The Violinist

by Cela Aerecura


illustrated by Cela Aerecura

He had seen Llyr before, of course, as they did live under the same roof, and he knew the man worked for his uncle as an entertainer of sorts. But never had he thought the musician was this skilled. Iorwerth supposed he should have known, as his Lord Uncle only wanted the best. But this? The boy was completely ensnared by the music coming from that violin. He watched how Llyr’s slender fingers moved on the strings with rapt attention, and forgot the fact that it was cold and he was standing on the stone floor with bare feet.

Only when the music stopped did Iorwerth start thinking rationally, and realized he should go back to his chambers. Both so the man would not notice him and so not to catch a cold.

After that first night, Iorwerth came back to the balcony almost every night to hear the music and watch how Llyr’s hair was blowing in the wind, kept away from his face with a leather band, and how his entire body seemed to be filled only with music.

It was on one of these nights – when Iorwerth was studying the calmness that always seemed to be on Llyr’s face when he played – that the boy noticed he was forming a crush on the older man. He had never spoken to him, though, and when he came to think about it, had not seen him in the halls once since he started watching the man at night either.

Iorwerth had not noticed the music stopping, and did not see Llyr turning towards him until he suddenly heard a voice. The boy looked up, alarmed that the man had seen him there and annoyed at himself for getting distracted and not hearing what was being said to him.

“Do you want to come out?” Llyr repeated, noticing the question mark planted on the boy’s face.

“Oh,” Iorwerth said, “I will.”

Llyr only smiled slightly and took his violin up to play. This piece was a beautiful ballad, perfect for that starry night. Staring in fascination, Iorwerth stood before the man. He was confused, and could not understand what had happened or what would happen, but the melody from the violin distracted his thoughts; let his brain rest and his eyes only follow Llyr’s fingers, occasionally daring to get a closer look at the man’s quite handsome face.

“Did you like it?” Llyr asked when he finished playing, looking directly into Iorwerth’s eyes. The boy nodded, blushing, but kept his gaze on the violinist’s face.

“Would you like to try?” the man said, noticing the boy’s gaze flicker to the hand that held the violin. He usually would not show such things to inexperienced people or let someone else use his violin, but there was something about the teen that intrigued him. Iorwerth looked up at Llyr’s face again, surprise evident in his eyes.

“You… But I’ve never played the violin before,” Iorwerth protested half-heartedly, for he knew he wanted to try, even if he was scared of making a fool of himself.

“I will teach you.”

The boy sighed, but smiled at the same time. It was not every day you received chances like this. Beckoning Iorwerth closer, the older man placed the instrument on the curly-haired boy’s shoulder and the bow in his hand. He kept his hands where they were, standing behind the boy and placing his hands where they should be.

“Relax,” Iorwerth heard the man say, but it was difficult when he could feel the warmth radiating from Llyr’s body behind him and he really was nervous enough as it was. Still, he took a few deep breaths to calm himself, and nodded when he felt ready to try.

The first few tries were disastrous, and even if Iorwerth told the violinist to let it be, Llyr would not give up so easily. Not when his mind seemed to be so set on this.

“Even I started out like this,” he said. “It takes a long time to learn, but if you always give up in the beginning, you will never learn anything.” The man had a point, Iorwerth decided, and carried on trying to play the simple melody Llyr was trying to learn him, even if it sounded like nothing but screeching. It looked so easy when the man’s fingers moved over the strings, but when Llyr tried, he felt like his fingers changed into potatoes, clumsily missing the spots that weren’t even marked, damn it.

This nightly practice continued over the weeks, but the two of them never really did anything but teach and learn, and did not acknowledge each other with anything more than a glance whenever they met at other times of the day. Iorwerth was slowly improving, and gained more confidence even if the constant presence of the older man made him nervous, especially when Llyr stood right behind or beside the boy to show him something. However, Iorwerth was more annoyed with himself for not getting over the stupid crush. After all, it was not Llyr’s fault he was this talented and good-looking.

Iorwerth shook his head; he needed to stop these thoughts once and for all, and not let his hormones come in the way of him learning the art of playing the violin. At least he told himself the music was the only reason he kept coming back. He did not want the man to be disappointed in him, that was it.

“Iorwerth?” the man’s voice broke through the brunet’s thoughts and the boy realised he had stopped paying attention again.

“Is there something on your mind?” Llyr asked; his voice too close to Iorwerth’s ear for the boy’s comfort. He could feel the older man’s breath washing over the side of his face and held back a shiver that had nothing to do with the cold. He then turned to face the dark-haired man as calmly as possible. However, with the proximity even more obvious now they were standing face-to-face made it rather difficult to stay calm, and a shiver ran through his body in response to his wandering thoughts.

“I am sorry, are you cold? You should be wearing more,” Llyr said, taking off his coat to put around the boy’s shoulders. Iorwerth smiled at the gesture, feeling Llyr’s scent invade his senses from all sides as he tried to keep himself from leaning into the touch of the hands now holding the coat closed.

“I am all right, really. There is no need for you to fuss over me,” Iorwerth finally answered, a tiny smile on his lips as he looked back up into the older man’s face. One hand reached up to touch the strand of hair that had fallen out of the man’s ponytail and he suddenly found himself only inches from Llyr’s face. He was not sure who of them had moved, but gave the older man’s hair a small tug, leaning upwards and leting their lips meet in an awkward kiss.

Pulling away rather quickly, Iorwerth continued playing with the strand of hair, twining it between his fingers and waiting to see Llyr’s reaction.

The feeling that he was doing something entirely inappropriate welled up in the violinist, yet somehow, the tiny spark he had felt when their lips met seemed to take control over his body. He leaned down to give the boy another kiss, flicking his tongue over Iorwerth’s lips.

Closing his eyes, Iorwerth licked back at Llyr’s lips, then let his tongue slip shyly inside the man’s mouth. At the same time, he pulled the man’s warm body closer to his own, for he needed the physical contact.

Llyr pulled away for a moment, using what he had left of coherent thought to put the violin and bow down, then pulled the boy close again. This time he licked briefly on Iorwerth’s ear, gaining a tiny moan in return, before moving back to the boy’s mouth.

His hands moved to Llyr’s waist, tugging at his shirt and softly rubbing the skin under the fabric. Feeling himself harden slightly with all the kisses and touches, Llyr moved his body away from Iorwerth’s, embarrassed. Iorwerth, however, seemed to have other thoughts and arched his body towards the older man’s, still moving his fingers over Llyr’s stomach. He then gave the man’s lips a final lick before pulling away.

“Come with me?” Iorwerth asked, letting his hands move up toward the man’s chest. Llyr simply nodded, even if he was not completely sure what the boy meant.

When they approached the door to Iorwerth’s chambers, after walking through the dark corridors as quietly as possible, Llyr understood what the boy was thinking and grabbed his hands, making sure Iorwerth looked up at him.

“Are you sure about this?” Llyr asked; a serious note to his voice. A soft smile and a hand moving down the man’s side and over his lower belly was the only answer Iorwerth gave.

“…You are young,” the older man tried again, though only half-heartedly, for the hand now under his shirt distracted him too much.

“I am not that young, Llyr; I know what I want,” the curly-haired boy said, letting his other hand join the first one. Llyr groaned softly at Iorwerth’s touch and gave up his inner struggle; if the boy really wanted this, he would give it to him as best as he could.

Taking Llyr’s hand in his, Iorwerth opened the door and dragged the man with him. After a quick kiss, the boy closed the door and locked it as quietly as he could; he would not want any curious servant or worse spying on them.

Llyr was already sitting down on the bed, his shirt untucked and his hair in disarray. Iorwerth had to stop a moment to admire the man, but he wanted more than just the view, and walked forward to seat himself on the violinist’s lap.

Leaning forward to claim the other’s lips, Iorwerth moved his hands to tangle in the man’s hair. Llyr put his hands on the boy’s waist, pushing the fabric of the shirt up and rubbed his thumbs softly over the sensitive skin of Iorwerth’s hips.

A tiny gasp escaped the curly-haired boy’s mouth as he pulled away from the fierce kiss. However, he quickly found his mouth occupied again, as the violinist moved in, his hands now moving up Iorwerth’s sides. The boy shivered at the contact and curled one of his hands more tightly in the silky, black hair while he let the other move down the collar of the man’s shirt, popping the first two buttons and caressed the skin he could reach.

Llyr gave the boy’s lips a sweep of his tongue before moving to nibble on the small ear, trailing down to the boy’s neck. A moan escaped Iorwerth and he rocked his hips instinctively, eliciting a groan from the older man. Most pleasured that he had managed to wring such a sound from the man, Iorwerth continued his exploring of Llyr’s chest, opening the shirt button for button before moving both hands to slide the garment down the man’s arms. Llyr removed his hands from Iorwerth’s sides for a moment to get the shirt completely off, while continuing to kiss the boy’s neck, every so often letting his tongue dart out to lick to skin.

“Mmn, Llyr,” Iorwerth moaned as the violinist bit down slightly on the juncture between his neck and shoulder before kissing it softly. Hearing his name in such a voice made Llyr repeat the gesture, before he took ahold of the boy’s waist and moved them both to lie down on the bed.

With a tiny shriek of surprise, Iorwerth held on to the older man’s neck, then pulled him down into a kiss, licking and nibbling lightly at his lips. Having his mouth occupied with kissing the boy, Llyr used his one free hand, trailing it down the boy’s chest to his bare stomach, before moving it back up under the shirt. Iorwerth shivered again, moving his hands away from Llyr’s neck and pulling away from the kiss to let the man strip him completely of the shirt.

Llyr sat back, admiring the view. The curly-haired boy took advantage of the situation and pulled the man down beside him before crawling on top and planting a quick yet hard kiss on the violinist’s lips.

His hands moved down towards the waistband of Llyr’s pants, hesitating slightly before ghosting over the front. An almost pleading moan escaped from the man as he bucked his hips, wanting more contact. Iorwerth could almost have laughed at him, had the situation not turned him on so much.

Again, the boy rubbed his hands over the man’s crotch, this time stopping to pop the buttons and drag the pants down to Llyr’s thighs. The musician moaned again and moved his own hands to remove the rest of the boy’s clothes as swiftly as possible.

“Damned… annoying,” Iorwerth muttered when his pants caught at his ankles. His hands were shaking slightly and he felt like he could not do anything properly at the moment.

“Ssh, I will take care of it,” Llyr said breathily, helping the boy strip off both their pants, leaving the two of them completely nude. Iorwerth blushed and leaned down to touch as much of the man’s skin as possible. When Llyr moved his hand down to the boy’s back, rubbing his fingers over one cheek, Iorwerth rocked his hips, groaning and moving his hands down Llyr’s torso.

Their eyes met, and the older man gave Iorwerth a reassuring glance before the curly-haired boy reached down to touch Llyr’s erection, trailing his fingers slowly up the length. In return, the violinist moaned the boy’s name, moving his own hands around the boy’s hips to caress his inner thighs teasingly.

Iorwerth growled, rocking his hips almost violently while moving his hand up and down the man’s length. When Llyr finally took him in his hand, Llyr gave an embarrassingly high-pitched moan then bowed his head down to flick his tongue over one of the man’s nipples.

They were both speeding up, their breaths coming in short gasps and their hips jerking. Iorwerth could feel warmth coiling in his lower belly and moved his hands faster, rubbing his thumb over the head of the violinist’s length. The man mirrored the action and Iorwerth gave a long moan, his hands still moving as he came, bringing Llyr over the edge with him.

As their breathing slowed, Iorwerth cuddled into the man’s chest, moving his hand to twine their fingers together, the violin on the balcony outside left completely forgotten.

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