The Maiden Voyage

by CircleTime

“We’re losing power!” 

The cry went up around the bridge. Navigation Technician Jacob Primary’s face whitened as his holographic screen shifted colour before his eyes – going from a pleasing, gentle blue to a more concerning shade of amber. His ears picked up the frantic sound of fingers tapping against interfaces, of hushed whispers as various analysts and engineers conferred with those beside them. A shadow lengthened over the technician crew, and Jacob cast a nervous glance over his shoulder to see Captain Miles Stardust leanin over the railing that surveyed the bridge, their expression as grave as the atmosphere. 

Their voice rang out through the chamber: “Status report.” 

The First Engineer gave the first reply. “The output from the Erosan Central Core is decreasing at a rate of ten gigajoules per minute, captain. The engines are coping, but their supply is already dwindling. Our projections indicate that the ship will begin to decelerate once the energy levels fall below the threshold of sixty-eight-point-eight-eight percent.”  

The Third Mate stood from her station, mouth set in a hard, grim line. “Simply put, captain, the core isn’t producing enough energy to carry us the remainder of our journey.”  

Jacob’s stomach dropped as he turned back to his own screen, watching the numbers it was his job to track as they steadily dwindled. This couldn’t be happening. Not now! This voyage was their only chance to prove that the new Erosan core model of ships was not only more efficient than the standard model, but that it could propel interstellar passengers and crew at equal or even greater speeds. Failure now would mean months – years, even – of hard work and preparation being thrown out the proverbial airlock.

The captain’s jaw clenched. “Is there a malfunction?” 

“Negative, captain!” a systems technician piped up, his fingers dancing over the display as he checked and double-checked the data. “All our readings indicate that the core is working precisely as it should be.” 

“There are no signs of any energy loss through the ship’s systems, either,” the technician beside him continued, their eyes racing from side-to-side as they scanned the screen before them. “The core simply isn’t receiving enough from the fuellers to output the energy required.” 

“How much time do we have?” the captain asked, their voice just loud enough to be audible throughout the bridge. 

There was a momentary silence as several technicians ran the calculations, sharing their results with one another before reaching a consensus. 

“Several hours, captain,” the second engineer replied. “Five, if we’re lucky.”

It was a grim pronouncement. Judging by the readings on Jacob’s screen, the Good Ship Gräfenberg’s destination was still another ten hours of proper time away, and that was while travelling at superluminal speed. If they were to decelerate, there was little chance of the ship reaching the planet of Hieros any faster than it would take an ordinary ship to do so. In other words, their mission would be a failure. 

“Helm,” the captain called, “maintain our course towards Hieros. And I want all power from non-critical areas of the ship rerouted towards the engines. That should buy us some time.” 

The various engineers and technicians set to work immediately, their voices rising in the beginnings of a din, only to be silenced once more when an additional order from the captain cut through the noise.

“Navigation Technician Primary,” the captain said, “I wish to speak with you, in private. At once.” 

Jacob stood up from his seat as though compelled, his face turning pink under the stares of his coworkers as he slipped away from his workstation. He kept his eyes to the shiny blue floor, making his way towards the steps that led out of the lower bridge. His feet plodded forward, but his thoughts were racing – why had the captain called him away like this, during an emergency? And for a private discussion, no less?  

The upper bridge was no less sophisticated than the rest of the Gräfenberg: all sleek, navy-blue corners and brand-new consoles that were practically sparkling with modernity. The very best of the best of the Amada system’s scientists had worked for years to create this top-of-the-line ship – potentially marking a new era of interstellar history. Being given the opportunity to work onboard the ship for its maiden voyage had been simultaneously the greatest honour and greatest terror of Jacob’s career as a navigation technician. 

Somehow, he thought, as he reached the upper bridge and joined the captain, I have a feeling it’s about to get even more terrifying. 

Captain Miles Stardust of Stavromula Gamma was not the sort of person who typically struck fear into people’s hearts. They had risen through the ranks of the Polarian Fleet to become one of its best-known captains, and the image of their violet-eyed face had been broadcast across the Outernet too many times for even Jacob to count. Their kindness and charisma had made Captain Stardust a veritable celebrity on this side of the Galactic Hub, and having the chance to work with them was a privilege. But there was little trace of the captain’s famed smile on their face now, their dark brows drawn together as they watched Jacob approach. 

“Reporting, captain,” Jacob said, giving a short salute. 

“At ease,” they responded, although Jacob felt far from easy. “I won’t lie to you, Primary, our prospects are looking grim. I take it I don’t need to explain to you the gravity of our mission?” 

Jacob nodded. Of course he understood – if the Gräfenberg couldn’t make the journey between the planets Akkos and Hieros in the predicted timeframe, the Erosan core project would almost certainly be shelved, perhaps indefinitely, and the unions would be required to research alternative (and likely less efficient) methods of powering ships. The hopes of numerous hard-working scientists and engineers were riding on this ship, and the Outernet media was filled with critics just waiting for the chance to savage the project for being a waste of time and resources.  

The captain went on. “Then you’ll understand we must do whatever it takes to see this through. Now, we know that the core isn’t receiving enough fuel. Can you think of any reason why that might be?” 

Jacob chewed his lip for a moment as he considered the question. “W-Well, I’m far from an expert on the matter, captain, but it’s possible that the fuellers are simply tired. After all, we’ve been travelling for some time now, and the prototype core needs a great deal of–” Jacob stammered as he struggled to think of the least crude way of describing the process that fuelled the Erosan core. “Of resources.” 

The captain nodded. “Indeed. However, we can’t afford to give them a break just yet – not when we’re on the verge of deceleration. According to the reports, all twelve of our fuellers are present in the core chamber at present. But they just aren’t producing enough pleasure to fuel the core, despite their numbers.” 

The captain said it so nonchalantly – as though they were discussing passing stars and not the process that fuelled the Erosan core. Just the mere thought of what went on in the core chamber was enough to bring a tinge of pink to Jacob’s cheeks, but he was called out of his brief fantasies by the captain addressing him again. 

“Evidently,” they said, “what we need is more fuellers in the core chamber. That’s why I’ve chosen you, Primary.” 

Jacob gaped, the pink colour in his face darkening to a shade of crimson. “M-Me, captain?! B-But, I’m hardly qualified to…to…” He gestured limply as he struggled to get his meaning across, floundering beneath the captain’s raised brow.  

“I understand that this is outside of your role aboard this ship,” the captain said, “and, I assure you, you will be appropriately compensated for both positions. But – and you may forgive me for saying so, Primary – your duty as Navigation Technician is more or less complete at this stage of the voyage, no?” 

Jacob gulped. The captain wasn’t wrong, exactly. The ship’s automated navigation system would easily guide them the rest of the way to Hieros, and far more competently than any human could. Jacob’s main responsibility had been to take over the computer’s job while the Gräfenberg passed through the Imari asteroid field – which they had done several hours ago. For the remainder of the journey, Jacob would have done little more than oversee the navigation computer and ensure that it was running smoothly. But that was a task any of the ship’s technicians could perform rather easily in addition to their own duties, and the captain clearly knew it. Meanwhile, Jacob would be sent to the core chamber to assist the fuellers in whatever way he could… 

“With respect, captain,” Jacob said, fighting to keep the alluring images dancing in his mind’s eye at bay, “my specialty is numbers and calculations, not…interpersonal interaction.” 

The captain’s frown lessened, their stance shifting slightly as they noticed Jacob’s reluctance. “I understand, Primary. If the matter troubles you this much, I could send you back to your station and find another technician to join the fuellers instead. I understand that Bridge Assistant Valentine’s role onboard is more of less complete, as well. Perhaps they would be willing…?” 

Jacob hardly heard them, so lost was he in the overwhelming thoughts that assailed him. With all of the preparation for the current voyage, it had been quite some time since Jacob had last found the time to slake his body’s need for physical intimacy. He had suppressed his libido with his passion for his work, but even that had its limits. Jacob’s love for mathematics and space travel couldn’t compete with the seed that the captain had planted in his mind, which had swiftly sprouted and had begun flowering.  

The list of people who had been recruited as fuellers for the Gräfenberg’s maiden voyage was public knowledge, and had been shared far and wide across the Outernet. The core chamber of the ship, Jacob therefore knew, was currently filled with various athletes, supermodels, sex workers, Outernet celebrities, and one very handsome geologist from the second moon of Gregarn – all of them sharing themselves with one another in an effort to provide the Erosan core with the pleasure it needed to convert into energy, which it promptly sent to the engines. If this project were to fail, there would likely never be another ship like the Gräfenberg created in Jacob’s lifetime.  

This would be his only chance. 

“I’ll do it, captain!” he blurted out, surprising even himself with the force in his tone of voice. “I’ll join the fuellers. The hopes of the Gräfenberg reside with me; I won’t let you down!” 

The captain’s violet eyes blinked in surprise, before their expression settled into the smile that had charmed every planet in the Galactic Hub. 

“Thank you, Primary. This is no small burden that I have placed upon you, but I am certain you will do us all proud. Do you know your way to the core chamber?” 

“Yes, captain.” 

“Then I wish you the best of luck. Dismissed, Primary.” The captain nodded, and Jacob saluted them again as they turned on their heel and marched back towards the bridge.  

Turning away from the captain as they departed, Jacob made for the door and exited the bridge. 




Having spent much of his time over the past few months poring over the blueprints of the Good Ship Gräfenberg, marvelling at its flawless design and top-of-the-range facilities, Jacob had a fully formed map of the ship laid out in his head. As such, it was no trouble at all to make his way to the core chamber, navigating the narrow halls of the ship’s interior with ease. The difficult part was having to grapple with his own nerves and dread. 

What if I’m not good enough? he asked himself as he stepped through the corridors. What if I can’t save the mission? What if I walk in and they all laugh at me? What if I let the whole crew down? 

By the time Jacob finally reached the core chamber, he was a veritable bundle of anxiety. Swallowing down his own terror and attempting to shake loose the negative thoughts swimming through his head, Jacob passed through the doorway, which sealed shut automatically behind him. He stumbled slightly as his foot made contact with the core chamber floor – which was soft and springy like a cushion, as opposed to the hard, solid tile that paved the hallways floors – and almost began to panic.  

Take a deep breath, he told himself, trying to still his jangling nerves. Lifting his eyes from the soft floor, Jacob glanced up to see a dozen utterly naked people staring back at him. 

“Uh,” he said. 

The lights were lower in the core chamber than they’d been in the corridor, meaning that Jacob had to blink several times in an effort to get his eyes to adjust. The Erosan central core hung suspended from the ceiling, connected to it by thick, heavy-looking cables and pipes. He had seen pictures of the core in magazines and news articles all over the Outernet, but seeing it in person was a totally different experience. The core resembled a gigantic crystal orb, ethereal blue light swirling within like a snowglobe. It was kept sealed within a column of plexiglass, which prevented any harmful radiation from escaping into the chamber, but allowed the chamber to be bathed in the core’s soothing light. As of right now, however, the light was relatively dim, and the core swirled near-silently in the centre of the chamber, surrounded by naked bodies. 

Jacob recognised them, of course – or most of them, at least. There was champion athlete Maria Nines, lying flat on her back with her broad, muscular legs apart, her head tilted back to stare up at him. Between her legs was a face Jacob could tell belonged to the famous supermodel, Myriad Augustine, even though only xyr eyes and forehead were currently visible to him. One of those eyes was blue, while the other was a brilliant shade of red, and both of them were looking at him even while Myriad busied xyrself.  

Not too far away, a man with brown skin and a gorgeous face was lying half propped-up against a cushioned seat of sorts, one hand lazily pumping away at the cock between his legs. This was the geologist from the second moon of Gregarn, Lucas Pathfinder, whose good looks had made him a viral Outernet star despite his humble nature. He rolled one nipple between his finger and thumb, eyeing Jacob curiously. Only a short distance from him was the unmistakable face of Gerald Stratus, star of such blockbuster films as Stranded with Spacesharks and Help, I’m Stranded with Spacesharks Again! Jacob had of course seen Gerald naked in both films, but seeing the actor bent double as a young woman penetrated him from behind with a glow-in-the-dark dildo was another experience altogether.  

Jacob’s head began to swim again as his eyes swept rapidly over the scene, taking in more bared flesh than he had ever seen in a single room in his life. But he was called out of his daze by a familiar voice breaking the silence. 

“Is there something we can help you with?” 

Jacob glanced over, stiffening with shock as he recognised the beautiful face of Michaelangelo Serendipity, the soft light from the core playing on his black skin and highlighting his distinctive eye makeup and blue lipstick. The Outernet star was sitting on the floor, bare legs splayed out in front of him, with another man resting his head in his lap – Waltz Majority, Michaelangelo’s lover and partner. The two of them had taken the pornographic areas of the Outernet by storm with their videos, which Jacob had viewed more times than he’d cared to count. Seeing the two of them in the flesh, right before his eyes, was so surreal that it made Jacob dizzier still. 

“N-no,” Jacob stammered, before clearing his throat. “Ah, that is to say, yes!” He turned his gaze on the room, raising his voice to address them all and hoping they wouldn’t notice the way it cracked and trembled. “The captain is concerned that the ship’s core is not receiving enough fuel. They have sent me here to assist in any way I can.” 

Jacob heard Waltz sigh as he lifted his head up from Michaelangelo’s lap. “It’s about time. Stars know we could have used a fresh face around here ages ago. Things have been getting stagnant for a while.” 

“I wasn’t aware the ship had any backup fuellers,” someone commented, and Jacob glanced over to see Li Scarlet, another supermodel, sitting with their legs draped over a large-breasted gentleman, their bodies slowly grinding together as they surveyed Jacob coolly.  

Jacob hesitated. It was important that he convey to the fuellers that they needed to work harder in order to keep the Erosan core supplying energy. But he also didn’t want to cause any further stress to the team by telling them that the voyage was depending on them. If the captain were here, they’d know just what to say. But instead, they’d sent Jacob, who was quickly growing more and more tongue-tied under the stares of the twelve naked people. 

“I’m not–that is, I wouldn’t be–there isn’t–I don’t…” Jacob sucked in a mouthful of air, and tried again. “I’m just a member of the crew. But I…this mission is counting on me. I want–I need to help.” 

Waltz was frowning at Jacob with a look of concern. “Are you alright?” 

Jacob took a quivering breath, which didn’t go unnoticed by Waltz nor his lover. 

“Oh, sweetheart,” Michaelangelo said, getting to his feet and stepping around Waltz, “come here and sit down. Take it easy for a few minutes.” 

Jacob trembled as Michaelangelo took hold of him by the wrist and led him over to where Waltz was still sitting nearby. “I-I don’t have time to–” 

“Relax,” Michaelangelo said in his gentle, deep voice. “You won’t be able to help anybody until you calm down. Take it from me.” 

And so, Jacob allowed Michaelangelo to lead him over to join Waltz. All the while, Jacob’s eyes were rooted in disbelief to the place where the man was touching him – actually touching him. He only let go of Jacob as they sat down, at which point Jacob flopped bonelessly to the soft floor, still totally unable to believe what was happening. He felt a pair of hands caress the side of his face, fingers brushing through his hair. 

“You have a name, sweetheart?” he distantly heard Michaelangelo ask.  

“Jacob,” he mumbled in response. 

“Lovely to meet you, Jacob. I’m Michaelangelo, and this is my partner, Waltz.” 

“I know,” Jacob blurted out before he could stop himself. 

He glanced at Michaelangelo to see one painted eyebrow rise in curiosity. “Oh? You already know who we are?” 

There was a snorting sound of laughter from Waltz. “From the look on his face, I think he might be a fan of ours, Mike.” 

Michaelangelo hummed in delight. “Oh, goodness, no wonder you’re so nervous. Well, I promise you, me and Waltz are hardly anything special. So, there’s no need to feel so uncomfortable around us.” 

Michaelangelo’s hands kept stroking Jacob’s hair and face, sending pleasurable tingles skittering across his skin. Remarkably, he already felt the knot of anxiety in his gut begin to loosen. “Th-thank you.” 

“Not a problem. Now, tell us a bit more about yourself, Jacob. After all, you clearly know a lot about us, but we know next to nothing about you.” 

Waltz sidled over into Jacob’s vision, throwing himself down on the floor beside him and propping himself up with one elbow. Waltz Majority was physically quite different to his partner – with pale skin and soft, flowing hair that played around his neck in contrast to Michaelangelo’s short, sharp haircut. And while Michaelangelo was a slender fellow with long limbs, a smooth chest, and a narrow waist, Waltz was a more full-bodied figure with wide hips, broad thighs, large breasts, and a round tummy. He gazed down at Jacob with the same warm smile as his partner, and Jacob felt himself flush under their combined stares. 

“A-ah, well, there’s not much to say. I’m a Navigation Technician with the Polarian Fleet. I was born on Volaas, but now I live on the Morning Star, orbiting Hieros.” 

“Alone?” Waltz asked. 

“Not exactly. I do have a pair of Hierosan cherryfish named ‘Premise’ and ‘Conclusion’, to keep me company. W-well, I suppose they keep each other company, and I just mostly watch them swim around the tank. The station’s life-support systems look after all their needs, so I don’t have to worry about being responsible for their health and wellbeing. Too much stress.” 

Jacob was aware that he was babbling nervously under the combined gazes of both halves of the Outernet’s Hottest Couple for the years 2319 and 2320. But neither Michaelangelo nor Waltz seemed to mind at all, for their bewitching smiles never waned. 

“I can respect that,” Michaelangelo said. “So, Jacob, when you’re not voyaging across the stars or supervising your fish, what do you like to do with your spare time?” 

Watch your videos, was Jacob’s first thought, which he declined to voice aloud. He had a handful of hobbies, none of which were terribly exciting, but it was becoming more and more difficult to recall the details of them while Michaelangelo’s fingers twisted themselves in the locks of his hair. “Oh, ah, well…”  

“I hope you don’t mind my massaging, by the way,” Michaelangelo said, evidently noticing Jacob’s distraction. “Waltz assures me it’s terribly soothing.” 

“Not at all,” Jacob breathed, heat flooding his face at the needy tone in his voice. 

“Would you mind if I touched you too?” Waltz had reached over to let one hand hover over Jacob’s torso, quirking an eyebrow at him as he waited for permission. 

“Go right ahead,” Jacob said, trying to sound as though he weren’t pleading. 

Waltz smiled and lowered his hand, brushing his fingers gently against Jacob’s belly before trailing them upwards to his chest. Jacob’s Polarian fleet uniform was designed to be maximally comfortable to wear, but he was wearing nothing at all underneath it, and he suddenly found himself itching to be rid of it as his bare skin tingled beneath where Waltz stroked him. The fact that he was the only person in the room who wasn’t naked didn’t help matters. 

Jacob lifted one trembling hand to the device just above his sternum. “Is it alright if I…?” 

“Be my guest,” Waltz whispered back, moving his wandering hand away from Jacob’s body to oblige him.  

Jacob pressed a finger against the button on the device, holding it there for the scant few moments it took for the uniform to retract into the device. In a matter of seconds, Jacob was as nude as the rest of the fuellers, and the brief flicker of embarrassment he felt at revealing himself before his two icons was almost instantaneously swamped when he watched Waltz’s eyes drink his naked form in with undisguised desire. 

Waltz lowered his hand back down to Jacob’s body, fingers dancing now against bare skin as he said, “That’s more like it.” 

“Am I dreaming?” Jacob blurted out. 

“I hope not, darling,” Michaelangelo replied with a soft chuckle. “Why, are your dreams usually like this?” 

Jacob glanced up at the gorgeous face of the man holding him, glanced over at Waltz’s smiling face in turn, before casting a brief glance around the room at the other fuellers, who had more or less gone back to their work after Jacob had been led away. The core was humming quietly, the sound growing louder every so often in response to a sharp cry or wanton moan from somewhere around the chamber, before dying gradually away again. 

“Yes,” Jacob replied, and he felt the man shaking slightly against him as Michaelangelo laughed at his words. 

“Well, then I hope we can make your dreams come true. Now, Jacob, I’ll be straightforward with you. The captain probably sent you here to fool around with as many of us as you could to get the core up and running properly again, and Waltz and I would be more than happy to help you with that particular task. But we don’t want you to feel as though you’re under any pressure.” 

“But I am under pressure,” Jacob said with a frown. 

“What Mike means,” Waltz cut in, “is that you don’t have to do anything you aren’t totally comfortable doing. If you’d rather not participate at all, that’s fine by us.”  

“It’s not that I don’t want to be here,” he told them, taking a steadying breath. “I do. I really do. I’m just a bit…overwhelmed.” His next exhalation came as a groan, shivers of pleasure radiating out from where the two pairs of hands were touching him. 

“Does that feel good?” Michaelangelo asked. 

“Yes,” Jacob breathed. 

“We could make you feel even better than that,” Waltz assured him, his hands lazily tracing patterns down Jacob’s sides, moving past his hips and reaching his thighs. “All you have to do is give us permission.” 

High on a potent cocktail of adrenaline, lust, and sheer disbelief, Jacob found he had no intention of saying anything but, “Yes, please.” 

To emphasise his affirmation, Jacob spread his legs apart, welcoming Waltz in closer. A delighted smile lit up Waltz’s face, and he shot Jacob a wink before lowering his face between Jacob’s thighs. A hand touched Jacob under his chin, gently tilting his head back until Michaelangelo’s face was all that filled his vision, chocolate-brown eyes boring into his own, moving closer and closer and closer… 

Michaelangelo’s lips met Jacob’s at the exact moment Waltz’s tongue brushed against Jacob’s sex, as though rehearsed, and Jacob couldn’t help but sigh into the mouth now softly caressing his own. A warm pair of hands grazed the skin on Jacob’s thighs as Waltz set to work, warm breath fluttering against the most tender parts of Jacob’s body. Waltz’s cheeks brushed against Jacob’s groin, and he resisted the urge to press himself closer against Waltz’s mouth as it lapped at his clit. Meanwhile, the hand that had cupped Jacob under the chin was now trailing down his neck, fingers touching the tender flesh by his throat ever so gently, working their way slowly down past Jacob’s clavicle and onto his chest. When one of those fingers finally made contact with his nipple, Jacob’s breath hitched. 

“Do you like this?” Michaelangelo asked him. In between hungering kisses, the two of them maintained eye-contact, and Jacob had all but gotten lost in the beautiful colour of his irises and the stylised patterns that swirled around his eyes. 

“Yes,” Jacob hissed, the sound morphing into a moan when Michaelangelo’s thumb began to trace circles around his areola. Embarrassment and pleasure brought heat to his face, and Jacob determinedly clamped his mouth shut – something that Michaelangelo couldn’t fail to notice. 

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of,” he whispered to Jacob in a voice so soothing it could make a pulsar forget to spin. “Don’t be afraid to hold back.”  

That thumb played with Jacob’s nipple again, driving another moan from his mouth. Waltz was dragging his tongue over Jacob’s clit, each swipe of wet heat against the nub of flesh sending pleasure coursing through him. Jacob could hear his heartbeat quickening in his ears, could hear himself letting out breathless whimpers that were becoming less and less mortifying as his inhibitions melted away with each passing second. Michaelangelo and Waltz worked like the professionals they were, effortlessly pleasuring Jacob in tandem, not needing to even communicate with one another. When Michaelangelo finally broke eye-contact with Jacob, it was to swoop in and brush his lips against the sensitive skin of his neck, and Jacob let out a cry that seemed to fill the whole room, answered with a quiet buzz from the core. 

Jacob glanced down, eyes passing over the shape of Michaelangelo’s head to see Waltz’s face buried between Jacob’s thighs, his eyes shut, licking away with gusto. Each delighted hum from Waltz seemed to reverberate with Jacob’s entire being, filling him up just as much as the pleasure that was now swelling and swelling inside him like a balloon about to burst. Even now, with most of his coherent thoughts thrown out the airlock, it was hard to believe that this was really happening – him, of all people, having sex with the very couple he’d fantasised about more times than he could count. It was beyond a dream come true. 

Jacob felt himself begin to surge, his heels digging into the soft floor as his toes curled, chest heaving under Michaelangelo’s touch as breath started coming hard. Waltz tightened his grip on Jacob’s legs as they began to tremble, never slowing down the rhythm he had built up even as Jacob came apart. Michaelangelo’s lips tugged gently on Jacob’s neck, tipping him over the edge at last. 

The ceiling swam before Jacob’s eyes as wave upon wave of pleasure crashed through him, hips lifting up off the floor as his body bucked involuntarily. The sound of his own blood pumping in his ears drowned out all other noise, although Jacob could tell from the gentle ache in his throat that he was shouting, the ecstasy gripping him driving cry after desperate cry out of his mouth, joining the other sounds of ecstasy that filled the room. All the while, Michaelangelo and Waltz’s firm arms kept a gentle, reassuring hold on Jacob, steadying him and grounding him. And when his climax eventually faded away to a pleasant tingling that filled him from toe to tip, it was their arms that Jacob collapsed into. 

“Oh, my—” Jacob struggled to put into words exactly how he was feeling, eventually deciding to settle for a breathless, “Oh…” 

Waltz grinned from his spot between Jacob’s legs, planting a series of kisses around the tops of his thighs. “I think you rather enjoyed that.” 

“To say the least,” Michaelangelo said in agreement, kissing Jacob warmly on the forehead. Jacob couldn’t help it, he giggled helplessly for several seconds before he summoned enough wherewithal to stop.  

“Y-Yes,” Jacob managed to say, once he no longer felt as though the room was spinning around him. “That was quite nice, yes.” 

Waltz snorted, but from the pleased expression on his face, Jacob could tell that Waltz wasn’t mocking him.  

“Want us to do it again?” Michaelangelo asked. 

“Please,” Jacob blurted out. 

“Mind if we swap places, at least?” Waltz quirked an eyebrow at the two men beside him. “Could do with giving my jaw a bit of a break.” 

Jacob nodded hurriedly. “Yes, of course.” 

Jacob watched the couple as they switched places – Waltz moving up towards Jacob’s head while Michaelangelo took up the position between Jacob’s legs. On the way, they shared a quick but warm kiss, and the heated look the two lovers shared as they separated made Jacob’s gut twist with arousal. And then Michaelangelo’s hands were taking hold of Jacob’s thighs, caressing the soft flesh gently with his fingers, rubbing and teasing while Jacob sighed into the mouth that closed over his own. Waltz’s kisses, Jacob immediately noticed, were hungrier than Michaelangelo’s: he cupped Jacob by the cheek and guided their faces together, breathing hard through his nose, grunting gently with every kiss. And when Michaelangelo’s wandering fingers finally made their way up to Jacob’s sex, Jacob gasped while Waltz held his gaze, lustful eyes burning into him. 

“You can sit on my face, if you like?” Jacob murmured, surprising both himself and Waltz with the suddenness of the suggestion. 

Waltz recovered quickly, however. “Of course, I’d like that!” he enthused, pulling away and straightening up, giving Jacob a tantalising view of his chest and belly as he towered over him. Waltz lifted one leg up and over Jacob’s head, until he was straddling him, and suddenly Waltz’s broad thighs and ass were filling Jacob’s vision. Jacob’s mouth began to water, and his arms lifted almost automatically to allow his hands to take hold of all that soft, warm flesh, guiding Waltz into position. Two entrances loomed close as Waltz’s legs spread further and further apart, and Jacob chose the one that lay between those two, rounded cheeks, lowering it gently to his mouth as his tongue slithered out.  

“Oh, yeah…” Jacob heard Waltz muttering in approval. “Are you comfortable down there?” 

Jacob moaned affirmatively, his mouth too busy to properly verbalise a response. Waltz laughed, the sound quickly turning into a groan as Jacob tongued his tight entrance. 

“L-Let me know if you need to take a break,” Waltz said, voice already sounding strained. “Just give me a good smack on the leg if you have to, alright?” 

Jacob rubbed one thigh to reassure Waltz that he’d understood. That same hand then trailed around to dip between Waltz’s legs, soon finding a hard nub of flesh there awaiting his touch. Waltz trembled briefly against Jacob at the contact, a heated sigh escaping him as one of Jacob’s fingers began to trace slow circles around his clit. Jacob’s eyes flickered shut as he allowed his other senses to speak to him instead – the sounds of bliss that filled the room, the taste of Waltz’s flesh on his tongue, the warm sensation of Michaelangelo’s mouth against his sex, and more.  

The minutes ticked gently by, Waltz’s scent filling Jacob’s nostrils with every inhalation. And when Jacob occasionally opened his eyes, all he could see were Waltz’s soft, wide cheeks. Jacob’s head began to swim, dizzy with pleasure, and before he knew it, he was coming again, heated groans muffled by Waltz’s body against his mouth. Jacob’s hips moved forward as he pressed himself harder against Michaelangelo, not wanting this perfect moment to end. 

But Jacob remained where he was, not willing to remove himself from his current position until he felt Waltz’s body began to spasm against his at last. Soft cries reached Jacob’s ears as Waltz’s thighs squeezed his head tight, and Jacob could feel the muscle beneath the warm flesh contracting and loosening in a sweet cycle of ecstasy. Jacob withdrew his fingers as Waltz shakily clambered off of him, flopping down onto the floor next to him. The question Jacob posed to him then might have been a How do you feel? or perhaps a Did you enjoy that? but whatever words he would have said were swallowed up by another devouring kiss from Waltz, the two of them moaning into one another’s mouths once more. 

“That,” Waltz breathed, after they had separated, “was very nice.” 

“I could do it again if you like?” Jacob said, memories of Waltz’s thighs around him proving difficult to distract himself from. 

“I have a better idea,” came a voice from Jacob’s opposite side. He turned over to see Michaelangelo lying next to him, effectively putting Jacob between the couple. “I think one or both of you should fuck me.” 

Despite everything that had already transpired between the three of them, Jacob felt heat rising in his cheeks at the thoughts that Michaelangelo’s words conjured up in his mind. He heard Waltz chuckle from beside him, felt him lean in to murmur in Jacob’s ear. 

“There’s nothing Mike loves better than a good screwing.” Jacob trembled as hot breath caressed his ear. “But you knew that already, didn’t you?”  

Indeed, Jacob knew quite well the intimate details of the couple’s sex life that had been broadcast across the Galactic Hub; while both of them were more than capable of being the giving or receiving partner, Jacob had noticed how Michaelangelo preferred to be penetrated more often than his lover.  

“D-Do you want me to use my fingers?” Jacob asked. 

“If you like,” Michaelangelo replied with a warm smile. “But I was hoping you’d use this…” 

Michaelangelo rolled over to reach for something out of Jacob’s view, before rolling back to present it to him. Jacob gaped at the unmistakably-phallic object now clutched in Michaelangelo’s grip. 

“That’s a Locrian-Brand Attachable Self-Lubricating Flesh Wand 9000!” Jacob blurted out in amazement. 

Michaelangelo raised an amused eyebrow at him. “You’re familiar with it?” 

“I’ve never seen one, ah, in the flesh, as it were. And I’ve certainly never used one.” 

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Waltz told him, planting a few kisses along the curve of Jacob’s neck, his body flush with Jacob’s back. “But I assure you, it’s a lot of fun.” 

Jacob knew full well what Waltz was referring to, having watched him use the device to penetrate Michaelangelo on too many occasions to count. The dildo could be attached to a person’s body, at which point it would sync up with their nervous system and effectively become an extension of their flesh – with everything that might imply. Jacob reached out a tentative hand and took the dildo from Michaelangelo’s hand, feeling it for balance, running his thumb along the ultra-realistic synthetic flesh material. 

“I…I’ll give it a try,” Jacob said. 

“You know how to use it?” Waltz asked. 

“I think so,” he replied, lowering his hand to his body and pressing the base of the dildo against his pubic region. As he held it there, Jacob watched as the device changed colour, darkening from a pale pink to the same soft brown hue as his skin. At the exact moment that the colour change finished, there was a shift, and Jacob gasped as he felt what could only be described as another appendage’s popping into existence on his body. 

“Oh, my…” Jacob stared at the dildo, now attached to his body, and gave his hips an experimental shake, giggling slightly as he watched the wand sway obscenely from side-to-side. He brushed the palm of one hand against the underside of the wand, and immediately hissed in discomfort, his body lurching involuntarily. 

“Sorry,” Waltz said, sitting up and reaching out towards the wand. “It does that sometimes: you need to adjust the sensitivity level. One sec–” 

Ever so gently, Waltz pressed a finger against the side of the wand, held it there for a few moments, and then slid it halfway down towards the base. 

“Try it again now,” he told Jacob, who nodded and – more carefully this time – rubbed his hand against the wand. This time, the sensation sent warm shivers of pleasure radiating outwards from where his flesh met the dildo, driving a quiet grumble of contentment out of his mouth.  

“That feel better?” Waltz asked with a knowing grin. 

“Much,” Jacob mumbled, running his hand up and down the length of the dildo.  

It felt peculiar, to say the least, to have a new body part where there quite simply hadn’t been one before – although the fact that he already knew it could be detached simply by squeezing the base with his fingers and twisting meant that it was hardly a source of anxiety for him. Quite the opposite, in fact, as he felt the dildo’s self-lubrication mechanism activate against his touch, causing Jacob to hum in delight as he felt the synthetic flesh of the dildo grow slick beneath his fingers. Every jerk of his hand over the sensitive head of the dildo made Jacob moan, made his hips tremble, made his breath hitch.  

“While he’s playing with that,” Waltz said, addressing Michaelangelo, “want me to get you ready?”  

“Please,” his lover replied, need apparent in his voice. Kissing sounds reached Jacob’s ears, and he glanced away from himself for the first time since attaching the dildo, watching instead as Jacob and Michaelangelo pressed themselves together, legs entwining as they rolled along the soft floor. Arousal twisted Jacob’s insides, pleasure spiking through him in response to his hand’s efforts, watching as Waltz uncorked a bottle of lube and ran it over his fingers, before slipping a hand underneath Michaelangelo’s backside. Michaelangelo gasped as Waltz’s fingers pressed against his hole, and Jacob sat up to get a better view, never letting go of the dildo or ceasing his stroking.  

“You’re still all lubed up from the last time you got fucked,” Waltz remarked. “Who was it, again? Akira? Or Rebecca?” 

“Rebecca.” Michaelangelo’s reply was like a sigh. 

“She fucked you good, did she?” 


“I could tell. Could hear you from all the way across the room.” 

As though on cue, Michaelangelo moaned as Waltz’s finger slipped inside him. Jacob moaned in turn, his hand twisting as it slid over the head of the dildo, then back down again.  

“And before that?” Waltz carried on, even as he pushed deeper and deeper inside his lover. “Who had you before that?” 

Michaelangelo’s mouth dropped open and his eyes screwed shut, and Jacob doubled his own efforts as arousal made his body flush with heat. 

“L-Li!” Michaelangelo blurted out. “And Atlas, too!” 

“Mm, they shared you, didn’t they?” Waltz grinned with pride down at Michaelangelo as he slipped another finger in. “I remember that – remember watching while you got passed back and forth from one lap to another. How did that feel?” 

“Amazing,” Michaelangelo whimpered in reply, the solitary word dripping with feeling. 

“I’d say so. I know how much you loved being shared.”  

“Oh, yeah…!” Michaelangelo’s hips bucked as Waltz’s hand picked up speed. “Fuck me!” he hissed, and then said it again for good measure. 

The sight of the two of them joined, Michaelangelo spluttering profanities through gritted teeth, those gorgeous eyes locked with Waltz’s as he grinned down at him, fingers plumbing his lover’s depths, proved too much for Jacob and his newly-acquired senses to bear. The couple’s whispered words were interrupted by a sharp cry from Jacob, and they glanced over to see him wide-eyed and open-mouthed, driving the dildo desperately through his cupped hands over and over as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through him. Jacob’s thighs trembled as he pumped the dildo hard, dragging out ever last, blissful second. At last, when his climax had dwindled away, Jacob let himself sag, chuckling weakly under Waltz and Michaelangelo’s combined stares. 

“That sounded intense,” Waltz said, grinning widely at Jacob. “I think you rather like that toy, don’t you?” 

Jacob nodded, finding it hard to speak as he picked up the pieces of his mind from where they’d been shattered only moments before.  

“Hope you’re not spent just yet,” Waltz carried on, jerking his head towards Michaelangelo. “After all, Mike’s still in need of a proper fucking.” 

Jacob swallowed, nerves suddenly flaring again in spite of everything. He glanced down at Michaelangelo – who was still lying on his back with his legs apart, feet in the air and practically panting with need – and felt himself start to salivate. 

“You know,” Jacob said, “I’ve never…done anything like that before, exactly.” 

Waltz cocked his head to the side as he regarded Jacob. “I’d be more than happy to help, if you’d like me to? I happen to be something of an expert, as you well know.” 

Jacob nodded, a sense of relief washing over him as Waltz smiled and took him by the hand. Waltz led him over to Michaelangelo, who obediently spread his thighs wide to invite Jacob in close. Waltz’s hands were around Jacob then, gently guiding him into position, while Jacob took hold of the dildo attached to his body and pressed the tip against Michaelangelo’s entrance.  

“Give it a good push,” Waltz whispered in his ear. “You won’t hurt him, I promise.” 

Jacob’s thighs rubbed against Michaelangelo’s, the latter inhaling sharply as he opened up around the dildo pushing against him. Jacob’s eyes went wide as he felt the tightness of Michaelangelo’s hole envelop the head of the dildo. 

“How are you doing, Mike?” he heard Waltz ask. 

“More,” was all Michaelangelo could say in response. 

A warm pair of lips planted a soft kiss against the side of Jacob’s neck. “You heard him.” 

Jacob groaned as he slid in deeper, taking hold of Michaelangelo by the legs, until their bodies were flush together. 

“That’s it,” Waltz told him, and he moved his hands down Jacob’s sides until they took hold of him by the hips. “Now, make sure to take it easy, first. Mike likes it hard and rough, sure, but you have to let him loosen up a bit, first.” 

A little bit of pressure from Waltz’s fingers pulled Jacob’s pelvis backwards, sliding him slightly out of Michaelangelo, before a push from Waltz’s thumbs brought him back in again. Jacob let himself be guided, gently being moved back and forth by Waltz’s hands on his hips. All the while, that tight heat slid up and down the length of the dildo, setting Jacob’s nerves alight with pleasure. 

Jacob felt Waltz body, leaning against his back, shake slightly as he let out a chuckle. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” 

Yes,” Jacob hissed, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight of Michaelangelo beneath him, his hands tucked behind his head and accentuating his lithe arms. Michaelangelo was staring right back, looking at Jacob as though he were the most incredible thing he had ever seen. 

“Make sure you don’t just thrust in and out,” Waltz said, and Jacob felt Waltz’s grip on his body tighten somewhat, tilting his hands to make Jacob’s pelvis gyrate, pushing the dildo ever deeper inside Michaelangelo. “You have to roll your hips. Keep it smooth, fluid. That way, you can–” 

His words were cut off by a strangled cry from Michaelangelo. Jacob watched his entire face light up in delight, ecstasy evident in his expression. 

“You can do that,” Waltz finished, and Jacob could hear the grin in his voice. “You’re a natural at this.” 

“So, I should keep doing that?” Jacob asked tentatively. 

“Yes,” both Waltz and Michaelangelo replied in unison. 

Jacob eagerly continued following Waltz directions – some whispered in his ear, and others of the more physical kind. Jacob felt he’d quickly gotten the hang of things, but he had no desire to make Waltz let go of his hips. Especially not as blissful heat began to swell inside him yet again, driving a series of lustful moans out of him. 

“You sound pretty close, Jacob,” Waltz said, fingers squeezing Jacob’s hips tight.  

“Y-Yes!” Jacob choked a response.  

Waltz immediately picked up speed, shoving Jacob’s hips back and forth, the noise of Jacob and Michaelangelo’s bodies clapping together filling the space around. 

When Waltz’s voice murmured in Jacob’s ear again, it was thick with arousal. “You going to come for us?” 

Jacob sobbed out another “Yes!” 

“Do it.” 

Jacob threw back his head and shouted as his body quaked with the force of another climax. Wave after wave of pleasure radiated out from where Michaelangelo’s hole gripped the dildo tight, and Jacob shuddered against Waltz as he rode out the orgasm.  

Finally, Jacob sighed, his head lolling back onto Waltz’s shoulder as his climax dwindled away. “That was so good,” Jacob breathed. 

Waltz leaned in closer to steal a quick kiss. “Glad I was able to help. Should I take over, or would you like to keep going?”  

The two of them glanced down at Michaelangelo, whose face was pinched as though pained, his eyes wide with need and his firm chest rising and falling with every laboured breath. 

“I…I’m not finished with him yet,” Jacob said, earning another appreciative kiss from Waltz. 

“Then, by all means.” Waltz pulled away from Jacob and sat down nearby, wide legs splaying out across the floor in front of him. With one hand, he cupped one of his breasts, while the other snaked down to the space between his legs, a finger extending to touch himself. 

Was it just Jacob’s imagination, or had the room gotten brighter? When he’d walked in, the chamber’s inhabitants had been bathed in the dull blue light from the core, and it had taken his eyes some time to adjust. Now, it was easy for him to see from one side of the room to another, to see every last inch of bared flesh on display, to see hips moving, hands wandering, lips meeting, toes curling, fingers delving, and eyes screwing shut in bliss. And he could see that several of the room’s inhabitants had taken an interest in the trio he’d become a part of.  

Li Scarlet was bent double as they pounded Lucas Pathfinder, who was lying on the floor with Li’s hand in his mouth, groaning quietly around their fingers. But both pairs of eyes were flickering occasionally towards Jacob and the others, their stares boring holes into him, making him flush and turn away. Another person Jacob didn’t recognise was lying nearby, propped up on one elbow while their free hand stroked their dick, shamelessly drinking in the view. It seemed he’d acquired a bit of an audience, and Jacob was surprised by how much the idea seemed to thrill him. Finally, his eyes landed on Waltz, who caught Jacob staring, and he jerked his head meaningfully towards Michaelangelo, as though to ask what are you waiting for?

Obediently, Jacob slipped his hands in under Michaelangelo – his fingers pressing against Michaelangelo’s back while his thumbs rested against his waist – and squeezed as he pulled Michaelangelo’s body against his own, pushing the dildo deeper inside him in the process. Michaelangelo cooed, back arching as his face was brightened by another thrilled smile. Slowly, Jacob began to fuck him again, savouring the feel of Michaelangelo’s hole around the dildo, the feel of his legs around Jacob’s waist, the smoothness of his skin against Jacob’s fingers. 

“Harder,” Michaelangelo pleaded. 

Jacob shifted position, kneeling upright and tugging Michaelangelo into his lap, earning a delighted gasp from him in the process. Jacob’s hips jerked up and down, sliding the dildo in and out of Michaelangelo’s ass with growing speed and power. Though the angle of their bodies meant that they couldn’t lean in closer to kiss, the space between their faces as they maintained eye contact felt charged like plasma.  

“Yeah, that’s right.” Waltz grunted from nearby. “Fuck him. Fuck him hard.” 

Jacob gritted his teeth in a grimace of exertion as he increased his efforts, hands slipping upwards along the sweat-slickened skin of Michaelangelo’s back, crossing over to wrap around him and hold him tight. He felt his knees and toes sinking into the soft floor under their combined weight, which shifted with every jerk of Jacob’s hips. 

Michaelangelo bounced against Jacob, the force of their bodies colliding making a steady clapping sound that almost drowned out their cries of rapture. Already, Jacob could tell that Michaelangelo was getting close to the brink – sweat was beading across his forehead, his cries of pleasure were growing frantic, and those beautiful eyes were wide in their sockets. 

“Ohh…!” Michaelangelo’s soft voice was now anything but, and his heated shouts filled Jacob’s ears. “Ohh!” 

Michaelangelo Serendipity had a very particular expression that he tended to pull as he was coming – Jacob had seen it for himself on his holographic screen too many times to count, and he saw it again now, in person: Michaelangelo’s eyelids fluttered, his mouth opened wide as its corners turned upwards ecstatically, his head tilted back as his whole face lit up with delight, breath leaving him in joyful pants as his orgasm wracked his body, cock pulsing rhythmically as it pumped out spurt after spurt of thick fluid onto Jacob’s body and his own. Jacob watched it all as though mesmerised, stunned by how gorgeous Michaelangelo could look even at his most vulnerable. And when Michaelangelo’s eyes opened just a crack, and they gazed at Jacob as though he were the most amazing and beautiful thing in the entire galaxy, Jacob was powerless to hold back.  

Jacob moaned loudly and abruptly as he came again, his climax sudden as a supernova and twice as hot. His body juddered, thighs spreading wide as the motion of his hips slowed to a crawl. His own cries mingled with Michaelangelo’s, pleasure flooding through him as sweat trickled down his skin. Jacob slumped as his climax dwindled away to a pleasant tingling hum, meeting Michaelangelo’s shaky smile with one of his own. He felt the need to say something to express how incredible he felt at that moment. How lucky he felt to be here. How overwhelmed he was by all of this.  

But whatever Jacob might have said was cut off suddenly by a sharp groan from nearby, and both he and Michaelangelo glanced over to see Waltz watching them still, his hips bucking as his fingers slammed in and out of himself, his hand smacking hard against his skin. Waltz’s face was twisted with ecstasy, his eyes locked on Jacob and Michaelangelo’s conjoined bodies, his mouth hanging loosely open. He concluded his orgasm with one last shuddering grunt as his backside sank back down to the floor, shoulders sagging as he withdrew his hand.  

“Wow,” Waltz muttered, barely loud enough for Jacob to hear over the steady hum of the glowing core. He lifted his head to shoot Jacob a proud grin. “That was really something. You obviously know how to put on a show.”  

Jacob blushed, meekly glancing downwards away from Waltz and busying himself with pulling out of Michaelangelo. “Oh, I, ah, thank you. I’ve never, well, had an audience like that, I suppose.” 

“And how did it make you feel?” Michaelangelo asked, his feet unwinding from around Jacob and lowering to the floor at last. 

Beautiful. Sexy. Desirable. Numerous adjectives came to mind, although the thought of voicing any of them aloud was still too mortifying for Jacob to consider. 

“R-really good,” he said, a timid smile tugging at the corners of his mouth despite himself.  

Michaelangelo reached out and took hold of Jacob by the wrist – much as he had done earlier, when Jacob had first entered the chamber – and gently tugged on it until Jacob was brought down to the floor, lying beside him. They lay there together for a time, both still panting from exertion, while Waltz crawled over to join them.  

“You’ve got a bit of a flair for this, I think,” Waltz told Jacob as he lay down on the opposite side from Michaelangelo, effectively squashing him in between them – far from uncomfortably. “You ever considered doing what me and Mike do for a living?” 

Jacob shook his head, and almost laughed at the idea. “Never.” 

“I think you’d be well-suited for it,” Waltz went on, seemingly unperturbed by Jacob’s enthusiastic denial. “You’ve got that ‘meek-but-attentive lover’ vibe. A lot of people are into that. Not to mention your boyish charm and your gorgeous body.” He emphasised the last compliment with a sweep of his hands down Jacob’s body, drawing a satiated sigh from Jacob in the process. 

“I’m a Navigation Technician,” Jacob reminded him firmly. “That’s a very different field than sex work.” 

“Those don’t have to be mutually exclusive; Mike’s a part-time horticulturist, as you probably know. And Rebecca Furore used to work in law.” 

Jacob made a nervous hum in the back of his throat, prompting Michaelangelo to reach over and give his lover a gentle shove. “Leave him be, Waltz. Not everybody’s cut out for what we do.” 

Waltz shrugged and rolled onto his back. “I’m just saying – Jacob could be very popular on the Outernet. He’s certainly made a big impression here.” 

Colour rushed to Jacob’s cheeks as he recalled the other fuellers who’d watched him fucking Michaelangelo. While the thought of people seeing him so vulnerable and exposed still frightened and alarmed him, he couldn’t deny the thrill of it, either. The satisfaction of knowing people were getting off to you, pleasuring themselves over you, even coming with your name on their lips. The idea had awakened something primal and hungry inside Jacob Primary, and he wasn’t sure how to handle that just yet. 

It took some time for the three of them to gather their strength again, but Jacob found both Waltz and Michaelangelo both eager to resume when that time eventually came. Jacob knew at this stage, judging by the way the light from the Erosan central core now bathed the chamber in warm, bright cerulean, that he had likely succeeded in the task the captain had sent him to do. He could probably return now to his station on the bridge if he wanted to. But the soft, cushioned floor beneath his naked body felt too much like a warm bed for him to leave, and two pairs of wandering hands seemed to wordlessly beg him to stay.  

But just as things between the three of them seemed to be about to begin in earnest once again, a soft voice called out to them. 

“Excuse me…” 

They looked round, and Jacob blinked as he saw a familiar-looking individual perhaps a few years older than him, with black skin and warm brown eyes that were almost hidden by the thick locs of hair that tumbled down onto their forehead. A nervous smile made their teeth glint in the blue light filling the chamber, and they spoke up again. 

“You’re Navigation Technician Primary, right?”  

Surprise rendered Jacob silent for a second or two before his brain reminded him that he was obliged to answer. “O-oh, ah, yes, I am.” 

The person’s smile widened, and Jacob realised where he had seen them before – they’d been one of the people watching him with Michaelangelo earlier.  

“I thought I’d recognised you from the crew roster. My name is Dayo. Dayo Alone.” 

The name rang a bell, although Jacob wasn’t entirely certain why. “I didn’t know the fuellers were allowed access to the crew roster,” he said. 

“Well, they aren’t, actually,” Dayo admitted with that same nervous smile. “But as one of the people who helped design the Erosan Central Core, I have a few special privileges.” 

Jacob’s eyes widened, and he scooted closer to Dayo in his eagerness to hear more. “That’s where I heard your name before! You’re an engineer from Akkos! You were working on the Prototype Wormhole Expansion Project, weren’t you?” 

Dayo nodded, beaming brightly. A quiet cough from behind Jacob interrupted his next thought, and he glanced over his shoulder to see Michaelangelo and Waltz both giving him a mischievous look. 

“We’ll leave you two alone for the moment,” Michaelangelo half-whispered, and then he and Waltz were gone, the sounds of their kisses and gentle giggles slowly fading into the general background noise of the chamber. 

“I…I hope I didn’t interrupt anything,” Dayo said, a slight frown creasing their forehead for the first time. 

The thought of the two people Jacob knew best in the chamber leaving him to flounder by himself might have been cause for anxiety, had Jacob not found a kindred spirit in Dayo instead.  

“Not at all,” Jacob said, shaking his head. “So, if you don’t mind me asking, what in the stars is one of the creators of the Erosan Central Core doing here among the fuellers?” 

One corner of Dayo’s mouth twitched upwards. “What better way to make sure the core works as intended? It’s customary for one member of the team that designed the ship to travel aboard for the maiden voyage, but the Gräfenberg is a special case. After all, nothing like the Erosan Central Core has ever been seen in the entire galaxy before. So, it was decided that one engineer should join the fuellers inside the central core chamber.” They gave a little shrug, as though one’s astroengineering career often led them to orgies with supermodels and top-level athletes. “I volunteered. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to see the core at work in the flesh, if you catch my meaning.” 

They concluded their short speech with a little gesture towards themself that invited Jacob to take a look at Dayo’s naked body properly for the first time (which he gladly did). Dayo was of a similar build to Waltz, albeit somewhat thinner and shorter, with a wide chest and a soft tummy. Here and there – particularly across their neck and upper chest – were the dark marks of lovebites on their skin. Jacob let his eyes trail down, down, all the way to where Dayo’s dick rested against their navel, pulsing gently with need.  

Dimly, Jacob heard Dayo ask him a question. Or was it a question? They’d certainly said something, but the words had failed to reach Jacob‘s brain despite passing through his ears. 

“I’m sorry?” Jacob asked. 

Dayo smiled knowingly at him, making Jacob’s face flood with heat. “I was thanking you for all your help. We’ve been in and out of this room day and night since the journey began, giving as much as we could in order to power the core. But I was starting to think that it wasn’t enough, until you arrived.” 

Jacob’s eyes dropped to the floor as the praise made him feel even more bashful than usual. “O-oh, well, I can’t imagine I made that much of a difference. I’m just one person, after all – everyone else here has been putting in the hard work, too.” 

“But it was your arrival that gave us all the extra bit of encouragement we needed to power the core through this last leg of the voyage,” Dayo said. “Before you came in, things had quieted down quite a bit. Take a look around you now.” 

They waved a hand to gesture towards the chamber at large, and Jacob let his eyes travel around the room – not that they needed to go very far; the most obvious change since Jacob had entered was how the fuellers had bunched up more closely, when they had previously been spread all around the chamber. He spotted Waltz and Michaelangelo quickly, the former with his face already buried between a busty woman’s legs, the latter entwined with Lucas Pathfinder, their faces seemingly melting together in the light from the core. The woman that Waltz was pleasuring – Jacob suspected that she was the famed Rebecca Furore – was joined at the mouth to Maria Nines, who was sitting on another woman’s face in turn. Li Scarlet was now sitting in the lap of Myriad Augustine. The athlete who Jacob had seen with Li earlier was grunting loudly as he thrust in and out of Gerald Stratus, whose own hips were slamming against the ass of an individual with long, black hair, which fell about their face as they bounced back and forth against Gerald.  

All of this was happening within five metres or so of where Jacob and Dayo were sitting, although, when Jacob glanced back at Dayo again, he noticed they had moved significantly closer to him. Jacob could see their lips better now, slightly damp and swollen from too many kisses to count.  

“I’m an engineer,” they began, “and am hardly an expert on social interaction, as you might expect. But it doesn’t take an expert to see how your presence and your actions have lit a spark of sorts. Whether you believe it or not.” 

“Anybody could have done that,” Jacob said, although the protest sounded weak even to his own ears.  

“But you did,” Dayo said. “Not anybody – you. You may very well have saved the Erosan Core project, Jacob. You should be proud.” 

Jacob wasn’t sure he could be. Pride wasn’t something he was accustomed to. Then again, he was currently rocketing through the cosmos on a state-of-the-art prototype ship and surrounded by some of the most famous faces in the Galactic Hub, all of them totally naked and pleasuring one another. There was a lot already for Jacob to become accustomed to. Why not add one more? 

“And now,” Dayo said, their voice low and dripping with promise, “I would very much like for you to kiss me.” 

“Just kiss?” Jacob couldn’t help but ask, and earned a delighted flash of teeth from Dayo in response. 

“For a start,” they said, and Jacob eagerly closed the gap between their mouths, lips crashing together. Their hands met one another’s bodies, hungry to explore, to touch, to feel. Sounds of passion surrounded them, inflaming their own desires, and before long, Jacob had clambered into Dayo’s lap, his backside resting against their ample thighs as their bodies slowly ground together. Dayo’s fingers travelled down Jacob’s back, gently dragging their fingernails over his skin and drawing out long groans with each swipe, muffled by Dayo’s mouth on his. The dildo was pressed up between Dayo’s body and Jacob’s own, parallel with Dayo’s dick, and each movement of their hips sent pleasure spiralling through Jacob. The distinct slapping sound of flesh-against-flesh filled Jacob’s ears as he rocked back and forth in Dayo’s lap, dizzy with desire, and the chorus of ecstatic voices all around him coupled with the feel of Dayo’s body against his soon proved too much for him to cope with. 

“Fuck me,” Jacob pleaded in between kisses, his voice crackling with need. “Please, fuck me.” 

“I will,” Dayo promised, cupping Jacob’s ass in their hands. “I will. Would you get on all fours for me?” 

Jacob eagerly did as he was told, extricating himself from Dayo’s limbs to crawl onto the soft floor, lowering his upper body while keeping his lower body raised, and soon felt Dayo’s hands take hold of him by the hips, felt something firm and thick slipping in between his thighs, and Jacob gasped as Dayo entered him. Dayo let out a shuddering breath, and Jacob felt it resonate inside him as though it were his own exhalation. Jacob had been damp ever since Waltz had first licked him out – what felt like an age ago, now – and so Dayo was able to slide in and out of him with ease, slipping deeper and deeper with each thrust. Jacob sighed with bliss, tremors of pleasure racing up his spine with every jolt from Dayo’s hips. The warm weight of Dayo’s body bore down on Jacob’s back, and he relaxed into them as their hands began to wander again. 

“How do you feel?” Dayo’s voice murmured in Jacob’s ear. 

Jacob tilted his head slightly upwards, drinking in the view of the other fuellers sharing in one another’s pleasure, writhing together in ecstasy. And he was a part of it, too. 

“Incredible,” Jacob said, and meant it with all of his heart. 

One of Dayo’s hands continued its journey around Jacob’s side, travelling past his waist and coming to a stop just short of where the dildo was attached to Jacob’s body. 

“Can I touch you here?” they asked. 

“Y-Yes, please!” 

Warm, supple fingers took hold of the dildo, sending pleasure sparking through him, and Jacob couldn’t hold back a strangled shout. Dayo hummed delightedly in his ear as their hand began to stroke, gradually picking up speed until it matched the pace of their thrusts. The feel of Dayo’s cock deep inside him would have been incredible enough by itself, but combined with the sensation of their hand gripping the dildo as they pumped it up and down, fingers sliding over the sensitive flesh-like material, was almost more than Jacob could handle. Two different sources of pleasure swelled, blending and fusing into a delectable heat that quickly began to overwhelm him. 

Dayo clearly knew it, too, for they pressed their lips repeatedly against the side of Jacob’s face, murmuring, “Don’t hold back.” 

But Jacob couldn’t have, even if he’d wanted to. Heat flooded his body as he came again, letting out a cry that was more of a scream, the chamber spinning around him as sheer bliss swallowed him up from the inside out. Each wave of pleasure drove another shout out from between his lips, and even in the midst of his orgasm, Jacob was dimly aware of how much attention he was drawing. Dayo held him steady, anchoring him even as their hips slammed against him over and over and over, finally slowing to a crawl only when Jacob sagged in their arms.  

“Ohh,” he moaned, writhing against Dayo as the aftershocks of his climax swept through him. “Ohh…” 

“Do you need a moment?” Dayo asked, their gentle voice barely more than a whisper. 

“No,” Jacob said, surprised by the firmness in his tone. “I want more. I need it.” 

A slight shaking as Dayo chuckled quietly against him, but they were clearly more than happy to oblige Jacob’s request, for their hips soon picked up the rhythm once again, clapping loudly with every impact against Jacob’s body. Jacob threw his head back and moaned again, pushing himself back against Dayo with each thrust, desperate for more. As he raised his head, however, Jacob made eye-contact with one of the people whose attention he’d caught with his previous display – none other than Li Scarlet, who had pulled away from Myriad and was sidling over on their knees towards Dayo and Jacob, with one hand gripped around another Locrian-Brand Flesh Wand that jutted out from their groin. Li quirked a quizzical eyebrow at Jacob, their eyes dropping to their dildo before coming back up to meet Jacob’s again. Jacob nodded hurriedly, raising one hand off the floor to take hold of Li’s dildo as they approached, eagerly guiding it into his mouth and earning a quiet gasp from them as he let the synthetic flesh meet his tongue. The lubricant that coated the dildo, as Jacob was pleased to discover, was berry-flavoured, and he savoured the taste as he greedily slid his lips down the shaft, grabbing onto Li’s hip for balance. Jacob had only just gotten into the rhythm when another person appeared at Li’s side, and Jacob didn’t even glance up to see who it was before plunging their dick into his mouth in turn, swapping hungrily back and forth between the two shafts and delighting in the shuddering sighs he drew from the two people he was pleasuring. 

“Fuck,” said the person beside Li, and Jacob recognised the iconic voice of Gerald Stratus. “C-could you take both of us at the same time?” 

Jacob gripped Gerald’s dick and pressed it up against Li’s dildo, before opening wide to cram the two heads into his mouth at once. It was a tight fit, although neither of them complained. 

“Stars, yes,” Li muttered, rolling their hips slightly to rub the dildo against Jacob’s tongue. Gerald made a noise of agreement, and Jacob heard them exchange a few kisses, grunting into one another’s mouths.  

“Could I try?” That was Dayo, their head roughly level with Jacob’s. He couldn’t see their face, but the hunger in their tone was palpable, and Jacob withdrew to allow them to move in. Dayo effortlessly took Gerald and Li into their mouth, their eyes fluttering shut in bliss as they wrapped their lips around the shaft. Jacob would have been fine with watching, but Dayo soon pulled back and invited Jacob to join in again. 

Jacob and Dayo spent some time like that, swapping Gerald and Li in and out of their mouths – sometimes taking both at once, other times going one-on-one – all while Dayo kept pounding Jacob hard, still pumping Jacob’s dildo with their hand. The floor was rocking gently beneath Jacob now, and judging by the sounds from all around him, that was because all of the fuellers had moved closer together. He felt other bodies pressing close, almost touching, but he didn’t reach out to close the gap until a hand took hold of Jacob’s own, and he clasped their fingers together, holding on as though for dear life. 

We’re all so close together now. The thought occurred to Jacob that, if everyone were to finish now, they’d all collapse into a single, sweaty, and sticky pile. And, as it turned out, that was largely what did happen. 

Dayo was the first card in the metaphorical house to fall. They groaned blearily in Jacob’s ear, their every breath hot against Jacob’s skin as they began to come, huffing with each rapturous thrust. Jacob hummed in delight as he felt Dayo’s body judder and quake against his, with Dayo planting warm, needy kisses against Jacob’s cheek. As though caught in a chain reaction, Jacob felt his own body begin to crest once more, and he swiftly came around Dayo’s cock as it spasmed over and over inside him, his hoarse shout muffled by the two shafts still in his mouth – one of which began to jerk in turn, treating Jacob to a small spurt of hot fluid. Gerald’s cry of pleasure was beaten out almost immediately by Li’s, and the two of them clutched one another tightly as they came together in Jacob’s mouth. When all was said and done, the four of them lowered themselves to the floor, a profound lethargy gripping them all as Dayo pulled out of Jacob at last while Jacob opened his mouth wide to release Li and Gerald. 

All around Jacob were the exhilarated shouts of the other fuellers reaching their own climaxes. The hand still clutching Jacob’s began to tremble and squeeze him tight, and even through his exhaustion, Jacob squeezed back. Immediately, he heard a pair of sharp cries from nearby, and he turned his head to see Michaelangelo Serendipity lying on his back, being enthusiastically fucked by the male athlete. Michaelangelo’s lithe body squirmed underneath him as they shared their final throes of ecstasy, before slumping to the floor in fatigue.  

Michaelangelo met Jacob’s eye and winked. “Lovely to see you again,” he said, his voice thick with exhaustion and elation alike. 

Jacob gave him a shaky smile. “You, too.” 

The din inside the room slowly began to die away as more and more of the fuellers spent themselves. Jacob witnessed Waltz straddling Myriad’s face as they rode out their own climaxes, and watched Maria’s face flush with colour as another woman pumped a dildo in and out of her. The last to cross the proverbial finish line was Lucas Pathfinder, who grumbled appreciatively as Rebecca used her hands to expertly pump one last load out of his dick, the two of them sinking to the floor in joined bliss soon afterwards. 

The thirteen of them lay there on the cushioned floor, the sound of their heavy breathing the only noise present save for the steady hum of the Erosan central core. The core was burning bright like a miniature star, full to the brim with the energy it had harnessed. It spun like a pulsar, rays of light filling the chamber with radiance.  

“That’ll be enough to speed us the rest of the way to Hieros,” Jacob heard Dayo mutter, as the two of them watched the core rotate.  

“You did it, Jacob,” Michaelangelo said from beside him. 

He had done it. Of course, he never could have managed it without the help of the people he was currently quite literally entangled with. But his mission had been an overwhelming success. The captain had chosen wisely, after all. Still… 

“We could always give it a little bit more,” Jacob suggested in a low murmur. “Just to make sure.” 

Dayo’s eyebrows rose in surprise, while Michaelangelo snickered. 

“And here I thought you were finally spent,” Michaelangelo said, huddling in closer to Jacob with desire reigniting in his gaze. 

“W-well, when it comes to my work,” Jacob said, shifting position as Dayo moved in, too, “I like to be thorough…” 

The last syllable dragged itself out into a long, heavy groan as Dayo’s mouth latched onto Jacob’s neck. Two pairs of hands squeezed his body tight, and Jacob couldn’t help but smile. 





“Looks like we’re just about set up, here,” Waltz Majority announced, as he lifted his hands away from the camera, which floated in place even after he let go. “How about you, Mike?” 

“All systems go,” Michaelangelo said, flicking a switch on the wall. Jacob watched from where he was sitting on the bed as the lights in the room adjusted, dimming to just the right level of brightness for the camera. The two of them crossed the room and climbed onto the bed to join Jacob, both wearing warm, welcoming smiles. 

“So, be honest,” Waltz said, “how do you feel?” 

Jacob swallowed, casting a glance at the camera, which hovered in mid-air, just about at eye level with him, as though it were sitting on an invisible platform. 

“I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t a bit nervous,” Jacob admitted. “But, if I didn’t want to do this, I wouldn’t have come along.” 

Waltz raised a pointed eyebrow. “Oh? Not even for tea and a chat?” 

“Leave him be, Waltz.” Michaelangelo gave his lover a playful shove. “You know this is a big step for Jacob.” 

“Are you sure that people will even want to watch me in one of your videos?” Jacob asked them. 

“Are you joking?” Waltz snorted. “There’s not a single person in the Galactic Hub who hasn’t seen your face broadcast across their holo-screens every day for the past month. Every spacer from here to Kappa Alovii knows Jacob Primary, Saviour of the Good Ship Gräfenberg. There’s a lot of people out there who’d be happy to see a bit more of you.” 

Jacob felt colour seeping into his face as the thought, as well as a quiet little thrill in the pit of his stomach. “When you put it that way…” 

Michaelangelo opened his arms wide for a hug which Jacob gratefully accepted. “We saw how you handled yourself in the core chamber that day. You’ve got a talent for this, Jacob. It’s understandable to feel nervous, but I promise you, you’ll be amazing.” 

Jacob shifted awkwardly in Michaelangelo’s grip. “I think I might be a bit camera shy, that’s all.” 

Waltz nodded, glancing from the floating camera to Jacob and back again. “Hmm. Well, would it help if you thought less about the camera and more about who’ll be watching on the opposite side? Think about all the spacers in their microships, giving themselves a small bit of comfort while they plough all alone through the vacuum of space?” 

Jacob’s mouth went dry.

Waltz continued on. “Or about all the people bent double over their holoscreens, or tucked into their beds without a stitch on, or tucked away in bathrooms – all watching you share yourself with me and Mike–” 

His words were cut off as Jacob hungrily tugged him in close, the two of them eagerly kissing as their hands began to explore each other’s bodies. Michaelangelo’s chuckle turned into a soft groan as Jacob slipped a hand in under his shirt. The three men wobbled and swayed atop the bed, before eventually toppling over altogether. 

“I had a feeling that would work,” Waltz muttered against Jacob’s mouth, pulling out a small button from his pocket and pressing down on it with his thumb. 

A red light blinked on the side of the camera as the three men began to wrestle one another out of their clothes.

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7 thoughts on “The Maiden Voyage

  1. Wonderful use of a classic porn premise, A+, v hot

    I am also a big fan of how someone’s pronouns were not a predictor of what kind of anatomy they’d have, A+ v trans

  2. I am not even done reading and I’m already saluting the boldness of this premise with all my limbs at once. Now THAT is how you open an issue

  3. Oh my god, I cracked up at the ship name and only cracked up more from the rest of the beautifully over-the-top names. And the TECHNOBABBLE!! My Trekkie heart soars. This was really fun and sexy, and it’s a perfect opener to the issue!

  4. Look, orgone just isn’t going to make ITSELF, I don’t know why everyone’s looking so surprised!

    This was a really fun time, from the characters all having names like mecha pilots on up to the super-broad spectrum of identities, pronouns, body types, and more. It also got me fascinated by thoughts of how they could improve on the process for future journeys: more fuelers? Back-up batteries? Ways for passengers to contribute from the privacy of their bunks? Jacob’s earnestness and determination to his cause really endeared him to me, and I hope he has a long and fruitful career in whichever profession(s) he follows in the future.

  5. I very much enjoyed the cheesy porno setup . The whole thing was a great combination of sexy and sweet.

  6. Very huge fan of the transness of it, and I love the easing out of nervousness to help the mission through to slowly being more confident with pleasure

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