didn’t deter them as much as it should have. Some of the guys creeping on Riley thought Gray was her little brother, and all of them had (correctly) assumed he would be too scared to do anything to stop them. So it wasn’t as if Gray didn’t know Riley was hot, and he wasn’t oblivious to the fact that she was even hotter now than when they stopped talking. But it was one thing to know that, and another thing completely to see a picture of her in a miniskirt and a tight, translucent white t-shirt, visibly not wearing a bra. I think this shirt is too see-through to wear outside the house now, the message under the picture read.

“Bad news?” Danny asked.

Gray laughed, because he couldn’t help himself. “No,” he said. “Just, uh. Unexpected.”

“Lemme see,” Chad said, making grabby hands, and Gray clutched his phone to his chest. “Jeez, dude,” Chad said. “I was just kidding.”

“Liar,” Danny said. “You’re a nosy bitch and everyone knows it. See you tomorrow, Gray,” he said, because they had reached Gray’s car.

Gray unlocked his car and climbed inside. He unlocked his phone and looked at the photo again. “Fuck,” he muttered. He really could have been having sex with Riley this whole goddamn time. If he had just said something instead of assuming the worst, he could have been getting pictures of her boobs for the last three years.

He had to delete and correct quite a few shaky auto-corrected swipes before he managed to write out, I think that’s actually lingerie at this point.

She texted back immediately, as if she’d been waiting for his response. She probably was, if she’d been as anxious about texting him for the first time in so long as he was when he thought about it earlier. It’s the only white shirt I have anymore! I got rid of them all!

Yeah, Gray would have done the same, if he’d had any visual reminders of their mutual hobby. It was bad enough his parents had spent months asking why Riley never came over anymore. Gray tried to think of what other shirts she owned, but he really didn’t have the same encyclopedic knowledge of Riley’s life as he used to. really low-cut could work too, he texted. I think the most important thing is no bra. He put his phone on silent so he wouldn’t know if she responded while he drove home. He was going to be a distracted enough driver as it was.


It was a miracle Gray woke up on time the next day, because it had taken a while to jerk off enough to make him more tired than horny. He was lucky he didn’t have any classes with Riley this semester, because it would have been completely impossible to pay attention, instead of only mostly impossible.

She found him as he was walking to the cafeteria for lunch, and fell into step next to him. It was almost like no time had passed, and it made his heart give a little pang. God, he’d missed her. She said, “So we should probably try to find a spot just the two of us to talk.”

“I bet we can still squeeze into that spot by the payphones,” Gray said.

“Squeeze being the operative word there,” she said, rolling her eyes. “I’ll probably end up half in your lap.”

“Oh no,” Gray said, and looked over in time to see Riley turn pink and look down at her feet.

Talking about classes and extracurriculars as they waited in the lunch line was as easy as it had ever been, although Gray was very aware of the undercurrent of sexual tension. It hadn’t been this bad freshman year, at least not most of the time. The weeks where Gray was trying to set up a way for a stranger to fuck Riley without her knowing about it ahead of time had been pretty tense for him. He still didn’t know if she had even noticed.

They did still fit in that spot by the disconnected payphones, though Riley was squashed against Gray’s side and could only use one arm to eat. It was tempting to grope her, but they were absolutely not hidden enough from passers-by to do that. Gray reminded himself they were literally going to have sex on Friday night, and he could wait. He could.

“So,” Gray said once he’d scarfed down enough of his lunch to silence the grumbling of his stomach. “Since my dumb ass told everyone you were my sex slave instead of something normal, I kind of want to make a clear divide between me fucking you and the other guys doing it.” Riley nodded, as if that made sense and wasn’t an insane thing to say to your childhood best friend after not speaking to them for over two years. “So I was thinking I could come inside you? And then everyone else could use condoms.”

She buried her face in his shoulder. “Sorry,” she said, muffled by the fabric of his shirt. “Yes, that’s–makes sense.” She sat up, face flushed. “Um, if you–I haven’t had sex since that time in the bathroom, so I know I don’t have anything, but have you gotten tested lately?”

Gray let out a huff of laughter. “Ri, I haven’t had sex since that time either,” he said. “If you want to be technical about it, the guys were right, and I’m still a virgin.”

Riley laughed. “You are not,” she said.

He shrugged. “I never put my dick in your vagina,” he said. “So like. Kind of.” She made a face, because apparently she agreed with him that was stupid. “Yeah, I know, but anyway,” Gray went on, “my point is that I can’t have anything either, so we only need to worry about birth control.”

“I’ve been on the pill since right after that time,” Riley said, looking down at her lunch tray. “I wanted to be. Prepared. In case.” She scratched at the rough edge of the recycled paper tray with her fingernail. “Plus I mean it does make my period easier to deal with. Which is what I told my parents I wanted it for.”

Gray sat with that for a minute. She had prepared to keep having sex with him. “Man,” he said eventually, voice cracking. “We’re really stupid. I wish I hadn’t panicked and decided you hated me.”

“Me too,” Riley said.

There wasn’t really anything to say to that, so they ate in silence for a while. Remembering they were at school and had an entire afternoon of classes to get through was a struggle with Riley’s boobs pressed up against Gray’s side.

After a few minutes, Riley asked, “You didn’t have sex with anyone else? This whole time?”

Gray laughed. “No,” he said. “Come on, who could possibly compare to an exhibitionist masochist with rape fantasies? I’m not gonna bother having vanilla sex with some other girl when I could just think about the way you looked when you realized that guy was actually going to fuck you.”

Riley made a throaty noise and buried her face in his shoulder again. He laughed, and shifted his legs so his dick would be more comfortable. Muffled by his shirt, Riley said, “I wish it was a half day.”

“Yeah, I’m dying,” Gray said, although knowing Riley was also suffering made it much easier to bear. He wasn’t kidding about being ruined for vanilla sex. “So that’s a yes on coming inside you?” She nodded. “Is it safe to assume you’d rather not know what else I have in mind?” She nodded again. “You trust me way too much.”

She turned her head so she was simply resting it on his shoulder, instead of pressing her face into him. “I trust you the right amount,” she said. “You don’t trust yourself enough, apparently.”

“Well, I guess you do already know more about Friday than you did about the last time,” he said. “And evidently even that wasn’t crossing the line. That’s just, like. A huge amount of wiggle room, Ri.” After spending so long convinced he had misjudged things, it was hard to go back to trusting he did have a good idea what Riley did and didn’t enjoy.

“I don’t know why you’d expect your sex slave to set limits,” Riley said.

Gray’s cheeks warmed. “Come on, that’s like–I mean, that’s a real thing. Like a BDSM thing. So they would talk about things ahead of time and set limits and stuff.”

“Okay then, I don’t know why you’d expect me to set limits,” Riley said. She lifted her head off his shoulder and wriggled upright, which was really compelling viewing for something that put an elbow in Gray’s ribs. “My whole deal is getting off on things I’m not supposed to enjoy,” she went on when she was upright. “Even if I hated something, the fact that the whole baseball team was watching me would mean I’d get off on being watched hating something.”

“Not the whole team,” Gray said. Riley elbowed him in the ribs on purpose this time. “Okay, yeah, that wasn’t the important part of what you said. I just.” He caught his bottom lip in his teeth, then took a deep breath. “I really missed you,” he said. “I don’t want to fuck it up again.”

“You didn’t fuck it up before,” Riley said.

“Yeah I did,” Gray said. Squashing into this space where they could barely look at each other had been a good idea, because it was much easier to say these things when he didn’t have to look at her. “When I worried I had fucked it up, I should have talked to you and made sure if you agreed I fucked up or not.”

“Okay, sure,” Riley said. “But I also fucked that up.”

“So we both fucked up,” Gray said. “Which is why I’m trying to make sure we talk about things this time.”

Riley groaned. “Fine,” she said. She scratched at her lunch tray with her nail some more, and after a little while said, “No blood, piss, or shit stuff. No one else has unprotected sex with me. For this Friday, no bondage more complicated than like, handcuffs. You stop everyone if I pass out. Oh, and no choking or other breathplay. Gagging during a blowjob is okay, though, just make sure I can breathe. And I guess blood is okay if it’s like, incidental. Like if someone just didn’t go slow enough or use enough lube or whatever. Just, you know, stop them from keeping going if I start bleeding from being slapped around.”

“Jesus,” Gray said. He’d spent so long believing he crossed the line, he had forgotten how into this stuff Riley actually was. She barely had to think about it to come up with that list. He said, “I’m not gonna let them slap you.”

“Aw, why not?” Riley asked, and Gray hadn’t even thought about it until that moment, but hearing Riley say it so matter-of-factly went straight to his groin. He was going to have to start doing actual research about this again, because porn didn’t usually get into the safety and logistics side of BDSM.

“Okay, maybe a little,” he said, because he had always been reluctant to disappoint Riley. “Not until you’re bleeding, though, jeez. I guess it’s not likely I’ll let anyone do anything you’re not actually into,” he added. “I forgot you’re so much more hardcore than I am.” Gray felt Riley tense up at that, and he looked over and nudged her with his elbow. “Hey,” Gray said quietly. “I’m not grossed out. Even if you are more hardcore than me, that just means I don’t have to worry about pushing you too far. That basically means I can do whatever I want to you.” She actually shivered at that, and he laughed a little. “That is nice, isn’t it?” Gray murmured. Her eyes drifted shut as he went on, “I can do whatever I want and know you’re gonna like it. I can try what I think is the weirdest shit I could possibly be into and you’ll love it and beg for more.” He looked at her lips, which were parted just a tiny bit because her jaw had gone slack. He asked, “Can I kiss you?”

She frowned, a little divot appearing between her eyebrows, although she didn’t open her eyes. “Of course,” she said.

“Well, we haven’t talked about it,” Gray said, and leaned over to kiss her. It was a bad angle, and their noses mashed together. He pulled away enough to put his arm around her shoulders and put his other hand on her cheek, then leaned back in. This time the angle was better, and didn’t put his shoulder or neck in an uncomfortable position.

Gray hadn’t kissed anyone since the last time he kissed Riley. He probably could have, but he’d been a little worried force of habit would kick in and he’d move too fast for a girl who wasn’t Riley. After all, he had gotten very used to playing with Riley’s boobs when they kissed. Plus he’d been somewhat concerned he was, you know, basically a rapist. For a while he kept his interactions with girls as friendly and non-sexual as possible. He hadn’t been really worried about it anymore for a while now, but Gray had also kind of gotten used to not flirting or dating.

It was a good thing being squashed together next to the payphones meant they were in a position where it was physically difficult to escalate, because god damn did Gray want to escalate. Kissing Riley made him remember what her breasts felt like in his hands. The quiet noises she made reminded him of the ones she made when he played with her nipples. Her heavy breathing in this small, enclosed space was a lot like her heavy breathing in the small, enclosed space where he’d watched her lose her virginity to a stranger he’d picked out for her.

He made himself pull away when he felt his cock stir. Riley must have been getting into it too, because she immediately turned away and straightened up to wedge herself more into the corner that wasn’t Gray’s body. “Fuck,” she muttered, clutching her lunch tray hard enough to buckle the edge.

Gray swallowed. “Yeah,” he said. “Oh, hey, can I show that picture you sent me to people?”

“Gray,” she whined. “I’m trying to be less turned on before class.”

“Sorry,” he said, grinning and not meaning it at all. “I just remembered.”

She huffed, which made her boobs bounce a little, even though she was clearly wearing a bra. “Show people, yes,” she said. “Send to people, no. At least ones where you can see my face or anything identifying.”

Gray raised his eyebrows. “That makes it sound like there’ll be more pictures,” he said.

“Well, won’t there be?” she asked. “I mean.” She pressed her legs together and crossed her ankles, which made Gray think she was not succeeding at being less turned on before class. “You know being watched is my biggest thing. I like the idea of pictures or videos. I just like. Don’t want them to be easy to trace back to me. Safety.”

“Then I guess there’ll be more pictures,” Gray said, already trying to remember if there was anything particularly unique in Chad’s basement. “Fuck.”

“Mm,” Riley said.

“Your underwear’s gonna be soaked by the end of the day, huh,” Gray said, and Riley punched his leg. He laughed, and let her change the subject to the homework she wanted to get ahead on.


That evening at the end of practice, when Gray’s phone chirped to let him know he had a message from Riley, he was a lot less frantic opening it up. She was really good at estimating when practice was over, Gray thought to himself as he stuffed his dirty clothes in a bag to take home and wash.

“Why does your phone sound like a bird?” Chad asked.

“It’s Riley’s ringtone,” Gray said.

“Man, you are really working to keep up this lie,” Jason said.

“What lie?” Paul asked, because he hadn’t been at Chad’s the Friday before.

“That Riley Chapman lets Gray fuck her,” Jason said.

Paul didn’t snort or roll his eyes the way the other guys had. He looked thoughtful, then said, “I mean, they were best friends in elementary and middle school.”

“Yeah, and I was friends with Tommy Yager,” Chad said, rolling his eyes, “but I’m not fucking him.”

“Well, Tommy Yager isn’t the catch Riley is,” Paul said, and everyone laughed.

“You should come this week,” Gray said to Paul. “I’m bringing Riley and I’ll let whoever wants to fuck her have a turn.”

Let them?” Paul asked, raising his eyebrows.

Jason, Chad, and Danny all tried to shout an explanation at Paul at the same time, interspersed with derisive hooting and jeering and calling Gray a liar some more. Gray rolled his eyes and picked up his phone to see what Riley had sent him, ignoring the cacophony of his so-called friends.

He was not particularly surprised to see it was another picture. It wasn’t the whole outfit this time, just a different shirt than she’d worn to school, minus her bra, which was very clear in this photo even though this shirt was dark green and not translucent at all. It was very low-cut. She’d probably get dress-coded if she wore it to school even if she had a bra on. He glanced at the caption, which read, I usually have to wear something under this one bc like my entire bra hangs out, is this better? Yeah, he thought, that tracked.

“Okay but that is definitely Riley,” Chad said, right next to Gray’s ear. Gray startled and nearly dropped his phone.

“Do you fucking mind,” Gray said, but he angled his phone so Chad could see the screen better. Immediately, Jason and Danny dropped what they were doing and rushed over. Gray saw Paul roll his eyes and turn away.

“That sure is Riley Chapman,” Danny said, eyes going wide. “Damn, dude.”

“You should see what made me almost drop my phone yesterday,” Gray said, and scrolled up.

“Jesus Christ,” Jason said, “how did you get these?”

“Riley sent them to me,” Gray said.

“She did not,” Jason said, but he didn’t sound nearly as sure of himself as he had a couple minutes ago.

“Whatever you want to think,” Gray said, locking his phone. Everyone around him made disappointed noises. “You’ll see plenty of her tomorrow night,” he said.

“How come you didn’t show us pictures last week?” Jason demanded. “If you had them, you should’ve just proved it then. Now it looks like you faked them.”

“I hadn’t talked to her about showing her pictures to other people then,” Gray said, which was technically true.

Chad asked, “Why would you need permission from a girl you say is your sex slave?”

“Because I’m not a monster,” Gray said, putting his phone in his jeans pocket. “She’s not literally a slave, you jackass, it’s a kink thing.”

“You know, that actually makes sense for Riley,” Paul said, from the other side of the locker room. He was reaching up under his shirt to apply deodorant, his back to the rest of them.

“It does?” Danny asked, turning to face him.

“She volunteered to get tied up on the playground one time in grade school,” Paul said, over his shoulder. “Volunteered real fast.”

“Huh,” Gray said. “I hadn’t even thought about that.” She had, though. And looking back, knowing what he knew now about how turned on Riley got by being embarrassed and watched, she had almost certainly gotten off on that, at least as much as third-grader could get off on anything.

“I have to catch my bus,” Paul said, closing his locker, “but I will say I am definitely going to be at Chad’s tomorrow night.”

When Gray got to his car, he took his phone out of his pocket to text Riley back. that’s perfect, he told her, then added, and you were a big hit in the locker room.

She didn’t text him back until after he got home and had something to eat. His phone went off while he was in the dining room, and his dad looked up from his laptop. “Was that Riley?” he asked.

“Mm-hmm,” Gray said.

“I thought you guys weren’t talking anymore,” said his dad.

Gray shrugged, because he had never told his parents anything concrete about what happened with Riley. He couldn’t exactly tell them the truth, so he’d been vague and talked about both of them being busy. He could tell they hadn’t bought it, but they also hadn’t pushed, which was good enough. Gray said, “Well, we’re hanging out on Friday after practice, so we’ve been talking about it.”

“Oh good,” his dad said. “I’m glad you found time to spend together. I know you missed her.”

Gray willed himself not to blush, and failed. Luckily, his dad had already looked back down at his laptop.

He waited until he was in his bedroom to open the message, because he figured there was a strong chance it was not something he would want one of his parents to be able to see over his shoulder. That was a good call, because her message read, I don’t know how to respond to that in text, followed by a picture of what were obviously her panties down around her knees, with an absolutely soaked crotch.

jfc, Gray typed out. He thought better of it, deleted it, and instead sent, you’re welcome ;)

I have to write an essay tonight, I can’t spend all night masturbating, she replied.

that sounds like a you problem, Gray said. He had a bunch of reading to do before Monday, and he didn’t think he’d be very productive tomorrow or Saturday, but he was going to have to take a wank break too. He bit his lip, and wrote, you should send me another picture though.

A few minutes later, his phone chirped, and Gray pushed his homework away. He opened up his phone to a picture of Riley, with her face cropped out and the background blurred. The very low-cut green top was pulled down so her tits were hanging out of the neckline.

good girl, he sent her, typing one handed as he wrestled with his jeans zipper. He’d just gotten his cock out when she responded, with a series of sweat drop emojis. He laughed, and scrolled back up to the photo.


The next day, Riley found him on the way to the cafeteria for lunch again. She was wearing a normal, even kind of boring outfit, of jeans and a t-shirt that wasn’t all that fitted, and Gray had a vivid fantasy of dragging her into one of the bathrooms and tearing it off her. She’d let him. Jesus, he wanted to go back in time and slap himself for not talking to her. “Hey,” he said, “how was your morning?”

“Endless,” she said, blushing just the faintest amount. “I can’t stay, I have to go to the library to work on a group project.”

“Gross,” he said. “Hey, do you remember in like third grade, when that weird guy wanted to show off how good he was at tying people up?”

Riley laughed. “Oh my god,” she said. “I haven’t thought about that in forever. Jeez,” she said, looking thoughtful. “We really shouldn’t have been surprised about what I’m into, huh.”

“Probably not,” Gray said. “You were really quick to volunteer. Anyway, I guess it made an impression on Paul.” At her questioning look, he said, “Paul Carter. He’s on the team with me.”

“Oh, Paul C,” she said, and that was right, she’d been in class with him and another Paul in elementary school. “Wow, was he there?”

“Apparently,” Gray said. “He doesn’t always come to Chad’s on Fridays, but he said he’d be there tonight.” Riley made a noise like a dying cat, and Gray laughed.

After they got their food, they sat at the end of one of the long tables inside the cafeteria. Riley shoveled her food into her mouth as quickly as she could, so she could get to the library. Gray realized he was ignoring his own lunch to stare at her fondly, and forced himself to look away and eat his overcooked burger.

Riley got up to throw her trash away, then came back to get her backpack. She bent down and kissed Gray, which was awful because his mouth was full of school lunch and he couldn’t kiss her back properly. “See you after practice,” she said, and someone would have to know her pretty well to notice her faint blush.

A few minutes later, Sam from the team sat down across from Gray, in the spot Riley had left. “Hey,” Sam said, “I thought I saw you actually sitting with Riley Chapman, what happened?”

“She had to run to the library to work on a group project,” Gray said. He wasn’t sure if Sam had believed him or not, and he’d been in the shower yesterday when Gray showed off her pictures.

Sam nodded as he tore his burger into chunks. He was so weird about food, but at least he wasn’t doing it to gross people out. “Man,” he said, “I really hope you’re not lying about her, because I’ve basically always wanted to get my hands on those tits.”

“Thanks for your support,” Gray said, rolling his eyes. He thought about pulling out his phone to show Sam the pictures, but sitting right at the end of one of the big tables in the cafeteria, where anyone could walk by and see, probably wasn’t a great place to show off sexy pictures.

“I mean, I know you guys hung out freshman year or whatever,” Sam said, swiping one of his burger chunks through his ketchup, “and Paul said you guys were friends in middle and grade school, but it is kind of hard to imagine a girl letting a bunch of guys she barely knows have sex with her just because you told her to.”

“I guess that’s fair,” Gray said, “but it’s like none of you realize that some people get off on being bossed around.”

Sam stopped playing with his food and looked up at Gray with wide eyes. “Oh,” he said. “Oh shit. They do, huh.” Gray rolled his eyes. “Shut up,” Sam said, looking back down at his soggy chunk of burger. He fished it out of the ketchup and popped it in his mouth. He barely chewed before he swallowed and said, “Look, man, everyone talks a big game, but we all know it’s mostly talk. Everyone exaggerates when they’re talking to their friends and then when they’re with their girlfriends it’s like, you don’t actually know what you’re doing and probably neither does she. And if a girl agrees to have sex with me in the two hours while we have a room to ourselves, I’m not gonna ask for stuff off the secret menu, I’m gonna stick with the, like, two things I know most people like.”

Gray said, “That’s actually really depressing, Sam.”

Sam shrugged. “I’m just saying,” he said. “Sex is basically a sport, right? It’s athletic and there’s a learning curve. If it’s only been a couple of years, obviously most of us aren’t going to be that good at it.”

“Well, that’s disappointing to hear,” Gray said. “I guess I’ll tell Ri tonight’s gonna be about quantity, not quality.”

Sam laughed. “Man,” he said, “you must be telling the truth. You are way too chill about this.”

“I guess my perception might be a little warped,” Gray admitted. “When the only person you’ve ever been with is one way, it’s easy to think that’s how everyone is.”

“Shit, I’m not talking you out of this, am I?” Sam asked. He frowned and went on, “If it turns out you’re telling the truth and I convinced you you don’t actually want to let everyone have sex with your girlfriend, the rest of the guys are gonna kill me.”

Gray laughed and said, “Sam, if I told Riley I was calling it off at this point, she’d probably kill me and then show up at Chad’s anyway.” After teasing her all week, Gray doubted he’d even be able to keep up with her on his own. She was looking forward to a gang bang. Gray’s dick would probably fall off before Riley was satisfied if he tried to go it alone. “And she’s not my girlfriend.”

Sam crinkled up his face in an overblown frown. “I’m not gonna call her your sex slave,” he said.

“You don’t have to,” Gray said, “I’m just saying, she’s not my girlfriend. We never talked about dating.”

“But you talked about letting a bunch of your teammates have sex with her,” Sam said.

“Yeah,” Gray said.

Sam shook his head. “Now I know you’re telling the truth,” he said, “because that is the stupidest goddamn thing I’ve ever heard. No one would make that up.”

“What does that mean?” Gray asked, but two tables over, a bunch of freshmen burst into a shrill rendition of “Happy Birthday” and drowned him out. By the time Gray could hear again, someone had stopped by the end of the table to ask Sam something, and they got drawn into conversation until the bell rang.


Coach ended practices earlier on Fridays than on other days, in a transparent attempt to raise team morale. Transparent or not, it worked, and Chad offered his basement as a place to hang out after practice, because his parents had a standing Friday night date and a permissive attitude about teenagers drinking in their house. Not everyone came all the time, or even most of the time, but there were almost always a few people going there after practice ended.

“Can I get a ride to Chad’s?” Paul asked Gray, as they walked back to the locker room from the field.

“I have to pick up Riley first,” Gray said. “But if you don’t mind the detour, sure. Oh, and I’ll need to move stuff out of the back seat.”

“That’s fine,” Paul said. “You want me to hustle so we can get out of here before all the yelling starts?”

“That’d be nice, yeah.”

Gray stripped and took the fastest shower of his life. He didn’t always bother, depending on how gross he got during practice, but Gray was planning on having sex. It’d probably be polite to make sure he was clean beforehand.

Paul was ready to go before Gray was, probably because he was used to taking speedy showers and changing quickly so he could catch his bus. He met Gray at his locker right as a second wave of people hit the locker room and it got overwhelmingly loud.

In the parking lot, Paul helped Gray move the stuff from the back seat into the trunk. When they climbed into the car for real, Paul said, “You know, Jason thought you’d blow me off so you could ditch us.”

“Jason can suck my dick,” Gray muttered, and then he remembered Paul was bi and said, “Uh, no offense.”

“Don’t be weird, Gray,” Paul said. He buckled his seat belt and pulled the sun visor down to use the mirror. “Though that seems more offensive to Riley. Acting like sucking your dick is unpleasant.”

“Eh, she’d like it if it was,” Gray said absently, checking his clearance. The student parking lot was mostly empty by the time practice was over, but it was more crowded on Fridays, since they got out early enough for more people to still be on campus. Gray didn’t want to be late picking up Riley because he clipped someone’s bumper.

Paul laughed, and said, “God, I don’t know how anyone thinks you’re lying. That’s some genuine nonchalance right there.”

“Sam said the same thing at lunch today,” Gray said. He crept out of his parking spot and turned to the exit. “I mean, he didn’t use the word ‘nonchalance’ like a nerd, but it was the same idea.”

“I guess casualness is more convincing than getting all pissy everyone thinks you’re lying,” Paul said, flipping the sun visor back up.

Gray had to bite back a sharp retort that probably would have been, I wasn’t pissy or you weren’t even there, both of which would definitely have sounded pissy. He concentrated on navigating through the parking lots. As they reached the campus gate, he finally said, “I’m ninety-eight percent sure I was having sex with Riley before any of the rest of those guys so much as dry humped anyone else, so it was a little annoying to have everyone decide I was making it up. And like, no offense, but the shit she’s into, I had to plan and organize and put in work, while I bet Jason doesn’t even know what foreplay is and just sticks it in any girl unfortunate enough to go to bed with him.”

“Maybe you’re just not very persuasive when you’re drunk,” Paul said, sounding amused. Gray glanced over at him, and he was smiling. “‘Cause, again, that little speech was pretty convincing. Complaining about the logistics of being someone’s dom.”

Gray felt his face get warm. “It probably helps that you actually know Riley,” he said.

“Mm,” Paul said, as Gray turned onto the street.

It was the tail end of rush hour, so Gray had to concentrate a little more on driving than usual, and Paul was content to sit quietly. Nervousness was starting to flutter in Gray’s stomach. He had kind of lied to everyone, and now he was going to have sex for the first time in years with a goddamn audience. He was insane, and this was crazy, and he shouldn’t have suggested it, and Riley definitely shouldn’t have agreed to it.

Gray pulled the car to a stop in front of Riley’s house. The house looked the same as it always looked, except the tree swing was gone and the grass was kind of overgrown. He stared at the front window until Paul asked, “Should I wait here?”

Gray jerked out of his anxious reverie and blinked at him. “No,” he said. “Come in, maybe her parents won’t think it’s a date.”

“Is it not a date?” Paul asked, unbuckling his seat belt.

Gray turned the car off. “A gang bang is not a date,” he said.

“I don’t know, sounds like it’s the kind of date Riley would enjoy,” Paul said, opening his door.

“Okay, yeah,” Gray said, getting out of the car. “That’s true.” He closed the door and began walking around the front of the car. “But we didn’t talk about it being a date, so it’s not a date.”

“I don’t know if that’s how it works,” Paul said, “but it’s your life, man.”

Gray walked across the lawn to the front door of Riley’s house, Paul following behind him. Gray couldn’t decide if it was silly to be nervous, because knocking on Riley’s door to pick her up was something he’d done hundreds of times before, or it was silly not to be nervous, because he hadn’t even been talking to her this time last week. He opened the screen door and knocked, making sure to be loud so it could actually be heard if they were in the kitchen.

A few seconds later, Riley’s dad opened the door. “Why did you–Oh! Gray!” He pulled the door open wide, and gestured Gray and Paul inside. “We finally got a doorbell,” he said, “but I guess Ri didn’t tell you that.”

The thundering of footsteps down the stairs signaled Riley’s imminent arrival. Gray said to Riley’s dad, “No, sorry, I didn’t even think about trying it.”

Riley skidded to a halt at the bottom of the stairs, almost falling over. She was wearing a plain black dress and tights, with a skirt that went down to her knees and a modest neckline, but she’d been holding her boobs as she came down the stairs, so Gray knew she wasn’t wearing a bra. She probably had her other clothes on under the dress; that was how they used to do it. Riley yanked her arm away from her chest when she saw Paul standing in the doorway behind Gray, and turned pink. “Hi,” she said to Gray. “Hey, Paul.”

“Hey, Ri,” Gray said.

From the back of the house, where the kitchen was, Gray heard Riley’s mom yell, “Is that Gray I hear?”

“We were very excited to hear you two were finally talking again,” Riley’s dad said. Gray caught Riley’s grimace out of the corner of his eye, but managed to keep himself from looking at her or Paul. He hadn’t thought about how likely it was Riley’s parents would comment on that. Shit, he should have told Paul to wait in the car.

“We’ve just both been so busy,” Riley said, and Gray had to make an effort to avoid laughing, because of course she gave her parents the same excuse he had given his. She grabbed a small black purse off one of the hooks on the wall and slung it over her shoulder.

“Coach does like to keep us practicing late,” Paul said, sounding amused again. “Nice to see you again, Mr. Chapman, Mrs. Chapman,” he added, as Riley’s mom walked toward them from the kitchen.

“Oh, are you on the baseball team too?” Riley’s dad asked Paul.

“Gray, honey, it’s so good to see you!” Riley’s mom said, reaching out to pull Gray into a hug. He hugged back awkwardly, feeling very conscious that Paul was right there, answering Riley’s dad politely and almost certainly noticing how weird this interaction was.

“Okay, well, we should get going,” Riley said loudly. Gray hoped no one else could hear how anxious she was.

“Alright, alright,” Riley’s mom said, releasing Gray. “Don’t stay out too late.”

“Or if you do, text and let us know,” Riley’s dad said. “You’re not kids anymore, after all.”

“Right,” Riley’s mom said, smiling. “I’m sure you’ll be fine if you’re with Gray.”

“Okay thanks bye,” Riley said, practically pushing Paul out the door, which given he looked about five seconds from bursting into laughter, was a good idea.

“It was nice to see you,” Gray said, pulling the door closed behind him.

Paul managed to wait until they were at the car to start laughing. “Fuck, sorry,” he said. “It’s not like I thought they’d know, but they were so earnest. ‘I’m sure you’ll be fine if you’re with Gray.’ No, what are you doing, girl, get in the front seat.”

“Thanks,” Riley said. Gray wondered if she had stopped blushing at any point since she came down the stairs.

“Here, I’ll get my shit out of the way,” Paul said, opening the passenger door to grab his backpack. He held the door open for Riley, and looked up at Gray with raised eyebrows.

“Don’t look at me that way,” Gray said to him over the hood of the car, as Riley climbed into the passenger seat, “I told you it’s not a date. I don’t open the door for you either.”

“If you were expecting to fuck me later, you’d better,” Paul said. Riley laughed as she pulled the door closed.

Gray rolled his eyes and said, “I’ll keep that in mind.” He sat down in the driver’s seat and pulled the door closed behind him. He saw as Riley adjusted her seat belt that what Gray had taken for tights were in fact tall socks. “God, you’re hot,” he said without thinking. Riley looked up at him, cheeks pink and dimpled from her smile.

Paul shut the back door and said, “If you don’t want her parents to think it’s a date, you better not start making out in front of their house.”

“Right,” Riley said, turning her head to face front. “Plenty of time for that later.”

Paul shook his head and buckled his seat belt. Gray double-checked his own seat belt, as well as the mirrors and his clearance, even though the Chapmans’ street was not as cramped or as busy as the student parking lot at school.

“Don’t pretend you’re usually a careful driver just for Riley,” Paul said. Gray flipped him off and started driving.

In his peripheral vision, Gray saw Riley pull some things out of her purse and set them on her lap. She flipped down the sun visor and started putting on eyeliner. “Do you need me to pull over?” Gray asked.

“I usually do my makeup on the bus in the morning, I’m fine,” she said. “Besides, it’s not like I’m going for subtle. If I mess up, I’ll just put more on.”

“You two are fucking fascinating,” Paul said from the back seat.

Riley huffed. “What kind of girl shows up to a gang bang without trampy makeup?” she asked. She sounded perfectly confident and flippant, but glancing over at her for a second while he merged, Gray saw she was blushing again.

“No, you’re right,” Paul said. “You are totally right. I will defer to your expertise if I ever attend another.”

“How was the rest of your day?” Gray asked her, when they came to a stop at a red light.

“Extremely weird, thank you,” Riley said. She leaned back and examined her makeup in the mirror. Apparently satisfied with the eyeliner, she opened a tube of mascara. “How was yours?”

“Long,” Gray said.

“And hard,” Paul added, and laughed when Gray frowned at him in the rear view mirror. “Come on, you set me up.”

“To be fair, that’s pretty much what ‘weird’ meant,” Riley said, blushing enough for her ears to turn pink. She opened her mouth when she leaned in to the mirror to apply her mascara, even though there was no reason to.

“It’s green,” Paul said, sounding amused again, and Gray jerked his gaze back to the light, which was indeed green now.

Gray concentrated more on driving for the rest of the journey to Chad’s house. It wasn’t far, but it took long enough for Riley to finish her makeup and move on to her hair.

“What, no lipstick?” Paul asked from the back seat. “What kind of tramp doesn’t wear bright red lipstick?”

“If you want lipstick stains all over everything, we could stop at a drugstore,” Riley said. “I won’t judge.”

“Once again, I am forced to admit you’ve put more thought into this than I have,” Paul said. “I hope not judging me extends to me thinking that’s hot.”

“I suppose I could withhold judgment this time,” Riley said. Hearing her flirt with someone else was giving Gray pangs of jealousy at the same time as it turned him on. He wasn’t sure why her flirting with other guys would be more upsetting than her fucking other guys.

Well, no, that wasn’t true. Gray had an idea why that might be true, he just didn’t like it or want to acknowledge it.

They pulled onto Chad’s street as Riley flipped the sun visor up. Gray parked on the street in front of Chad’s house, and turned off the car. He twisted in his seat to grab his backpack out of the back, and Paul asked, “Why are you bringing your backpack?”

“So I’m not walking into Chad’s house just carrying a huge box of condoms,” Gray said.

“Also to hold my dress,” Riley said, climbing out of the car.

“Also that,” Gray agreed.

Paul leaned against the side of the car and watched as Gray walked around to stand behind Riley, and she pulled her hair out of the way so Gray could reach the zipper of her dress. It actually felt more sketchy to be doing this on a suburban sidewalk than in a train station bathroom, which seemed counter-intuitive. Riley pulled the front of the dress off her shoulders, and Paul said, “Oh shit.” Gray didn’t quite manage to catch the dress before it fell to the ground, so he had to bend over to scoop it up.

As Gray rolled Riley’s dress into a tube that wouldn’t wrinkle so much but would still fit easily in his backpack, which was a laundry folding technique he had learned when doing this exact thing as a thirteen year old, Riley flipped her hair and smoothed her very short skirt of the wrinkles it had obtained under the plain dress on the way over.

“We don’t have to go in,” Paul said. “Who cares if the rest of the team thinks Gray’s a liar? I believe him, and that should be enough. Just come here, get in the back seat with me.”

Riley laughed. Gray put one arm around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder so he could talk to Paul. “Don’t be selfish,” he said. “I’ll let you borrow her later if you want.”

“Jesus,” Paul said, looking away. It was hard to tell with how dark his skin was, but Gray thought he might have been blushing. “You can’t just turn on your dom voice without a warning like that, man.”

“Oh?” Gray asked. “That’s interesting.”

Paul turned back to face him, though he didn’t make eye contact. His gaze was somewhere in the vicinity of Riley’s neck. Paul said, “If you’ll keep that between the three of us, I won’t say anything to the rest of the guys about how long it’s apparently been since Riley’s parents saw you.”

“You weren’t going to say anything anyway,” Gray said. He had to admit, pressed against Riley’s back with his arms around her, Paul’s suggestion of forgetting about everyone else was rather tempting. Going inside to show her off when he already had her in his arms seemed like an unnecessary extra step.

Paul shrugged. “Probably not. Unless it was funny,” he said, and that was a good point; Paul loved to save up bombshells to drop at carefully timed moments when they would have the strongest effect. That could really blow this whole effort to pieces.

“Fine,” Gray said. “The highly suggestive combination of you knowing off-hand what a dom is and having that reaction just now stays between us.”

“Thank you,” Paul said, still not looking Gray in the eye. “Shall we?” he asked, and offered Riley his arm.

She turned to look at Gray, seeking permission. He gave her a quick kiss and stepped back. Gray grabbed his backpack as Riley took Paul’s arm. She giggled when Paul said something to her too quietly for Gray to hear.

As usual, Chad’s door was unlocked. Gray let them in, and they all paused in the foyer to kick off their shoes. Riley had clearly chosen her shoes for easy removal, because the outfit didn’t at all suffer for their loss. Now she was in over-the knee socks, a miniskirt, and a tight, extremely low-cut top. Combined with the heavy eye makeup and her hair pulled back from her face, she absolutely looked like an approachable pin-up. Gray would not have called the overall look trampy, but that maybe had more to do with him not using the word “trampy” on a regular basis than anything else.

Paul led the way to the basement stairs, and then let go of Riley’s arm to head down first. As he descended, he shouted, “Jason, you’re real lucky I didn’t actually take that bet, because you would owe me so much money right now!”

Gray’s heart was pounding, and he was sure Riley’s was too. They looked at each other. He asked, “You ready?”

She pulled him in for a kiss. It was not one of the quick, reassuring kisses they’d exchanged since they started talking again, saying hello or goodbye. She opened her mouth to his and put her arms around his waist, pressing her chest against him. Her lips were soft and her mouth was wet and Gray couldn’t believe he missed out on two years of doing this for no reason. He had all but forgotten where they were by the time Riley pulled back and grinned at him. “Ready,” she said.

“Let’s go, then,” Gray said. He took her hand and started down the stairs to the basement, Riley trailing a step behind him.

“Holy shit,” Jason said when they reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Guys,” Gray said, “I think you all know Riley. Ri, this is Sam, Danny, Chad, and Jason,” he said, pointing to each one.

“Hi,” Riley said, leaning into Gray’s side as if she wanted to hide behind him. He knew if he looked, he’d see she was blushing furiously. Of course, he also knew if he stuck his hand up her skirt, he’d find she was terrifically wet.

Chad’s basement had a U of seating around a coffee table, across from a dated but large TV. The love seat and sofas were ugly, which was why Chad’s parents had exiled them to the basement, but they were comfy enough to crash on and they didn’t smell too much like all the beer they’d spilled on them over the last few months. Unlike usual, the TV was not on, though the guys were still seated around it, with beer and soda cans on the coffee table in front of them. There was music playing, though quietly. Jason had his feet up on the table. Backpacks were piled against the TV stand. In the corner next to the TV, there was a little kitchenette, with a sink, a microwave, and a full-sized fridge. Paul was over there, grabbing a drink from the fridge.

Gray led Riley up to the couches as Paul looked over his shoulder and asked, “You want something to drink?”

No way was Gray drinking alcohol when he was both getting to fuck Riley again and also having to keep an eye on her in a room full of horny teenage boys. “I’ll take a soda,” he said, walking over to sit down in the empty spot on the middle couch. Chad had his legs up on the middle cushion, which meant there wasn’t really enough room for Riley to sit down next to Gray, so he pulled her onto his lap. She angled herself so the other people in the room could see her, and put one arm around Gray’s shoulders. Her tits were right in his face, which was a nice place to have them.

From the fridge, Paul asked, “Riley? You want a drink?”

“Soda,” she said, and Gray hadn’t ever heard a girl’s voice crack like that.

Danny looked a little alarmed, but Sam looked about ready to leap over the coffee table and have his way with her. Gray really should have considered the fact that banging one girl at the same time with a bunch of his teammates would tell him way too much about his what his teammates were into, but honestly, it was worth the completely stupefied look Jason still had on his face. He was staring at Riley like he’d never seen a girl before.

Gray put one of his hands on Riley’s leg, high enough up her thigh that his finger tips were brushing the hem of her skirt. “Sorry,” Gray said, in what Paul had called his dom voice, “we’re both a little nervous. It’s been a while since we had an audience.”

“Sure,” Chad said, staring wide-eyed at Gray’s hand on Riley’s lap. “Who wouldn’t be.”

Paul walked over and held a soda can out to Gray. He took it and removed his hand from Riley’s leg to pop it open, while Riley twisted to take hers from Paul. Gray said, “Thanks, man. Riley, why don’t you give Paul a thank-you?”

She handed Gray her soda can and twisted around to face Paul. She reached up and tugged on the front of his shirt. Grinning, Paul leaned down so she could reach him.

Gray had never actually watched Riley kiss anyone else. In fact, he wasn’t sure she ever had. It was interesting, the way she leaned her whole body into it. He supposed they had jumped right over the kind of making out that didn’t involve any groping or grinding. His goal at the time had been more about making sure she was horny enough for it to be noticeable and tempting to an outsider. Which had certainly worked, and been fun, but it did mean Gray hadn’t seen her like this before.

Paul pulled away sooner than Gray would have expected, given the way he’d been flirting with Riley in the car. Breathlessly, Riley said, “Thank you, Paul.”

Paul flashed her another grin, and gave her a quick peck on the lips. “You’re very welcome, sweetheart.”

Riley twisted back around to take her can back from Gray. Paul made his way to the nearest open seat, climbing over Jason’s legs where they were propped up on the table. To Riley, Gray said, “Good girl.” She blushed and looked down at her soda can while Gray took a drink from his. After he swallowed, he passed the can to her, and she reached over to set it on the coffee table, giving Chad, Danny, and Sam a good view down her top. She set her still-unopened can down at the same time.

Gray slid his hand between her thighs as she sat back up. She was trembling a bit, but she also immediately spread her legs so Gray’s hand could fit up her skirt.

He was unsurprised to find her underwear squishy with how wet she was. She’d probably been wet since he picked her up, at least. He reached around her with his other hand to fondle her breast through her shirt.

“Oh my god,” Danny said.

“Well, I promised you a show, didn’t I,” Gray said, squeezing Riley’s breast. She bit her lip and stifled a moan. “Oh come on, Ri, we’re not trying to be quiet, here. I told everyone you’d let me do whatever I wanted to you, I just didn’t tell them it was less because of me and more because you’re such a slut.” He punctuated calling her a slut with squeezing her breast extra hard, and she moaned and threw her head back.

“So I feel like we should talk sooner rather than later about if it’s acceptable to start jerking off,” Paul said, “because, you know.”

“I mean, if we’re all going to get a turn,” Jason said, “we’ll be seeing each other’s junk anyway. Might as well.”

“I don’t know how else I could wait,” Sam said.

Riley squirmed in Gray’s lap. Gray said, “I don’t mind. I won’t let you come in her, but you could come on her, if you want.”

“Jesus,” Chad muttered, and unzipped his jeans.

Everyone offered their commentary as Gray groped Riley. It was kind of surreal, getting a play-by-play of feeling her up, but Gray had to admit it was working for Riley. Sam said, “You should pinch her nipples,” and from then on the commentary was interspersed with requests and suggestions. Sam was absolutely shameless about continually requesting Gray treat her rougher, even after the other guys started joking he must secretly hate women. Gray suspected Sam was just a sadist who’d never considered the fact that masochists existed, given their conversation at lunch.

“Can I come on her tits?” Chad asked.

“Pull your top down, Ri,” Gray said, and she immediately did so. Chad got up on his knees, and Gray shoved Riley down so her chest was closer to level with Chad’s dick. Chad pumped his hand a couple times, and then moaned as he spurted come all over Riley’s chest. Gray was vaguely impressed at how close his timing was, but then, he supposed having Riley forcibly disrobed and shoved in front of him might inspire a guy to come faster.

“Take off your underwear, Riley,” Gray said, already reaching down to undo his pants. He kind of couldn’t believe he wasn’t the first person to come, given he was the one with Riley in his lap. He definitely couldn’t wait much longer. Putting on a show and making sure Riley was enjoying herself was all very good, but he’d almost died of self-inflicted blue balls this week, and he was at the end of his patience.

“Shouldn’t she take off the rest of her clothes, too?” Jason asked eagerly.

“That’s a good point,” Gray said. “Clothes too, Ri.” Riley pulled off her socks, then had to stand up to step out of her underwear and skirt, and while she was standing, she pulled her top over her head, then let it drop to the floor. Gray shoved his pants down around his hips and said, “Bend over the table.”

Possibly he should have waited to push his pants down until he was up and didn’t need to move his legs, but Gray doubted anyone was paying attention to him struggling and having to waddle a bit to stand when Riley was bent over the table naked in front of him. Gray steadied himself with his hands on her hips, and Riley arched her back like she was trying to make sure he knew where to put it. He slid his dick between her pussy lips, not even trying to get it inside her, and she whined. “Oh, shush,” Gray said. “It’s not like you’re not getting fucked tonight.”

“Jesus, dude,” Danny said.

Gray shifted his hips and slid his dick along the slick seam of her again. This was the closest he’d ever gotten, before, to fucking her properly. Of course, she’d been wearing underwear then, and their audience had been a lot smaller. It seemed easier than it should have been to slip inside her, but it was immediately the greatest thing Gray had ever felt. He groaned, and could not keep himself from snapping his hips forward. Riley cried out.

“Fuck,” Jason said.

Gray had thought thrusting into the wet channel made by Riley’s panties and her thighs felt good. He’d thought her mouth was better, the one time he had his cock in it. He hadn’t realized how much better her pussy would feel. Like, of course the part of her body that was literally made for this purpose would feel good, it wouldn’t be a very good way to trick people into having babies if it didn’t feel good enough to make you forget how much work babies were, but it was one thing to know that and another thing to have her hot, wet, tight body enveloping his cock.

The part of Gray’s mind that was still able to think noted it was a shame he probably wasn’t going to last very long, because this was the best thing he’d ever felt, and he would like to do it for approximately forever. But then again, Riley would let him do it again. If the noises she was making and the way she was pushing back against him were any indication, she was enjoying this at least as much as he was. She’d probably let him do this again as often as he wanted, within reason. God. God. He could have been doing this for years, he was such a fucking idiot.

Someone on Gray’s left laughed and said, “I swear to god, Paul, you’re spending as much time looking at Gray as at Riley.”

“Oh, excuse me for being the only person here with enough taste to appreciate the entire show,” Paul said.

Gray looked up at Paul reflexively, and found Paul looking back at him, lazily stroking his dick. Gray dug his fingers into Riley’s hips without intending to as he looked away and blushed. He could only hope none of the other guys were paying much attention to him, or else attributed his blush to, you know, fucking Riley in front of an audience.

It was a good thing Chad’s parents weren’t home, because Riley was making sounds like a porno every time Gray thrust into her. God, it felt so good inside her. She moaned especially loudly, and said, “Gray.”

“What, Ri?”

“I’m–my clit–please,” she said.

Gray grinned. “Go ahead,” he said. He glanced around the room. “Or, wait–did one of you guys want to get her off?”

Riley whined, even as Jason said, “I’ll do it!” and nearly got tangled in his own legs trying to sit up.

It was a good thing there were plenty of people to take over, because Gray could feel his orgasm building, and it would be difficult to stop it at this point. He let himself close his eyes and focus on how unbelievably good his cock felt, sliding in and out of Riley. He spared a moment to be grateful no one would be paying attention to his face when he came, and then remembered it was entirely possible Paul would be, and that, embarrassingly, pushed him over the edge.

“Oh god, Gray,” Riley said while Gray’s hips stuttered against her, “oh god.”

“Hey, what about me?” Jason asked, sounding closer now than before.

“You too,” Riley said breathlessly. “Thank you, thank you, aah, thank you!”

Gray ground his hips into her ass, not wanting to pull out until he absolutely had to. Unfortunately, he reached the point of over-stimulation rather quickly. He pulled out of her, and stumbled backward the step and a half to the couch, collapsing onto it with his pants still down around his knees.

By the time Gray opened his eyes again, Riley was halfway in Jason’s lap, and Jason was kneeling on the floor between the right-hand couch and the coffee table. His fingers made wet noises as he stroked between Riley’s legs. Gray could see a drop of his come oozing out of her pussy.

Gray leaned over the arm of the couch and pulled his backpack open. He yanked the box of condoms out of it and tossed them at Jason.

“Ow,” Jason said, and then looked at it. “Oh, good idea,” he said.

“Like I said,” Gray said. “You guys don’t get to come inside her. But I brought plenty of condoms.”

Jason used his free hand to put the box of condoms on the coffee table. “Could someone else open those?” he asked. “I’ve got my hands full.”

Riley whimpered.

Chad ripped the condom box open and pulled out a ribbon of foil squares. He tore one off and slid it down the table to where Jason was kneeling. Riley cried out and shuddered. A dribble of fluid dripped from her pussy onto the knee of Jason’s jeans, but he didn’t appear to notice. She slumped into Jason’s lap.

“There you go, babe,” Jason said. He reached for the condom Chad had slid him and tore it open. He reached between himself and Riley, where Gray couldn’t see, but he figured Jason was putting the condom on. A second later, Jason shifted Riley’s body on his lap, and she gasped.

“God,” Jason grunted. “You’re tight for such a slut.” Riley shivered and buried her face in his shoulder. Jason grabbed her firmly by the ass and picked her up, then let her fall back down. She cried out again, a wordless noise of surprised pleasure.

Gray reached over to grab his soda off the table. Riley had scooted their drink cans over, so she wouldn’t be knocking into them while he fucked her, which he hadn’t even noticed at the time.

His bare, sweaty ass on the couch was not the most comfortable, so Gray stood up just long enough to pull his pants up, though he didn’t bother to do up the fly. He caught Paul’s eye again, and gave him a lazy, smug smile he hoped went with his dom voice, before collapsing back onto the couch. Paul caught his bottom lip in his teeth and looked down at Riley, clinging to Jason while he bounced her on his cock.

Gray never gave much thought to whether or not he was into guys, since he knew very well he was into girls. He couldn’t sort out right now whether his reaction to Paul’s gaze was the same thing about watching and being watched he’d been aware of since the first time he sat frozen, watching while a strange man touched Riley in front of him, or something about Paul he never considered before. Gray didn’t know who he could ask about it. The only out bisexual he even knew was Paul.

Jason got up on his knees and braced Riley against the couch next to Gray’s legs to pound into her. It made the couch creak and shake. Riley made more of those little ah, ah, ah sounds as Jason did his best to fuck her through the arm of the couch. Jason grunted like he was taking a dump when he came, which was knowledge Gray was going to have to live with and not comment on, since he had no idea what stupid faces or noises he might make when he came that Jason was now privy to.

When Jason finished and pulled out, he sat back on his heels to pull off the condom. He tied it off and set it on the coffee table, then dragged himself back up onto the couch next to Paul, leaving Riley on the floor. Gray bet Riley was thinking about how Jason had shown more care for disposing of the condom than for Riley herself.

“Can I have her next?” Sam asked. No one else said anything, so Gray waved a hand magnanimously. Sam looked at Riley and said, “Come here.”

Riley got to her feet, shakily. She didn’t look disheveled enough for someone who’d already been fucked by two guys. Gray was kind of surprised her makeup wasn’t running. Of course, knowing Riley, she’d probably picked her makeup for the night based around it not smearing and running everywhere.

Sam pulled Riley into his lap and immediately pinched both her nipples and twisted. She cried out and arched her back. Gray couldn’t see her face from his seat, but he knew from long experience that Sam would have to be much, much harder on Riley’s breasts before she complained about it. Before they’d stopped out of mutual conviction that they’d overstepped the other’s boundaries, Gray had pondered the feasibility of keeping Riley’s tits bruised and tender over a period of several days. Tormenting her nipples had always been the surest way to make sure she was both as sensitive and as turned on as possible. They’d only started it because visible nipples were such a good way to attract the attention of perverts, but it had certainly been something they both enjoyed.

Sam’s head disappeared behind Riley’s shoulder, and it was a safe bet that the noise Riley made a second later was because Sam’s mouth had latched onto her breast. She squirmed and gasped, and next to them on the couch, Danny muttered something under his breath and reached into his shorts.

The crinkle of foil let Gray know Sam had already gotten a condom for himself. Sam tapped Riley’s thigh and said, “Up,” and she raised herself up on her knees. He murmured something that Gray would put money on being, “Good girl,” and rolled a condom onto his cock, which was poking out of his fly. It was funny, how Sam had made that whole speech about none of them knowing what they were doing when it came to sex, and he seemed more at ease than anyone here than Gray and maybe Paul. Sam stroked his fingers down his latex-coated cock, going tight enough at the base to make sure the condom was secure, and then his hand wasn’t in his lap and was no longer visible to Gray through Riley’s spread legs. “Sit,” Sam said, and Riley sank onto his cock eagerly.

“God,” Danny said, next to them.

“Right?” Chad said.

Gray leaned back on the couch and let himself smile into his soda can. Jason had gotten Riley off once, but then he’d fucked her long enough to get himself off without bothering to make sure she got off another time, so as soon as Riley was in Sam’s lap, she started making noise again, moaning like she was being paid for it. Gray had always wondered if the quiet whimpers she’d made when they were in more public spaces were as loud as Riley would get. He was pleased to find out the answer was no.

“You know what would be hot?” Jason asked. “If one of us was fucking her in the ass at the same time she was taking it in her pussy.”

“I bet she’d like that,” Sam said, as though he hadn’t noticed the reaction Gray was one hundred percent positive Riley had at Jason’s suggestion. They hadn’t talked about it, exactly, but one of the guys who molested Riley on a crowded train had said something about having all three of Riley’s holes stuffed with cock at once, and Gray had noticed she came especially hard that evening. The drunk guy feeling her up had noticed it too, and jizzed all over her panties almost immediately. And Riley had certainly had enough men play with her ass instead of her pussy for Gray to know she didn’t mind that. Sam looked over at Gray and said, “Hey Gray, did you bring any lube?”

“Did I bring any lube,” Gray said, rolling his eyes. “Even Riley can’t go all night without some help, of course I brought lube.” He leaned over the couch to dig in his backpack again, and pulled a brand-new bottle of silicone lube out of it. It had been way more expensive than he’d been expecting, but the sex toy reviewers he looked at loved the stuff, and it did seem like the best option for group sex with condoms. He set it on the coffee table.

Paul looked at him and raised an eyebrow. Ugh, of course Paul would know the difference between lubes just by looking at the packaging. He reached across Jason to grab the bottle of lube, and said, “I think I’ll take point on this one. Wouldn’t want any of you heteros to hurt yourselves.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Jason asked.

Paul rolled his eyes as he unscrewed the top of the lube bottle. He peeled the foil seal up with his thumbnail and said, “It means I’m the only one here who’s ever done anal before. I’m sure Gray doesn’t want us breaking his toy.” Riley made a choked noise and put her head down on Sam’s shoulder. Sam grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked it back up. Paul went on, as if that little exchange hadn’t even happened (even though Gray was sure he said it that way to provoke that exact reaction), “Once I’m done with her, she’ll be loose enough for any of the rest of you to use.”

“Good idea,” Gray said, attempting to say it the way he would to Riley. Paul fumbled screwing the top of the bottle back on, but not badly enough to spill anything. Gray wondered if Paul would like being called a good boy as much as Riley liked being called a good girl.

Paul held his pants up with one hand as he crossed in front of the coffee table, to the other end where Sam and Riley were sitting. He kneeled in between Sam’s legs and popped open the cap on the lube. Gray wished he had a better view, then realized there was no reason for him not to get up and move somewhere that had one, so he did up his fly and got to his feet to find a better spot.

Gray wound up leaning against the wall next to the TV, where he could see most of Riley’s body, as well as what Sam and Paul were doing with their hands. Sam was twisting Riley’s nipples in his fingers, watching her face intently. She squirmed, and Sam said, “Hold still.”

“Just wait a few minutes, sweetheart,” Paul murmured. He had a condom on the floor next to him, wrapper already torn open, and the fingers of his right hand rubbing between Riley’s ass cheeks. “Once you’re ready for me, we’ll fuck your brains out.”

Riley whined, and shook with the effort of holding still.

“She’ll do a better job holding still if you kiss her,” Gray said. Paul glanced over at him, but Sam didn’t take his eyes off Riley’s face. Riley flushed when she realized Sam had no intention of taking Gray’s suggestion, and whined again.

Then Riley gasped, and Sam said, “Oh!” Gray looked down at Paul, who was grinning as he pushed a finger into Riley’s ass.

“Thatta girl,” Paul murmured, working his finger deeper into her. 

Gray could easily watch someone else play with Riley for hours. It had felt easier, when they were younger, to watch someone else do the things he was interested in but not entirely sure he was ready to do. He had quickly forgotten his worries he wasn’t ready when he and Riley had been trying to figure out ways to make things happen a little more predictably, and hit on the idea of Gray playing with her tits until she was desperately horny before they went out to a crowded place. As nice as touching Riley himself was, Gray was almost as in favor of standing by and watching Riley be felt up by other people as Riley herself was. Granted, it had been hotter when it had been randoms, but it had also been riskier.

Then again, there was something to be said for how Sam was tormenting her nipples, and then slapping her tits whenever she squirmed too much. Or the way Paul was murmuring reassurances as he fingered her asshole, but then mercilessly pushing on when Riley was close to squirming, leading her to beg and squirm and then get slapped by Sam. Gray didn’t know if he could ever bring himself to do some of the more extreme things he knew Riley was interested in–he wasn’t even sure he’d be able to slap her across the face, he’d be so worried about fucking it up and hurting her–but he could be happy enough watching someone else do them to her.

“Jesus Christ, Paul, will you just fuck her already?” Jason demanded.

“This is exactly why I said I’d do this,” Paul said, rolling his eyes. “You ever have a bleeding asshole, man? It’s not fun.”

Jason grumbled, but too quietly for Gray to hear what he said. Either Paul couldn’t hear it either, or he simply ignored it.

“We’ve got all night,” Sam said, awfully calm for a man already balls-deep in a girl. Depending on how long this took, Gray might be ready for another round when Sam and Paul were done, because every time Riley hissed in a breath and squeezed her eyes shut, his dick tried to stir.

“Although I gotta be honest,” Paul said, continuing to twist his fingers around, spreading Riley’s asshole little by little, “this is about when I usually get tired and switch to toys.” Riley bit her lip, definitely trying not to squirm again. If it had been just the four of them, Gray would have told Paul to go ahead, because he was sure Riley wouldn’t mind a little bit of pain. But Sam was right, it was still early, and if anyone else was going to fuck Riley’s ass after this, they didn’t want tears that could get worse as the night wore on. Paul went on, “Of course, I don’t have any toys near as big as my cock.”

Riley dug her fingers into Sam’s shoulders, she was trying so hard not to move. Sam smiled. Not taking his eyes off Riley’s face, he said, “And you’re not really equipped to take two at once, the way Riley’s going to be.”

“That probably affects things, yeah,” Paul agreed. He pulled his fingers all the way out, and Riley groaned. Paul didn’t say anything to reassure her as he poured more lube onto his fingers, so Gray held his tongue as well. He was glad he had when Paul slid three fingers into her this time, without warning, and Riley gasped and twitched. Sam slapped her across the face. Gray couldn’t believe he had told Riley he wouldn’t let them slap her. He was going to let everyone slap her from now on, damn.

Fucking in and out of Riley’s ass with three fingers appeared to be as far as Paul was going to push the prep, because once his hand was moving easily, he fumbled for the unwrapped condom on the floor next to him with his spare hand. He had enough trouble getting it on with one, non-dominant hand that Gray almost offered to help, except that was definitely only acceptable in a very narrow range of circumstances he wasn’t sure they were in. At this point, Gray doubted Paul would mind, but there were other people in the room. Once Paul had the condom on all the way, he pulled his fingers out of Riley. She whined and rocked backwards, to try and chase him. Sam grabbed her jaw in one of his hands, and pulled her in for a kiss.

That kept Riley distracted and still while Paul squeezed more lube onto his hand and coated his cock in it. He got up on his knees, and frowned, because the angle was terrible. He tapped Sam’s knee and said, “I’m gonna need some help lining things up, here.”

Sam stopped kissing Riley and slid off the couch onto the floor, seeming heedless of the way it made Riley clutch at him. With both him and Paul on their knees on the basement carpet, it was easier for Paul to press himself against Riley’s back and slide his cock against her ass. Riley moaned again, and started saying, “Please, oh please, Paul, Sam, please.”

Paul pressed a kiss to the side of her neck and wedged one of his knees in next to Sam’s. It only took a little more wriggling and arranging on both their parts to get both their cocks seated firmly inside Riley’s body, by Gray’s interpretation of Riley’s whimpers.

“I’m a fucking genius,” Jason said, like he had personally invented the concept of double penetration.

“This was a good idea,” Sam breathed. He rocked forward a little bit, and Paul grunted. “Like, no homo or anything, but Paul’s dick is absolutely making this better.”

Paul laughed, and rolled his hips. Sam and Riley both groaned. Paul said, “I don’t think you get to no homo getting off on a bi dude’s dick, man.” He pressed another kiss to the juncture of Riley’s neck and shoulder, and said, “I also don’t think both of us can move at once. You wanna fuck her, or you wanna sit back and let me do it?”

“I’ll do it,” Sam said at once, and Paul rolled his eyes, though he was smiling. Paul leaned back, pulling Riley with him, so he was sitting on his heels and Sam had more room to move. Sam started moving in earnest, and picked up speed as he and Paul figured out how to pull Riley back and forth between them. Riley didn’t try to say anything more coherent than “Oh,” though most of the noises she made weren’t even close to being words. She looked both near tears and almost rapturous.

Sam and Paul finished around the same time, and immediately Chad and Danny were elbowing them out of the way to take their places. Danny kissed Riley sloppily the entire time he was fucking her, while Chad seemed content to grope her tits from behind and hump her. When Chad was finished, Jason took his place at Riley’s ass at once. Gray had another turn when Danny finished, and fuck, Sam was right, someone else’s dick in her ass while he was fucking her made it a completely different experience. He pinched one of her nipples hard while he fucked her, rocking her back and forth between him and Jason, and she started to cry.

Riley put her mouth right against Gray’s ear and whispered, “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

“Of course not,” Gray told her. Fuck, “at a gang bang, with another guy’s dick in her ass” was a terrible time to stop being able to pretend he didn’t love her.

Gray collapsed onto the floor when he finished, and let Jason pull her fully into his lap. Jason put a hand on her throat, which, his hand was big enough to span the entire front of her neck and that was an extremely hot visual, but. Gray said, “No choking.”

“I’m not,” Jason protested. “I’m just holding her neck.”

“Um, she is crying,” Danny said.

“Oh, she’s been crying,” Gray said casually, before he realized Danny sounded alarmed. Right, Danny had been the one who was the most alarmed by the more objectifying and forceful treatment. Gray asked, “Ri, you good?”

“Uh-huh,” she said, not sounding like her airway was interrupted, which was good. She gave him a thumbs up.

“See?” Gray said, turning to Danny. Danny did not look particularly convinced. Gray sighed, and hauled himself upright so he could go sit next to Danny. From this angle, it was easier to see that Jason didn’t have any pressure on her neck, which was good. Quietly, so the other guys couldn’t hear, Gray said, “Hey, I meant it when I said this was a kink thing. Riley’s my best friend, I wouldn’t let anything happen to her. If she used her safe word or gave me a thumbs down, I’d kick Jason in the balls and pull her out of here.”

“So you…talked about this?” Danny asked. He kept looking from Gray back to Riley, and was frowning with worry.

“Of course,” Gray said. “She gave me a list of stuff that was an absolute no.” A short list, admittedly, but it encompassed a lot of the things that needed more coordination than showing up to Chad’s basement in a sexy outfit. “She actually told me years ago how much she wanted to be fucked until she cried.”

“Really?” Danny was clearly still incredulous.

“Come on, you must’ve heard of sadism and masochism,” Gray said. “She gets off on stuff like this. The entire reason she lets me have sex with her is so I can watch out for her and make sure she stays safe.”

“Hey,” Chad said, from near Jason and Riley, “can we fuck her mouth?”

Gray waved a hand at the table, where condoms were now scattered across the whole surface. “As long as you use a condom.”

“Hell yeah,” Chad said, and turned to get one.

Across the table, Paul looked up at Gray and Danny and said, “Hey, what are you two whispering about?”

Gray looked at Paul, thought about the way he’d immediately identified Gray’s complaints about the logistics of being Riley’s dom, and said, “Risk awareness and safety.”

Paul grinned and said, “Ah. You’re a good guy, Danny.” He looked over at Jason and made a face.

Yeah, Gray wasn’t sure he’d leave a girl alone with Jason either.

Quietly, Danny asked, “So we’re really not…taking advantage of her?”

“Danny, I mean this in the nicest possible way, but you specifically are probably incapable of taking advantage of Riley,” Gray said. Worrying about taking advantage of her basically precluded being able to take advantage of her. Gray went on, “I thought I’d gone too far one time, taken advantage of her, hurt her even, and later she said it was perfect.” Much later, but Danny didn’t need to know that. “And if Jase tightened his hand, or Paul had been less careful, or someone tried to skip the condom, I would grab Riley and my bag and get in my fucking car.” He reached out and tapped one of the beer cans on the table. “Why do you think I didn’t drink tonight?”

“Oh,” Danny said. For some reason, that appeared to be what convinced him the most. To be fair, Gray usually got at least kind of drunk at Chad’s, and last week had been more than “kind of”. Danny chuckled, and adjusted his glasses. “Sorry,” he said, “I didn’t mean to doubt you or anything. It’s just, uh.”

“Riley’s into some extreme shit,” Gray said. “I get it.” He patted Danny on the leg, as close to his knee as was still covered by the fabric of his shorts, and went back down to the other side of the couch, so he could keep a closer eye on Jason and Chad. He couldn’t believe Jason was still going. Something occurred to him, and he said sharply, “Jason.”

Jason jerked and looked up at him, wide-eyed. “What?”

“You didn’t come and keep going with the same condom, did you?”

A blotchy flush spread across Jason’s cheeks. “No,” he said.

“You better not have,” Gray said.

“Maybe he should get a fresh one, just in case,” Paul suggested, from the other side of the room. “You brought plenty.”

“Good idea,” Gray said, staring at Jason.

“Ugh,” Jason said, pulling out. From where he sat, Gray couldn’t see if it looked full or not. At least Jason was pulling out. “Sorry about my stamina,” he muttered. “Fucking quickshots.” He slapped Riley’s ass, and she jumped. Chad, who had his cock in her mouth, groaned. Jason pulled off the condom and tied it up, then set it on one of the empty wrappers on the table. To his credit, it did not appear to have anything much in it. Still.

“Sorry, man,” Gray said, shrugging. “I don’t want to risk dealing with your come in my stuff.”

Riley made a little noise at that, and Chad swore under his breath.

It was harder to manage three people fucking Riley at once, so after giving it one try, they didn’t bother with another attempt. Paul had her mouth after Chad, and stroked her hair the whole time, except toward the end, when he yanked on it so he could pull out and come on her face. Gray was kind of surprised there seemed to be a continuous supply of erections, but he supposed with six guys, the odds that someone’s refractory period would be over were better. Honestly though, Gray wasn’t sure he’d be able to do anything about it if he got another boner. He was kind of exhausted.

Of course, his body proved him wrong after another two cycles of guys. To be fair, he didn’t do a lot of the work. Danny fucked her doggy-style while Riley sucked Gray’s cock. The most Gray really did was pull on her hair, to get deeper in her mouth. When Danny was finished, no one immediately claimed her, so Gray pulled her into his lap to play with her tits, which had lately been neglected. She panted into his neck, and asked permission to touch herself, which Gray gave her. When she was done, he kissed her forehead and let his eyes close. He could do that, if she was on his lap. He’d feel if anyone did anything to her. He’d just keep his eyes closed until someone else wanted to go again, and then he’d open them to watch over her.


Gray must have dozed off for a while, because when he thought to open his eyes and dig his phone out of his pants it said 12:23 AM. He nudged Riley. She hummed and pressed her face further into his armpit. “Ri,” Gray said. “Riley. It’s after midnight, we should go.”

She whined, but lifted her head up and opened her eyes. She glanced around the room, then sat up enough to lean in and kiss him.

Despite feeling completely wrung out earlier, Gray’s cock perked up at the warm slide of Riley’s lips against his. He put his hand on her waist, even as he told himself they really ought to leave. Her mouth tasted foul, but she smelled fantastic.

On the other side of the couch, someone groaned. Riley broke away and they both turned to see who it was.

Paul was squinting at his phone screen, wiping drool off the corner of his mouth. At some point, he had lost his shirt. He must have noticed them moving, because he looked up at them. He said quietly, “My bus just stopped running.”

“I can give you a ride home,” Gray said.

“That would be so nice,” Paul said. He set his phone down on the floor and stretched, which made several joints pop.

Gray looked around to see where his backpack had ended up. It got knocked over at some point, and he hadn’t zipped it up after taking the condoms out of it, so his school folders and pencil case were spilling onto the floor. He crawled over to it, shoved everything back inside it, and then had to dig around to grab Riley’s dress.

“Do you know where my panties went?” Riley asked Paul quietly. He started looking around for them. Gray unrolled the dress and passed it to her, then scooted around behind her to zip it up once she put it over her head.

“Here,” Paul said, and handed a wad of clothes to Riley. He then started looking around again, presumably for his own shirt.

Gray got to his feet, then helped Riley up. She grimaced and wrinkled her nose as she stood up. “Sore?” he asked.

“No,” she said. “Well, yes, but…” She set the wad of clothes on the arm of the couch and untangled them until she could pull her panties out. She frowned at them, but still turned them right side out and started to step into them. “Your come is kind of leaking.”

“Oh,” Gray said. “Uh, sorry?”

She smiled at him as she shimmied into her underwear. “Don’t be,” she said. She poked at the pile of clothes to make sure everything was there, then passed them to Gray, who put them in his backpack where the dress had been.

When they were all dressed and Paul had retrieved his backpack from the pile against the wall, they crept up the stairs out of the basement. The stairs creaked a little under their weight, but not enough to wake anyone up. Upstairs, they all slipped on their shoes, and then left.

The air outside was crisp, but not cold. In a few hours, right before sunrise, it would probably be actually chilly, but at the moment it was refreshing. Gray took a deep breath, and worried in hindsight about how musty Chad’s basement must have been for the fresh air to be so sweet.

“Man, I’m glad we don’t have practice tomorrow,” Paul muttered, with a hand on his lower back. “I’m sore as fuck.”

“Poor you,” Gray said, and Riley giggled.

“I don’t know how you’re walking, Riley,” Paul said. “I’d be making us carry you.”

“It feels good to stretch everything out,” she said. “And, no offense, but I don’t know if I would trust you two to carry me right now.”

They finished crossing the lawn and reached the sidewalk. Gray dug in his pocket for his car keys and unlocked the doors.

Paul asked, “Hey, Gray, can I make out with Riley in the back seat?”

“Sure,” Gray said. He glanced sidelong at Riley, to make sure she was okay with that, but she didn’t look even a bit conflicted. Paul opened the back door for her, and she slid in to the middle, where she’d be next to Paul no matter which side he sat on. Paul grinned, and climbed in behind her.

Gray made sure they were both buckled in before he started driving, and as soon as he did, Paul reached for her.

It was kind of torturous, actually, to have to drive while someone else made out with Riley and Gray could only catch occasional glimpses in the mirror. The first sexual activity he’d done was watching people touch Riley, and to have it happening and not be able to watch it was kind of maddening. If someone was trying to dom him, this would be a pretty good way to tease him, Gray reflected.

Since Paul had gone to elementary school with them, he lived closer to Gray and Riley’s house than Chad, who’d been in a different neighborhood. It didn’t take that long to get there–they were in the same high school zone, after all–but longer than it would have taken to take Paul home from one of their houses. Shit, Gray should have said no just to spare himself from hearing wet noises and Riley moaning happily while he couldn’t look.

“Hey,” Paul said, and the husky quality of his voice made something in the pit of Gray’s stomach sit up and pay attention. “You should pull over somewhere so I can lick your come out of Riley.”

“Jesus Christ,” Gray said, and was glad he was an experienced enough driver not to completely lose control of the car when startled. He had an extremely vivid picture in his mind’s eye of what Paul licking his come out of Riley would look like. Gray had to force himself to focus on the road ahead. He said, “As hot as that sounds, I think I have to say no?”

“Aww, come on,” Paul said. A quick glance at the backseat in the rear view mirror revealed Paul was pouting, because of course he was.

“Yeah, come on,” Riley said. “No one’s ever gone down on me.”

“Okay, now you have to let me,” Paul said. “You’ve never gone down on her?”

“Riley, you’re the one who said no unprotected sex with no one other than me,” Gray said, ears burning. “If you have some scissors or something, I can pull over and we can cut a condom into a dental dam.”

“I don’t know if you’ve picked up on this,” Paul said, “but part of the appeal for me is, in fact, your come.”

Gray hoped the road and car noise covered the involuntary noise he made at that.

“I wasn’t thinking about someone going down on me,” Riley said. “That’s basically no risk to me, or you. That’s just Paul gambling with his own oral health.”

“A chance I am willing to take,” Paul said solemnly. “And not just because it’s the hottest thing I have ever imagined. Please?”

“Please?” Riley repeated.

Gray sighed, because if Riley didn’t mind, he didn’t really have much of a leg to stand on when it came to stopping them. And honestly, his dick was already interested in the idea. “Fine, hang on,” he said.

He pulled into the empty parking lot of a convenience store that was closed for the night and turned the car off. Gray heard the clicks of both their seat belts before he had even turned the lights off. He unbuckled himself and turned in his seat so he could watch.

Paul slithered into the footwell behind the passenger seat and wriggled around to get comfortable. Riley scooted over in front of him and put one of her legs up on the seat so there was room between them for Paul to fit. “Can’t believe you’ve never gone down on your girlfriend,” Paul muttered, putting his face right up against Riley’s pussy.

“She’s still not my girlfriend,” Gray said.

“Yeah,” Riley agreed, breathily, as Paul nuzzled her inner thighs. “Gray doesn’t want to date me.”

“What?” Gray said. “Who said that? I never said that.”

“What?” Riley asked, looking up at him. “Then why didn’t you ask me out?”

Gray blushed, and was grateful it was too dark for her to see that. “It didn’t seem like that was something you were interested in,” he said. “And then, you know.”

Riley gasped. Gray wasn’t sure if that was a reaction to what he said, or to what Paul was doing with his mouth. “Gray,” Riley said, “I thought you didn’t think I was girlfriend material.” Paul’s head bobbed between her legs, and she moaned, letting her head fall back. “Oh my god, Paul.”

“Of course you’re girlfriend material,” Gray said. “Why wouldn’t you be–” He cut himself off, because yeah, okay, he knew why she would think that. She was wrong, though. He said, “I thought you weren’t interested in dating.”

“I didn’t want to bring it up first,” Riley said.

Paul pulled back and said, “I think this is where one of you is supposed to ask the other out.”

“Ri,” Gray said, at the same time as Riley said, “Gray.”

Paul leaned back in, and Riley gasped again. Gray took advantage of her distraction and asked, “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, you idiot,” Riley said. She whined as Paul pulled away again.

Grinning and shaking his head, Paul said, “You two freaks are the only heterosexuals I have ever respected.”

“How dare you,” Riley said. “I am not a heterosexual, thank you very much.”

“Oh,” Paul said. “Sorry. I feel like I should have guessed that.” He patted her leg soothingly, then turned a bit toward Gray. “Hey, can I keep going down on your girlfriend?”

“After all that begging for it, you better,” Gray said. Paul made a little noise, and Gray wondered what his reaction would be if Gray pushed him into Riley’s pussy. He didn’t have a chance to find out, as Paul leaned back in with enough fervor to make Riley shout.

Riley reached for Paul’s head, then pulled her hands back. Gray said, “I’m sure Paul wouldn’t mind if you wanted to pull on his hair a little.” Paul made a noise and blindly grabbed at Riley until he found her arm, then pulled her hand to his head, all without pulling away from her pussy again. Riley chuckled, and put both her hands in Paul’s hair.

Given Gray’s dick had already been interested in the mere idea of Paul going down on Riley while she still had Gray’s come inside her, it didn’t take much time watching it happen for him to get uncomfortably hard. “Damn,” he muttered, and reached over to the glove box to get one of the napkins he kept in there.

Riley moaned and bucked her hips up against Paul’s head. Paul groaned, and Gray heard the sound of his fly unzipping. “Paul,” Riley breathed. “Can you–inside–” Paul hummed affirmatively, and a second later Riley yelped. “God, yes, yes, just like–god, Paul!”

“My backseat is not big enough for this,” Gray muttered, unzipping his own jeans.

Riley and Paul both groaned at that. Riley said, “God, Gray, I wish–” She gasped at something Paul did. After a second, she tried again. “I wish I could have your cock in my mouth right now.”

Gray whined. “Me too,” he said. “Fuck, Ri.”

The next sounds Riley made were considerably less coherent. Whatever Paul was doing was clearly working for her. Gray could hear the rhythmic slap of Paul jerking himself off, even though Riley was not being especially quiet. Gray felt almost frantic. He hiked his leg up over the center console so he could shove his other hand down his pants and cup his balls while he watched Riley grind Paul’s face into her cunt and make her porn sounds.

Riley tossed her head back and dug her fingers in to Paul’s scalp. She let out a long groan, and Gray was not surprised to see her relax right afterward.

Paul leaned back and twisted to look at Gray. Even in the low light coming through the car windows, Gray could see how wet his face was. Paul said, “Man, please tell me I can still fuck her.”

“Oh, please,” Gray said, already reaching for his backpack and the condoms inside it. He grabbed one by feel and thrust it at Paul. They fumbled the hand-off, and Paul scrambled to grab it before it disappeared into the darkness of the footwell. Gray shoved his hands back down his pants while Paul tore open the foil and shoved the condom on. Gray was surprised he didn’t put it on upside down or drop it, with how frantically he was moving.

Paul clambered awkwardly onto the backseat, and tugged on Riley’s legs to reposition her. He shoved his pants down around his thighs, baring his ass to Gray, and hiked one of Riley’s legs up over his elbow. He jerked his hips forward and grunted.

“Oh, fuck,” Riley said. She moaned. Gray couldn’t see her at all, really–just her legs poking out around Paul’s sides, and one of her hands on his shoulder–but it didn’t dampen his arousal at all. Well, at least he apparently knew another bisexual he could talk to, if it turned out the sound of Riley’s moans was not the only thing keeping him turned on.

Paul crowded Riley up against the car door, thrusting hard enough the car rocked in time with it. They both panted and moaned, and it was definitely working for Gray, that neither of them had the wherewithal to banter or even talk dirty. Paul had been so collected earlier, fucking Riley at the same time as Sam, and now he was just grunting and groaning as he drove into Gray’s girlfriend. Fuck, Gray was definitely going to have to talk to someone about this. This did not seem like it fell under the category of simply liking to watch other people fuck Riley.

Gray’s orgasm felt like it completely emptied his balls, to the point where he felt a little sore afterward. To be fair, he rarely came this many times in, what, a six hour period? He grimaced as he mopped up the mess with the cheap napkin from the glove box, but it was better than getting come all over his underwear.

When he looked back at Riley and Paul, they were laying across the back seat, messily making out. “Alright,” Gray said, “break it up. I do have to take you both home tonight.”

Paul pulled away from Riley’s mouth just enough to murmur, “You promise?” Riley giggled even as she leaned up to kiss him some more.

Gray blushed, and said, “Your home, asshole. Sit up and put on your seat belts.”

They both grumbled, but did eventually break apart and pull themselves upright. Gray finished cleaning himself up and putting his clothes in order, then started the car.

“Will your parents be upset you stayed out so late?” Riley asked Paul.

“Nah,” Paul said. “I told them I’d be at a team party at Chad’s house. I might have implied it was just going to be beer and video games, like usual, but. Whatever.”

“His parents are pretty chill,” Gray said.

“They trust me not to do anything too stupid,” Paul said. “Granted, I’m not about to tell them we spent the night taking turns nailing your girlfriend.”

“You specifically did not take turns,” Gray said.

“I’m even less likely to tell them that,” Paul said, and Riley giggled.

Gray shook his head and fastened his seat belt.

He dropped Paul off first, and Riley moved to the front seat. While they sat there and waited to make sure Paul got into his house okay, she reached over and took one of Gray’s hands. He looked over at her, and suddenly it was absolutely intolerable that he was not kissing her. Gray leaned over and Riley immediately grabbed the back of his neck with her other hand and kissed him.

They didn’t kiss for that long, but it was still long enough to make Gray’s head spin. He leaned his forehead against hers. He murmured, “I can’t believe you thought I didn’t want to date you.”

“I can’t just read your mind, you know,” Riley said, and they both laughed. One of their teachers in middle school used to accuse them of sharing a brain and/or reading each other’s minds all the time. “You know,” she said, “if you’d asked me out before we stopped talking, we wouldn’t have stopped talking.”

“I still would’ve,” Gray said.

Riley grinned, showing her dimples, and squeezed his hand in hers. “I wouldn’t have let you,” she said. “If you’d tried to stop talking to me without officially dumping me, I would have just kept bugging you.”

“Well,” Gray said, blushing. “I know that now.”

She kissed him again, and pulled away far too soon. “You should probably take me home now.”

“Don’t wanna,” Gray said, but he sighed and settled back into his seat. He checked to make sure Paul had gotten inside his house (he had), and prepared to drive away. But Riley didn’t pull her hand away from his, so he didn’t let go.

Riley kissed him again before she got out of the car, and it was so difficult to keep himself from just sliding his hand between her legs again. She’d let him, even though they were on the street in front of her house and her parents or her neighbors might see. Gray actually had to clench his hand into a fist and let his fingernails dig into his palm to keep himself from doing it. He was already tired, it was late, he really didn’t need to fuck her again. He wanted to, but he didn’t need to.

They both sighed when they broke apart. “Text me when you get home,” Riley said. “I want to know you’re safe.”

“Okay,” Gray said. “Good night.”

She kissed him again, much more briefly, and opened the car door. He watched her cross the lawn to the door and unlock it. When she had the front door open, she turned back to him and waved, then went inside.

Gray had never actually been the one driving from Riley’s house to his before. He’d been in the passenger seat plenty of times, and walked the shorter route through the park, but he hadn’t been quite old enough to have a permit when they stopped talking. It was strange, to be so familiar with everything and yet have it be the first time. Although really, that could easily sum up the last week of his life.

When Gray got home, he parked on the street so he wouldn’t have to get up early and move his car if his parents wanted to go somewhere in the morning, and went inside. He opened up the front closet and kicked his shoes off into it, then shuffled into the kitchen. His mom was at the table, with a mug of tea and her book, like usual when she was having trouble sleeping. Gray said, “Hey, Mom.”

“Hey, kiddo,” Gray’s mom said. She looked over at the clock on the microwave. “This is a little later than you usually stay out, isn’t it?”

Gray shrugged, trying to seem casual. He went to the fridge to get a bottle of water out. “Well, Riley and I had a lot of catching up to do,” he said. He thought about it while he took a drink, and decided he’d have to tell his parents eventually. After he swallowed his water, he added, “So yeah, we’re dating now.”

“Oh!” His mom got up from the table to give him a hug. “That’s wonderful, I’m so happy for you. So will we be seeing her around the house again?”

“Probably,” Gray said, although he didn’t know how he felt about trying to fool around while his parents were in the house. And he knew he’d have trouble keeping his hands off her, now that he didn’t have to.

His mom patted one of his shoulders. “I’m glad you worked things out with her,” she said. “And don’t let yourself get too ‘busy’ to see her, now that she’s your girlfriend.”

Gray blushed, because neither of his parents had ever called attention to how transparently false his cover story had been before. “I won’t,” he said.

“Good,” his mom said, and then went back to the table to sit down with her tea and her book.

When Gray got to his room, he texted Riley, I told my mom we were dating and she totally just called me out on how being busy was a bad excuse, but also she wants to see you again.

While he was in the bathroom brushing his teeth–and god, dozing off after a gang bang was a good way to get an absolutely heinous taste in your mouth–his phone chirped with Riley’s notification sound. When Gray was back in his room, he checked it, and Riley had replied, Lol guess I should expect my parents to do the same. While Gray was reading that one, another message from her came in. It’s not too sappy to say I miss you already, is it?

God, he was an idiot. Fuck. right amount of sappy, he typed. i miss you too. He made himself hit send before he could get cold feet, then put his phone on silent and flung himself onto his bed.

He couldn’t believe a few hours ago he had been worried about something as trivial as having sex in front of an audience. Riley was his girlfriend now. She’d missed him. Not just because they had been friends since they were kids, and not just because he was the only one who knew what got her off. She missed him.

Even though he was exhausted, it took Gray a long time to calm down enough to fall back asleep.


Concentrating enough to do his stupid reading on Saturday was a trial. It was even harder when Riley kept texting him. They weren’t even talking about anything, really, and she didn’t send him any more nudes, but it was so much more fun to talk to her than to do homework. He’d missed her so much, and now they were talking again, and having sex, and dating, and he didn’t have to justify himself if someone asked why he was grinning at his phone or if all his sentences started with, “Riley said–“

Around dinner time, Riley texted him, You know, if you finish all your reading, you could come over tomorrow. Mom and dad are going to visit some of their friends.

Gray groaned, because he doubted that offer would make it easier to concentrate, but it actually turned out to be very motivating. Every time he thought about giving up for the night, he thought about how much he would rather go over to her house tomorrow than have to stay home and do homework. When he sent her finished! just before midnight, she replied, Prove it.

He groaned again and pulled his books out of his backpack, where he’d just put them away. He stacked them on top of his desk and took a picture of the spines, which he sent to her. Then he texted her brief summaries of what he’d read.

there, he said. now what time do your parents leave?

You should probably get here before they leave, they were so excited about us dating.

fuck, right, Gray replied. they won’t mind me being over while they’re gone?

She sent him an eye roll emoji, which was extremely goofy looking but made her point. A: they love you b: they were actually really weird about the idea i wasn’t having sex, they’ll probably be thrilled about me being so normal.

Riley’s parents first assumed Riley and Gray were dating after one time they came back to the house a few minutes after leaving Riley and Gray alone, because one of them had forgotten something, and saw Gray and Riley springing away from each other, red-faced and disheveled. They had correctly deduced Gray and Riley had just been making out, and incorrectly deduced they must be dating. Come to think of it, that might be part of the reason Gray thought Riley wasn’t interested in dating, or at least in dating him; she never even brought it up afterward, except as something they wanted her parents not to think was true. Riley’s dad had stopped Gray the next time he was over, and pulled him into the downstairs bathroom to point out the box of condoms under the sink there.

To be fair, Gray had taken some, but only so he would have one ready for the guy who had agreed to take Riley’s virginity.

okay, when should i come over then? he asked. They figured out when would be good enough that her parents would have time to talk to him before they left, but not so long they’d have time to start asking harder questions, like “Why has it been two years since we saw you?”

Sleep came easier that night, which was at least partially because Gray knew the sooner he fell asleep, the sooner he would wake up and be able to see Riley again.


At breakfast, while both his parents were still in the room, Gray said, “I’m going over to Riley’s later.”

“Great,” his dad said, as he turned on the water to rinse off his dishes. “Tell her we say hi. Do you need money for condoms?”

Gray rolled his eyes even while he felt his face heat up. “I’m good,” he said.

“Please don’t tell me you’re letting her deal with all the birth control,” Gray’s mom said, frowning into her mug of tea. “We raised you better than that.”

“I’m not,” Gray said. “I have like twenty condoms in my backpack right now.”

His dad shut off the water and laughed. “Oh,” he said over his shoulder, “you picked some up after you started talking again, huh?”

Gray’s mom also laughed. “Oh, honey,” she said.

Gray’s face was burning by this point. “Okay well we’re being careful, we talked about it, I don’t really want to talk about it with my parents any more than that.”

His dad said, “I suppose that’s fair. Don’t stay over too long, you know you both have school tomorrow.”

Embarrassingly, Riley’s parents had almost the same conversation with Gray when he got there a few hours later. Her mom said, “Don’t have any wild parties while we’re gone,” and winked, then her dad patted Gray on the shoulder and said, “You remember where the condoms are, right?”

“If you guys were normal parents and he had to sneak in through my window, we wouldn’t have had this awful conversation,” Riley said, pink-faced and adorable. She was dressed casually today, in jeans and a more fitted t-shirt than she’d worn on Friday, and it was amazing how she could be unfairly hot in literally any outfit.

“My high school best friend’s older brother broke his wrist falling down his girlfriend’s garden trellis,” Riley’s dad said, as if he hadn’t told Gray and Riley that story many times since they were kids. “And she was still pregnant at graduation. I’d rather you be embarrassed than in danger or pregnant.”

“We appreciate that,” Gray said, because he couldn’t imagine how annoying and frustrating it would be to have to sneak around the way so many of their friends had to, “but it doesn’t make it less embarrassing.”

“Alright, there’s a pizza in the freezer and leftover egg salad in the fridge,” Riley’s mom said. “If you’re going to leave the house, text and let us know.”

“Babe, they’re not going to leave the house,” Riley’s dad said. “Would we have left the house our first weekend together?”

“Didn’t you say you had to leave by noon?” Riley asked. “It’s five till. You should go.” Gray laughed at her, and she knocked her shoulder against his.

“Jeez,” her dad said, “we get it. We’re going.”

When Riley’s parents finally closed the door behind them, Riley leaned onto Gray’s side. He brought an arm up around her waist automatically, and she turned so she could loop her arms around his neck, then leaned in to kiss him.

Gray had very recently gone more than two years without kissing Riley; it shouldn’t have felt like such a relief to kiss her again after not even two days. But it did.

She pulled away and smiled at him, dimples showing in her cheeks. She said apologetically, “I think I need a snack before we go upstairs.”

“Go ahead,” Gray said. “It’s not like I don’t want you to eat.” He gave her a quick kiss and stepped back.

Since she had all the supplies out, Riley made him a sandwich too, and it wasn’t as if Gray couldn’t eat, so he did. It felt so normal and familiar, to be sitting at Riley’s kitchen table eating with her, while sunlight streamed in through the windows. Yeah, they were older, and she was officially his girlfriend now, but it was also so familiar it was comforting, almost like they’d never stopped. They sat at the table a while longer after they finished eating, because Riley was in the middle of explaining why Mrs. Roberts was a terrible teacher, and Gray wouldn’t have interrupted that for anything.

Eventually, Riley stood up and threw her trash away. Gray did the same, and then followed her upstairs to her room.

Gray hadn’t been in Riley’s room in years. It was arranged completely differently, the posters on the wall were different, and the dresser was new, but it still smelled like her. Her bed was made for once, and when Gray saw that, he rolled his eyes at her.

She flushed and said, “Shut up!” Then she closed the door behind them.

“Your parents aren’t even home,” Gray said.

“Even exhibitionists have standards,” she said, red-faced, and Gray laughed.

He sat down on the bed and kicked off his shoes. Riley crossed the room and climbed into his lap to straddle him, as if they’d been doing this all along and hadn’t taken a years-long hiatus. She wrapped her arms around his neck and settled her weight on his thighs.

Gray meant to say something about how hot she was, or how eager she was, or how much he had missed doing this, but what came out of his mouth instead was, “I love you.”

She turned pink and bent down to bury her face in his shirt. “Gray!” she said.

His heart pounded. “Sorry,” he said. “Sorry, that–we haven’t even been dating for two days, that was way too fast, I didn’t mean to say that–“

She smacked one of his shoulders and then left her hand resting on it. “Shut up, don’t you dare say you didn’t mean it,” she yelled into his shirt. “I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“Neither was I,” Gray said. “I just couldn’t help it.”

“Gray!” she wailed into his shirt.

“Sorry,” he said again.

She thumped his shoulder again and said, “Stop apologizing. I love you too, it’s only, a week ago I thought you hated me for being such a freak, and now–” She raised her head and Gray saw she was blinking back tears. He immediately pulled her back into an embrace, and she started crying for real.

And with a lap full of crying Riley, Gray couldn’t exactly keep himself from tearing up. Riley had been a constant presence in his life for almost ten years, and then he’d been too ashamed of what he’d done to her to even talk to her long enough to pretend everything was fine. Not texting her every day or taking the bus home together or doing homework in her kitchen had been painful at first, and then it had settled into a numbness that Gray knew wasn’t good for him, but he hadn’t thought he had any right to try and fix. Missing her, he thought, was the least he deserved for going so far in his pursuit of the rape fantasy experience that it pushed right into actual rape. Now it was like he was an entire person again, after years of walking around with a hole in his chest.

They wound up lying on their sides, wrapped around each other like they were one creature. They hadn’t done this since they were little, because the boundaries of gender and puberty had snuck into their relationship even though both their parents were permissive, but it felt natural nonetheless. Finally, Riley sniffled and said, “You asshole. I thought I’d get to say it first.”

“I can’t help if I get overwhelmed by how much I missed you,” Gray said. He laughed and said, “You know, I actually thought I was over it? Like I thought I was fine with just not being friends with you anymore.”

She sighed and shook her head. “You’re lucky you’re so sexy,” she said. “Because that’s really, really stupid.”

“I know,” he said, and then he was crying again.

“Oh, Gray,” Riley said, and kissed him. When he kept crying, she asked, “How are you supposed to fuck me when you’re crying?”

“However I want to,” he managed to say, and she blushed and hit his shoulder again. He laughed, and it was only sort of spoiled by how he was still crying a bit.

By the time he stopped crying, Riley was kissing him again. It was weird to still be sniffling through the end of a crying jag while his dick swelled against Riley’s thigh, but not in a bad way. Gray slid his hand into the back pocket of Riley’s jeans and squeezed her ass. She gasped.

Gray didn’t want to stop kissing her, but it was also incredibly irritating that they were both still fully dressed. He rolled on top of her so he could get up on his knees and have both his hands free. He tugged her shirt up and only pulled away just long enough to pull it over her head. Her bra was a plain and rather dingy white, which should have been, like, mathematically the least sexy underwear possible. It did absolutely nothing to dampen Gray’s arousal.

While he was propped up above her, Riley reached down and cupped his hard-on through his jeans, which was disproportionately shocking. Gray realized no one had ever done that to him before. Even when they were making out before when they were younger, Riley would just grind against him. The time she’d sucked him off, she’d pressed her face against the bulge in his jeans, not her hands, since they’d been occupied.

Gray stripped out of his pants faster than he ever had in his life, then pulled back from kissing Riley so he could strip her lower half as well. Riley lay on her back, flushed and breathing hard, smiling faintly as she watched him. Gray pulled off his own shirt and said, “Take off your bra.”

She scrambled to do so, and simply tossed it over the edge of the bed once she was free of it. She hadn’t even settled back on the bed before Gray was pinning her down. Her legs came up around his hips as if automatically, and he could feel she was already soaking wet. He wondered if she’d been this wet even while she was making sandwiches and telling him about bad teaching. Given she’d invited him over specifically for sex, it was pretty likely she’d been like this all day.

Gray kissed her hard, then sank his teeth into her bottom lip until she moaned and squirmed underneath him. It was going to be so easy to slide into her. He almost did it right then and there, but he made himself wait. He pulled back from kissing her just enough to murmur against her lips, “I want to come inside you again.” She made a noise somewhere in the vicinity of a moan or a whimper. He said, “You like that idea?” He felt reasonably sure he couldn’t put it in her by accident at this angle, so he shifted his hips and slid his cock along her wet outsides. “You want me to fill you up?”

“Gray,” she whined. She wriggled around under him, but he had enough of her pinned that she couldn’t quite get him where she wanted him without his cooperation.

“Riley,” he responded, with far more calm than he actually felt at the moment. He kissed her mouth, then leaned over to kiss the corner of her jaw, then began kissing his way down her neck. She moaned and clutched at his shoulders. He scraped his teeth against her neck, then murmured, “You have to tell me what you want if you expect to get it, slut.”

“Please fuck me,” she said immediately. “Please come inside me and fill me up and mark me, please, please Gray, please, I’m yours, I want to be yours–“

There was no way Gray, who had after all been a technical virgin until two nights ago, could resist that kind of begging, especially since that was what he’d been fishing for. He couldn’t quite line things up just pushing against her–though the attempt was fun on its own merits–and had to reach between them to get his dick actually into her, but once he had everything lined up, it was indeed as easy as could be to slide right into her.

Riley made one of her pornographic noises and threw her head back against the mattress when he entered her. Gray nipped at her neck and said, “Kiss me.” She turned to do so, and gasped into his mouth when he started thrusting.

As much as Gray liked being and having an audience, having Riley completely naked and gasping into his mouth while he fucked her was a different experience. It was more intimate in the most strict and literal way, but it was also the first time they’d ever had sex or made out without it being at all for or about other people. It wasn’t as if Gray didn’t enjoy watching Riley get felt up by other guys or playing with her tits until they were sore and sensitive so the next guy to cop a feel got a dramatic reaction, but as hot as that all was, it did mean all their sex together before had involved at least the idea of other people. This was just the two of them, for the two of them, because they were dating and in love and horny.

Gray’s orgasm almost came as a surprise. He groaned into Riley’s mouth as he came inside her, and she dug her nails into his shoulders, insides clenching around his dick.

Gray pulled out and rolled off of her, then immediately reached between her legs to play with her clit. She shouted in surprise, then hid her face with the back of one of her hands. Riley mentioned to him once, early on in their dangerous and foolhardy erotic weekend hobby, that one reason she liked being molested so much was how the men doing it didn’t care whether she was sensitive from having just come or completely uninterested in sex, or really at all about her in any way other than as a thing to play with. The idea that she wasn’t the one who got to choose when she was finished was almost unbearably hot. Gray was unsurprised to learn that hadn’t changed.

He noticed she bit back a few “no”s, and mentally noted they were going to need to actually talk about safe words again, now that they weren’t screwing around exclusively in places she needed to be quiet. Gray thought he might like to hear her beg him to stop without having to worry she meant it.

Riley finally came, arching her whole body so hard she lifted her back several inches off the bed. Gray let her catch her breath for a few moments before he rolled over to kiss her. She kissed back, lazy and sloppy and content. After a few minutes, she pulled back just enough to say, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Gray said. He tried to kiss her again, but she was smiling too widely for it to work very well. That made him smile as well, and then Riley started giggling. So, of course, he started giggling too.

When they calmed down, Riley rolled onto her side and scooted in close to him again. She put her hand on his waist, which felt weirdly nice. Gray guessed people didn’t usually touch his waist, but maybe he would enjoy Riley touching him anywhere. “So,” she said. “I was wondering if we should talk about if you want to be able to date other people.”

Gray frowned, but now that they were dating, it didn’t bother him as much to think about Riley flirting with, or even dating, someone else. She loved him, and was his girlfriend, and if she wanted to date other people, that seemed like it wouldn’t change the fact he’d been there the longest. Apparently they could pick up after a years-long break without anything feeling different, so he felt like their relationship was pretty solid. “Like who?” he asked.

“Well, Paul seems pretty into you,” Riley said.

“Me?” Gray asked, even though he saw where she was coming from. He was surprised, though. “I thought you wanted to date someone else.”

“Like who?” Riley asked incredulously, then blushed. “I mean.” Clearly, she had thought of someone. “I was thinking of how you were flirting with Paul.”

“Oh,” he said. “Um.” He scratched at the bed sheet with a nail. “Was I?” Gray didn’t even have to see the face she made at that to know that was the wrong thing to say. Hurriedly, he said, “No, I was, I know, I just….You know.”

When he didn’t follow that up with anything else, Riley asked, “Never thought about dating a boy?”

“Never thought about anything with a boy,” Gray said. “I mean apart from like, watching them with you.”

Riley laughed. “Sorry, I don’t mean to laugh,” she said, “it’s just…how did you shop around for a guy to take my virginity without thinking about it?”

“He was for you,” Gray said. He hadn’t been thinking about what he wanted at all. Riley wanted something, and he thought he might be able to get it for her, so he tried. “Honestly,” he went on, “that was a good eighty-five percent safety concerns. Whether or not I thought you’d think he was hot was pretty low on the list of stuff I was looking for.”

Riley smiled, her dimples making an appearance. She leaned in and kissed him. “I love you,” she said. “You weirdo.”

“Do you have any idea how dangerous the stuff we used to do was?” Gray demanded. “Jesus, Ri, I didn’t have time to think about whether or not I liked the way the guys feeling you up looked.”

“I know,” Riley said, still smiling. She looked so pleased and fond of him. “I just don’t think most guys would have handled it that way.”

Gray’s face warmed. “Maybe not,” he said. Whether or not he’d thought about it back in middle school, or if it was fair to compare the way he felt about his best friend to the way he felt about his girlfriend, he had already loved her.

“Anyway,” she said, patting his cheek, “I didn’t mean to trigger a sexuality crisis, I just thought we should talk about, you know. How we want this to work.”

“Aw, you don’t want to get embarrassed and stop talking for another two years?” Gray asked, and Riley play-slapped him. He laughed, and turned his head to kiss her palm. He said, “Yeah, okay, that’s a good idea. I figured you’d still be fucking other people.” She nodded. “And I was thinking, I mean, Friday night was great, but it was a lot. Maybe like, three- or four-somes would be easier to handle.”

“Mm,” Riley said, smiling. “You did spend less time fucking me than you did arranging things.”

“It could’ve been worse, but I definitely felt like, pressure,” Gray said. “I mean, I like all those guys fine, but a bunch of drunk, horny teenagers aren’t the most predictable.”

“You would know,” Riley said, and Gray groaned. She laughed, and said, “At least you didn’t claim to have another sex slave somewhere.”

Blushing, Gray said, “Hey, it worked out.” She leaned in and kissed him again. When they broke apart, Gray carefully looked at her forehead instead of her face and said, “And I guess if you wanted to date other people or, I don’t know, have sex that doesn’t involve me, I’d be okay with that.”

She turned a little pink and said, “I mean, the only other person I was even kind of interested in was Paul. And that’s mostly because you seemed into him. I mean, I’ve always thought he was cute, but we hadn’t really talked outside of class. It was just kind of nice? With him there? Like it didn’t feel that different from when it’s just us.”

He knew what she meant. Paul had kind of fit in, with them, like he’d been there all along. And Gray would have been way more worried about handling everyone else on Friday night if Paul hadn’t been there. Gray chewed on his bottom lip. After a minute, he asked, “Okay, so, how did you know you were bi?”

Riley laughed. “Oh my god, I don’t know,” she said. “I thought about what it would be like if it was older girls being handsy when we rode the train instead of older boys, and it was still hot? I never had a big moment about it or anything.”

Gray supposed the equivalent would be picturing Paul getting felt up by a stranger, but somehow, he had a hard time imagining Paul just letting that happen. He thought instead about if Paul was the one laying in bed with him, and pictured pushing Paul down the way he’d held Riley down earlier. Of course, he was still imagining Riley’s bed, which presumably meant Riley was there somewhere off-screen in this fantasy. He thought about pushing Paul against something where they hung out without Riley, which turned into the locker room, and obviously there was no reason for Riley to be involved if Gray was pushing Paul against his locker after practice and kissing him. They’d have to be fast, though, because if it was after practice, the rest of the team would either be in the showers or still coming back from the field, and it would be embarrassing to be caught making out in the locker room.

“You having a fun time in your head, there, Gray?”

Gray blushed. “Um,” he said. “Yeah. I guess…maybe I should talk to Paul.”

“Well you could try avoiding him for two years, but–” Riley shrieked as Gray pinched her belly.


Monday afternoon, Gray happened to see Paul before practice, making his way from the classroom buildings to the locker room, and he wasn’t walking with any of the other guys. Gray hurried to catch up with him. “Hey, Paul!”

Paul looked over his shoulder, and paused for Gray to catch up with him. “Hey,” he said. “What’s up?”

Paul was good-looking. That wasn’t some kind of indicator of Gray’s sexuality; that was just a fact. Gray could see which of the guys at their school were better-looking than others. Sure, there was a level of individual taste involved, but there was still a clear difference between guys like Mike Vastine, who looked a little goofy even before you got to the acne problem, and Chuy Mendez, who looked like he could be carved out of marble or jade or something, his face was so symmetrical and pleasing. Paul was handsome. When they were little, grown-ups used to coo about how he looked like a perfect little gentleman. Now that he was grown-up, it was girls talking about how cute he was. His sense of humor and easy smile didn’t exactly hurt.

He was a little taller than Gray. He kept his hair shorter, but of course his fade was a little more high maintenance and neat than Gray’s mostly-straight hair had ever been. His eyes were a lighter brown than Riley’s, almost amber. He always smelled good, which might be a weird thing to notice, but unfortunately Gray could not say the same about some of their teammates, so the fact that Paul usually smelled like lotion and coconuts was both notable and nice.

Fuck, Gray had barely been this nervous sitting outside Riley’s house on Friday. He completely forgot what he was going to say. The locker room didn’t seem far enough away, and Gray didn’t really want to have this conversation around the rest of the team. He asked, “Do you want to go over to Riley’s with me after practice on Friday?”

Paul looked over at him, surprised. “What is this, a trick question?” he asked. “Of course I do.”

“Great,” Gray said.

After a second, Paul asked, “This is a threesome we’re talking about here, right?”

“I mean, we could do something else,” Gray said. “Riley’s pretty good at poker.”

Paul shook his head. “See, you actually just set up too many jokes for me to pick one. That’s impressive.”

“I’ll assume you said the funniest one,” Gray said. Paul bumped Gray’s arm with his elbow, and grinned.

Before he went into the locker room, Gray dug his phone out of his pocket and texted Riley. hey can you get your parents to go out on friday night? i kind of just invited paul over.

Riley didn’t respond until Gray was in the middle of changing. His phone chirped, and his insides did some sort of flip-flop. He looked at the time, and decided he had time to check it before he finished changing.

Gray!!! the message read in its entirety.

well i can’t ask him out at practice! i don’t even know how to ask someone out! he had to tell me how to do it with you!

Congratulations, you’ve only known you’re bi for like a day and you’re already a Disaster Bi. Good job

Gray sighed and set his phone to silent again, then finished changing.

After practice, Gray heard someone on the other side of his row of lockers ask, “Hey, what happened with Gray’s imaginary girlfriend?”

“Gray has an imaginary girlfriend?” someone else asked.

“No!” Gray shouted, but his voice was lost in the chorus of other shouts as Jason, Chad, and Danny all tried to weigh in at once.

“Man, whatever y’all were smoking last week must have been good,” someone said after a minute of that. “Weird kind of hallucination to share, though.”

Gray laughed. Between Jason and Chad, it was too loud and confusing to follow what was going on over there. Now Jason was the one insisting he wasn’t making up the fact he got to fuck Riley, which was a beautiful bit of karmic justice.

When Gray was done changing and on his way to the parking lot, he checked his phone for messages from Riley. The first one read, My parents are TOO supportive. Like it’s gross. They’re are a gross level of supportive. A minute later, there was another message saying, They promised to be out of the house by 7 and home no sooner than 11. Mom suggested they could SIT IN THE CAR IN THE DRIVEWAY if your car was still here. What is wrong with them!

Gray grinned down at his phone. He typed, damn, they were really worried about you not getting laid.

Next time, we’ll ask YOUR parents to clear out of the house and see how gross THEY are, Riley replied.


The rest of the week didn’t fly by or anything, but weekdays were busy for Gray. He did appreciate eating lunch with Riley, the days she didn’t have to go to the library to work on that group project. They’d never sat around holding hands while they ate before, but it felt more like something they’d been missing out on than something strange to do now. He couldn’t drive her home, since he had baseball practice after classes ended, but her last class was in the same hall as his last class, so Riley took to meeting him outside the classroom and kissing him goodbye before she left to catch her bus.

On Wednesday, Riley had to go to the library after she finished eating, so Gray found Sam and asked to talk to him in private. They established that Sam would very much like to hurt and fuck Riley again, and didn’t mind if Gray watched. They didn’t get around to setting up a time or place before Sam decided he needed to not talk about it anymore if he was going to get through his afternoon classes, which was totally fair.

Obviously Gray saw Paul every afternoon at practice, and theoretically he could have asked him out. But after inviting him to a threesome on Friday, and before it actually was Friday, Gray felt awkward about asking him out. He could do it on Friday anyway. Riley didn’t make fun of him when he told her that, but she did make a face implying she wanted to.

Gray’s parents weren’t at all surprised when they asked if he was going out after practice, and he said yes.

“With Riley?” his dad pressed.

“Yes,” Gray said, struggling not to blush.

“Tell her we said hi,” his dad said, grinning.

“You really should bring her over here again sometime,” Gray’s mom said.

“Sure,” Gray said. “When we can.”

Classes on Friday morning were, if anything, harder to concentrate on than they had been the week before. It probably said a lot about what kind of person Gray was, that having a gang bang with his childhood best friend and having sex for the first time in years was less distracting to him than having a threesome with someone he was planning to ask out. In his defense, he had already spent more than a year getting used to arranging sexual experiences for Riley, while he had almost no experience with actually dating.

Friday’s lunch was another time Riley had to go to the library to work on her group project, so she scarfed her lunch down at speed before kissing Gray goodbye and running off. Sam and some of his other friends came and took Riley’s place at the table, so Gray didn’t have too much time to get twisted up in nerves at lunch. His afternoon classes were a little easier to concentrate on, if only because they were more interesting to him. Practice was basically normal, right up until Paul sat down on the bench next to Gray’s locker, already ready to go, and waited for Gray to finish getting ready. Paul kept talking to the other guys on the team while Gray tried to pretend his heart wasn’t pounding in his chest.

When Gray was ready, they left and headed to the parking lot. When they got to his car, Gray unlocked the passenger door first, and pulled it open for Paul.

Paul quirked an eyebrow at him and asked, “Did you learn manners in the last week, or do you just think a threesome counts as fucking me later?”

Gray froze for a moment while Paul climbed into the car, before he remembered the joke Paul had made last Friday. He relaxed and said, “I mean, it seems a lot closer than a gang bang.”

“The far less diluted sex of a threesome as compared to a gang bang,” Paul said, reaching for the door handle. “Oh, of course, as we all know.”

Gray walked around the hood of the car to get in himself. That would have been a great opening, if he hadn’t frozen. It had been so much easier to flirt with Paul before he realized he wanted to.

Gray threw his bag in the backseat before he started the car. Paul was already buckled in and looking at something on his phone, so when Gray was ready to go, he backed his car out of the spot.

As they pulled out of the parking lot, they waved at Chad, Danny, and Sam, walking to their cars. “Alright,” Paul said, sliding his phone into the pocket of his jeans, “now that it’s just the two of us.” Gray’s heart beat at least twice as fast as it should have. Paul continued, “Why did Riley’s parents act like they hadn’t seen you in forever?”

“Oh,” Gray said. He shouldn’t feel let down by that. Yes, Paul asking him out would take it off his plate, but there was no reason to think he would. “Uh, ’cause they hadn’t.”

Paul rolled his eyes dramatically enough that Gray could see it in his peripheral vision. “Yeah, I figured that much,” he said. “But you were serious about having had sex with Riley before. So you guys were doing it freshman year and then stopped?”

“Yeah,” Gray said. “God, it was so stupid. So, uh.” He glanced over at Paul. He’d already decided he trusted him enough to invite him to have threesomes with them. He was planning on asking him out. Gray said, “If this part could stay between the three of us, I’d appreciate it, but. We used to do this thing on the weekends where Riley would get dressed up, like she did on Friday, except she used to wear white shirts, for–I mean, you know.” He cleared his throat before he went on, “We’d go somewhere crowded, or like. Ride the train downtown when there were events. To like. Um, attract creeps.”

“Jesus Christ,” Paul said. As Gray glanced over at him, concerned, he held up his hands. “To be clear, I am both alarmed and aroused. Continue.”

Gray laughed. “Yeah, no, it–obviously it could have gone badly, but that was sort of why I was there? I mean mostly it was because we both got off on me watching, but there were a few times it was like, no, this is too many drunk college guys, and I’d get us on a different train or something. But you have to know about that part, where we spent like a year hanging out on the weekends trying to get strange guys to feel Riley up in front of me, for what happened to make any goddamn sense. Because it sounds, like…unhinged.”

“Your entire relationship is unhinged,” Paul said fondly. “I mean, it sounds like you reconciled specifically for a gang bang.”

“We kind of did,” Gray said. Shit, Paul was right, their entire relationship was absolutely ridiculous. Gray went on, “So, um. We weren’t just doing this without talking about it. Honestly, we probably spent more time talking about it and kind of, I don’t know, fantasizing together? Than actually getting Riley felt up by strangers. So–fuck, you really can’t tell anyone this–she told me she wanted to lose her virginity like that. Like, to a stranger getting carried away molesting her.” God, this was impossible to talk about without blushing. And getting hard. When Gray had to look over at Paul’s side of the car to check his mirrors, he avoided looking directly at him. He went on, “Which, obviously, we couldn’t control or do safely or whatever. So I, uh, figured out a way to make it happen. I found a guy online and vetted him and didn’t tell Riley about any of it, and set up a meeting.”

“God damn,” Paul said. His voice was a little hoarse. He cleared his throat and asked, “And it…went badly?”

“Oh, honestly, it went great,” Gray said. Thinking about it without the haze of shame from assuming Riley didn’t want anything to do with him anymore, it had obviously gone well. “I mean, I spent weeks setting this up, figuring out a place where it could be private enough to actually have sex, but close enough to public to give us an easy way out, finding a guy, and then getting enough info from him to, you know, ruin his fucking life if he didn’t do exactly what we agreed on–“

Paul made a noise. Gray glanced over at him, and Paul covered his face with his hands. “Don’t look at me,” he muttered, and Gray laughed.

“Okay, well, anyway,” Gray said, grinning to himself. “A year of getting groped and fingered by strangers notwithstanding, a girl only has one shot at losing her virginity. And orchestrating something that would satisfy Riley’s fucking rape fantasy without being even more dangerous than what we were already doing was a lot to deal with. But I did it, he showed up, he did exactly what we agreed on, Riley came her brains out, the guy got to have a good time without actually hurting anyone. I mean, I guess technically he deviated from the script, but it was to suggest Riley suck me off while he was fucking her, which, you know. We all enjoyed.”

“Oh, sure.”

“But like.” Gray took a deep breath, because in hindsight, this was the stupidest thing he had ever done. Even though his initial instinct that Riley would find it hotter had been right, there wouldn’t have been room for them to miscommunicate if he had done the safer thing and told her about it. “In order to sell it, and make it more real and everything, I didn’t tell Riley about any of it ahead of time. And like. I don’t know, we didn’t talk on the way home, and I guess we should have, but we were still coming down, you know? And.” He sighed. “I don’t know, I thought she was avoiding me, and she I thought I was avoiding her. I basically convinced myself I had raped her, and meanwhile she thought I had finally–god, what did she say, she was like, ‘you were grossed out by my weird kinks’–and we just like. Stopped talking.” It was so awkward to be talking about this part of the story and still be kind of turned on from earlier. He concluded, “So we basically didn’t talk at all until, uh, I stupidly told everyone she was my sex slave and then had to ask her to bail me out.”

Paul burst into laughter. “You asshole!” he said. “You were lying, you just made it true so you wouldn’t look like it! Oh my god, Gray!”

“I wasn’t lying at first!” Gray protested. “At first all I said was I wasn’t a virgin, I’d had sex with Riley plenty of times, and fucking Jason–“

Sounding absolutely delighted, Paul continued, “And you were drunk and high and you escalated to something no one would believe, which was fair, because you were lying out your ass based on fucking dirty talk you and Riley used to do–“

Gray’s face was red enough he could see it in his rear view mirror when he wasn’t looking directly at it. He said, “Yeah, well, me asking her to bail me out made us actually talk about it, and then, well. You were there. Now we’re dating.”

“You are unbelievable,” Paul said, still laughing a little. “God, you are unhinged. Jesus. Gray.” He shook his head. “I mean, I don’t know what else would explain your weird mix of sexual intimacy and her parents acting like you’d come back from the dead.”

“Well, you know,” Gray said. He glanced sidelong at Paul, who was still grinning at him, and said as seriously as he could, “I’m sure any sufficiently kinky pair of childhood friends who freaked themselves out trying sex and then didn’t talk for years would have a similar experience.”

Paul started laughing again, except this time it sounded more like giggles. It was very cute. Something in Gray’s abdomen flipped over.

Gray pulled into Riley’s driveway. As promised, her parents’ car was gone. He put the car into park and put on the hand brake, then turned it off. Paul unbuckled his seat belt and reached for the door handle. Gray blurted out, “Wait, I wanted to ask you something.”

“Look, if you’re gonna ask for dating or sex advice, I don’t think I can help,” Paul said, turning back to him. “You’re like, in a different dimension.”

Gray frowned. “What advice could I possibly want?” he asked.

“I mean, you clearly needed help figuring out when to ask Riley out,” Paul said, smirking. That was also cute. Gray’s stomach flipped over again. “But I already helped you with that one.”

Gray swallowed and said, “Well, on that note, actually. Um. Do you want to go out with me?”

Paul looked dumb-founded. “Uh,” he said. He averted his eyes. “Shit, man.”

Gray told his plummeting stomach to chill out. He and Riley both agreed Paul was into him, needing a minute to think about things was not the same thing as a rejection. He still couldn’t quite keep himself from saying, “No matter what you say, you can still have sex with Riley. She was excited to see you again.”

Paul laughed, still looking away. “You guys are so fucking weird,” he said. He huffed, not quite a laugh. He said, “I gotta be honest, I’m really forcing myself not to ask if you’re serious, because like. You just told me a lot of stuff that makes me feel like you wouldn’t not be serious right now.”

“I’m serious,” Gray said, even though technically Paul hadn’t asked. “I was going to ask on Monday, but, uh. I chickened out.”

Paul looked at him again, bemused. “Inviting me to a threesome was you chickening out?”

Gray blushed. “I’m unhinged, remember?”

Paul shook his head and smiled. “You are,” he said. His eyes flickered down to Gray’s mouth for a second. “So is it safe to assume you and Riley talked about this?” he asked. “And this is like, a polyamory thing, not a cheating on your stunning and sexy girlfriend thing?”

“Well, yeah,” Gray said. “It would be really stupid to ask you out in her driveway if she wasn’t supposed to know about it.”

“I’m just making sure,” Paul said. “Talking about shit out loud and not, I don’t know, making assumptions for two years.”

“Oh my god,” Gray said, rolling his eyes. “You know, she did the same thing.”

“I’ll make fun of her about it too, don’t worry,” Paul said. “I guess I’m in.”

“Oh, you guess, thanks,” Gray muttered, putting his hand on Paul’s shoulder and leaning over the center console.

“Bitch, I licked your come out of your girlfriend last week,” Paul said. Gray was close enough to feel how hot his face was. “You knew I was into you.” He leaned in and closed the remaining distance between them.

Gray had never kissed someone who wasn’t Riley. It was different, but not in a bad way. Paul’s lips were soft and warm. Gray’s heart pounded and he got light-headed, which was much the same as when he kissed Riley.

Paul pulled away, basically beaming. He also had dimples, Gray noticed for the first time. “Alright,” Paul said. “Let’s go fuck your girlfriend.”

The front door was locked, which Gray wanted to be annoyed about, but Riley was home alone. He went to knock, then remembered what Mr. Chapman had said last time and rang the doorbell. The door swung open almost immediately. “Finally,” Riley said. “You were sitting in the car forever.”

Gray blushed again, but Paul just said, “Well, we had to talk shit about you to get it out of our system before we came in. Shit, no, I can’t even joke about that,” he immediately corrected himself. “I’m just embarrassed ’cause he asked me out.”

Riley pulled them into the house. “Oh,” she said, “congratulations! Here I thought he’d wait until I poked him, since he chickened out on Monday.”

“My (M, 18) subs are unionizing,” Gray muttered, closing the door behind them, and Paul laughed.

Riley hadn’t changed since school, although she was barefoot now. She was wearing jeans and a fitted t-shirt. It really wasn’t fair that she looked good in anything. She put her arms around Gray’s neck and pulled him down for a kiss.

“It does sound like he’s getting faster,” Paul said. “Only five days of stalling instead of two years.”

“I regret telling you that,” Gray said, as Riley laughed. She took her arms from around Gray and put them around Paul instead, and leaned up to kiss him as well. Paul looked a little surprised by that, but relaxed into it quickly, putting his hands on her hips. Gray turned and stepped in behind Riley, reaching around her to put his hands on Paul’s waist while he nuzzled his face into Riley’s hair. Gray murmured, “This is nice, though.”

Paul and Riley both made noises of agreement as they kissed.

After a minute, Riley pulled back, and relaxed onto Gray’s chest. “Paul,” she said, and looked up at him. “How would you feel about dating me too?”

“Uh, good?” Paul said, glancing up at Gray. Gray got the impression he was blushing again, even though he couldn’t see it. “I’ma be honest, I am enough of a stereotype to enjoy having a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time.”

“Good,” Riley said, and kissed him again. God, Gray liked watching them kiss.

“Okay, I would like to go upstairs and take clothes off now,” Gray said.

Paul broke his kiss with Riley by laughing. He asked her, “So is the sexy dom thing only for special occasions or what?”

“I don’t think he has control over it,” Riley pretended to whisper. Gray pinched her side, and she yelped. “Gray!”

“Upstairs,” Gray said.

“Mm, that’s more like it,” Paul said. Gray tried to pinch him too, but he dodged.

Riley led the way up to her room. Paul looked around, and said, “Oh, is that what your ringtone is?” He pointed at the woodlark poster Riley still had over her desk.

Riley turned to Gray and asked, “Is that still your ringtone for me?”

“Of course it is,” Gray said. “Why would I change it?”

“Because custom ringtones are a pain in the ass to do now,” Paul said. “And you weren’t talking.” He slung an arm over Riley’s shoulders and said to her, “You know, I think he likes you.”

“You might be right,” Riley said, slipping her arm around his waist.

“Take your fucking clothes off,” Gray said, aware that he didn’t sound nearly as in control as everyone would prefer him to.

Paul laughed, said, “You heard the man,” and reached for the hem of Riley’s shirt.

Riley stripped down to nothing without pause, then sat down on the edge of her bed. Paul only stripped down to his underwear before he joined her, and kissed her again.

Gray was cursing his shoelaces for the second time in twenty minutes, and then had to pick his jeans back up after he dropped them on the floor to fish the condoms out of his pocket and put them on the table next to Riley’s bed.

“Okay,” Gray said, feeling more than a little self-conscious. “Should we talk about it,, or do you just want to jump in?”

“Probably talk, considering you don’t even know what I like yet,” Paul said.

“I mean, I know some things,” Gray said. If there was one thing weeks of dedicated voyeurism had taught him, it was observation. He took the step over to be in front of Paul, and put his hand on Paul’s jaw. He said, “You like being bossed around. You like having your hair pulled. I bet you’d like being called a good boy.”

Paul swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing. “Well, that’s all easy,” he said.

Gray smiled and pushed Paul down onto his back, and crawled on top of him so he was straddling Paul’s hips. He went on, “You’re more of a brat than Riley is. You’re into bondage. I’d bet that’s being tied up, not topping, but I guess I could be wrong.” He ran his fingers along Paul’s belly. He was a little more muscular than Gray was, certainly more than Riley was, but it was more tactile than visible; at least until he tensed up, like he was now. He had a trail of curly hair starting above his belly button, leading to it, and then a more conventional happy trail leading further down. This time last week, this had all been academic knowledge Gray had never given a second thought to.

Gray went on, “You’re enough of a switch to fuck with Riley and push her into getting punished.” He widened his smile, and leaned over to say, “I bet you’d enjoy punishing her for me, and then getting a reward for being such a good boy.” Paul’s dick twitched enough for Gray to feel it. “You weren’t at all surprised or grossed out by Riley’s rape fantasies, so you’ve at least toyed with the idea. Maybe watched some porn you thought was going to be too far for your tastes, and found out you liked it.”

Riley whined, so Gray looked up at her. She was twisted around to look at them, and had her hands clenched in the sheets, probably to keep from touching herself. She asked, “You told him about that?”

“I’d be telling him right now if I hadn’t already,” Gray said. “He watched you get fucked by six guys until you cried, Ri. Four of who you barely knew.” He looked down at Paul, who had his eyes squeezed shut and probably would have been beet-red if his skin showed a flush. Gray smiled at him, even though Paul couldn’t see it. He said, “And then we both asked him out. He needed to know.”

“I mean,” Paul said, voice much raspier than the last time he spoke, “if you wanted to tell me more yourself, I wouldn’t mind.”

“I bet you wouldn’t,” Gray said. To Riley, he said, “Here I was, all embarrassed to be getting turned on in the car talking about it, and he was about five seconds from jerking off right there.” That was a gamble, because he had not been able to look at Paul directly, but Riley wouldn’t know that, and he was pretty confident Paul wouldn’t either.

Paul squirmed beneath him instead of disputing it. Gray grinned.

“Let’s see, what else,” he murmured.

“Gray,” Riley whined.

“What?” Gray asked. “Shouldn’t we talk about our new boyfriend’s kinks before we do anything about them?”

“You are such a dick,” Paul said.

“Mm, like I said, a brat,” Gray said. He bent down and kissed Paul, and pulled away right when Paul started to kiss back. Paul made a frustrated noise, as did Riley. He climbed off of Paul, and said, “You want him kissed so badly, you do it.”

Riley practically dove onto him, planting her hands on either side of his head. Paul brushed her hair to the other side of her neck, to get it out of his face, and kept his hand on the back of her neck.

Meanwhile, Gray tugged on Paul’s underwear, and between the two of them, they managed to get it off him without Paul having to stop kissing Riley. Gray reached over for the condoms he’d put on Riley’s bedside table and ripped one open. It had been years since he put a condom on at this point, because why would he bother when he wasn’t having sex, and then he and Riley had been barebacking it. He checked he knew which way was up, and gingerly grabbed Paul’s dick.

Paul’s hips jerked, and he pulled away from kissing Riley to say, “Gray!”

“Well I didn’t think I needed to ask if you minded me touching your dick,” Gray said, and Riley laughed. “So I thought, I put this condom on you, Riley gets on top of you, and then I get her ass.”

“Shit,” Paul said, reverently. Riley only groaned and dropped her head onto Paul’s shoulder.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Gray said, and this time it was Paul that groaned. He turned his face to hide in Riley’s hair while Gray started to slide the condom on.

Gray was not a connoisseur of cocks–a cocknoisseur, if you will–Riley and Paul would probably both hit him for that joke–but in his uninformed and probably biased opinion, Paul had a nice one. Not that Gray hadn’t seen a lot of other guy’s dicks in real life, because he probably had seen more real-life dicks than any other guy his age, thanks to Riley, but the details of the dicks sliding against or jerking off on or fucking into Riley were not really the thing he was focused on in those situations. It felt like it would be bad manners anyway, to check out the guys fucking his girlfriend. That was probably the main thing separating a gang bang from an orgy, when you got down to it. But this was his boyfriend’s dick, now, and it was the first time he’d actually taken a good look at someone else’s. It was a little bigger than his, thicker around, and felt good in his hand. He knew Riley liked having it inside her, which wasn’t saying much but still meant Gray was favorably predisposed to it.

Gray still hadn’t gone down on Riley–he’d get there, okay, that was a little harder to do on the spur of the moment, especially when she was always wet enough to fuck–but he thought about putting his mouth on Paul’s dick. The main reason he didn’t was that he figured the condom would taste gross. As he continued to roll the condom down the length of Paul’s cock, Gray asked, “Hey Paul, how would you feel about being exclusive?”

Paul groaned, and Riley laughed again as he pulled away from kissing her. Paul said, “You’re doing this on purpose.”

“Not this time,” Gray said cheerfully, giving Paul’s dick a little tug. It bounced. “I just thought it would be nice to skip the condoms with you, too.”

Paul let his head fall back to the mattress with another groan. Riley looked down at Gray said, “Oh, I guess we did only talk about dating Paul. If the three of us were only dating each other, then that would be safe. I mean, as safe as me and you.”

“I just feel like this is a conversation we could have when we’re not actively fucking,” Paul said. “Is all. But god, no, I can’t imagine wanting to be with more people when you two are already taking years off my life.” He sighed, and said, “Regrettably, I have had sex since the last time I got tested. And, I mean, I also recently participated in a gang bang.”

“Well, the condom’s already on,” Gray said. “Even if we took it off now, it’d ruin the taste.”

Paul groaned again, louder this time, and his dick jumped in Gray’s hand.

“Oh,” Riley said. She smiled, dimpling her cheeks. “God, Gray, what are you, speedrunning bisexuality?”

Paul laughed, and so did Riley, so Gray couldn’t help but laugh too. Still laughing, Gray gestured and said, “Oh come on, does this not look like something you want to put in your mouth?”

“You know it does,” Riley said, still smiling. “But a week ago you were like, ‘Oh no, does it mean something that I like flirting with Paul?'”

“I can’t believe I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend and I’m still going to die of blue balls,” Paul said sadly, making them all laugh again.

Gray stroked Paul’s dick a few times. He forgot how different this felt with a condom on. Paul muttered something Gray couldn’t hear, and Riley laughed again. She scooted down the bed and straddled Paul. Despite how little attention he or Paul had paid her directly, Riley was practically dripping wet. Gray put the hand that wasn’t on Paul’s dick on Riley’s hip, to guide her into position, and she followed, until Paul’s cock was sliding into her.

They both moaned, and Paul’s hands scrambled for Riley’s hips. He pulled her down and rocked up into her, and Gray watched her shiver.

Gray said, “You’ve got lube, right, Ri?”

“Uh-huh,” she said, leaning further over Paul, arching her back. She pointed at the bedside table, and said, “Second drawer. Middle. You know.”

“Should’ve asked that sooner,” Paul said, “instead of taunting me with the specter of unprotected blowjobs.” Riley huffed amusedly, too preoccupied for actual laughter. 

Gray pulled out the drawer and it sure was Riley’s sex drawer. There was a half-empty bottle of lube, a wand vibrator, a not-realistic dildo, two different butt plugs, and a package of wet wipes. “Gee,” Gray said, “sorry I was too nervous about asking you out to properly event plan this one.” This time, both Paul and Riley laughed outright.

“Oh, shit,” Paul said immediately. “Tell more jokes, it feels amazing when Riley laughs.” Which, of course, made Riley giggle.

“I think you’re the funny boyfriend, actually,” Gray said. There were condoms littering the bottom of the drawer that looked like they might have been the ones Riley’s dad bought back when they were freshmen. He put the package of wet wipes on top of the table and pulled out the lube, then slid the drawer shut.

“Paul, come fuck my girlfriend with me,” Paul muttered. “Paul, go out with me. Paul, tell our girlfriend jokes. Work work work.” Riley laughed again, then gasped. She slapped Paul’s chest, which made him laugh.

“Oh my god,” Riley said, and even though her back was to Gray, he could hear her grin in her voice.

Gray wriggled out of his underwear and swept it off the bed onto the floor, where the rest of their clothes were. He settled back on the bed behind Riley, nudging Paul’s legs closer together so he could straddle Paul’s thighs. Gray pressed up against Riley’s back, to look over her shoulder, and slid one of his hands around to grab a boob. She made a little noise at that, but was probably distracted by how Paul was sucking on her fingers.

Gray had done a lot of research on sex and kinks for Riley, but there was some stuff he hadn’t understood the appeal of on its own. For instance, scat and piss play both made perfect sense to him in the context of humiliation, but he struggled to see how someone could enjoy them outside of that. He hadn’t ever thought much about why or if someone would lick someone else’s hand, besides the obvious cleaning or gagging purposes. It was therefore shocking how incredibly hot Paul sucking on two of Riley’s fingers was. He was treating it the way he probably treated giving head, bobbing his head and working his tongue in between her fingers. Gray momentarily forgot what he was doing, mesmerized.

Riley rocked her hips, nudging Gray’s cock and reminding him he had planned to do a little more than just watch his boyfriend suck off their girlfriend’s hand. Not that that wasn’t good. He’d have to keep that in mind for the future. He kissed the side of Riley’s neck, gave her boob a squeeze, and leaned back to deal with the lube. He squeezed the bottle too hard, and ended up with more lube on his hand than he thought he needed, which he supposed was probably the more correct amount. He smeared some on his dick so it wouldn’t drip everywhere, and needed to pause and take a deep breath. Gray doubted any of them would mind if he just jerked off all over Riley’s ass and Paul’s thighs while they fucked each other, but it wasn’t what he’d been hoping to do all week. And now that they were all dating, he could do that, if not whenever he wanted, then probably at least more often than fucking Riley in the ass.

Gray moved one of his legs to be between Paul’s, so he was off-center and could get slightly better leverage, and slid a finger between Riley’s legs. Paul moaned around Riley’s fingers in his mouth, and Riley gasped. Feeling where Paul’s dick was sliding in and out of Riley was nicely compelling, but also not what Gray had been looking forward to. He dragged his hand slowly back, until he could feel Riley’s asshole.

“Oh,” Riley said, “please.”

“Mm, I thought you just didn’t mind this,” Gray said, pushing a finger into her. It almost felt warmer than putting a finger in her pussy. “But you have more than one butt plug in that drawer, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Riley said, breathy and desperate. She leaned further over Paul, making her ass that little bit more accessible.

“I remember when that guy on the train suggested you’d look good with a cock in every hole, you came like crazy,” Gray said. Paul groaned, and the hand he still had on Riley’s side flexed. “No wonder you were so into it last week, you’ve been hoping to get fucked from both sides for years.”

“Shit,” Paul mumbled, and dropped Riley’s fingers out of his mouth to say, “maybe I owe Jason an apology.”

“Let’s not get carried away,” Gray said in a more normal voice, and Paul laughed. Riley moaned and squirmed. Gray looked over Riley’s shoulder, lowered his voice again, and said to Paul, “Besides, I appreciate you taking such good care of my things.”

Paul and Riley both twitched and made noises at that, and Gray smiled to himself. He pushed a second finger in alongside the first. There was enough resistance it was probably not comfortable, and would have been too soon for someone else. Riley, however, gasped in what Gray knew was a good way.

“Oh, that’s weird,” Paul said. “I’m not complaining, mind you. It’s just, uh.” Gray wiggled his fingers, and Paul laughed. “Yeah,” he said. “I can feel the difference between your fingers and when it was Sam’s dick.”

Gray pressed in closer to Riley’s back again, to see over her shoulder. He didn’t really need to see what he was doing to finger her. When he made eye contact with Paul, he said, “I’m going to have to figure out some other configuration for this. I don’t like not being able to kiss either of you.”

Paul made a noise and squeezed his eyes shut. Riley huffed in amusement. She said, “You never even kissed someone during sex until last week.”

“Well, I found out I liked it,” Gray said. “It was different when we were in public, trying to hide what was going on.”

“As near as I can tell,” Paul said, “Gray didn’t really have the kind of sex where he touched someone at all until last week.” He cracked open an eye. “Right? Riley sucked you off while she lost her virginity, and then you didn’t talk for two years?”

“Yeah,” Gray said. He reached out with the hand not occupied with Riley’s ass and slid it up Paul’s forearm, then back down to settle on the back of Paul’s hand, where Paul was hanging onto Riley’s hip. “Turns out people were onto something with this whole touching during sex thing.”

“But you liked watching, right?” Riley asked, as if that was in doubt at all.

“Ri, I love watching you get fucked,” he said, and she squirmed. He bent down and kissed her shoulder. “I also like being able to feel you.” He thrusted his fingers into her a little harder. She groaned, clenched around his fingers, and then Paul made a noise.

Riley said, “You know, you could–you could just go for it.”

“Sweetheart,” Paul said, “there is no way you’re ready for a dick in your ass.”

“I like when it hurts,” Riley said. Paul made a noise again, though this one was less horny and more disbelieving. “What? You knew that.”

“I don’t feel like a sore asshole is nearly as tolerable as sore nipples, but I guess we’re different people,” Paul said.

“That’s good to know,” Gray said. He wriggled a third finger into Riley, and she gasped.

“I’m not that into pain in general,” Paul said. He grinned and reached up to pinch Riley’s nipples. She moaned. Paul added, “Especially compared to Riley here.”

“I don’t know if the Marquise de Sade was that into pain, compared to Riley,” Gray said. Paul laughed. Gray fucked his fingers in and out of Riley a few times. Having not ever fingered anyone else’s ass, Gray didn’t have anything to compare it to, but it was fun to press up against Paul’s dick, on the other side of Riley’s insides, and have both of them moan in response. He thought he probably could get his cock in her at this point, and she had told him he could. So Gray pulled his fingers out of her ass, and shifted over so he was once again straddling both of Paul’s thighs.

Gray gave his cock another stroke with his lubed-up hand, to make sure he was still slick enough to go for it. Without Gray asking him to, Paul reached around Riley’s hips and dug his fingers into her ass, spreading her cheeks that much more. Riley whined, “Paul!”

Gray could hear the smile in his voice when Paul replied, “Riley.”

It was significantly harder to press in to Riley’s asshole than it had been to slide into her pussy. It was incredibly rewarding, however, with the way both Paul and Riley started groaning and swearing. It was tight, though, and not entirely in a pleasant way. There was a drag and friction Gray could see becoming a problem, if he tried to move. He groped for the bottle of lube he had set somewhere on the bed, then nearly dropped it when he had it, because of course both it and his hand were slippery.

Sliding out, which again made both Riley and Paul groan, into a freshly-lubricated hand, and then right back in to another set of moans, Gray could tell adding more lube had been the right call. It was less potentially-painful now as well as easier. He pulled out most of the way again, and pressed in deeper next time. “Fuck,” he said.

“Gray,” Riley moaned, almost at the same time as Paul did. Oh, that was nice. He wondered if he’d be able to get them to beg in stereo, too.

That was an idea for later, though. For now, Gray focused on fucking in and out of Riley with steady, deep strokes. He held onto Riley’s hips just above where Paul did, letting their hands touch. After a few strokes, Paul started thrusting up into Riley when Gray pulled back. They all groaned at that, and settled fairly quickly into a rhythm. Their cocks constantly slid against each other, and Riley had to rest all her weight on Paul’s chest to stay upright. Gratifyingly, neither Paul nor Riley seemed to have the brainpower to banter anymore. They were back to the mindless grunts and groans they’d made in the back seat of Gray’s car. Not that Gray could have managed much chatter, either; he barely had the brains to notice and be pleased that they were both enjoying themselves so much. It felt very good, sliding in and out of Riley’s asshole, with Paul’s cock moving against Gray’s as well as Paul’s thighs between Gray’s legs. Gray wanted to collapse against Riley’s back and just pound away at her, but that would put both their weights on Paul, and Gray didn’t want to spoil their first time together by crushing their new boyfriend.

Riley came first, which was hardly a surprise. Gray kept going, though he did bend over enough to rest his forehead between her shoulders. She was slick with sweat. God, she smelled so good. Sweaty Riley was one of his favorite smells in the world.

Paul came not long after. With one hand, he dug his fingers into Riley’s hip, and with the other, he dug his fingers into the back of Gray’s hand. Gray held still long enough for Paul to pull out, and then, with no worry about wrenching Paul’s dick out of Riley or at an odd angle, Gray pushed Riley down to lay on top of Paul. Riley panted and moaned into Paul’s ear while Gray fucked her ass.

“Oh god, Gray,” Paul said. He wrapped his arms around Riley, putting one hand in her hair. “Oh, Ri,” he murmured. “Our man looks so good while he fucks you.” Riley whimpered. Gray snapped his hips forward only a few more times before he came, pumping come into Riley’s ass.

After a moment, he pulled out, letting a bit of a mess drip down between Riley’s legs and onto Paul’s. He wedged himself into the space between their stacked bodies and the wall, his thighs protesting this demand. Oh, he was going to be sore again tomorrow. It was worth it, of course. But still.

Eventually, either Paul or Riley or both groped for the wet wipes Gray had left on the table. They shuffled around, cleaning each other up, and then Riley rolled over, face to face with Gray, and wiped up the mess on his dick. His eyes were closed, so he was not expecting the cold, wet touch, and he hissed, trying to jerk away. Riley chuckled at him, since all he did was slam his elbow into the wall at his back, and leaned in to lightly kiss him.

“Are you good?” Paul asked, pressing against Riley’s back. “I didn’t count how many times you came last week, but it was more than once.”

“That was twice,” Riley murmured. She kissed Gray once more, than rolled over to put her arms around Paul. “But it’s sweet of you to ask.”

“Yeah, I’m sure his motivations were entirely selfless,” Gray said. Paul stretched the arm he had draped over Riley’s waist so he could poke Gray. Gray smiled, and reached across Riley to rest his hand on Paul’s shoulder.

“He doesn’t need to be selfless to be sweet,” Riley said.

“Which you ought to know,” Paul said. “Not like you’re out here organizing consensual non-consent scenes and gang bangs because it doesn’t make your dick hard.”

“Mm,” Gray said. He squeezed Paul’s shoulder, to indicate he was conceding the point.

Riley leaned in and kissed Paul. When she pulled back, she said, “I’m really glad you agreed to date us. I mean, just the sex would have been nice too, but I really like this.”

“Yeah,” Paul said, smiling, “me too. I mean, I know there’s a difference between whatever the fuck you two have going on and how I feel about you,” he added. “But this is good.”

“Ooh, how do you feel about us?” Riley asked. “I want details now.”

Paul laughed. “Well obviously, I knew you were hot and we were kind of friends in grade school, but that’s not the same thing as you two being BFFs since second grade. And I usually try not to think about guys on the sports teams I’m on. Locker rooms are fucked up enough as it is for queer kids.” Riley nodded. “So apart from thinking Gray was one of the cuter boys on the team and that I’d rather hang out with him than like, half the other guys, I didn’t even think about him like that until last week, when it was abruptly brought to my attention that he is also fucking hot.”

“Well that’s not true,” Riley said, “you had a crush on him in grade school.”

“What?” Paul said. “No I didn’t.”

Riley laughed and bumped her knees against him. “You totally did!” she said. “Come on, you asked me about him all the time in third grade. Every Monday you were like, ‘Hey Riley, did you see your friend Gray this weekend?’ Or ‘Are you excited we’re changing lunch table assignments so you can eat with your friend Gray again?’ Or ‘Are you going to be okay competing against your friend Gray’s class in gym?'”

Gray said, “Wait, that was him? I thought that was other Paul, Paul R. And I figured he had a crush on you.”

“If he had a crush on me, why did he spend the whole year talking about you?” Riley asked.

Paul covered his face with his hands. “Oh my god,” he said. “Oh my god, you’re right. I didn’t even know I was bi then, I never even thought about it! Shit, no, shut up, I just remembered–” He groaned, and rolled over to hide his face against Riley’s shoulder. “I hate this,” he said, muffled. He looked up again and asked, “Okay, do you remember when that guy tied you up with a jump rope?” Riley nodded. Gray propped himself up on his elbow so he could see Paul better. Paul looked down at the bed again, averting his eyes. Gray had no idea it was so easy to make him blush. Yeah, he couldn’t see it, but he could tell now that he knew what to look for. Still looking down at the bed so he wouldn’t catch Gray’s eye, Paul said, “I had this fucking dream afterwards, where for some reason I had to get tied up too, so you were over there with that fucking guy, and Gray was tying me up.”

“Damn, that was a very impactful recess for you,” Gray said, and Paul hid his face against Riley’s shoulder again, as she started laughing again.

Riley said, “I didn’t think you didn’t know!

“I was eight!” Paul said. “I barely knew I liked girls!”

“That doesn’t sound right,” Gray said, frowning. “Hadn’t you had a crush before that? I’m sure I liked a girl before third grade.”

You liked any girl who was nice to you,” Riley said. “You had like five crushes in two years.”

“At least I never said I was going to marry Mr. Thompson when I grew up,” Gray retorted.

“Oh, Riley,” Paul said, looking up. He looked over her shoulder at Gray and said, “See, you should have known she was a freak right then.”

“Honestly,” Gray said, laughing. “Riley, listening to an old man complain about not being able to use corporal punishment anymore: ‘Oh that’s my type’.”

“Shut up!” Riley said. Her ears and neck were flushed. Gray laughed again, and leaned in to press a kiss to the back of her neck.

“To be fair,” Paul said, “if he was even remotely attractive, I’d get it.”

“I thought you weren’t into pain,” Gray said.

“An older man giving you a spanking isn’t just about the pain, Gray.”

“I see,” Gray said, and Paul bent down to hide his face against Riley again. Gray laughed.

A twin bed was barely comfortable for two teenagers to cuddle in; with three of them it was worse. They ended up sitting up just to have room to move around.

“Oh, hey,” Paul said. “So I don’t want to get all up in business that’s really between the two of you, but I’m not crazy about the slave shit.”

“Oh,” Gray said. It felt ridiculous to say he hadn’t thought about the fact that Paul was Black, because obviously he knew that, but it was also true he had not thought about the way the whole sex slave thing might feel to actual Black people. “Yeah, okay.”

“That’s fine with me,” Riley said. “I kind of liked the toy thing you said better. It felt more, um, objectifying instead of dehumanizing. If that makes any sense.”

“Given that’s just the shit that came out of my mouth when I was drunk and high and defensive, I’m totally fine with dropping it,” Gray said.

“Oh, good,” Paul said. “Thanks.”

Riley looped her arm around Paul’s, then laced her fingers through his. “You’re our boyfriend now,” she said. “Even if something’s between the two of us, it’s not like it’s hard to respect you not wanting something around you.”

“If I thought it was, I wouldn’t have agreed to date you,” Paul said. He bent down to kiss Riley’s shoulder. “But thank you, sweetheart.”


In the locker room on Monday, Chad asked Paul, “Hey, where were you guys on Friday?” He sat down on the bench to put on his practice shoes. “When you and Gray left together, I figured he was giving you a ride to my place again.”

“Nah, we went to Riley’s,” Paul said.


“No fair,” Jason yelled.

Chad looked up at Gray and said, “Hey, you know you can bring Riley over literally any time.”

Paul laughed. Gray attempted to frown at him, but it was kind of impossible to frown at Paul, even when Gray’s face was hot and he knew he was blushing. “I figured,” Gray said, “but I don’t always want to pass my girlfriend around like a party favor.”

“Just sometimes,” Paul said, making people laugh.

“Okay, but why Paul?” Jason demanded.

Gray couldn’t figure out how to answer that, because his brain had stopped functioning. For some reason, it had not occurred to him that they would, at some point, have to tell the rest of the baseball team they were dating. On one hand, Gray wanted to tell absolutely everyone about his extraordinary luck in having not one but two extremely hot people dating him. But on the other hand, Gray had been aware he was bisexual for less than a week, and implicitly coming out to the baseball team was fucking terrifying.

Paul grinned impishly at Gray and said, “Well, he did use it as a way to work up to asking me out, so that probably had something to do with it.”

That sent the locker room into an uproar.

“What the fuck,” Jason said, on the other end of the room. “Gray, are you blushing?”

Chad laughed. “Dude,” he said, “you were totally fine setting up a gang bang, but this is embarrassing?”

“Shut up,” Gray said. He was aware that this wouldn’t help, but the way his face was flaming didn’t let him say anything else.

“Oh, go easy on him,” Paul said, grinning smugly. “He’s used to the weird sex shit. Dating is new and confusing.”

“How can you be used to weird sex shit but not dating–“

“Jumping straight to hard mode, then, isn’t he, dating two people at once?”

“I hate all of you,” Gray said.

“I doubt it,” Chad said, smirking. “Since your boyfriend’s here.”

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7 thoughts on “Childhood Friends

  1. Ohhhh this was so good. Filthy and wholesome at the same time!!!! I would die for these kinky disaster bi babies.

  2. First and foremost: I think this is some of the strongest character work we’ve seen from you yet. Gray, Riley, and Paul all have differently weird but equally likeable personalities, and you can really feel why they like each other in their own ways. Riley’s interests are REALLY extreme so spending as much time as you do hearing, in her own words, what she gets out of it, and looking into all the ways Gray tries to help her experience those in as safe an environment as possible, really humanizes them. Their kink is not my kink but I still found it fascinating seeing more of what makes them tick!

    Settling into a happy triad really is the best ending possible, no drama required. Here’s hoping these goofy kids survive college and beyond.

  3. God this was so hot where do I even begin!!
    -their negotiations while they’re both hot and bothered
    -the absolutely wild opener that ended up pretty accurately setting their relationship
    -the casual way Gray dommed her and was ready to whore her out, while still caring about her feelings
    -generally excellent characterization
    -the incredibly hot and long gangbang scene
    -Sam, being an excellent sadistic Dom
    -them becoming gf and bf while a whole ass other dude ate her out
    -the fact this dude arranged a rape for her like holy fuck
    -unhinged horny behavior just… top tier
    -Paul being extremely bisexual and shameless and full of good taste
    -the incredibly sexy way they talk about sex so casually
    -did u know ur my favorite threesome writer
    -i giggled so much at “I can’t believe I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend and I’m still going to die of blue balls” and you should know you’re very funny and have a big wrinkly brain

    Anyway. I really enjoyed this story, absolutely devoured it. It was self indulgent and happened to hit a ton of things I loved too!! Well done and thank you for sharing.

  4. There’s so much good stuff in here, even beyond the (very, very hot!) spicy bits. I especially love everyone’s parents, who are indeed a gross level of supportive and it’s great. A+ parenting, and they can’t really be held responsible for the wild things two very determined and very horny teens got up to. Got a good giggle out of your author’s note about future Gray realizing how absolutely bonkers unsafe the thing they were doing was, because WOO BOY I have like 0.001 parental impulses in my body and it was sounding a full blast alarm at the whole concept.

    Everyone involved is very plausibly a teenage doofus and that’s also great fun. Not talking to each other for years because of wild assumptions! Realizing you’re bi at a hilarious juncture and then jumping straight to disaster bi! Doing everything as backassward as humanly possible! The fact that everything works out is largely sheer dumb luck, with some (gentle, loving) emphasis on dumb. I really had a lot of fun reading this. It’s got me waxing a bit nostalgic about the dumb shit I did in high school and a lot grateful that I too managed to escape unscathed. XD

  5. This is completely fucking unhinged in the most endearing way and I love it. This has all the trappings of a classic Ani story — a highly improbable sexy scenario masterfully plotted out with love and care, charming and awkward romances sandwiched between shamelessly raunchy smut scenes, somehow both adorable and frightening rape fantasies, several groan inducing jokes with the best/worst timing, unconventional polyamory negotiations, terminally online references, and at least one particularly disastrous bisexual. Reading this was like playing bingo with my favorite tropes and coming out a winner with a blacked out card. Thanks for the food.

  6. I enjoyed this so SO much! I loved that disasterbi4disasterbi ended up in a triad with ActuallyQuiteCompetentBi and my GOODNESS those sex scenes were scorching. I stayed up way too late reading this and don’t regret a thing.

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