The English Parent

by Nat Tagawa (ナット多川)


Emma was sitting on her fold-out chair, and Thomas was next to her in the grass. He was leaning back on his hands and had his legs crossed at the ankles. They were laughing really hard, and Nicky wanted to know what the joke was.

Not that Emma was much to look at in his opinion, but she was a great mom, upbeat, and obviously knew how to make a man laugh.

Nicky felt stung. He could imagine her leaving her husband for Thomas; it’s what he would do if he were her. And Emma wasn’t the only one he felt jealous of when Thomas talked to her. There was Valerie, whose husband was English too. Thomas wasn’t as thick with her as he was with some of the other moms, but she looked stunning; worse, together they looked stunning.

Nicky watched Tommy walk off the pitch, and then, hand in hand with his father, walk away. The kid was tiny, didn’t look like his father at all, but he was a cute kid, and Nicky liked him, but getting along well with Tommy didn’t get him any closer to his father. Nicky sighed.

Thomas hadn’t been sitting close enough to casually say hello to, and Nicky hadn’t seen him looking his way even once. Once in a while he imagined he had, but had then noticed that Thomas was always looking at Tommy, and not him. He felt like a jerk for begrudging the kid the attention.

Picking up stray balls, Nicky resigned himself to the fact that it just wasn’t going to happen. As a widower with a young child, it was only natural for Thomas to socialize with women. If he was looking at all he was looking for someone who would eventually make an acceptable new mom for Tommy. The last thing he needed was someone of the wrong sex hitting on him.


“I need your advice,” Thomas said, after sitting down with his two friends. He hadn’t seen Dick and Wolf for weeks, but they had agreed to make time for him right away anyway.

“His? Or mine?” Wolf asked, wanting to be precise.

“Both if possible,” Thomas said, looking at each of them in turn, but he had their undivided attention.

They had been Laura’s friends first; they’d become his friends too, and godfathers to Tommy. Later, they’d helped him deal with her accident, the funeral, everything he had never wanted to deal with, so now they were his best friends. And if they hadn’t been, he couldn’t have asked any of his other friends for advice with this particular problem; he really needed them now even if his business was rather trivial.

He cut straight to the point. “I think I am–no, I’m definitely–falling in love with a man.”

They were both silent for a long moment, and Wolf was frowning. “Are you sure?” Dick asked, eyes wide.

Thomas nodded. “Yes. Maybe I already am. In love. Or in lust, I’m not sure I can tell the difference.” Thomas shrugged and checked his hands to see if they weren’t shivering. He couldn’t believe he had gotten to the stage where he was telling someone about his strange fancy.

Nearly every free moment he had, when he was not working or spending time with Tommy, his mind wandered off to think about Nicky. Lately he often fantasized about Nicky even when he was supposedly working.

“Well…” Wolf said, and looked at the menu, pulling his eyebrows up high.

“Is it possible, to…you know, go from being straight to being gay? Just like that?” Thomas asked.

Wolf raised his eyebrows now too, as if he was suggesting that he wouldn’t know.

Dick laughed. “Relax, you’re probably not gay,” he said.

“I’m not?” Thomas wondered.

“You’re bi. Best of both worlds, and you never noticed because you fell in love with Laura and never looked back, or never looked at anyone else in any case, until now.”

Thomas nodded. That made sense. He’d intended to be with Laura forever, but the accident had put an end to that. After that he’d decided to live for Tommy and to stay single indefinitely, but now he wasn’t so sure he wanted to be on his own anymore.

“And who is he?” Dick asked, still grinning at the revelation.

Realizing that while they might not say it, his friends would think he was a pervert, or stupid, or both, Thomas got it over with and said, “Tommy’s football coach.”

Dick burst out laughing, while Wolf didn’t seem pleased at all. “It’s not funny,” he admonished Dick.

“No, no,” Thomas said. He laughed and drank some of his beer. “It is funny, actually. I admit, it’s outrageous.”

“But you realize you might be falling for him only because he’s nice to Tommy?” Wolf said.

Thomas nodded, but said, “That’s not it. I wondered about that myself at the start, but he isn’t extraordinarily nice to Tommy. Not that he’s not good with kids, but I sometimes get a little irritated with him. It’s his first year on the job, and he doesn’t always do what we parents expect him to. He’s not a bad coach, just inexperienced. He was a bit overwhelmed at the start I guess. Anyway, if I fell for everyone who is nice to Tommy I’d have twenty girlfriends by now. That’s really not it.”

“So, what is it? What is it about him that would appeal to you? We thought you were ramrod straight.” Dick winked at Thomas, while Wolf continued to frown skeptically and drank his NA beer.

Thomas put his back against the partition between him and the bench of another cubicle, and said, “In my defense, as far as I’m concerned, he started it. He’s a shameless flirt. I dismissed it as nothing at the start, thought he was just joking. Then I started wondering if he were perhaps short a few cups, because it was so blatant, to the point that I was worried the other parents would notice. But then it dawned on me that he meant it, and that he’s just young.”

“Meant what?” Wolf asked.

“Well, the first time it was just him saying he wanted to come home with us,” Thomas said.

“What!?” asked Dick, laughing.

“That was after Tommy told him we live near the Rooneys. You know, the retired lady who has been minding Tommy after school all year? Turns out she was his teacher when he was in high school. His parents live very near too, within walking distance, though I can’t remember ever having run into him.”

“And? When he said he wanted to come home with you, what did you do?” Dick asked.

“I dismissed it as a joke. It had to be a joke, since the coaches all return to storage first with the equipment, and they have, I don’t know, a meeting perhaps? In any case, they don’t just return home at the same time as the children.”

“What else?” Dick asked, on the edge of his chair.

“He gets in a mood when I don’t watch from where I usually do, which is pretty close to where he is. He looks especially sour when I talk to some of the other parents. Well, they’re almost all mothers–soccer moms, you know, but not of the terrible kind. We talk about school, the teachers, things the kids are into. Sometimes I sit down with two friends who both have a boy in another class; I know them from the PTA. When I do watch from where I usually do and don’t talk to anyone, he’s all smiles, start to finish.”

“That’s rather cute. How old is he? What does he look like? Do you have a picture?” Dick asked, on the edge of the bench.

“He turned twenty-two this summer. Looks younger though. He looks–I don’t have a clear picture, some in which he is with Tommy, but I didn’t bring any–he’s good-looking, cute, bit short, not scrawny but thin for someone who plays football all day, brown hair, brown eyes, and his tan is almost as dark as his hair. And he moves…”

“Go on, tell us about his moves!” Dick said encouragingly, hanging on to Thomas’ every word.

Thomas laughed. “Well, he moves gracefully when he’s not putting up a show for me, without being conscious of it. That’s when it is apparent that he does sport for a living.”

Wolf interrupted, “What’s that supposed to mean, when he’s putting up a show for you?”

“When I’m watching nearby, when the children are given a break, to go to the bathroom or to drink water, he starts doing these ball tricks right in front of me. I’ve made sure to check if he does that when I’m not that near, if he does that when any of the other parents happens to watch from the same spot, and he doesn’t.”

“Ball tricks, huh?” Dick asked, trying to drink while he giggled at that.

“Like lifting and balancing it on his head, the back of his neck…. It mystified me at the start, I had no idea why he would want to show me rather than the children what he can do with a ball. I mean, it’s not something that would occur to me as a way to seduce someone.”

“Not as a way to seduce someone your age,” Wolf said. “Think about it, if he just turned twenty-two, memories of high school and university still fresh, that sort of thing would have made him popular, and since he’s doesn’t see you anywhere else, doing that must be his way of drawing your attention.”

“Someone my age, huh?” Thomas asked.

Wolf soberly remarked, “Thomas, you’re thirty-four, it’s almost criminal, and what you just described, the way he wants you to watch him perform, is a perfect example of a twink.”

“Oh, shut up, you wanker. You are so no fun,” Dick said, and turned to Thomas again. “Tell us more.”

“His mother–I know her because she’s Mrs. Rooney’s best friend, and I get to see a lot of her because they get together for tea, at least once a week. Mrs. Rooney always invites me in when I go to pick Tommy up and have the time–his mother told me he always gets home in a mood when we don’t go to practice, and that he comes home with a smile plastered over his face when we do. She thinks that he must adore Tommy as much as she does. So I started paying attention, and noticed that when we’re just a little late, he has this–he looks so very relieved when we get there, and he ends up smiling for the rest of the hour. But he doesn’t pay Tommy any more attention than the rest of the kids.”

“Are you sure?” Wolf asked.

Thomas nodded. “Positive. It’s been going on for a year, and I’ve never deluded myself into believing someone who didn’t fancy me did, so… On the other hand, I feel terribly uncomfortable for, I don’t know, knowing all these little things about him that he doesn’t know I know.”

“Like?” Wolf wondered.

“His mom told me he never drank his milk when he was little, which is why he’s so short she says. That he still refuses to eat spinach and broccoli. And Mrs. Rooney once mentioned that he was sent to juvie for a while, for injuring someone in a fight.”

“Aw, he’s a bad boy,” Dick said, and laughed.

“He must have grown out of it though,” Thomas said. “There’s pretty strict screening for the new coaches there, and at times he’s unable to control the kids, they walk all over him, but he’s never lost his temper.”

Dick giggled and shook his head, while Wolf looked on disapprovingly. “You have to show us a picture. Or we should go and watch one of Tommy’s practices. From a distance, with binoculars.”

“Absolutely not,” Wolf said. “Two grown men watching children’s football training in the park with binoculars? Do you realize what it would look like?”

Dick shook his head dismissively, sighed, leaned back, and was about to say something when he held in and frowned. “Sssh! I heard–the people on the other table, I’m sure someone just said ‘soccer’ and ‘Tommy’s dad’.” He turned and put his ear against the partition.

Thomas snuck over to Dick and Wolf’s side of the table, and put his ear against the partition too, and Wolf followed suit. They listened, trying to catch the rest of the conversation at the other table.

“He probably hasn’t even noticed. And even if he has, it wouldn’t change anything, he’s got to be the straightest guy I’ve ever fallen for,” Nicky said, sounding depressed.

Recognizing Nicky’s voice, Thomas nodded at his friends. Dick grinned, and Wolf made big eyes, shaking his head in disbelief. They listened intently.

“Sometimes I get the feeling he’s ignoring me on purpose,” Nicky said, and sighed.

Dick elbowed Thomas in the side, and glared reproachfully at him, while Thomas shook his head defensively.

“He can’t be worth it. I mean, there has to be a catch,” said one of Nicky’s companions. “I bet he has a pencil dick.”

Dick grinned at Thomas, eyeing his crotch.

Nicky’s friend had been joking, trying to cheer him up, but Nicky sounded completely earnest, sad even, when he said, “No. He’s worn jeans a few times, not too tight, but tight enough. He’s well hung too.”

Dick patted Thomas on the back and then gave him two thumbs up, and even Wolf was laughing softly now, mouthing ‘what are the odds?’

Thomas drank the rest of his beer, licked his lips, and whispered, “All right, I’ll er…get the ball rolling.”

He got up, looked over the partition and down at the table where Nicky and his friends were seated, cleared his throat noisily and said, “Be that as it may…”

Nicky was speechless for a moment, mouth falling open when he spotted Thomas, while his friends looked like they had no idea what was happening. Nicky whispered, “Oh God–”

He pulled his legs out from under the table, and looked both paralyzed and as if he was about to make a run for it. Thomas couldn’t have that. Narrowed eyes on Nicky, trying not to let on how amused he was, Thomas said, “Nicky?”

Nicky cowered, and finally managed to close his mouth.

“Could I see you for a moment? Outside?”

“Thomas–Mr. Wilder, I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!”

“Don’t be. Haven’t laughed this hard for a long time. Come on, I’ll take you home.”

Thomas took his jacket, while Dick and Wolf got up too, looking over the partition, checking Nicky out.

“Adorable,” Dick whispered, making Nicky go red in the face.

Nicky’s two friends had finally caught on, the one with the pencil dick suspicion asking, “That’s him? The Thomas you’ve been mooning over for months?” They started laughing, and pushed Nicky away from their table, throwing him his bag.

“But–” Nicky said, catching his bag, looking from his friends to Thomas.

Thomas smiled at him and walked out, counting on Dick and Wolf to pick up the tab, like they’d promised. Nicky caught up with him when they reached the car, and got in on the passenger’s side.

He didn’t say a word, keeping his bag in front of him, between his knees, until he noticed Thomas wasn’t going in the direction of his parents’ house.

“Your home?” he asked softly, glancing at Thomas.

“Yes. So we can talk in private.”

Thomas had never talked to Nicky alone, in fact, he had never even addressed him by his first name, trying to keep a respectful parent/coach distance, but having heard Nicky speculate about the size of his cock, he didn’t see why not.

Nicky grabbed his bag tighter. He was still in what he wore for work, a long-sleeved football shirt and shorts, which was Thomas’ second favorite outfit. He liked the sleeveless shirt even better, admitting to himself that that was because that was the closest he’d ever been to seeing Nicky naked.

“And Tommy is–?” Nicky asked.

“At my parents’ for the weekend. We have the house to ourselves.”

Nicky nodded, and when they got there, followed Thomas into his house, and then waited, standing in the middle of the living room, until Thomas had put down his keys and turned to him.


Thomas said, “Sit down.” He walked into the kitchen and came back out with two beers.

Nicky put his bag down on the floor. There were a lot of pictures, and in most of them Thomas’ late wife was prominently featured. He’d heard all about her death and about how Thomas was a great dad and about how tragic it all was, tens of times, from his mother. How she couldn’t believe he managed all by himself.

Thomas softly said, “So, what do we talk about?”

Nicky accepted his beer and shrugged. Then he said, “You’re not offended? By what I said?”

“No, no, absolutely not. I think–it was a funny way to, you know, get the ball–never mind,” he said, and laughed.

Nicky drank more, wondering what he meant by that.

Thomas looked Nicky over, and said, “I am very much attracted to you.”

Nicky shivered involuntarily when Thomas touched his cheek, and caressed down to his chin. For all that his tan was almost as dark as his hair, he was sure the flush was clearly visible beneath it.

Thomas smiled at him. “You always tell the kids to do image training at home, I’m not sure you’re getting through to them. It’s not your fault, they’re a bit too young to grasp the concept, that’s all. But you’ve been getting through to me,” he said, and sighed deeply. “I’ve done a lot of image training, and I’m at the end of my rope.”

“Oh,” Nicky said.

“Look, I–have never done this. With another man. Don’t think it will be a problem, what with all the image training, but if you’re having second thoughts, you should say so.” Thomas said softly.

Nicky shook his head, laughed, and said, “No. No second thoughts.” He put his hand over the one Thomas had on his face. He felt at the end of his rope too. Still living with his parents, he had to keep his own image training, with images of Thomas in his mind, very quiet.

And the man was so much better than the image. The deep timbre of Thomas’ voice had the power to relax and turn him on at the same time, it was bewitching.

Thomas put his beer bottle down and moved up to Nicky, put his arm around his waist, and pulled him to him, breathing in the scent of his hair. He put his lips against the shell of his ear, and after caressing his skin with them, kissed down over his cheeks to his mouth.

The nervous coil in Nicky’s belly dissolved into pure pleasure when Thomas kissed him on the mouth and their tongues touched, quickly stroking against and over each other. Nicky was worried about the small amount of late evening stubble on his cheeks, worried it would turn Thomas off, but then Thomas pulled him onto his lap and he felt better, a lot better, and a lot more self-confident.

Nicky could feel Thomas’ hard-on, solid and heavy under his jeans. He breathed in shallowly. After kissing him until he got out of breath again, the hand Thomas had on his belly slipped down, in under the waistband of his stupid training shorts. Nicky put his hand over Thomas’ arm and leaned into him.

He had felt relieved in the car when he realized he wasn’t being carted off to his parents like a naughty kid, but he hadn’t imagined anything like this would happen, this fast. Thomas had said he was taking him home to talk in private, but that had clearly been some sort of British way to say sex.

Nicky was dizzy with relief that what could have been the greatest fuck-up of his life, what could have cost him his job if Thomas had not been so inclined, turned out to be the chance he had been dreaming of.

Thomas’ stroking him once over his underwear was all it took. Unable to stop himself, Nicky came. Thomas chuckled. Nicky didn’t know what to do, so he kept his eyes closed, hoping he had just been having a wet dream.

“I’ll take this to mean that you weren’t just playing with me, thinking I’d never take you up on the offer,” Thomas whispered.

Nicky nodded, turned his head, and looked into Thomas’ eyes. He didn’t say anything, there was no need, if Thomas had heard the compromising stuff he had said in the restaurant, he knew how much he wanted him.

Thomas turned and had Nicky sit on his couch again while he got up to take off his shirt, his shoes, socks and pants. He seemed completely secure about his body. At practice, Nicky had caught glimpses of his collar bones, part of his chest even, but he hadn’t expected Thomas to be this fit. His muscles were perfectly outlined under his smooth olive skin, seeing him half-naked made the contrast of his light green eyes with his very dark hair even more striking, and he looked exactly like Nicky’s wildest dreams.

In his club training wear, marking him as someone working in sports yet without the bulging muscle to show for it, Nicky felt woefully inadequate.

“Can you put out the light?” he asked.

“No,” Thomas whispered, “I want to see you.” He came up, tilted Nicky’s chin, and kissed him again. Gently at first, then ever deeper. Nicky felt as if he would melt and pushed up against him.

Thomas caressed down with the hand he had tilted Nicky’s chin with, and placed it on his belly. He lifted up Nicky’s shirt and pulled it off over his head, and then embraced Nicky again, kissing him with more passion. Nicky pressed into him, tilting his hips when he felt Thomas’ hands slide in under his shorts, pushing them down.

Thomas let go and said, “Strip.” He got up and removed his own shorts too, sporting a considerable erection.

Eagerly stepping out of shorts and underwear, Nicky left them on the floor, quickly kicking off his shoes and stripping off his socks.

Thomas sat down on the couch, took Nicky’s hand in his and pulled him down onto his lap again.

“It’s nothing,” he said, touching the come still sticking to Nicky’s belly. “We have all night.”

Nicky nodded, and put his arms around him. He felt a bit weird because Thomas was so much more of a gentleman than anyone else he’d ever been with, but it was nice.

Lips almost touching, Nicky studied Thomas’ expression, and finally stopped having trouble believing that someone this exceptional would want him. This time he put his mouth on Thomas’, and wasn’t surprised when his cock hardened again soon after. He turned until he was straddling Thomas’ legs, pushing into him, getting hotter when he felt the head of Thomas’ cock leaking against the inside of his thigh.

Crawling of Thomas’ lap, he kissed down his neck, intending to go down all the way, but Thomas pulled him to him again and said, “I don’t much care for blowjobs.”

Good, Nicky thought, he wasn’t particularly fond of giving them, but was willing to make an exception for Thomas, anything to make him feel good.

“Lie down,” Thomas said.

Nicky nodded, did as he was told, and put an arm around Thomas’ back when he hovered over him, getting in between his legs. Thomas kissed him deeply again, with so much care it made Nicky feel slightly ridiculous and extremely comfortable. Thomas had one arm under Nicky’s head, and used the hand of the other to caress down his back, down his butt, and then to lift Nicky’s left leg and put it over his own. He moved his hand back up, put it bet the small of Nicky’s back, and thrust their cocks together.

Nicky gasped, and when Thomas cupped his balls gently, he was done for again, and came sloppily against Thomas’ belly.

He swore, and tried to get up, but Thomas grabbed his wrists, pushed him down, and kept him trapped under his body. He was laughing, but sobered up when he saw Nicky’s frustrated expression. He pulled Nicky to him, letting go of his wrists but keeping his arms firmly around him, and whispered, “Third time’s the charm, you’ll see.”

“This has never happened to me before,” Nicky said, in lieu of apology.

“How long has it been?” Thomas asked.

“Over a year. Ever since you caught my eye…”

Thomas sighed, and nuzzled his face into Nicky’s neck. “For what it’s worth, I’m very flattered. I’ve never made anyone come this fast, twice.”

“I’m sorry,” Nicky said, clinging to him.

“Don’t be. I mean it. You can come as often as you want. Now relax.”

Nicky nodded. He let himself go limp in Thomas’ arms again. After having come twice already, he felt boneless. In any other situation, or rather, with anyone else, he would have been worried about not getting it up again, he would have wanted to be left alone, to sleep, but with Thomas… he had been dreaming about this for a year, and he felt as if he could continue forever.

Sure enough, after Thomas had been kneading his butt cheeks for a while, he was getting hard again.

Thomas whispered, “Nicky…what do we use? For lubrication? I didn’t think I’d be sleeping with you tonight. I don’t keep any condoms around either, we don’t have to–”

“In my bag,” Nicky said, letting go of Thomas, who got up in an instant to let him up to go and get them.

He came back and put the condom on the low table, handing the tube to Thomas, who said, “It’s still sealed.”

“Yeah. I just wanted to be prepared…just in case you got it into your head to come for me.”

Thomas broke the seal of the tube, and spread some on his fingers. “Come for you?” he asked. He got in between Nicky’s spread legs.

“I was hoping you’d crack, if I provoked you just enough,” Nicky admitted.

“As if, in my position, I can afford to crack,” Thomas said.

“I’m sorry,” Nicky whispered. “I–I couldn’t make the first move, with the parent of a student… It would be sexual harassment. I was afraid you’d sue me.”

Thomas laughed. “You have an active imagination,” he said, pushing a warm, lubed finger into Nicky’s hole. He moved it in an out slowly, and when there was no real resistance, he added a second.

Nicky pulled his knees up, and worried his lower lip.

“I’ll come for you, let me in,” Thomas whispered hoarsely.

Nicky spread his legs wider. Thomas put on a condom and started pushing into him earlier than he’d expected, but he let him, and opened his mouth for another quick kiss, wanting to feel Thomas’ tongue as much as his cock.

He relaxed as much of he could, filled with anxiety and hoping not to be a let down. He relaxed more when Thomas thrust in, groaning deeply, eyes half closed, lips parted, and very obviously very into it. Into him. Nicky relaxed more, watched Thomas push more of his cock into him, and then pull out a little, slowly.

“Well?” he whispered.

“What?” Thomas wondered, opening just one eye to look at him.

“As good as you imagined?”

Thomas nodded quickly, pushed his hands under Nicky’s ass, kissed him again, and then pulled Nicky’s ass up higher, over his thighs, to fuck him. He hit the right spot almost immediately, making Nicky whimper and beg for more, louder when he remembered there was no one but the two of them in the house.

Nicky tried to hold out for as long as he could, not touching his own cock, hoping Thomas wouldn’t either, feeling his orgasm approach fast, rolling like a wave from the central focus of where Thomas’ cock was thrusting into him, engulfing his hips and belly, and turning his legs limp. He was done for, about to feel mortified again, but then he could feel Thomas come too, groaning harder and collapsing on top of him, hands still cradling Nicky’s spread ass.

It took him a few moments to get his wind back, then he whispered something about amazing, and used a hand to push against Nicky’s hole to pull his cock out.


Thomas pulled out of Nicky slowly, still afraid of hurting him, but he looked satisfied, very satisfied. Very sexy. Thomas grinned, and said, “Just–bathroom, going to get rid of this.” He walked to the bathroom and threw the condom in the trash, reminding himself to get rid of it before his parents brought Tommy back the next day. He looked at the mirror, at his face, and since it didn’t look any different, pulled a few faces at his reflection until he cracked himself up. And he couldn’t just leave Nicky on the couch like that.

He washed his hands, tied a towel around his hips, and looked at his reflection again. He could have a shower, or he could try and talk Nicky into doing it again, perhaps. The lift of his towel was his cock saying yes to that, and Thomas stared down at if for a moment, in wonder as well as relief.

“Want to use the bathroom?” he asked, coming out.

“Yeah, I–should probably go home,” Nicky said, sounding shy again.

“Why?” Thomas wondered.


“Stay the night.”

“Are you sure?”

“Sure I’m sure. Unless you want this to be a one-off–”

Nicky shook his head, “No, no!”

“Good,” Thomas said, laughing. “I don’t even have your cell phone number yet. If I call your parents’ house your mother’ll think I want to complain about your coaching.”

Nicky laughed, a little insecure, as if he were afraid that Thomas actually had complaints. He went to the bathroom, and when he came back out again, he found Thomas in the master bedroom, stark naked again, on the bed, patting on the place next to him.

Dropping his towel, Nicky got on enthusiastically. He put his arms around Thomas and kissed him, pressing into him with fervor. He put both of his hands over Thomas’ cock, loving it already, moving the foreskin up and down while Thomas sucked the skin of his neck and pinched his nipples, touching him all over, massaging his butt until Nicky voiced his need to get fucked again. He let go of Thomas’ cock and looked around for the lube and the condoms, and then seemed to notice something peculiar about the room.

Guessing what he was thinking, Thomas whispered. “No pictures here, I couldn’t stand it. They’re in the rest of the house–so Tommy won’t forget what she looked like.”

Nicky nodded, cradling Thomas’ head to his chest, twitching when Thomas sucked his nipples hard and red.

Sliding into Nicky a second time, Thomas wondered again how he’d been able to resist temptation this long. With effort, he pushed in deeper, aware he might be hurting Nicky, but he could no longer stop himself. The resistance felt different from the one he’d experienced with women; it felt like Nicky’s ass was sucking him in, and he loved it. He brought his lips down on Nicky’s open mouth again, kissing him as he tried to get in deeper, deeper….

Nicky tilted his hips to help him, and moaned into his mouth. He was trying to say something, so Thomas pulled away and looked at him. “What? Does it hurt?”

Nicky shook his head, and whispered, “No. So… good. Fuck me, Thomas, please… fuck me.”

Thomas did as Nicky asked, relieved he could slip in a little deeper with every thrust. When he was ball-deep into Nicky, his hole was contracting around his cock, his legs shivering, battering Thomas’ sides.

Nicky was moaning louder, rolling his head from left to right, while his hands seemed to try to pull Thomas closer and push him away at the same time. His cock was leaking again too, and Thomas marvelled at his ability for recovery.

His own orgasm was building, and it wasn’t long before the friction of Nicky’s narrow, hot ass had him peak. He came, grinding hard into Nicky a few last times, while Nicky sobbed and came for the fourth time that night.

Nicky’s legs fell open, while his hole continued to contract weakly, cutely, around Thomas’ shrinking cock. Thomas pulled out slowly, but held Nicky close. They were both drenched in sweat, so he pulled the covers over them.

A while later, Nicky timidly whispered, “Can I really stay the night?”

“Yes. And the morning. We’re going to the zoo tomorrow, want to come?” Thomas said.

“With you and Tommy?” Nicky asked.

“Yes. Tommy adores you, I really don’t know why–and I’m not one for one-night stands. If it’s not too much pressure.”

“Like–like a date?” Nicky asked.

“Yes,” Thomas said, and kissed Nicky on the head. “That’s what I meant to ask my friends about today, actually. How to go about approaching you.”

He hadn’t suddenly ‘come’ for Nicky, and he wouldn’t have for anyone else for that matter, because he wanted to be sure first. It wasn’t just his life.


“Have you told your parents?” Thomas asked.

“Yes,” said Nicky, smiling at his lover. They were officially sharing a house now, although he had his own room, sneaking into Thomas’ at night several times a week, being as quiet as possible when Tommy was home, being louder and having sex a bit all over the house whenever he was gone for a sleep-over.

“They’re not looking into suing me?” Thomas asked.

Nicky frowned. “Thomas, I’m twenty-two, not twelve.”

“I know, just kidding.”

“I think they’re relieved,” Nicky said. “That it’s you, and not a drag queen who dresses only in feathers. And you know they adore Tommy. My mom always says she wants a grandson like him, so she’s terrifically pleased.”

Thomas nodded. “I was thinking that maybe we should ask your parents over for Christmas. Otherwise it’s just you and me, Tommy, and Dick and Wolf.”

“I’ll ask,” Nicky promised, still amused by the names of Tommy’s couple of godfathers, still successful at not showing it, reminding himself again that they were the short versions of Benedict and Wolfgang.

“I make a wicked goose,” Thomas promised.

“I’m sure you do,” Nicky said, still charmed by Thomas’ ridiculous amounts of confidence in everything he did.

“Well, it’ll be the first time, but I’m sure I can ace it.”

Sometimes Nicky wondered if Thomas loved him as much as he had loved his late wife. Which was not something he could ask, he knew that. So the doubt stayed. Until a few weeks before Christmas.

Thomas had brought Tommy another book from the library to read to him at night. About different kinds of families. Kids raised by their grandparents, or just one mommy, or two mommies, an older brother, with step and half-siblings, with two daddies…

“Like you and Nicky?” Tommy asked.

“Yes,” Thomas said.

Nicky got up and went to the bathroom, where he had to relieve himself only of the tears stinging in his eyes. He washed his face, and went back down. Tommy came to say goodnight, and while Thomas tucked him in, Nicky went out into the garden.

He looked at the sky and realized it didn’t matter who Thomas loved more. What mattered was that he loved him more than enough.

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