An Elaborate Game Involving Oral Sex

by Flower of Carnage


This was bad, Jade thought, because he wasn’t gay and he didn’t want anal sex.

He took a tiny sip of his mojito and smiled, the bite of the rum on his tongue. The drink was far too strong. The shore was a long way away, although he could still make out the lounger he’d hired for the day by the garish pattern of the towel. His swimming trunks were too small. They were red and tight and cut so low that they felt like they might slip down at any moment. He knew that was the point, but it didn’t make them easier to wear. Why had Erasmus sent him on this mission?

“So, Daniel. What a lovely yacht,” he said.

“Thanks, it was my father’s. He hand-built her, pretty much. See those portholes on the far bulkhead?”

“Oh, yes?”

“He said they’re reclaimed from the Titanic.”

“Is that true?”

“No, but then the old man’s never worried about things like the truth,” Daniel said.

Daniel Khan was Alen Khan’s only child, and Alen Khan was a very dangerous man. Jade sucked at his straw and considered his options. This was a job like any other, Erasmus had made that clear. His task was to gather information on Daniel’s father. He met Daniel’s eyes and smiled. Under the warm sun, his shoulders prickled. Oral sex might be manageable, if he was really pushed.

Daniel took off his sunglasses and laid them on the small low hardwood table that sat between them. It also held the mojito jug, a small bottle of sun lotion (Clarins) and a copy of ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.’

“Would you like something to eat?” Daniel said. “I have a chef.” He said it like it was a normal thing to have one’s own chef; he didn’t sound at all like he was bragging.

“Ah, I should be getting back soon.”

“Back to the beach?”

It was where Daniel had found him. Or rather, it was where Jade had placed himself to be found. He’d felt very out of place sitting at the beach bar for several hours, waiting for Daniel to come along, but it had worked.


“To continue sunbathing?”

“I suppose.” Jade cast a look over to the distant strip of white sand, dotted with miniature sun loungers and the tiny bronze bodies of the beach denizens.

“But you’ve time to stay a little?” Daniel said. “You came all the way out here, after all.” His voice was full of subtle meaning. “We could swim, if you’d like.”

“You can show me around.” Erasmus would be angry if he went back with nothing.

“Do you want another drink?”

“No, I’m fine. Thank you.”

Daniel steadied his elbow as they walked across the deck. It dipped with the swell of the sea, but not very much. Daniels’s grip was very light, barely there.

The boat was huge. Daniel showed him the galley, where a man in an orange apron was chopping up something pink, then the stateroom with its entertainment system and white sofas, the dining room, the jacuzzi spa pool up on the top deck, with the plastic bubble for when it rained, the three guest rooms, the study with a laptop and shelves of nautical-looking books.

“Do you spend much time on here?” Jade asked. It didn’t look very well lived in, apart from the study.

“Not so much. My father has always kept me busy.”

“Oh?” Jade tried to sound bored.

Daniel gave him a long look. “He’s a very powerful man.”

Finally, Daniel pushed open a white-painted wooden door. The room was cool, perfectly air conditioned. The linen on the bed was white and looked invitingly crisp and fresh.

“You like it?” Daniel said. He stood at Jade’s shoulder, hand just touching the small of his back. Jade tried not to step away.

“It’s very pleasant. Do you bring all your visitors here?”

Daniel’s hand slipped lower, thumb brushing the waist of Jade’s trunks.

“No,” he said, in Jade’s ear. Jade shivered. Daniel was standing close enough now that his leg brushed against Jade’s. It was a light touch, but electric. “Only the ones I want to– fuck.”

“What makes you think I’m here for that?”

Daniel snorted. “Why else are you here?”


“You came to this beach in those shorts and you want conversation?”

“Yes.” He should find the door and leave. He could swim to shore, easily. He was sure of it.

Daniel sat on the end of the bed, his hands resting on the sheets. His skin gleamed in the soft light, dark against the bed. He looked very serious, his face turned up. “So, then. Let’s have a conversation. Why are you here, if not for sex? You look like you are. You acted like you were, back on the beach. Or maybe you’re just bi-curious?”

Jade sucked on his bottom lip for a second. It was a bad habit and he only did it when he was worried. Erasmus had mostly forced such habits out of him. Daniel was watching him. This was going wrong, Jade could feel it. “Maybe I am.”

“Maybe we can have a conversation about sex.”

Oral sex might work, he thought, closing his eyes very briefly. He opened them in shock as Daniel reached out and hooked a finger into the top of Jade’s trunks.

“I– Ah– ”

“Jade, look at me.” Daniel’s eyes were very dark and his lips were pink and wet. Jade let himself be pulled closer, until he was standing between Daniel’s thighs. “I know something about you, Jade,” he said. “I know you’re not who you say you are.”

Jade’s palms went cold. “What?”

“Do you think I’m stupid?”

“No, I don’t.” He actually really didn’t.

“Are you going to tell me who sent you?”

“I can’t tell you.”

“You’re very honest for a spy.”

“That’s because I’m not a spy.”

“I don’t believe that.” Daniel smoothed his palms over Jade’s hips, up to his waist. His breath was warm on Jade’s skin, his mouth temptingly close. “Perhaps you’d better start persuading me that we never had this conversation,” Daniel said.

He moved back on the bed, easing his shorts down over his thighs, slowly and carefully, watching Jade all the time. His erection jutted up, surrounded by dark hair. A thin line of it reached up to his navel, marking a trail over his stomach. He spread his legs a little and stroked a hand along his inner thigh.

“I can’t,” Jade said, panic blooming inside him.

“Do you want me to make your life very difficult? Because I can.”

Jade swallowed. “It’s already difficult.” His voice was surprisingly steady.

Daniel nodded, like he understood. He circled the head of his penis with his thumb and forefinger and touched himself with small delicate movements. “This won’t make it much worse then, will it?”

Back on the beach, his towel was probably getting stolen. Jade looked down at himself. Erasmus was going to hate this. Maybe Erasmus didn’t need to know.

“We can keep it a secret.”

Daniel nodded. “A secret, yes.”

“Okay. I will.”

Daniel’s breathing got heavier as Jade knelt on the bed, between his legs. “Yes,” he whispered, cupping his hand around Jade’s arm and drawing him down. “Come here.”

“I’ve never done this before,” Jade said. He wondered if this was some elaborate game, one that involved gay oral sex. He lowered his face down, squeezed his eyes shut and felt something hot and smooth and wet nudge at his lip. He gasped, but it only stayed there, touching him softly, nothing hard or pushy.

Daniel touched the back of his neck and his shoulders. Jade opened his mouth a crucial inch and got a rush of power from it. He licked out with his tongue and heard a soft moan.

“It’s not so difficult, is it?” Daniel said. “I think you’ll do just fine.”

Jade nodded, not taking the words in properly. He could feel the hot weight of it on his tongue and the exact thickness as it stretched his lips. When he slid his lips further down the shaft Daniel’s breath caught. Jade slid both hands along Daniel’s thighs, spreading them apart a little, and that drew an almost silent moan. This was power, Jade thought, as he tightened his lips.

It was easy, he thought, letting his tongue wash against the underside of Daniel’s shaft. He did it slowly, almost absently, tracing the ridges with the tip of his tongue, learning the shape, listening to Daniel’s tight fast breaths. He could do this again if needed. He almost reared back in shock when Daniel cupped his jaw.

“It’s okay?” Daniel said. “It’s not hurting?”

It was, somewhere around the hinge of his jaw, but not enough to make him want to stop.

“No, it’s good,” he said, flicking a glance up to Daniel’s face. He let his lips slide against the head as he spoke. There was a sharp salty taste on his tongue, not unpleasant. Different to anything he’d tasted before. He licked at the beads of fluid that leaked from the tip, sweeping his tongue over the tiny hole, pushing the very end of his tongue into the shallow dip. From outside there was no sound, apart from the faint lapping of water against the hull and the small tink tink of the rigging tapping in the breeze.

“Don’t stop,” Daniel whispered. Under Jade’s hands his thigh muscles were tightening. He curled his hand tighter about the back of Jade’s neck, pulling him in for real now. “Don’t stop.”

“Are you– What about the– Orgasm?”

“Let me come in your mouth,” Daniel said, hot and low. His cock moved against Jade’s mouth, springing against his lips of its own accord. “God, I want to see you swallow it.”

“I don’t think I’ll like it,” Jade said. His heart was hammering pretty fast, like it always did in the heat and excitement of a mission. Breathing became much harder, like he couldn’t get enough air. He could be underwater, drowning. “Daniel– I don’t– ”

“Oh,” Daniel muttered. “Oh god. Oh god.”

Jade had to close his eyes. His mouth was full and he didn’t know what to do with it apart from let his throat work and swallow it. It didn’t taste great and the texture was odd, but he realised after a few seconds that he was panting like he’d just finished a race and that blood was beating in his ears and in his cock.

“What now?” Jade said. His tongue was tingling. He took his shaking hands from Daniel’s body and knelt back on his heels, neatly folding his hands. Daniel blinked at him.

“You’re very odd,” Daniel said, softly, and then he smiled. He held out a hand. “Let me touch you.”

“No. I don’t like being manipulated,” Jade said.

“I’m my father’s son. What do you expect?”

Jade slid backwards off the bed. What had he just done?

“Are you going to have a heterosexual crisis?”

“No,” Jade said. “I have to go.”

Daniel leaned up on an elbow and ran a hand through his hair. He frowned, and it made him look anxious and not at all like the blessed son of a powerful and dangerous oligarch. “You are having a crisis.”

“I’m simply leaving. Now.”

“I meant what I said,” Daniel said, unfolding off the bed and coming closer, all long limbs and tanned skin and smooth muscles. Jade tried not to look at his penis. He’d had it in his mouth. “I won’t tell anyone. This is between us.”

“Why would I even trust you?” Jade said, folding his arms across his chest. He felt every inch of his nakedness.

“You’re going to need something for your boss, aren’t you? Some juicy fact about my father?”

Jade had a description of the inside of Daniel’s bedroom so far. He watched Daniel wipe himself off with a towel and pull on his trunks. “I don’t know what you mean,” he said.

Daniel sighed. “You can stop pretending.”

“All right. Yes. I need something.”

“Okay. My father’s written me out of his will. How’s that?”

“Ah. Interesting.”

Daniel laughed, loud and genuine. His voice was accented faintly, although with which dialect it was hard to tell. He’d moved around as a child and young adult, Russia, China, India, Africa, anywhere where his father could network on the global black market.

“Because you’re– ”

“Gay, yes.”

“Well, that’s– ”

“Actually, it’s strangely liberating.”

“Thank you for the information. It’s useful.” Erasmus would be pleased. Perhaps Jade would be assigned leave time for this.

Daniel stared at him for several seconds, and Jade wondered if he was going to say something else, and what that might be, but Daniel shook his head.

The wooden deck was sun warm under his bare feet. He found his flip-flops and his cotton beach bag and his hat and sunglasses by the deck chairs. The ice had melted in his mojito, and there were several small flies floating on the surface. He wanted a glass of water, something to banish the odd taste that lingered in his mouth. It was an interesting taste. He wasn’t about to ask Daniel for anything, though. He could visit the beach bar and buy a mineral water. That would be better.

Daniel’s hand brushed his thigh when they climbed down into the boat, and Jade was aware of his own desire, unsatisfied. He squashed it down hard and stared at the beach as they sped back, the little boat bouncing on the sparkling waves. He clung on to his white plastic seat and tried not to look at the way Daniel’s shoulders flexed as he steered. At least he’d avoided the anal sex, he thought, and Erasmus would be satisfied with the information. It was a successful mission after all.

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