The Problem With Puberty

by Tamanegi Amai (玉葱亜麻衣)


It was at the main gate on the first day of class that Len realized something Very Wrong had happened over the span of several months. He had refused to acknowledge it before, but now…he had no choice but to.

Five foot seven. He stared. Five foot seven and this was only the beginning. Who was this beast of a man standing in front of him? Surely it wasn’t Tomo. It couldn’t be- just at the end of the last school year he had been at least an inch taller than the boy, two inches even! And yet the truth stood in front of him, candidly towering a whole three inches over his childlike body. He suddenly felt weak to the knees.

“Len? Are you okay?”

Oh god, even his voice was deeper now.

“Personally, I like him better this way. Much quieter.” Under normal circumstances, Len would have snapped back at Claire, that disgrace of a sister. But considering that his world was currently crumbling around him, he seemed to be a bit preoccupied at the moment. He continued to stare at Tomo, perhaps if he stared at the boy longer he’d feel guilty and change back to his normal, bite-sized self.

…It was worth a shot.

Tomo frowned, feeling a bit uncomfortable being stared at. “Maybe he’s sick, or something…”

If seeing Tomo in his newfound glory was enough to jerk Len into a state of shock, it merely took the now taller boy leaning down and brushing their foreheads together to snap Len right back to reality.

“What…what are you doing?!” Red faced, Len clambered away, started by the sudden (or so he thought) movements of the giant. Tomo gave him a toothy grin (Len noted miserably that had Tomo been his former self, that grin would have been cute, but now it was oddly predatory…). It was no good, no good. He could no longer look the boy in the eye now without feeling somewhat weird and, well, immature. And the worst thing was that Tomo didn’t seem to notice this change at all.

Len jerked forward violently as the boy suddenly pushed him jovially. Obviously, he wasn’t aware of his own strength. Bastard.

“I was just trying to snap you back to life!”

“I don’t need your help, thanks.” Len said coolly, grabbing his bag off the ground (now it was all dusty no thanks to that big oaf…) walking, very dignified, onto campus. He would have to preserve his outward image of grace at the very least. That is…until he saw their reflection in the mirror. He even looked worse when they were standing next to each other! Unable to look his cruel reality in the face, he turned away—only to slam face first into a nearby poll, promptly falling face first onto the ground.

“Len! Are you alright?!” He heard Tomo’s deep voice yell, as blood began to drip from his throbbing nose. Before he could say anything, however, he was swept off his feet as the other boy began to run forward, “Don’t worry, I’ll take you to the Nurse’s office right away!”

…So much for dignity.

“You’re not mad at me, are you?”

“Why would I be?” Curses. He’d be sounding like he had a stuffed nose for weeks now.

Tomo was drumming his nails on the window sill- he always did that when he felt anxious. His voice, while still being annoyingly deep, was soft, slightly reminiscent of his former self.

“I dunno, cause…you know. You’ve been acting distant for a while now.”

He did speak the truth, Len had to admit. But how could he understand, how horrifying it was to watch one of your best friends morph into a completely different creature physically? And in the end, when Tomo had changed, Len stayed the same. It felt like a betrayal, to say the least.

“Not my fault you decided to grow up and leave me behind.” Len sniffed, knowing he was being childish but losing the will to care. At any rate, this seemed to distress Tomo even more (which pleased him slightly, the very least the kid could do was feel a bit guilty, if only to make Len feel better).

“I didn’t want to! I was just perfectly fine being smaller than you, but then I just woke up and woah, you know? And now I wish I could go back because now we have to get new clothes and everyone stares and worst of all you don’t like me any more.” He took a moment to gasp for breath—apparently he had been holding this in for a bit, “And I knew you weren’t going to like it, but there was nothing I could do about it and I wish everything were back to how it used to be.”

Len stared, this time feeling a bit sheepish. Even at his enlarged size, Tomo was at heart a big baby. At least he could make up the difference in maturity. He pulled himself up from the bed, waiting a moment before shoving Tomo off of the mattress.

“Hey! What was that for?! I know you don’t like me but…” The boy whimpered out, looking both surprised and hurt.

“Idiot. Who said that?”

“I dunno…” Tomo looked at the ground while Len tried to repress a smile. How awkwardly cute. He supposed he could get used to this.

“I’m still mad at you for going on and growing without me, but…I guess we could make a compromise.”

“Compromise?” The boy’s head jerked up (Len suspected that if he had a tail, it’d be wagging now). “What, tell me?”

Len pointed at his nose. “See this? This is all your fault. You’re going to have to do something for me to make it feel better.”

“That’s it?”

“…Yeah- but I’m serious here!”

Tomo leapt up, grinning widely, and before Len could say anymore he found himself pinned on the bed, the giant looking him straight in the eyes. He struggled, but was met with the true strength of Tomo’s new found muscle. Eyes wide, Len began to hiss out,

“Whaddya think you’re DO—”

He only stopped when he felt Tomo’s lips rest on top of his nose.

There was a long, unmoving silence before Tomo finally pulled away, a shitfaced smile on his face as he proclaimed happily,

“There! All better!”

Len cheeked burned, both from the embarrassment that this just happened and from the fact that, for the first time ever…Tomo looked undeniably attractive. However, this feeling was short-lived and as soon as what just happened caught up with Len, he grabbed the boy in front of him and commenced to throttle him with all of his might.


“You said you wanted it to feel better and that’s what my Mom does for me so I thought it’d be a good-”

“Do I look like your kid?!”

“I was just trying to help~!”

No, things weren’t exactly the same as before…but at least, they were sure of a hell lot better.

For now at least.

Perhaps kissing him on the nose was a bad idea. It certainly didn’t make things any less awkward. If anything, Len was pulling even further away. It was killing Tomo inside to think about it. As such, during the afternoon clean up he couldn’t seem to do anything but pace around the empty classroom, distraught. Claire was getting impatient.

“Would you stop that? You’re not getting anything done and you’re making me nervous.”

“I can’t help it! Did I do something wrong to Len, Claire? Tell me!”

The girl scoffed, leaning on her broom. “How should I know? Why are you worried about this, anyway? I thought he stopped being all weird about your height weeks ago.”

Tomo pulled at his hair. “I thought so too! But now he refuses to look me in the eye, and whenever I try to pin him down to talk to me he looks at me all weird and pushes me away! And I’m not even sure if he’s angry at me, because he’s just acting…weird.”

Claire paused. “Say…his face wouldn’t be unusually red or anything every time you see him? Eyes averted to the ground at all time, continuously fiddling with his fingers?”

“Yes!” Tomo nodded enthusiastically, “You think he’s sick, and he doesn’t want me to get it or something?”

Suddenly, Claire fell to the ground, cackling. “Oh, my brother has grown up so quickly…!”

“What do you mean?”

“…God, Tomo. You’re so dense. It’s obvious- he likes you.”

“And? He told me he doesn’t hate me weeks ago, even you said so!”

Claire took a moment to massage her head. She didn’t know they grew them this thickheaded anymore. For the moment, she abandoned her sweeping and walked over to her companion, clamping her hands on his shoulder and looking him straight into the eye.

“He likes you likes you. Understand?”

“Wait, I thought that…wait a second…EH?!” Ding! The train was in the station. Claire mused to herself about how pretty the red that currently colored Tomo’s face was. He began to pace even more.

“Are you sure? I mean, if it’s true…that’s fine, I mean, I feel the sa…but no, but no, what am I going to do?!”

“Well, it’s obvious that my brother’s too stupid to make the first move, so it’s up to us set things afoot.”


Claire’s smile was a bit unnerving. “But of course. It’s my duty as an older sister to oversee that my brother’s relationship goes smoothly.”

…Besides, she always saw him as an uke anyway.

“I don’t see why we needed to get here so early…”

“C’mon, don’t you want to help your big sister with her science project due in an hour? You’re good at that stuff!”

“What, making you look good? And anyway, why are we stopping at the gym?”

“Forgot my bag there- you wait in the court while I go get it from the locker room.”

“Whatever.” Len muttered, leaning on the window at the head of the basketball court. “Biggest waste of time ever, coulda been sleeping…” He muttered, absently staring at the tennis courts outside…

…and nearly choking on his tongue when he saw Tomo emerge from the back of the court, racket in hand, shirtless. Why was he here? Oh yes…the Tennis Club (along with every other club in the school) had tackled him down as soon as he had grown so much. Not that Len blamed them.

Mother Nature had treated Tomo very well.

“Shit, I shouldn’t be looking. This is bad…what if sees me?” That didn’t stop him from looking, however. It seemed like Tomo had been there for a while- his skin was glossy from the sweat of practice, and from the way he moved, it was evident how long he had been practicing. Nevertheless, the way he moved…Len absently licked his dry lips, while leaning closer to the window, as if he’d get a better look that way. Shouldn’t be looking, shouldn’t be looking, can’t help it…when the hell did Tomo get such good muscles…


“GAH!” He jerked forward to face his sister, gasping out for breath. “Why’d you have to sneak up on me like that?!”

“Um, you’re the one who was staring outside the window like some kind of freak for the past ten minutes…what were you looking at anyway?” Claire leaned forward, only to be tugged forcefully away from the window as Len began to drag her to the science room.

“None of your business, now am I going to help you or not?”

“Of course.” She grinned. Ahh, the shirt routine. Worked every time.

Maybe if he kept his head down and ate, Tomo would forget he existed. Or maybe he wanted it the other way around, either way…

“…don’t you think so, Len?”

Startled, he shook, nearly crashing head first into his pasta as Tomo’s deep voice resonated in his ear,

“W-What?” First mistake- he lifted his head up. No, bad Len. He was not supposed to catch Tomo by the eye, that’s the way the other boy won. He quickly looked down as Tomo sighed.

“You weren’t even listening to me!”

“I’m trying to eat here!”

“You’re not doing a very good job.”

“And that’s your problem, now? Hey, what are you doing…!” Len felt his head being forcefully pushed up. Tomo looked amused.

“You’ve got some sauce on your cheek.”

“I can clean it off myself!”

“Let me help.”

Len froze. Warm. Tongue. Warm tongue licking his cheek. Pressing down on his skin.

He pulled away quickly, his heart pounding. Normally Tomo’s face would dissolve into its usual jovial expression, but for some reason…he continued to stare at him, face serious. Len’s heart beat faster, as he scrambled away quickly, falling onto his backside as he stared at Tomo, eyes wide, face redder than ever.

“I…I gotta go!” He said, haunted, and quickly made his way out of the cafeteria.

“…Wow.” Claire whistled, walking over to Tomo. “I’m impressed. You make that up? Anyway, now that we’re successfully under his skin…hey, where’re you going?” The boy had begun to quickly walk forward, stopping only to give Claire an apologetic smile.

“Listen, Claire, thanks but…I think I’m causing more harm than good here.” And with that, he was off, quickly trailing behind Len.

“Well…at least he has something to start with now.” Claire frowned, crossing her arms. Boys were interesting creatures. Especially the ones who liked each other.

She’d have to ask for pictures later.

“Come out, Len!”


“You know I was just playing!”

“I don’t care, just go away!”

“You can’t stay in the janitor’s closet forever!”

“How did you find me here anyway?!”

No response. Good, he probably left. Len breathed a sigh of relief. A sigh which quickly became a yelp of horror as he saw the door swiftly kicked open by Tomo. Goddammit, not now, not now…Tomo stood ahead, looking oddly dramatic,

“Now you can’t hide any long…”

Len couldn’t help but note the incredible irony that Tomo’s phrase would end on that particular syllable. Tomo gaped ahead. Or below, as it were.


“I TOLD you to go away!”

“…In the Janitor’s closet?”

“Everyone else uses it and—oh shit close the door.” Tomo quickly complied as he heard a gaggle of freshmen girls nearing by. Close call. Nonetheless, this sudden interruption did not distract him for too long and he found himself staring at the…issue (for lack of better word) in front of him. Len bristled, turning away.

“…Can I touch it?”


“But…you need to finish the job don’t you?”

“Doesn’t mean I need any help with it.” Len grit his teeth. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop Tomo from leaning over and putting one firm palm on Len’s throbbing length. He shrugged, grinning.

“It is my fault, after all.” Len looked up, a bit surprised.

“You think I was doing all of that stuff without knowing it?”

“Well, yeah…”

“First of all, it was your sister who told me about this in the first place. So a lot of this is her fault too, but…I admit to taking a few liberties with the plan at the end.” He licked his lips quickly, staring up at Len frankly. The other boy took a moment to let out an aggravated sigh.

“And to think, I tried so hard to hide this from you…even though you were the one who started it first, with your stupid nose kiss and your stupid cuteness and oh god it’s getting worse.” He stared down, feeling his face burn. Tomo just grinned and leaned forward, licking Len’s throbbing cock teasingly.

“Well, I suppose I’ll do the same thing I did with your nose then- make it feel all better.”

“You bastaaaahhhhh…god.” Len leaned back, crawling at the ground as Tomo began licking gingerly around his length’s delicate skin, his hot breath sending chills down his back. He was both embarrassed and eager, trying hard to keep quiet lest someone hear them but not silencing himself completely for fear that Tomo wouldn’t hear just how badly he wanted this. The boy was pushing him down now, gently, one hand going up as he began to suck and nip and tease tenderly and Len, against his better judgment, began to moan, pant, louder, faster. He began to paw hungrily at Tomo and the boy looked up, slowly beginning to crawl up, grabbing Len by his legs and quickly pulling his pants down.

Impatiently, Tomo pulled his own pants down and without much of a second thought, thrust into Len causing the boy to yelp out in pain at first.

FUCK! Could you be a bit gentler?” He hissed out, distressed.

“I’m sorry, this is my first time too!” Tomo murmured apologetically, but ironically didn’t seem to let up, pulling Len close and rocking them back and forth as the boy writhed restlessly under him. Len bit onto Tomo’s neck in a vain attempt to silence himself, only to relent a bit when the initial pain subsided. Goddamn, they were awkward. Still…this was beginning to feel good again. He pressed himself against Tomo’s strong chest, panting with the other boy as he felt himself come, the red hot feeling searing through his body and leaving him to collapse in the arms of his gentle giant.

The first time always takes a bit of getting used to. It was quick, but ultimately efficient. Even so, it wasn’t until much later, when they lay panting next to each other still nestled rather comfortably in the closet that Len attempted to speak.

“My ass hurts.”

Tomo shifted a bit, and for a second Len thought he could hear the sound of him blushing.

“Yeah…sorry about that.”

“You better be.”

“Um- I could carry you from here, if you’d like?” Tomo said sheepishly and, for the moment, Len couldn’t help but smile. Just then, he heard the timid little kid who used to tag behind his every move. Tomo, physical changes and all, would always ultimately be Tomo. He pulled closer to the warmth of the other boy, burying his head in his chest.

“Yeah, I’d like that.”

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