V Zoni

by Himawari  (ヒマワリ)

It’s a delight to come home to the flat and find Serhiy’s dick in Lyudmila’s mouth. I had been exhausted, coming up the stairs, but I started getting hard just hearing Serhiy’s voice groaning from the other side of the door, as I was fumbling for the door handle in the darkened hallway.

We don’t lock the door. We know our neighbors, and new kiborgi and others taking refuge from bombings in the south are given what they need. That day I’d been with a van convoy bringing a group of people into the Zona. After a long, tense journey northward we dropped them off at the welcoming center we’ve set up in the old railway station. We wish we could bring them in by rail, but lines to the south have all been cut. Routing refugees to us from the north is still difficult, with the outbreaks up there. So train station’s as good a place as any to hold orientations to our communa. We give them radioresistance gene drive packages, or if they already have one, make sure it is working properly. This bodyhack isn’t optional, here.

We now get some people who have zero hacks, and who are simply escaping violence or joining family members, but they really do need to be okay with kiborgi. The earliest of us fled from the Patriarchate’s ban and the mobs which followed. It was a ban on nearly any body modification or implanted device that “interfered with God’s Plan.” The mobs went after anyone with visible cybernetics and prosthetics, and before long they would target tattoos and piercings as well. Children with insulin pumps were outed, and their parents lost jobs and flats. Veterans with military-installed prostheses were not spared, nor was anyone who looked like they even might be trans. That’s how Lyudmila ended up here. And she’s not alone: we have veterans, academics, engineers like me, and doctors. We all work to keep the community hidden and safe. I work the van convoys when needed, monitoring communication frequencies for jamming and media feeds for any fighters that might waylay us.

From the moans, I presumed Serhiy had gotten home early. You’ve heard of the famed large fauna of the Zona? E and eir staff keep them as safe from us as they do us from them. Lyudmila is a teacher and I guess she had gotten home early or traded off an afternoon activity duty. When two of us got home early there was plenty of time for someone’s mouth to end up on someone else’s dick, or cunt, or nipple. That was how we liked it.

We had gotten this apartment about a year before, when it became open in the housing lottery. Sixth floor, gorgeous view of the ferris wheel and the old power plant in the distance, and we can fuck with the curtains open because we’re higher up than anything nearby. It’s going to be great for us, as long as we have or can get new knees, and we don’t expect to have the power for elevators any time soon. I miss plasma engineering, and perhaps someday I’ll be able to finish setting up our mini-tokamak, but we’re only doing wind and solar for now. And anyway, if you saw what I did as I walked in the flat, you wouldn’t think that was going to be a problem soon. Lyudmila was down on her knees with a wide stance for stability, the patellar plates of her army-grade implants solid on the floor. Her wavy black hair obscured my view of  Serhiy’s dick much of the time, and her cheeks were hollowed as she sucked, pulled most of the way off, and made em moan again.

I hung my hat and bag on a peg by the door, and settled silently on the low stool nearby, afraid to break the spell. I was getting painfully tender from my own arousal.

Serhiy was laying blissfully back on the lounge bag in the middle of our living room, completely naked and showing off every tattoo and every trace of the lines of eir myoimplants, which intertwined like black and silver vines over eir skin. The computer interface ports on eir shaven head glinted in the late afternoon light.

Lyudmila is a work of art when she’s sucking cock. She’s tall even when kneeling, with thin limbs both biological and artificial, and I was perfectly positioned to admire the pear-shaped curve of her ass and hips . Now that I was seated I could see the soft curve of her balls, swaying with her motions as she blew Serhiy. She had pulled her hair back with her robotic arm, and now I could see her tongue lapping up and down the side of eir shaft. With her left hand, she held eir hip to keep him from bucking too much.

‘Mila told me once that an old boyfriend asked why she hadn’t had an orchi yet, and still relied on a combo spiro/estrogen pump, instead of selling the family jewels. She told him she liked her own balls more than she liked him, and she dumped him soon after.

I’m a boy with a cunt, so perhaps you see why she and I get along.

But I apologize, my mind wanders as much when describing sex as when having sex. Lyudmila was clearly making Serhiy lose eir mind, and they continued not to notice I was there, until Serhiy got close to coming, and opened eir eyes.

“Anatoli!” e said, and shot that load right into Lyudmila’s mouth. She twitched at the outburst, but swallowed without missing a beat. Then she popped off eir cock, and sat to one side on our shaggy rug to catch her breath.

“Tolik, how long have you been there?” She asked as she wiped her lips. They were always so full and pink after giving head.

“I came in while you were sucking on Serihko.” I rubbed a sweaty palm on my pants, not quite keeping myself from teasing my own erection, and I winced a bit. I could see Serhiy’s pupils zoom in to pinpoints in the solid blue lake of their cybernetic eyes as he saw it. E grinned.

“Is it your turn, Tolya?” e asked me.

I pointed a thumb toward the kitchen. “I was going to make some tea…” but Serhiy was in motion, gripping Lyudmila’s shoulder for balance as e swung up off the beanbag. She steadied his arm with one hand.

“No no, dorohyy, I need to stretch my legs. I’ll bring in the tea. Lyuda, don’t let him finish before I get back!” E cupped my cheek as e went past me, and my EM sensors could taste the minute impulses in eir hands and arms.

“Come here, Tolya,” Lyudmila purred.

I came to kneel on the rug next to her, and began running my hands over her arms and shoulders. She leaned in to kiss me, and then her hands were nimbly unzipping my shirt, and slipping my pants down over my hips. She pushed me onto the beanbag and came down above me, sliding my pants off over my legs as she did so. I reached down to rub her halfway hard penis against my extremely hard one, and we both gasped and giggled as I did. She moved against me as she stuck her tongue in my mouth. She tasted like Serhiy.

I tongued back, and reached up to cup the back of her neck. My EM sensor network makes that an extra special place to hold a lover, because of the rushing river of impulses you can feel running up and down their spine. I squeezed the muscles minutely, generating just the trickle of low current, high voltage across her skin that I knew she loved best. She moaned into my mouth, and I caught at her tongue gently with my lips.

” ‘Mila, let me suck you,” I said. I cradled her breast in my other hand and flicked over the nipple, applying power there too, even more gently.

She gasped against me, and lifted herself up. “Lay down, dorogaya,” I told her, because even though she had a talent for staying upright through an orgasm, with the help of those hardened knee joints, I wanted her to be able to relax. Besides, it tended to work better for me too: I’m short but not that short. She grinned, and pushed off from the bean bag, and spread herself out on the rug. I followed, burying my hands and knees in the shaggy yarn of the rug.

I’ve become pretty expert at sucking a variety of erections, in my time loving Lyuda and Serhiy. With Lyuda, I used quite a lot of suction from time to time, as it came in handy to massage her foreskin into the right spot on my tongue and pull on the rest of her. My right hand I used to massage her balls, and here I had to be gentle: it was one of the few places where she didn’t like a voltage. So I held them, and stroked them, so gently, as I teased her foreskin and licked at the shaft. I was getting incredibly hard, myself, but I ignored the ache and focused on the feel of her skin on my tongue, the gentle bulk between my lips, and her gasps of delight.

I didn’t look up when I heard Serhiy clink the tea tray down on the side table. I knew e’d come to sit on the rug, and before long, I could see one bare foot out of the corner of my eye, the silver lines fanning up to the toes from the ball of eir foot. I left off on stroking Lyuda’s nuts for the moment, and moved that hand to hold me up as I stroked her breast with the other hand. She moved from gasps to low moans, which was a solid sign that she would come soon. So I pulled a little harder, and licked my tongue’s tip against her foreskin before diving lower again, to pull all of her into my mouth. I heard Serhiy gasp, now, behind me, and with a slow moan and a gentle release of fluid, Lyuda was coming into my mouth.

I lingered until she finished quaking, even though my mouth was getting a bit tired. It was only polite, after all! Once her breathing slowed, I released her from my lips and sat up to a kneeling position.

We all stayed very still for a moment, looking at each other. I realized that not only was my cock painfully hard, I was also extremely wet, below it. I squirmed a bit. “Well?” Serhiy asked, watching me.

From the floor, Lyudmila smiled. Then she rolled over and pulled open the cabinet at the edge of the rug. She fished out a blue surgical glove and began putting it on her right hand. You know, the mechanical one. The glove was important: her prosthetic could be a bear to clean.

I looked back to Serhiy and then eir hands were on me. E kissed my nipples and the scars on my chest of various hacks past. I went quietly, settling back against the bean bag again as e ran eir hands up and down my torso and my arms, the tiny currents in eir hands causing sympathetic hums in my sensor net. It felt like forever passed, but I’m sure it was only a few moments later that Lyuda joined em, kneeling by me. She rubbed her gloved and already slicked fingers in the wetness between my legs, and played with my lips, a tug here and a slide there. I moaned and squirmed for her touch.

“I think I might need some help here, Seri,” Lyudmila said, looking down at my engorged cock. Serhiy hummed and nodded, and then moved lower, licking a trail down my belly. I tensed with a wave of anticipation, but I knew I could trust em to touch gently, and take good care of me. E kept a hand on my chest, the hum of eir implants against the hum of mine, as e put eir mouth on my erection and gently, gently rolled eir tongue around it.

“Please?!” I yelped, squirming a bit and making eye contact with Lyudmila.

“I’ve got you,” she replied, and rubbed just the first joint of a finger inside of me. While my cock was hard, my cunt felt soft and open. I whined at her for more. She dipped further inside, and added a finger. I was so wet that I could barely feel the blockiness of her prosthetic fingers, though I could imagine their squarish forms, sliding inside me and back out again.

I’ve said my mind wanders during sex, and so I cannot tell you the progression from having two of Lyudmila’s fingers inside of me to her cupping my pubic bone, all four fingers of her robot hand up to the palm in my cunt. I can only tell you that it was delicious, to push against her and feel her stretching me. Serhiy had kept up the gentle, satisfying pressure of eir lips and tongue on my cock, barely moving, not distracting me from what Lyudmila did with her fingers. I had put a hand on eir neck, in case I needed to ask em to back off, but mostly to feel the impulses traveling eir spine as I was fucked.

Lyuda went no farther; we’d learned that between the squared sides of her prosthetic palm and the angle of her polymer thumb joint, the “full duck” was not for me. The hard sides of her fingers pressed delightfully into me, keeping me open and spreading waves of pleasure through me. I rocked against her hand as best I could, riding a wave of sensation until finally a tremor started in my thighs, overtook my entire pelvis and stomach, and I came with a shout and a wave of fluid.

My partners rode it out, Seri’s hand steadying my chest and Lyudmila’s hand solid for my body to squeeze. Then it was over, and with a wave of my hand I asked Lyuda to back off. She slid her hand out of me, the emptiness almost as heady as the fullness had been. Seri kept a steady pressure on my dick until it started to soften, and then I tapped out against eir shoulder. My legs were still shaking, intermittently. Now, finally, I began to feel overstimulated instead of just perfectly stimulated enough.

Lyuda sat down next to the bean chair to strip the glove off her hand, and I moved my leg to press against her side. I was beginning to drop from the intensity of the moment. Seri sat on my other side, also touching me. Finally, I worked up the impulse to slide down, so that I was sitting on my arse between them.

Tears pricked my eyes. “I love you,” I said. “I’m so happy to come home to you.” I pulled both of them in for an embrace, and we huddled on our rug in our living room in our flat, and were safe.

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  1. i love love love the hints of worldbuilding and, dare i say, tragedy, in the background, but i especially love how you pushed that to the background and let this happy trio and their active sex life take the foreground. holy shit wow!!!

  2. There are so many great details in this, hinting at the wider world. I love the sense of safety you end on.

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