The Emperor’s New Handmaid

by hcolleen and Osoimaru


I sat up as the underbrush rustled. Creatures scattered; my friends leaving at the faintest scent of a human. I could hear the tread of his feet next. Woven sandals on the rotting leaves of autumns past.

He was close, closer than anyone had been able to get due to the curse for decades now.

I tilted my head, and my ears twitched, following the sound intently, tracking every small sound. Finally there was a flash of red robes. And there he was, coming through the foliage to my stone and the heart of the curse.

I knew what he was, who he was, instantly.

“Monk,” I said, unsurprised. No one else could have broken through. Anything else that tried simply died. It had starved me of my source of power to the point where I was already licking my lips and thinking of how I could undress him, use him to become strong again, to break free of this place. This hell.

“Kitsune,” he greeted, bowing a little.

He was a Shinto monk, something that didn’t surprise me either. I was a creature of Shinto teaching, after all. Disciple of Inari, messenger to the deity of harvest.

I pushed myself off my large rock, the one that if any living creature touched would cast a death curse upon them. I gathered silken white robes up, brushing off the detritus of the forest floor, and went to the very edge of the circle of death where he stood. He was calm, watching me. But he seemed pleased, almost relieved at the same time.

My eyebrows rose. “You’ve heard of me? No one has visited me before.”

“I came all the way from China, Tomomo.”

Well, that settled it. I knew who he was now—one of them.

It was that name. That bloody name.

The bitter taste wouldn’t leave my mouth, had been there since I was betrayed. “It was the Chinese that put me here in the first place. I hope you don’t expect a warm welcome from me,” I spat, turning and heading back to my rock.

Only he followed, laid a hand on my shoulder.

I hadn’t been touched in over 400 years. It was enough to send a shock through me, make my breath catch in my throat. We kitsune are sensual creatures, live by it, and I was starving. I was near rabid with need. My hands shook with restraint; to be with him would be a humiliation.

“I came only to listen to your side of the story,” he said, tone low, coaxing. To me it sounded seductive, not like the placating tone one would expect from a monk.

My ears fell flat against my skull. I looked over my shoulder, met his eyes. He was begging me.

I ripped myself out from beneath his hand, hissed a little at the dagger of hunger in my gut. “I can’t. I’m too hungry, at this stage. Just let me wither and die.” He was one of them.

Again, a hand on my shoulder. But an arm around my waist this time, too. I was moaning before I realised it, letting my head fall back against his shoulder. He was tall.

“Take what you need,” he said, speaking into my fox-like ear. “You can talk as you do.”

That was it. I was too hungry, and this was too good of a deal. His grip on me loosened enough to let me turn, to pull at his robes with claw-like nails and strong tugs. He worked at my own robes in a more calmer fashion, seeming undaunted by the fact that he was about to fuck one of the evil spirits of the old world.

Bastard probably had come up here for the very reason—a fallen monk. Nothing I hadn’t seen before.

He urged me back until the rock pressed against my knees, and I let it curve my spine as he pushed gently. My fingers wound through his hair as his lips trailed down my chest to my abdomen, lower.

“Talk,” he urged, and I gasped as his fingers curled around my cock. Oh. Oh Inari…

He licked and–


“I will take the edge off, but you must talk.” Looking up at me briefly, he gave me a confident smile and I was about to snap at him, say something hateful and vicious, but his mouth was around me before I could and I was lost in sensation. The heat… his tongue…

It had been so long.

I sighed, let my head fall back against the rock. Wind pressed at my heated cheeks, made the trees around us whisper. I was filled with pleasure. He sucked cock well for a man of religion. Most men of his sort were depressingly chaste.

He pulled back enough to say, “Talk, Tomomo,” and I tried to get my thoughts in order.

It was an old skill, and it came back easily.

The wars were drawing to a close, but Tokugawa believed that the Chinese would keep adding fuel to those remaining fires that still burnt. He prayed for a way to keep the Emperor of China occupied with matters of his own state, too busy to meddle in those of the slowly forming unified nation of Japan. It wasn’t the gods who answered, though. I was nearby and heard his prayers. It seemed like something amusing to do, to pass the time and see more of the world than I could have under Inari’s thumb. Donning the guise of a young man while wearing the furisode robes of a female courtesan amused me at first, then became my game—the sway of the long sleeves far more interesting to seduce with than the close fit of the men’s costumes. I made no secret that I was male, though all around took me as female until they were told.

Approaching Tokugawa was a game, as well. A touch of fox magic made it appear that I came down from the heavens riding a golden cloud, the very air singing out my presence. For my amusement, I appeared before them nude at first so there would be no question as to my gender before forming clothing of aether around my body. ‘My lord requires an emissary?’ I asked, lowering my head to that trumped-up human. It was amusing to watch those around him try to react to my presence. The shinobi warriors were most interesting. Nothing was supposed to get past them to their master, and yet, there I was.

‘Who are you?’ he demanded, not even bothering to rise to his feet. He still believed his pathetic guards could protect him from a creature that just appeared before him from nowhere.

‘Did you not ask for someone to entertain the Chinese Emperor while you secured your rule over all of Japan?’ I asked, keeping my voice innocent. I turned, dancing on air just above the tatami mats that covered the nightingale floors, my steps silent as I turned and bowed, showing off for them. ‘Do you not find me suitable?’ I asked, posing, bowing, almost, to Tokugawa.

I heard whispers among those in the room, the word ‘kitsune’ becoming more predominant in their speculations. At lest they all weren’t slow-witted.

Tokugawa narrowed his eyes at me as one of his aides whispered that word into his ear. ‘Just what is it you desire, kitsune-san?’ he asked, trying to sound sly.

It was an effort not to roll my eyes at the question. ‘You seek distraction, I seek entertainment. It would seem, for now, our goals align. I will distract the Emperor of China that you may secure your holdings,’ pitiful as they may have been, ‘and you will ensure my safety, should it be needed. If both are done, then blessings will rain down on us both.’ If you do not hold up your side, I will curse your children to the seventh generation, I add silently.

Throughout the room, I could hear whispers, about the belief that a kitsune’s freely given word being inviolate, about whether this situation was ‘freely given’ and one person smart enough to ask if the legends were true or if they were stories spread by conniving kitsune trying to avoid being trapped by conniving humans.

Tokugawa’s frown deepened as he listened to the murmuring. ‘What proof would you have to offer?’ he demanded.

I tilt my head a little at him. ‘If I were to offer any proof, how could you be sure it wasn’t just that I was trying to trick you out of something? Aren’t you better deciding for yourself if you will trust me or not?’ What better way to trick a human than to allow them to decide on their own deception?

The human ruler actually started to laugh at that answer. ‘Good answer, good answer,’ he said, obviously appeased. He looked around the room, haughty and arrogant as any of the gods. ‘This kitsune shall serve as my emissary to the Chinese Emperor to entertain him while Japan is brought together under my rule.’

I bowed to him, trying to keep the ironic smile off my lips. It would be bad form to let him know just how little I think of him. I just want a little entertainment and this ploy was the one that promised the most of the ones I could think of. ‘You are most kind,’ I said as I straightened.

‘We are expecting the Emperor to arrive a week from tomorrow. You may remain or return, as is your pleasure.’

I really didn’t want to have to be around humans much longer than I had to. ‘I will return,’ I said.

‘If you would, kitsune-san, would you arrive the same way for the Emperor?’ he asked.

I smiled sweetly at him. ‘I shall arrive in a manner most fitting both my species and your and his rank.’

‘Of course,’ he muttered, nodding, looking more pleased with my answer.

I lowered my head a little and let myself fade from their view. I could still see them, hear them, but they were completely unaware of me, even if they walked through where I was standing. The uproar of that departure made the use of fox magic to achieve it more than worth the effort and time it would take to restore my energy.

“And then?” the monk asked.

It took me a moment to reply, I was far more concerned with the line his fingers were tracing down my side, the fact that he’d pulled off and left me aching. Tipping my head back, I groaned in slight frustration and let my eyes fall half-closed. I could only see the blur of the canopy of leaves above, the lush blue of the sky.

That sky seemed to be descending, bearing down on me. If I lifted a hand up, I could probably graze my fingertips over the hidden stars, feel the welcoming warmth of my brothers and sisters nestled there. But it was like it neared in heaves: closer, then farther. A little closer each time.

His lips travelled, tongue glancing against my belly. Sucked.

I wanted him to return to my cock, to put his lips to better use lower, where it only felt cold and needy now.

“Tomomo,” he called, and it was like a shaft of light piercing into a dark room. I gasped for air, wanted to continue my story. Wanted what he could give me.

I guided him with my hands, fingers curling in his hair, thighs sliding against his sides. “Put your mouth back–”


I licked my lips, closed my eyes. Warm and wet, he was quite skilled at this. That he could please me, a kitsune, said quite a bit. He was, after all, only a monk and I had outlived him by thousands of years.

“He finally arrived a month later, but….”

I arrived before the Emperor did, though no one saw me. I wasn’t ready to be seen yet. I wanted to see this Emperor and his court, to judge him before I committed myself to him. I could still get out of this deal. It was only an amusement, not a true promise, after all.

The degree of pomp and the train of courtesans and astronomers and advisers was rather ridiculous, only really showing how utterly arrogant the Chinese Emperor was and how very sure of his position he was. He was flaunting his power and such a show made me just itch to see if I could take him down. Oh, the more I watched, the more I wanted to put that overbearing human in his place, so much that I could almost taste it.

I decided that a similar arrival to the one I used for Tokugawa would be most amusing. I did make a few adjustments, though. I appeared at first with flowing white hair, swirling around my body on a pure white cloud until I stepped onto the ground. Then, my hair fell around my body, turning black as it settled behind my shoulders. The cloud slowly made its way up my legs, caressing my skin until I was fully clothed in a close-cut Chinese-style dress with long flowing sleeves embroidered with golden foxes and peach trees. I pressed my hands together before my chest and bowed low. I was there to make an impression, after all. ‘My lord,’ I murmured, keeping my eyes low after giving him a glimpse to let him know they were golden. The whole act was choreographed to make him think that a god was favoring him. Not that it was far off the truth, as far as he was concerned. It’s not like I was merely a human concubine, after all. I was an nine-tailed kitsune, next to the gods. That I had chosen to remain on Earth a while longer had no bearing on that status.

The effect was everything I could hope for. The Emperor’s eyes grew wide, dropping to follow the cloud as it caressed my legs. It pleased me that the Chinese shared the same lack of concern in regard to gender that the Japanese had. I had heard that some in the West had issue against men enjoying each other’s company. I didn’t understand that, though. Pleasure was pleasure. What did it matter who was involved in the sharing of pleasure. He moistened his lips subtly as his eyes continued up to look at my face. I smiled, a sweet expression, one of innocence and knowledge at the same time. I could almost smell his desire. This would be so easy.

‘Your gift is quite splendid, Tokugawa,’ he said.

‘As befits your status,’ Tokugawa answered smoothly, taking all the credit for my idea, of course. Not that it really mattered. If he wanted to take credit for what I was going to do while I was there, then that was fine. My goal was to sow discord, after all, and if he wanted to take credit for that, it was all on him. ‘And, the great favor that you do us in visiting during these uncertain times,’ he added smoothly.

‘It is because Tokugawa guaranteed our safety and that our arrival would be rewarded well.’ His eyes lingered on me. I’d almost call his look hungry if he hadn’t been so restrained by courtly manners. His eyes turned to Tokugawa. ‘A kitsune, you said?’ he asked. ‘Your guide has told me stories, but from them, I almost expected a woman. This one will please members of court more than a female would.’

I hated being talked about like I wasn’t in the room. ‘I am pleased that you are pleased,’ I said before Tokugawa could reply.

‘It was our goal to keep from offending with our gift,’ Tokugawa added.

If I were in fox form, my hackles would have risen. In human form, it was easier to hide the reaction under a polite smile. With any luck, the Emperor would make use of me and would let me show him just how much I could please him.

That is an odd way of saying it, to make use of me, especially with how I presented myself, but it would both get me what I wanted and give me a chance to give that upstart Emperor who thought he was descended from the gods exactly what he wanted, exactly what I wanted him to want. I would have him writhing under me before we returned to his court or I would cut off my own tails.

The rest of the pomp and nonsense was rather dull. I won’t bore you with it. Suffice it to say there was food and more ogling of me and enough wine to set the whole of Tokugawa’s armies drunk, both proper sake and the abomination the Chinese brought with them, grains and things called grapes, and more food than anyone needed to eat.

We remained within the court another week before all the arrangements were made and we could begin on the route to China again. While the usual capital was in Edo, for this affair, the court came to the formal capital of Kyoto, which made departure easier. All we had to do was board the re-provisioned ships and begin the journey across the Sea of Japan, a journey of three days, when the winds were with the ships, which, of course, they were. I disliked being on the water, even if the boats were as close to traveling courts as possible.

Once we reached land, it took almost a month to return to the Forbidden City. It was half-way through the journey that his astrologers recommended against conceiving a child; thus it would be a bad idea for the Emperor to sleep with any of the concubines or wives he’d brought with him. I could feel his eyes on me without even looking at him. During the journey, I’d been kept somewhere between the astrologers and the concubines, not really belonging to either group, even at meals.

A page came up to me, bowing a little, looking very nervous. I’d only heard a little of the gossip, the whispering of how evil foxes were, tricksters, conniving. How much did the people believe was true? How much would I prove true, I thought privately as I watched the boy with the appropriate amount of haughtiness.

‘The Emperor has requested your presence,’ he said, pausing. He should have added my name with a title, but I’d not given nor been given a name. Another page came over and whispered something in his ear. ‘Lord Tomomo.’

So, I’d been given a name now. It’s not like anyone had asked my name before, so it was as good as any, I suppose. There really was no point in belaboring it when I didn’t want to give them my real name anyway. For the non-physical, names were power and they didn’t need power. No human needs that power over me. The gods having that power was more than enough. I lower my head, just enough to be polite. ‘I will be there now,’ I said, rising to my feet and making my way to kneel before him. ‘You summoned this humble servant,’ I said, managing to keep the mocking out of my voice.

‘Your presence is requested this evening,’ he said, obviously an order but couched as a request to preserve my dignity, I suppose.

I lower my head again. ‘As my lord desires,’ I said before rising. As per their customs, I had to bathe myself to be in the private presence of the living embodiment of their gods. I didn’t care for their interpretation, but I did want a bath. It was also helpful that there was a hot spring not far off the trail we were riding on. I made my way there, followed by a few servants who were supposed to ‘help’ me prepare, though I suspect they were also there to make sure I didn’t run away. Little did they know I had utterly no intention of leaving and if I did, there was no way they could stop me. But they liked the pretense and I didn’t see any issue with it, for now. Besides, it’s not like they were going to touch me when I was marked for the Emperor that night. A couple of them might have been interesting to test, to see just how far I could make them bend before they broke, but I had a higher purpose for now.

The spring was nice, almost effervescent. Ah, and here, I linger on meaningless details, but it had been since I joined them in Tokugawa’s court that I’d been in a physical body. I’d never been in human form that long before. It was wonderful, the feeling of water caressing my body intimately, so warm from deep within the earth. I could see why people obsessed with onsen so very much, if they were anything like this. I wanted to linger, but I also had to be in the Emperor’s tents before he arrived.

Human-made silks could never rival the feel of the fabrics I could produce from aether, but it made those who had to dress me far more comfortable than if I dressed myself. Though, I’m sure to humans, the fabric would be wonderfully soft, sensuous, the silk felt rough against my skin. I was dressed as befit a concubine, since that was the role I was to assume. Their beliefs were that it was bad for the Emperor not to avail himself of sex every night, but that not every night was good to potentially conceive. There really should have been more nights not fit to conceive. This Emperor already had well over a hundred children. Only three of those were of his first wife, therefore able to inherit. Just what did he intend to do with the rest?

The servants led me into the Emperor’s rooms, a tent that looked solid enough to be a house. I was surprised, though I watched it happen, that it could be taken down, carried over land for several hours, and set back up again in the course of one day. It looked as though it would take much longer, decorated as it was, to both set up and take down. While I was left to wait, I took the liberty of examining the walls. The ornaments were not permanently attached, so there must have been some trick to it.

I was also aware of the servants who lingered outside, guarding me to make sure I didn’t leave. If I wanted to leave, how did they intend to stop me? Did they forget or were they not told that I could simply vanish from sight, or did they believe that once I appeared, I was bound to physical form? Foolish humans.

Before I became too tempted, the arrival of the Emperor was announced, mostly to give me ‘time to abase myself,’ as though I would. I stood, bowing my head just enough to be polite to the human power in the presence of those who came in with him.

‘Do you object to the name Tomomo?’ he asked.

Fine time for him to ask, after he’d given me the name. ‘No, lord, the name Tomomo is fine,’ I said. Far better than your having that power over me, the power that a true name could give a human over a demon, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking, keeping my eyes lowered lest I not have enough control to keep that from my expression. Let him take it for humility. I knew what it was.

I could hear those who’d come in with the Emperor leaving, probably dismissed. I knew for a fact that some of them remained when he was with his women. When the last of them left, I looked up. ‘My lord?’ I said, affecting surprise, though I was pleased. It would make it so much easier to make him writhe under me this way. His pride wouldn’t be bolstered falsely.

‘Much has been made of the skills of the kitsune of Japan. You shall demonstrate them for me. If I am pleased, you shall be rewarded.’

To say I was surprised would be both an understatement and an exaggeration. I almost laughed aloud at his comments. Instead, I moved closer to him, letting the sensuality of my kind flow through my body. ‘You wish to taste my skills?’ I asked, an almost inhuman purr in my voice, a blend of pleasure and amusement. ‘To allow me the freedom to do as I will with you?’ I pressed, my fingers tracing the skin of his neck above his collar.

Crying out, I came. For a moment I felt as if I could have touched the stars, but I was far too concerned with the way the monk held my hips, sucked until I had nothing more to give. My concentration was shot, and I could not continue on with my story, not just yet. I was far more concerned with catching my breath and staring up at the shifting canopy of leaves.

He moved, his robes gliding against my skin, an interesting mixture of cotton and silk. My own furisode was riding low on my shoulders, parted enough to allow the monk access to me but for the band over my chest where the obi remained. There was a river nearby, and the sound of the water passing was a gentle easing kind of thing. The wind eased my heated skin.

“Tomomo,” the monk called, drawing my attention. I watched him as he removed his own clothing. He was fit, in perfect shape. A travelling monk, a fighting monk. His staff held the marks of battle on its edges. I wondered what other creatures he’d battled with, why he had placed his interest in me, after all I had done. He’d known of me before he’d found me here.

“It was because of him, wasn’t it?” he asked, pausing for a moment in removing the under layer of his yukata. His dark hair framed his eyes, and for a moment, I could see the reflection of myself in them. Splayed out, nothing but pure kitsune debauchery. At least my hair was silver once more.

“That I remain here?” I asked, pushing myself up on my elbows, running a hand through my hair and widening my legs a little. I was hard again already, and he was looking quite interested. I hadn’t had a monk before and he was proving to be quite interesting, but I could tell he had an agenda. With him I could almost hear my brother and sister kitsune in the sky, shining as bright lights, and that had never happened before. In some, small part of me, a part that wasn’t bitter and spiteful, I admit that I was curious to see if whether this was a sign.

Would I ascend here? With him?

There was nothing left on this plane for me; I’d denied Inari’s invitation to join my brethren in the sky centuries ago. I was a silver, nine-tailed kitsune and yet here I was still, laying on a rock by a stream, about to be fucked by a monk on one of the most humid days this summer.

“You’ll see,” I said, because I couldn’t just simply skip ahead in the story like that.

He seemed a little annoyed, enough so that an eyebrow twitched and, now naked as I, he bent forward placed his hands either side of my head. “Continue,” he said. I reached up, melded against him easily, kissed him as my fingers slid through his hair. After a moment he pulled back, and I pushed him up until I could sit and explore the skin of his neck, his shoulder. Down, down. He was almost in my lap, or perhaps I was in his. I refused to believe us equals in this.

“Go on, then,” he breathed, his hands winding around me, soothing my shoulders and rubbing at the nape of my neck.

His tongue darted out to touch his lips as I traced the line of his jaw. ‘Yes, that is what I desire. Show me what this is about,’ he said, his tone imperious as he waved his hand at me.

Such a foolish human, I thought. ‘Show you what the stories of kitsune are about?’ I asked, tracing his lower lip. ‘To do that, will you allow me freedom to do as I will, anything I will?’ Oh, how tempted I was to show him the pleasures of pain in that moment, but there were things that had to be led up to slowly, flirted with, teased with until they were begged for.

‘For this night,’ he conceded, ‘and no one else should know,’ he had to add quickly.

Ah, the trust I was given, I thought sourly. ‘Of course,’ I murmured, my voice not reflecting my thoughts. I moved a little closer, close enough that I could almost taste the perfumes of office on him, like scented oils would either promote or ensure authority, I didn’t care to remember which, and let my lips brush along his brow. He was shorter than I, something that was carefully kept from being noticed when among the others, something that wasn’t supposed to happen. The god-in-human-form should be the tallest around, until he was made my toy.

His bemused expression was delightful, though. This Emperor knew nothing of pleasure, nothing of how two or more could drive each other into the arms of eternity. How very much I had to show him. His hands came up to open his robe and I caught them.

‘Not yet,’ I whispered. ‘Not until your skin begs for more touch, not until you yourself are ready to promise nearly anything to have them removed,’ I said. ‘If I cannot bring you to that point, then the stories you’ve heard are false, wouldn’t you say?’ I ask, smiling at him.

The expression that crossed his face were quite amusing, a mixture of anger, curiosity, childish stubbornness, and amusement. ‘If you cannot bring me to that point, then I would have to publicly denounce you and declare war on your precious Tokugawa.’

My precious Tokugawa? It took nearly everything within me not to laugh at that statement. Instead, I turned my attention to his ear, tracing it with my lips, occasionally with my tongue. ‘I am sure you will not need to,’ I said, my voice soft and warm in the shell of his ear, drawing a shiver from him. I caressed my hands down his silk-covered back from shoulder to waist and back up again. It would be easy if I went for places that were ‘traditionally’ considered erotic. He wanted proof and I wanted to test my skill with this Chinese upstart. Humans were humans, I was sure, but I had the reputation of my kind as lovers to uphold.

I wondered briefly if I could make him suck my cock, though I doubted he’d be any good at it. It would be amusing, though, the great ruler of the largest civilization on earth sucking the cock of a mere servant of Inari. It would be fitting, more like, as I was closer to the gods than he would ever be. But, no, for this encounter, I wouldn’t press his pride that far down. Making him beg would be enough. For now.

‘There is far more to pleasure than most mortals understand,’ I said, my lips tracing his cheek, talking as though he were my equal rather than beneath my notice. By setting up the expectation that he should feel more because he was ‘god on earth,’ I was making my own occupation simpler. All I had to do was convince him that he should feel more than just what I was doing and he’d soon be begging me to fulfill that need. ‘Pleasures reserved to the divine, the immortal, those that can only be shared by those able to know,’ I continued, my hands sliding down his arms, tracing his soft, fat fingers, then back up over his embroidered silks. I moved away from him just enough to smile down at him. ‘I am sure you understand,’ I said, one secret-holder to another.

He cleared his throat, his cheeks delightfully pink. ‘Of course,’ he managed to murmur, trying to sound as though he knew what I was talking about.

I reached down for his hand and drew it up to my lips, tracing his palm as I spoke. ‘Things that can only be shared by those favored with wisdom beyond human,’ I continued, my tongue tracing the lines on his palm. According some, those lines could tell the future. They were merely folds of skin; what could they know of the future? There were some that were more sensitive, though, especially those leading to the medicine finger. I drew that finger into my mouth, the littlest and the middle finger on my cheeks, meeting his eyes, letting my eyes show that it wasn’t his hand I was thinking of. And not letting it show that I thought that other part of his anatomy was probably the size of his finger.

The expression on his face was quite amusing. He was already aroused enough to be breathing heavily. When I brought my tongue into play, swirling it around his finger, wrapping my tongue around his finger as though to bring it deeper into my mouth, he shuddered and moaned. I pulled his finger almost fully out of my mouth and drew in his middle finger, working both of them with lips and tongue, drawing them in and out slowly. I had to wonder if he’d ever had one of his little slave girls go down on him with the way he was reacting. It wasn’t going to take long, this way, to have him begging.

With my free hand, I caressed his cheek and shoulder. It wouldn’t be much longer, I was sure.

‘Please,’ he whimpered.

Well, that was much quicker than I expected. But, I wasn’t finished with him yet. ‘Please what?’ I said, talking around his fingers.

‘Please, show me more of what only we can understand.’ I was surprised he managed to get that much out in one breath with as quick as his breath was coming.

‘Already, my lord?’ I asked, my voice light as I let his fingers slip from my lips. I pressed a kiss to his wrist, my tongue teasing his skin there.

‘I have not had the privilege of one who’d understand before,’ he said, borrowing my idea just as I wanted him to.

He also had utterly no patience, I saw. ‘As you desire,’ I murmured. My fingers moved to the fastening of his clothing, working the layers open. He, at least, was courteous enough to work open my clothing at the same time, even if he did lack the subtlety to caress the skin he exposed, to enhance my pleasure in this encounter. But, I would teach him and he would soon learn that to get what he wanted, he would have to make me want to give it to him.

But, it seemed I would have to teach him everything in order to get any pleasure from him other than what I intended to take. I slid my fingers along the skin I exposed, my palms joining as soon as I had enough skin exposed to allow that. I would show him exactly what I meant by ‘beg’ before I gave him anything, though it did seem like I was giving him what he wanted now.

I pushed his clothes off his shoulders, watching the fabric slide along his arms, pinning them to his sides for a long moment before they slid past his hands and down to the floor. Oddly, it seemed to turn him on more to be trapped. He allowed it to linger and his breath was tight, his lips parted, but he made it last longer than it normally would have. I would have to make use of that, perhaps a little now.

I slid my hands down his arms and brought his hands behind his back, pressing our bare chests together. I slid down just a little until my lips hovered just above his. ‘My lord the Emperor has many desires he has not been able to fulfill,’ I said, my tone letting him believe that I felt sorry for him. He was going to be writhing under me before the end of the night, before the end of the hour. ‘Let us repair that fault as soon as may be done,’ I said, pressing the backs of his hands together and lacing my fingers through his so that I could hold his hands firmly.

He swallowed thickly. ‘Yes,’ he breathed, shuddering a little, pressing closer to me.

I tipped my head and moved to his neck, nipping when he exposed his throat to me. Oh, this would be delightfully simple. ‘Would you like me to show you more pleasure than you’ve known your entire life, my lord?’ I asked, letting my voice sound thicker than it would have otherwise. While I was amused, I wasn’t that aroused yet.

‘Yes,’ he breathed again, hunger lacing through his tone.

That sound was quite nice, though, and did inspire some of the lust needed to give him just what he wanted. Keeping his hands behind his back, I walked us over to his bed until his legs were pressed against it. I raised our hands above his head as I pushed him back, moving his fingers to the bed. ‘Hold on here and I will show you something you will not believe,’ I whispered, my lips just above his.

Quickly, willingly, he wrapped his fingers around the headboard of his bed, holding on tightly as though he was afraid I’d stop if he didn’t and me stopping was the worst thing he could imagine just then. I moved down his body, playing just with my breath along his skin. He was writhing already. My hands moved down a little further, holding his hips down as my lips reached his nipple and I let my tongue reach out for that nub. He whimpered and tried to press himself into that touch, but he couldn’t move much between holding onto the headboard and my holding his hips down.

If it weren’t for the fact that I knew he’d been with many women, I would have thought him completely untouched. Did the Chinese not train their men to pleasure along with the sword the way the Japanese did? What a very sad existence for them, if it was true. But, then, most of the rulers of Japan had ascended from the samurai class and it was custom for samurai to avail themselves of the boys they trained as well as any relationships they desired amongst themselves provided they did not become a menace in public with their quarrels. This seemed a very reasonable set up, after all.

But, again, I digress. This story wasn’t to be a social commentary, was it? It was to be a story of how the Chinese Emperor who thought himself a god begged a messenger of Inari to take him. And, beg he did, whimpering little pleas, afraid that someone else would hear, that those watchers outside the door would be appalled by what they heard. I could have spared him some agony. They were more interested in working their hands under their robes and getting themselves off, not fully understanding the sounds they heard, but reacting to them nonetheless. It was glorious, an orgy of pleasure and ignorance. The energy was delightful, almost as wonderful as taking one who was completely innocent and showing them the pleasures of the world, of every wonderful kind of debauchery that could be performed between two and three and four, sometimes more, depending on how willing they were to open themselves.

I continued down his body, pulling his pants down, my tongue occasionally caressing skin, just to tease him, promise him more when he was more able to understand what was happening to him and when we had slightly thicker walls around us so he would let his voice sound freely. I’m sure I could get him to scream. But right now, he was keeping himself quiet, though not completely quiet.

And, I could still hear the little noises of those outside ‘guarding’ us. I had to wonder what it was that inspired such an orgy around us, though I knew that I was part of the reason. I was a little more than needy, having been without sex since I joined this ridiculous retinue. It was longer than I’d gone without sex since I’d came of age, so many centuries ago. Had I know his astrologers would have taken so long, I would have paid a little more attention. Going forward, I decided I would have to help their predictions a little or the whole castle was likely to fall upon each other whenever the Emperor graced me with his attention.

When I paused again, it was only because the monk pushed me back a little. I licked my lips, stared at the hardened nipple I’d been playing with as I talked. He looked…well, he didn’t look anything, really. A little flushed, perhaps, but that was it. There was no lust, no need in him.

“You’re talking too much,” he said, almost gentle.

I felt like growling at him. I couldn’t in this body, but I did so dearly want to. I wanted to squeeze the life from him. My time in China with the Emperor was one of the things I cherished the most. That first time was perhaps one of the single few must triumphant moments in my oh-so-long life.

I wanted to savour it, remember it before I came to the the part that lead to me being here, cursing all those who came near with the kiss of death. It was the reason he was here, after all. I knew this. Perhaps I was unwell, to toy with a monk like this. I was kitsune, and even if I was perhaps the strongest on this Earth, it did not mean that I was infallible. I was hungry, I’d been hungering for centuries.

And yet, in response to his blank and empty expression, belying the flush on his cheeks and the hard flesh between his naked thighs, I only smirked. “Not paying you enough attention, am I?”

I pressed a fingertip to his chest, watched my finger as it slid down and down, skirted around his navel until finally my hand closed around his cock. His breath hitched and his back straightened a little, but he never took his eyes off me. I could feel it like a brand, a physical remnant on my skin. “I was about here, I think, before you interrupted me,” I purred into his neck, my other hand sliding down his chest to his belly, fingers sliding over his navel and down into the hair just beneath it.

The Emperor was very aroused and I could feel the heat pouring off his body, especially his cock as it curved up toward his stomach. I teased his navel, the center of his being, where he was connected to the gods. He arched into my touch, almost letting go of the headboard to hold me there, most likely. I lingered there, teasing, touching drawing out more lust from him. Lust was quite a tasty energy, fulfilling me in ways that food simply wouldn’t or couldn’t, I wasn’t sure and it never really mattered to find out. I sucked his navel, drawing his world into me from the sounds he made. I continued until he was almost ready to let go of the bed before I moved down to his hip, taking my time to get there, tasting more of his skin to torment him as I moved.

The way he squirmed was delightful. Oh, how he wanted my mouth on his cock. I could taste his need, feel it almost as if it were my own, but I wanted to draw this out, make him actually beg me to take him. I wanted to hear the Great Emperor of China, the world’s greatest empire, beg me to be taken.

I licked the tendon and he gasped aloud, a louder sound than he had made, then moaned. ‘Good,’ I whispered, breathing over the skin I’d just licked.

He tried to press him cock into my mouth. ‘Tomomo,’ he gasped.

Oh, that was wonderful, to hear him call out the name he’d given me in that voice that begged for more. ‘Yes, my lord?’ I whispered, teasing him lower, moving toward his balls, licking them as I waited for an answer.

I could hear him swallow and then whine. ‘More, please, show me more,’ he gasped.

I almost chuckled at that. Making him beg was so much easier than I thought it’d be. ‘Would my lord like to know every pleasure this one can give him?’ I asked, mocking the humble tone I was supposed to have with him.

He squirmed, lifting his head though he held onto the headboard. ‘I want everything,’ he demanded, his voice clear, though his eyes and body spoke more loudly of his need.

‘As my lord desires,’ I whispered, nuzzling his balls with my nose before licking them again. It took a little bit of magic, but I summoned a leaf that would, with a touch more magic, become a lubricant and ease the most critical part of this encounter. I was going to claim him, make him my ‘woman,’ after a fashion. I pressed my finger against his untried opening, not enough to penetrate yet, just enough to let him know what I intended to do.

Oh, but his reaction was most delightful. He lifted his legs, bending his knees and letting them fall open, exposing himself to me more. ‘Please,’ he whined, his hips rocking up.

So very perfect, I thought as I let my tongue slip from his balls to his cock. His back arched again, but I placed one hand on his hips, keeping him from moving very much. The other hand was pressing the leaf against his opening, teasing for now, waiting until he relaxed and my finger and it slid in, the leaf changing into lube it entered his body.

Oh, how he whined, trying to shift to get more of my finger in his body. ‘Please, please, more,’ he sobbed.

Oh, how could I deny that sound, that voice? I pressed a finger in, pressing against the walls of his hole, easing the muscles before pulling out and easing a second finger in. I wanted to make sure his body was well prepared so that all he remembered was pleasure and would be more than willing to allow me this again.

The way he was squirming, I’m not sure I needed to worry about that, but it would make it better after, in his memory. I slid my mouth around his cock, sliding down until I could feel it pressing against the back of my throat. I swallowed then pulled back. The way he was reacting, I was a little surprised he didn’t come from that, but he just cried out, begging for more. And I was more than ready to give him more. I sucked his cock until I could get the whole thing down my throat, pulling back until only the tip was between my lips, then sliding back down, over and over while my fingers fucked him in the same rhythm I was sucking him. Up and down, in and out, listening to him beg and plead for more, listening to those around us fucking, whimpering, wanting for release.

‘Tomomo, fuck me, please,’ the Emperor cried out. I didn’t know such a pristine and high-ranking man could speak so foully, so dirty. I continued sucking him a little longer, just to hear him beg again and he delivered, over and over, the words ‘fuck me, fuck me please’ falling over and over from his lips.

I let his cock slip from my lips and he kept begging. Oh, how could I deny that? I shifted up the bed, my hand sliding from his ass to my cock, guiding it in. Oh, his body was hot, tight, yielding, perfect. I groaned, almost loud enough to drown out the scream of pleasure from him, the other sounds around us. I pushed in until my hips were pressed against his ass and then let my hands rest on the bed by his shoulders. ‘Now, my lord, you are mine,’ I whispered.

‘Yes, yes,’ he panted, his eyes on me though his head moved, his face rubbing up against his arms. ‘Yours, take me,’ he whispered.

Even with my skill, I hadn’t quite thought that he’d be that needy. ‘You beg quite prettily,’ I said, my voice husky to my own ears. I reached over with the hand that had been in his ass, because it amused me, and caressed his cheek. ‘Now, you will experience something very few have the pleasure of,’ I said, amusement rippling through my voice. I wasn’t really sure how much longer either of us would last, but I was going to enjoy it and if I enjoyed it, so would he.

I rocked my hips back a little and pressed in again. I was so tempted to take him hard, fast, to let my own lust and need override everything else. But, I knew better than that. I was far too experienced to allow that kind of error. I kept my motions slow, even though it was almost physically painful to do so. It also made him beg so nicely, over and over again.

I’m not sure if I was disappointed or surprised, but he didn’t ask to hold me. His hands tightened around the headboard, but he never let go of it, never begged me to free him. The great lord of the Chinese world was a bondage enthusiast. Who would have known? I’d have to use ropes—silk, of course, I didn’t like rough ropes—next time. That thought kept circling around in my head as I moved in him. I was sure I could tie him up and make him enjoy it even more.

I dragged my hand down from his cheek to his cock, not bothering to tease. I needed release and his begging was going straight to my cock and making any kind of control that much more difficult. I wrapped my fingers around that royal dick and stroked him, fucked him, faster, listening to him scream and cry out, begging. ‘Come,’ I finally ordered him when I could stand it no longer.

It was glorious. I don’t think I’d come that hard ever. Maybe a bit of abstinence was good for the libido. I think I left my body for a moment there. The next thing I knew, I was breathing hard, collapsed on his chest. I smirked. His eyes were closed, his breathing fast. He didn’t react when I moved, so I guessed he’d passed out. Now, even if he were untouched, that was a nice little ego boost there. I arranged his limbs more comfortably and covered him up before curling around him and draped my arm over him. Maybe it was a little possessive, but I’d just given him the best sex he’d had yet.

In the morning, aside from the glances he gave me as often as he could, nothing more was said of the night. A lot of the servants looked both embarrassed and more relaxed than they had been the day before, too. Preparations were made as normal and travel was the same, but there seemed to be a lightness to the people, and a patina of shame, that made every action delightful.

It wasn’t until we arrived at the Forbidden City that I learned how the astrologers made their predictions, and when I did, I made sure I had more access to the Emperor. I couldn’t have sex with anyone but the Emperor. That was problematic, given that I was housed right between him and the concubines. His wives were on the other side. I had time alone since no one wanted to escape the Forbidden City. I used a touch of magic to render myself insubstantial so I could walk through walls and not be observed. It took a few days to figure out what they looked for and a little longer to figure out just which configuration was needed to allow me access to the Emperor’s ass. When I did, I made sure it came up a bit more often, sometimes a couple of days in a row.

“I was hungry. I had never been on such a steady diet of one single person,” I said, now perched over the monk, straddling his thighs while I stroked his cock and watched him arch and fail to buck up into my hand. I smiled. “Hungry and stupid.”

“Is that how you came to be here?” the monk asked, panting, looking up at me with glazed eyes. he was struggling to keep his focus. I could tell.

His question made me wonder whether I should tell him the truth or not. But I’d told him my side of things so far, our exchanging of names had only come shortly after we’d met lips. Whatever his name was, I’d forgotten it, but he hadn’t forgotten mine.

One of his hands came up, took hold of my wrist, stilling the hand I had on his cock. He panted and looked up at me. “Tomomo,” he prompted, a hint of steel in his tone. I tilted my head, unused to being ordered around. No one had ever dared, even Inari spoke to us with kind tones, simply because she was as devoted to us as we to her.

“Yes. I came here directly as a result of that place. Of that man.” I watched closely, eyes narrowing. “I was betrayed.”

The monk was hiding something. I hadn’t been certain before, but every living being reveals their true face when fucking. His truth was in his eyes, wise and aged beyond his mortal years in this life. I squeezed his cock, and his hand loosened, allowing me to go back to working him, to speaking about my past.

It took them a while, but eventually, they found an astrologer that was smarter than the others. He discovered my meddling, also discovered that I was feeding off the Emperor, stealing a bit of his strength each time. It’s not like I loved him and could subsist just on sex. I needed more. Why they couldn’t blame his slow loss of vigor to age, I never quite understood, but they drove me out.

A force from their army chased me across the land. They wanted my life, to sacrifice me to their gods so that their Emperor would live forever, like that would actually work. The point remained that my life was at risk. I’d heard rumors that Tokugawa had secured his hold on Japan, so my thought was to return home, to claim the safety he’d promised.

Why didn’t I just become a fox again and disappear? Ah, there lay the problem. That astrologer had my mark, my scent like a hound and could find me; even if I hid myself in a skulk of foxes, he found me. Even when I tried to hide myself by becoming invisible, he found me. I washed many times, trying to remove whatever spell it was he’d fixed on me, but it didn’t help. I even tried one of their witches, to see if any marks had been put on me, but she said there was nothing. I didn’t know if I believed her, but I didn’t have time to linger.

I made my way across the Sea of Japan on a raft that barely stayed together despite all the magic I fed into it. I barely had enough energy to drag myself to the castle in Kyoto, only to learn that everyone of consequence was in Edo. In Japan, at least, there were more willing to feed me.

The astrologer followed me, though. Even though the borders were closed, he followed me, claiming a pass as a minister of Buddhism. He gave me no rest and I barely made it to Edo, ragged and weak as a newly whelped pup.

That Tokugawa bastard wouldn’t even see me! I had done everything he asked me, fulfilled my part of our bargain, and this is how I was repaid? Turned out as though I were just some lowly nothing of a peasant that he owed nothing! He even went so far as to set wards against me and to inform Inari of my activities, claiming he’d never agreed, that the promise had been made under duress. Because I’d been out of Japan, been in the human world past the time I should have ascended to her side, he would reject me.

I was forced out of Edo, to the south, by Inari and by the combination of Tokugawa’s priests and that astrologer. They bound me to a rock, keeping me from seeking out company or food, then cursed the land, spread the story, that it was I who caused the curse. They left me to starve for eternity. I couldn’t die, not with nine tails, without being actually killed and no one would come to put me out of my misery, one way or the other. No, I was punished by eternal starvation. I could not even kill myself, Inari’s having decreed long before that suicide could not be committed by her servants, to prevent us from weaseling out of deals that we’d freely made.

But what of the humans that betrayed us? What of them? Tokugawa’s family ruled without consequence, without paying for their betrayal of me!

“I can release you,” the monk stated.

“I know. You look like him.” I was shifting, pulling what I still wore of my silken kimono back so that I could straddle him. He’d come once, as I told my story, but he’d gotten hard again. His cock wept against my ass, pressing against my cheeks and entrance as I ground down on him, tilting my head back and biting my lips.

I looked up at the canopy of leaves that had for so long been my only company and wondered if Inari would ever welcome me back into her fold. Could he do that? Could he return a disgraced kitsune to their maker? If he was who I thought he was, I thought that maybe he could.

“Like….” he gasped, grasped at my hips with callused, tanned fingers, as I sank down on his cock. He forged a hot path inside me, and I could almost taste the holy light in him. Though his hands seemed so dark against my lighter skin, he had an inner light. I was filthy and tainted and yet he was purer than anything I had ever met. “Like whom?”

I breathed in deep, drew his light into me, and he groaned, as if he could feel the tug and draw. It wasn’t sexual, merely cleansing, healing.

“Like the astrologer who followed me,” I breathed, feeling the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair. I breathed deep, and felt the caress of the ethereal material of my own robes.

He was surprised, staring up at me with wide eyes. “You knew?” he breathed, and grunted almost in surprise as I began to move. He moved with me, the balls of his feet digging into the rock as he bucked up into me. His cock was thick, hard, stretched me so wonderfully.

It was a simple joining, by comparison to my many others, but it was perhaps one of the most satisfying. He concentrated on me, and I let him, this time. He pulled and pinched at my nipples, ran hands along my skin, adoring. worshiping, and then he was kissing me.

The kiss was hot, and hard, and showed to me all of his passion, a passion built up of centuries of want. How long did it take him to reach the lifetime where he could remember my existence? The monk had gained enlightenment, and thus remembered his past lives, remembered me. But there was no obsession, there was no greed. Only lust, passion.

Dare I say there was love?

“I knew,” I whispered against his lips, between kisses, stunned enough to cry out sharply when he started pushing me down onto his cock with his hands at my thighs. “But….” I could hardly speak, the pleasure was winding coils around my soul, my being, blocking out all sensation but him, his cock, his pleasure that he brought to me. “I thought….”

A warm, rough heat encircled my cock as my eyes flew wide, back arching. Oh, this was….

This was madness. This was bliss.

As I came I saw the sky falling, the branches of the trees reaching for me, whispering. I felt hands on my skin welcoming me home, heard his voice, deep and pained. “I have to release you from this earth.”

“No!” I wanted to stay! I’d finally found what I had been denied in my years before turning silver. My other half, my soulmate! I knew it was he!

“I love you.” I felt his fingers against my face, and I was crying, but I couldn’t see him, everywhere was white, and there was wind in my hair, whipping past me violently. I felt like I was at the very edge of the large waterfall, and the current of the water begged me to jump, jump, follow.

“Come with me!”

“I cannot.”

It was raining. I could feel the sorrow of his heart.

“Another life,” I reasoned desperately, struggling against the current still. He was there, slowly letting me go. My ties on this world were being broken. “Find me in another life and I will find you! I will return to the earth!”

“You must go.”

His fingers slipped through mine, and I screamed. “Another life!”

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