Christmas Cookies

by Ms. C. Mouse


Life sucks, thought Haru, as he stepped off the bus and nearly slipped on a patch of ice. He hated his commute from Sapporo to the countryside, but even more so on miserable winter days like this. The bus rumbled away, leaving Haru unprotected from a fierce blast of wind that sent the high school student staggering backwards.

Hunched over from the cold, Haru trudged down a side road towards his family’s house — or the warehouse as he like to call it. The contemporary house was the ugliest place in town, but at least it was well insulated and its rooms were spacious. Haru’s gloved hands fumbled for his key card. After swiping it across the sensor, he pushed the door open. Warm air and the sweet scent of baking cookies gusted past him. Was Mother home? He was sure she had left early this morning to care for Grandmother who was recuperating in a Tokyo hospital after emergency surgery. Perhaps her flight had been cancelled. Feeling anxious, Haru paused in the threshold of the massive front door. He should have been the only one here at this time since Kyoko, his older sister, had evening classes at the university.

“I’m home.” He tried to put some distress in his voice so he could at least sound like he was coming down with a cold if his mother really was present. Before he could finish taking off his gloves, he saw his sister lean out of the doorway that led to the kitchen. There was flour on her apron and her face. She glared at him with dark eyes which looked so much like Mother’s eyes that Haru barely managed to suppress a cringe.

“Why are you back so early? Please go help out at Father’s restaurant. I’m extremely busy right now. I have to bake the last hundred cookies for the Christmas Eve orders without Mother’s help.”

Haru did an about face, putting his hand on the chilly doorknob as he prepared to pull the door closed. The wintry wind was a slap to the face compared to the warmth inside. Stopping in his tracks, he shook his head. “What the fuck am I doing,” he mumbled. His big sister could always guilt him into obeying her so easily, but not today. Damn it, the sun had already set and it was getting colder. The last thing he wanted to do was to return to the bus stop before having to walk nearly a kilometer beyond that to get to his father’s restaurant.

After slamming the door closed, Haru faced his sister. “Not even a ‘welcome home’ for your dear brother?” He shrugged off his coat and removed his scarf before unzipping his boots. “I’m not feeling well. Maybe it’s a cold. I want to heat up some of the pork buns that Father brought home last night. After that, I’m going to my room.” One of his favorite dramas was coming on soon. Tonight he would get to see a new episode before his sister could spoil the plot for him.

The cold was a lie, of course, but Kyoko didn’t need to know that. Haru was home earlier than usual because he had cut his last three classes and ditched his after school club — something he wouldn’t have dared to do if his mother was home — because all the snickering, whispering and pointing had been too much to put up with for the rest of the day.

It had all started during lunch time when he had gathered up his courage to confess to a girl he had been crushing on since April. With a sneer on her face, she had turned him down quickly with the announcement that she had always been secretly in love with Haru’s best friend Yoshii. It wasn’t fair. Of course Kyoko wouldn’t care about his romantic woes. She wouldn’t sympathize at all. She would simply pass a summary of his transgressions to Mother like a good little snitch.

Haru walked down the hall to stop in front of Kyoko. “Get out of my way, Chibi.” He towered over his sister by at least twenty centimeters.

Kyoko shook her head. “No. Stay out of the kitchen. Mother doesn’t want you or Father in here when the cookies are baking. I’ll make dinner when I’m finished.”

“Stop whining. I won’t get in your way. Besides I’m going to use the little kitchen, not Mother’s kitchen.” He pushed past her even though she tried to block him. The ‘little’ kitchen was about three times larger than any average kitchen, but it was still smaller than his mother’s commercial kitchen. Almost one quarter of the house was partitioned off for her home bakery business. It was Mother’s pride and joy. Haru couldn’t understand why the business prospered as it did, but his mother was certainly an accomplished entrepreneur. Her success made it possible for Haru and Kyoko to attend the best schools.

“That’s the problem,” Kyoko said. “I’m using the little kitchen because I don’t like reaching into those big ovens, and the trays are too heavy for me.”

Haru looked around at the chaos in the kitchen. Several books had been left open on the kitchen table. Stacks of bowls cluttered the counter next to a big bag of flour that was gradually spilling its contents onto the floor. “You’ll be in big trouble if Mother finds out that you baked the cookies in the family kitchen. She could be fined or have her business shut down.” Haru grinned at Kyoko, feeling for once in his life like he was getting the upper hand on a female. “I guess you’ll have to bribe me to keep quiet.”

The cookies smelled delicious, and since he really was hungry, he knew he’d have to eat some of them just to irritate Kyoko. He wouldn’t be able to get back at his crush for being so cruel to him, but he could give his sister hell this evening. Leaning over the tray, he inhaled deeply. The enticing scent of ginger and cinnamon made his mouth water. The cookies were all tiny gingerbread men only three centimeters tall, but they actually looked more like snack crackers since they lacked any kind of decoration or frosting.

His sister’s small fists thumped against his back as he reached toward a batch of cookies on a wire cooling rack next to the tray that had just come out of the oven. “Don’t touch them!” Kyoko tried to force her way between him and the counter, but Haru easily tripped her up and sent her sprawling onto the floor where she bumped her head against a cabinet. Since the cookies were so close together, he picked up six of them easily.

“No! Damn it. You big idiot, put those down.” Teeth bared, Kyoko scrambled up from the floor to launch herself at him once again. Stepping aside at the last second, Haru sent his sister sliding head first across the kitchen table. Kyoko was such a klutz. He was surprised Mother even allowed her to be near the ovens when she wasn’t around to supervise.

Opening his mouth as wide as possible, he tossed the cookies in. His sister continued to curse at him, but he could hardly hear her while he was chewing. The spicy, not too sweet taste of the cookies was actually very pleasing and he now understood why his mother’s baked goods were so popular. How strange that she had never asked him to taste-test any of them. Haru gracefully dodged a punch to his guts as he munched on his mouthful of cookies.

The cookies went down easily, but they left Haru thirsty for a cup of coffee. He decided to ask his sister to make some — even though he could brew better coffee than she could — as a way to tick her off further. However, all thoughts of coffee or any other drink disappeared as he began to feel dizzy. The kitchen lights were dimming while his legs quivered like he had just finished a long distance run. He thought he heard his sister scream his name when he closed his eyes as the room began to spin.

After his body calmed down, Haru opened his eyes to find himself lying naked on a giant-size gingerbread man. At that very moment, he knew he was dreaming, but he couldn’t wake up either. He placed the palm of his hand on the surface of the cookie. The gingerbread felt like it might have come out of the oven only a minute ago. Rolling on to his stomach, he soaked up the heat like a desperate lizard. It occurred to Haru that he must be resting on top of his bed’s electric blanket.

He lifted his head when the cookie began to shake beneath him. Was it an earthquake? Or perhaps his sister was trying to awaken him. As he sat up, the cookie sat up also and wrapped its strange, flat arms around him. That was creepy enough, but to Haru’s surprise, the gingerbread man seemed to be whispering to him. Certain the cookie would try to eat him, Haru curled into a fetal position. As he huddled and prayed for the dream to be over before it became too violent, he felt the gingerbread limbs continued to move as they traced gentle circles on his back and shoulders. Haru found it difficult to stay on edge under such gentle caresses although he tensed once again as his legs were steadily pushed apart.

“Put some icing on us,” the gingerbread man said with a rumbling laugh as he stroked Haru’s cock. It didn’t take long for him to get hard. Haru squirmed and thrust his hips, enjoying the sensation of his length pushing up against the soft, warm cookie. When he felt what could only be the gingerbread man’s hard-on grinding against his belly, he accepted it as part of the dream, although he couldn’t recall ever being this lucid while dreaming. Haru twisted about in an attempt to see exactly what was going on as the cookie panted and moved faster. This had to rank up in the top five weirdest dreams he’d ever had. The cookie murmured encouragement as Haru trembled and closed his eyes before shooting his load.

Groaning, Haru became aware of the pillow bunched up against the side of his face. Well, at least he was in his bedroom. He turned over onto his back and started to lift his hands to brush his hair out of his eyes, but stopped when he realized that both his hands were sticky with come. “Damn. What happened to me?” He wiped his hands on the sheets, knowing he would have to change them anyways. How had he made it to his room? And why was he naked? The last thing he remembered was entering the house and arguing with his sister about the cookies. He licked his lips, enjoying the spicy taste that lingered in his mouth. While thankful that he hadn’t puked in his bed, he was actually surprised he hadn’t been sickened by the cookies his sister made.

The room was dark so he reached for the lamp he kept on the night stand next to his bed. After slowly sweeping his hand to the left and right several times, he wondered what had happened to the lamp. Perhaps he had knocked it over in his sleep. His hand immediately slapped the wooden floor when he dropped in downward. Why had the mattress been pulled off the bed frame? Now he was beginning to think the cookies had made him temporarily insane. As he sat up, a hand touched his bare thigh. Shocked by the thought that his sister was in the room with him, he covered his crotch with his hands.

“Get out of here. I’ll clean this up. Just leave me alone.” He squinted as the light came on in his room without any warning. After blinking the spots away, he opened his eyes to find three men — just as naked as he was — gazing back at him from less than a meter away. They appeared to be five, maybe ten, years older than him, but all three were as handsome as any model Haru had ever seen in the big advertisements in the city. Their long hair was styled and their tan skin was smooth and free of any scars or blemishes. Beautiful was the first word that Haru might have used to describe them, although it really didn’t seem to do them justice. Their lean, hairless bodies were sleek and almost androgynous. Perhaps, he mused, they were just a dream within a dream. Haru pinched himself, yet nothing changed.

The men appeared relaxed and there was nothing threatening in their postures, but the seductive gazes they were giving him made Haru uneasy. He looked away, ashamed that he had stared for so long. As he instinctively retreated to the far side of the mattress, he felt more hands touch his arms and shoulders. Turning his head, Haru discovered there were three more men behind him. They could all have made a modeling agency very wealthy.

Unnerved, Haru struggled to look at the bright side. At least the guys were young and attractive. It would have been really bad to wake up surrounded by six fat, ugly uncles.

Deciding to talk his way out, Haru forced a laugh. “Very funny joke — very funny. Did Sister put you up to this?”

His question seemed to rouse them from their stillness for they stopped lounging. Sitting up right, they began to talk at the same time.

“Your sister didn’t –”

“She didn’t tell us –”

“To do this –”

“But she is responsible –”

“Her inexperience gave us this –”

“This is a chance to break free.”

Haru was clueless as to what they meant by his sister’s ‘inexperience’ and a chance to ‘break free’, but it sounded delightful while they were saying it. The men’s voices were melodic as they talked over each other and finished each other’s sentences. Their chatter reminded Haru of a lovely spring garden he had walked through while visiting Grandmother in Tokyo. The sound of trickling water, chirping birds and the softly sighing breeze in the tree branches had all combined in an enchanting way while he had viewed the cherry blossoms.

Yet he still had suspicions that his sister was playing a joke on him. She could often intimidate him and outwit him psychologically even though she was no match for him in a physical contest. She must have suspected this bizarre situation would rattle him.

“Go on!” Haru said while waving his hand towards the door. “Get out of my room. You can tell Sister I won’t go in the kitchen any more.” The men could have been university students or even graduates, but the odds of finding so many bishounen in this small town seemed outrageous to Haru. He studied his room so his eyes wouldn’t be repeatedly drawn back to the men. Much to his chagrin, his room was cluttered and it smelled a bit like the boys’ locker room at his school. He guessed the men had pulled the full size mattress to the floor so they could easily lounge around him. But it was disturbing to see that his school uniform and thermal underwear and socks had been tossed about the room like he had undressed in a hurry. Worry and arousal fought for dominance in his mind as he wondered if the men had removed his clothes. Had they touched him while he was sleeping? And where were the men’s clothes? He didn’t see any extra shirts or slacks.

The men didn’t speak again nor did they stand up to leave, but they did move closer to him. The next second, there were two quick knocks on his bedroom door before the door was flung open. “Mother called and she wants –” Kyoko proceeded to walk in uninvited with clean sheets bundled in her arms, but she froze on the spot after two steps. Her sentence went unfinished. The sheets made a soft hiss as they slipped to the floor.

As his stomach did a flip-flop, Haru recognized the panic on his sister’s face. The wide-open eyes, the pursed lips and the shine on her forehead told him that something was very wrong. Kyoko always looked like that when she displeased Mother.

“These guys are friends of yours. Right?” Haru asked, hoping the desperation he was now experiencing wasn’t audible in his voice.

Eventually Kyoko broke her silence. “Why are you still here? Leave now. The three hours are up and you should be gone.”

Haru looked at the men. Were they actors his sister had hired? Or maybe gigolos? No, his sister wasn’t that kind of girl, although there were still stories going around at his school about how easily she had persuaded guys to do what she asked of them. And where had the time gone? Had three hours really passed while he was asleep? Leaning forward, he tried to stand up to make a quick exit to the bath room with the intention of putting this whole warped scene out of his mind. He didn’t get far. Four of the men took hold of his arms and legs and a fifth man put his hands on Haru’s shoulders. Even though the grips on his limbs and body were not painfully tight, Haru found he could not break free. The sixth man sat between Haru’s knees while facing Kyoko.

Haru felt a shiver go up his spine as he was caught up once again in the music of the men’s voices.

“The spells tangled together –”

“Your mother’s spell –”

“The spell on the cookies –”

“Our fates are one –”

“Now we are connected to Haru –”

“He is our master.” To Haru’s surprise, all six men said master at the same time, giving the word undeniable emphasis.

Kyoko’s face turned an incredible shade of red; however, Haru couldn’t decide if it was anger or embarrassment. And after that comment about him being the men’s master, he was certain that his cheeks were just as red also.

Kyoko waved her hands and arms like she was doing part of a cheerleading routine before shouting a word that didn’t make any sense to Haru. At that very moment, a cold wind swirled around him, making him shiver violently as he drew up his arms and legs. Unfortunately, that action only gave the six men a reason to get even closer to him. Their body heat was a welcome relief, although Haru didn’t like the way they were leaning against him and pressing certain body parts in contact with his hands and feet. He’d had more personal space on a crowded subway.

Stomping her feet, Kyoko repeated the same movements. The effect on the men startled Haru. They were changing right before his eyes as their features shimmered like sand caught in a wind storm. Haru flinched. What in the world was going on? Now the demons — Haru couldn’t think of them as men anymore — could have passed for fifteen or sixteen years old at the most. Small, curled, black horns protruded from both sides of their heads near their temples. Tails, extending out from the base of their spines, flicked back and forth. Smooth wings like a bat’s jutted from their backs. They were still beautiful, in Haru’s opinion, but in a weird, other-worldly way. Spooked by this strange turn of events, Haru tried to twist away once more, but he still could not slip free.

“Sister, how did you do that? What the hell are they?” Haru didn’t care that fear was making his voice crack. He wanted some answers as much as he wanted to flee.

“I’m sorry, Brother. You must forget all this. Mother can never find out that you ate six of the gingerbread men cookies.” Kyoko spoke more of that strange language as she made some quick gestures with her hands. “Let me touch your forehead.” She scurried up to him, but the demon sitting between Haru’s knees, slapped her hand before pushing her away.

Haru felt like he was drowning in a cold sea. Uncontrollable shaking racked his body as Kyoko reached out for him once again. With his head pounding as if it were about to explode, Haru knew he would have collapsed if the demons hadn’t been there to prop him up.

“You have to obey me,” Kyoko bellowed. “It’s in the contract!”

Once again, Haru noted a change in the group’s demeanor. They faced his sister with shoulders back and chins up as their small, black wings snapped open and closed. Despite all the nervous energy they displayed, they did not seem to fear her.

“If you make him forget us –”

“Force us to leave him –”

“You will destroy your brother –”

“He should not suffer –”

“He will not pay the price –”

“For your foolishness, young witch.”

Amusement tainted with panic made Haru laugh so hard that tears spilled from his eyes. Had they just called his sister a witch?

“Silence! I won’t stop until you imps go back to the spirit world where you belong.” Kyoko’s face was now drawn tight into a demented mask of determination.

Imps? Spirit world? Haru’s laughter was quashed as quickly as it started when his sister continued on with more gestures and foreign words. If there was a description for the pain he was experiencing, he might have said icicles were piercing his chest. Glancing at his hands and feet, he tried to determine if frostbite was imminent. His fingers and toes looked okay, but that didn’t mean much. Haru wanted to ask Kyoko to stop what ever the hell she was doing. Unable to plead, all he could do now was to bite his lip, hoping he wouldn’t scream.

“You must stop.” The room rang with the force of the imps’ combined voices. Haru thought it was exhilarating and frightening at the same time.

“I command you to leave!” Kyoko edged closer, but to Haru’s eyes she seemed to have lost all confidence.

Chilling pain spiked through Haru’s body once again, and this time he did scream as darkness swarmed his peripheral vision. He was dying. He was sure of it.

“NO —




US —


Haru watched in amazement as Kyoko was swept off her feet by some unseen force. She landed on the floor with a thud before she was sent tumbling backwards. Tangled up in the dropped sheets, she passed over the threshold of the bedroom seconds before the door slammed closed behind her. This was followed by pounding and the sound of crying from the other side of the door. Haru wondered if she would get back in, but to his immense relief the commotion continued for less than a minute. With a sigh, he slumped down on the mattress since he was too tired to care that his situation was still very unnatural. Or maybe he should say it was supernatural. At least the pain was subsiding.

The imps sat around the mattress for some time without talking. Their wings were still and their tails only twitched occasionally. Haru guessed that the imps might be tired also.

“Thank you for protecting me,” Haru whispered. He wasn’t sure why he was being so quiet, but the moment had a solemn atmosphere.

The imps all nodded once as if to say you are welcome. Haru tried to think of some way to break the tension. Only questions came to mind. He couldn’t even stir up the energy to retrieve his clothes. Being naked wasn’t even that big of a deal anymore.

Ultimately, Haru gave in to his curiosity. “What were the cookies really suppose to do?” Despite how stupid the question sounded when he asked it, Haru continued on. “I guess I’m trying to understand how all this occurred.” Haru scratched the back of his neck. “Maybe I never will.”

There was a collective sigh as if the imps really didn’t want to talk about such matters.

“A woman would eat one —

“Or perhaps two cookies —

“The spell creates the perfect lover for her —

“Sexual wishes are fulfilled –”

“After a few hours the spell is broken –”

“The lover disappears by returning to the spirit world.”

Haru stared at them. Was his mother really running some kind of spirit pimping business? “You do this willingly? Are you paid like a host?”

The imps spoke in unison once again, their voices tinged with amusement. “Your mother has a contract with the demon who controls hundreds of imps.”

Haru brought his hand to his mouth, fearing he might throw up. Had he benefited from slavery? Was his comfortable life brought about at the expense of these imps?

The imps patted his shoulders and ruffled his hair.

“Do not fret –”

“It is necessary to work so we can mature –”

“The demon protects us from dangers –”

“There are creatures in the spirit world –”

“Creatures that find imps –”

“To be a tasty part of their diets.”

Haru’s shoulders relaxed by a few degrees. “What are your names?” It felt wrong to think of them as ‘those imps’ after they had helped him.

“Only demons have names.”

Haru shook his head. “I guess I’ll have to give you temporary names.” Judging from the smiles on the imps’ faces, Haru figured they liked the idea. Unfortunately he could only think of cute pet names at this time, and those didn’t seem appropriate. He’d have to take his time and pick out some good names for them. The names might be appropriate for their personalities since their overall appearance was very similar with their dark red hair and black horns and wings. Yet as he studied them closely, he noticed that their eyes were different colors. One imp had violet eyes. Another had brown eyes. He took some time to look at each imp. He saw green, blue and gray eyes, but Haru was so captivated by the bright golden eyes of one imp that he couldn’t look away for a long time. The imp beamed at him before reaching out to touch his face. Haru blushed once again as he thought about kissing the imp.

Coughing, he tried to clear his head by turning the conversation in a new direction. “So did Mother put a spell on me so I wouldn’t find out she and my sister are witches. I never even thought about going in the commercial kitchen or asking to taste the cookies she made.”

“The spell made girls find you unattractive.”

“What?” Haru was appalled by their simple, direct answer. “Are you joking? Why did she do that? Do you know?” Nevertheless, it certainly put things in perspective when he thought about the way girls had treated him since middle school.

“A witch’s son is a rare bargaining chip –”

“A bargaining chip for power –”

“If he marries a witch –”

“She will give birth to many powerful daughters –”

“Bringing prestige to your mother –”

“And the bride’s mother.”

Haru punched his pillow. “Damn, I still don’t get why she thought she had to do that. I just want to date and have some fun before I get married. I’ve always thought I’d get married someday … eventually … maybe when I’m forty.” Haru felt like he had been dropped into some ridiculous comedy. Did Father know Mother was a witch? He strongly doubted if his father was aware of the truth behind Mother’s bakery business.

“It is likely she wanted to keep you pure –”

“Until she could marry you off –”

“To a bride she would choose –”

“There would be disputes and complications –”

“If other children were born –”

“Before the wedding could take place.”

“I see,” Haru whispered. “Well … maybe I understand.” It troubled him to imagine how his life might have turned out if he hadn’t stood up to his sister this evening. On the other hand, the future was looking much better with the protection of six imps. Certainly, it would be awkward around the house for awhile, but it appeared he had the means of getting his own apartment in Sapporo and some much needed distance from his mother.

The imps stood up. Haru shivered, unsure about what was going to happen next. Without them sitting close by, he felt cold so he pulled the sheet around him even though it had dried come on it. His alternative was to ask the imps to sit back down and snuggle up to him.

They grinned at him as if they could tell what he was thinking. Haru watched them close their eyes.

“What are you doing?” Several minutes had passed since the imps had silently taken up positions around the room and closed their eyes. Haru couldn’t see any meaning to their doing so. They were evenly spaced along the perimeter of the room, but, as far as he could tell, they weren’t lined up with any particular direction of the compass.

After opening their eyes, they answered him.

“Imps do not have much power –”

“Our power increases very slowly over the centuries –”

“Until we are full grown demons. But you have accepted us –”

“You are the lens to help us focus and combine –”

“By combining our limited powers –”

“We will do wonderful things for you.”

Haru jumped up as the room began to transform. Candles replaced the lamp and overhead light. The bed frame disappeared, and the mattress grew in size until it took up most of the floor. Huge vases filled with fragrant red roses appeared in the corners of the room and on Haru’s desk while his clothes floated into the air before neatly folding themselves to be tucked away into the dresser. New, silky sheets replaced the flannel ones.

Pop! A wooden tray appeared at Haru’s side. It held a delicate ceramic basin filled with water and next to it was a generous stack of washcloths and hand towels. Crouching down, Haru dipped his fingertips in the water. It was the perfect temperature for a quick wash. Taking one of the cloths, he dunked it into the basin to soak up the herbal scented water. Even as he put the washcloth over his face, he felt the mattress dip down all around him. He didn’t have to look to know the imps were back by his side. Haru protested as the washcloth was plucked away.

“Give that back. I’m not a child. I can wash myself.”

Six washcloths were now sliding over his skin. It was amazing to him that the imps didn’t get in each other’s way, but their grace and dexterity couldn’t distract him for long. The cloths ran over his back, belly, neck and underarms with just the right amount of pressure. He felt clean and dirty all at once.

“No, you are not a child –”

“You are a prince –”

“A gem that should be polished –”

“And admired –”

“As he shines –”

“With desire.”

Haru didn’t resist when they made him stand up once more. The washing continued but it went on much longer than was really necessary. One of the imps gently pushed back Haru’s foreskin to clean underneath it. That was the last straw.

Haru put his hands on the shoulders of the two nearest imps. “Stop. No more cleaning.”

He had six sexy imps seducing him and he didn’t see any reason to refuse their advances. The golden-eyed imp who was sitting directly in front of Haru leaned forward to place Haru’s cock in his mouth. Haru tilted his hips and arched his back. Just like in the dream, it took only a few heartbeats before he was completely hard.

When a bottle appeared in the imp’s hand, the imp gave Haru one last lick from his balls to the tip of his cock before dribbling the warmed oil over Haru’s length. Haru whimpered. The oil was only a light, teasing touch after the ardent suction of the blowjob. Haru didn’t resist as he was eased down on the bed by six pairs of hands. Would he have to beg the imp to continue sucking him?

Before Haru could say another word, the golden-eyed imp straddled his hips while guiding Haru right towards paradise. The pressure and initial resistance made Haru cry out as pleasure mingled with pain. Sweat covered his body as the scent of roses and fresh herbs intensified. Gripping the imp’s thighs, he struggled to keep from losing his mind. When the full weight of the imp finally settled onto Haru’s hips, Haru knew he was all the way inside. It was if his shaft was swathed in heated silk as he bucked wildly upward to come in sharp pulses that left him lightheaded. Haru was sure he had only lasted a minute, but it had been the most incredible minute of his life. The imp didn’t seem to mind as he leaned forward to capture Haru’s mouth in a passionate kiss. All of them continued to pet Haru and praise him as if he was the best lover in the world.

After moving aside, the imp that had been riding Haru’s cock, pressed Haru’s legs towards his chest. Thinking he was about to get it up the ass, Haru moaned and clutched at the sheets; however, the imp only pushed Haru’s legs together so his dick could rub between Haru’s thighs. Haru watched through half-lidded eyes, fascinated by the way the blood dark tip peeked out again and again from between his pale legs. Other imps poured more oil onto Haru’s palms before guiding his fingers into frenzied hand jobs on each side. His world became a mixture of body heat and rhythmic movement as the rest of the imps hovered over him, stroking their cocks in his direction. A chorus of his name rang out as the imps came on his chest and hands.

Haru ran his fingertips through the multiple trails of sticky come on his chest. Part of his mind fussed that he should have been disgusted; nevertheless, he was enthralled by the happiness so clearly present on the imps’ faces. He didn’t resist as the imps cleaned him with the washcloths once more before setting a pillow under his head and drawing a soft, fuzzy blanket over him. Stretching out his arms and legs, Haru yawned like a sleepy, well-fed cat before rolling over onto his side.

It seemed like he hadn’t slept for very long before he awoke to the sound of growling. Haru quickly pressed his hand against his empty belly.

Without any fanfare, a bowl of ramen appeared beside him, along with a pair of chopsticks. Near by, a platter of sliced fruit also waited for him. “That smells great. How did you know I wanted ramen?” He sampled the broth before popping a slice of barbequed pork that had been set on top of the ramen into his mouth. It was delicious.

Slightly disconcerted, he noticed the six pairs of eyes watching as he slurped his noodles. “Are you hungry? You should eat also.” They shook their heads while grinning at him. Haru was confused until he noticed that the imps were becoming aroused once more. When the ramen was all gone, the imps took turns feeding him chunks of fruit and letting him suck the sweet juice off their fingers while making no effort to hide their erections. Haru wavered, unsure if he would enjoy sucking cock since he’d never fantasized about that before. Despite their obvious excitement, none of the imps forced themselves into Haru’s mouth. He was thankful for that so he let them rub against him anyway they wanted to. Best to start slowly at learning new skills, he told himself when the idea of giving six blowjobs in one night made his jaw ache.

When he was comfortably full, Haru kicked back on the mattress. It was almost too easy to become used to the decadence of eating naked while being indulged by six lovers. Yes, life was good, and it would keep improving by his estimation. Feeling shameless, he began to think out loud about his next steps when he returned to school.

“Now that Mother’s spell isn’t affecting me anymore, I’m going to ask the cutest girl in my class out on a date tomorrow. I bet all the girls will fight over me when they see how handsome I really am.”

Loud, sustained laughter erupted around him. Although the cheerful clamor made Haru want to join in, he could tell the imps were laughing at him and not with him.

“Think about this, Prince Haru –”

“No modern girl will give you her undivided attention –”

“Or fulfill your every sexual demand –”

“Or simply delight you with the sound of her voice –”

“Forget about the girls –”

“You have us.”

The End

My heart felt thanks to the beta-readers who helped me to improve my story. They were wonderfully kind and patient. Any errors are my own because I pick at my writing until the last moment.

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