The Cat’s Out Of The Bag

by Tamanegi Amai (玉葱亜麻衣)



“Yes, dear?”

“What…IS THIS?!”

“Oh my, oh my! Papa will be so proud that his son has finally become a man!”


“Aw, but it’s so big…and fluffy and adorable—just like your father’s tail! You should be happy!”

Jun shoved his mother away angrily, clenching his fist. “Just when…”



“Got a cold, Aikawa?”

Tohru Aikawa shrugged in response to his classmate’s question, rubbing his nose in irritation. “Apparently. Allergy season just ended though. Weird.”

“You know the rules, Matsumoto. No hats inside!”

“But this is an emergency!”

“No means no!”

“Just what’s going on here?” Tohru stopped in front of the gate where there seemed to be some sort of commotion between class secretary Aiko Murasaki and Jun Matsumoto. Jun was currently cowering away from the girl, clutching on to the wool hat that clumsily decorated his head.

“Vice President, speak some sense into your friend here- I can’t let him in until he takes that hat off!”

“You’ll have to kill me first!” Jun cried out, jumping back again when Murasaki stepped forward, fire in her eyes.

“I just might if you don’t shut your mouth!”

“Look, the two of you…isn’t it a bit too early for this? Murasaki, it doesn’t seem like Matsumoto is going to budge anyway, and if it’s so important I’m sure one of the teachers will make him take it off eventually. Besides, class is starting and we’ll all be in trouble if we don’t get inside soon.”

“Nepotism, that’s all this is!” Murasaki sniffed, aggravated. “You should be happy you have a friend in such a high place, Matsumoto.” She glared at Jun one last time before stalking forward through the gate.

Jun responded by sticking his tongue out gracefully. Tohru sighed, beginning to massage his head with his thumb.

“Oi, Jun. You know how tight-assed Murasaki is about the rules. Are you trying to piss her off?”

“Not really, but it’s a plus.”

“You’re a real piece of work. And what’s with the hat anyway? Let’s forget the rules, it’s blazing hot outside.” Tohru’s nose was beginning to bother him again all of a sudden.

“If I told you, I’d have to kill you.”

“Like you couldaaaa…aa-CHOO!”

“Woah! That’s one powerful sneeze. You sick or something, Tohru?” Jun queried, glad for any excuse to drop the subject.

Tohru sniffed. “Apparently.”

Crap, claws too? What did he ever do to deserve this?

And they hurt too; it was taking Jun every outward thought he had to ignore the rather uncomfortable prickly feeling at the tips of his fingers. Even better was the fact that they were taking a test at the moment. Just his luck.

Just think of the questions, just think of the questions…

But before he knew it he was clawing at the desk in front of him, unable to control himself.

“Oh…oh…that feels so good…”
It apparently felt so good that Jun failed to notice the rest of the room stop what they were doing and stare.

“…What…what the hell is Matsumoto doing to the desk?”

“I…have no idea, but why does it feel vaguely wrong watching him?”

“Matsumoto- just what do you think you’re doing?!” Mr. Yamada spoke out, walking over to Jun’s desk and shaking the boy by the shoulder. To this, Jun reacted as naturally as possible.

That is…by digging his claws into the desk and hissing loudly at the man.

The room was silent again.

“Right,” Mr. Yamada said, walking away, “I’m going to go back to grading the homework.”

Sometimes it was just better not to ask.

By lunchtime the news had spread throughout the school of Jun Matsumoto’s latest freak show. Half of the school was discussing how Matsumoto engaged in an all out brawl with Mr. Yamada after he was caught cheating on the test, and the other half believed that Matsumoto jumped on Mr. Yamada and promptly started making out with the man (“hiss” must have been misinterpreted as “kiss” somewhere along the line…).

“My life…is slowly billowing out of control…” Jun sobbed as he sat down in the dining all and took his lunch out. In the box he found a neatly folded note which when unraveled read,

I made a special lunch for you to celebrate this day! All your favorite types of fish~~ Enjoy, my darling son~!

Jun crumpled the note in his hand in fury. “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, WOMAN!”

“If anything, no one can argue that you don’t like bringing attention to yourself, Jun.”

“Not making things better, Tohru.” Jun muttered, not bothering to look at his friend as he sat down. Tohru sniffed, rubbing his nose.

“I’m not the one who hissed at teacher today. Or was it “kissed”? Either way, it was weird. What are you, some type of animal?”

“How close to the truth you are…”

“Huh? What do you…ahh…aah-CHOO!” Tohru rocked back from the force of his sneeze.

“Honestly Tohru, are you sick? Maybe you should go to the nurse or something.”

“Don’t change the subject.” Tohru turned to Jun, nose red. “I wanna know what’s up with you today- you’ve been acting stranger than usual.”

“I’m just on the edge lately, that’s all. And at least let me give you a tissue or something, you look terrible.” Jun dug through his bag and pulled out a handkerchief, leaning close and handing it to his friend.

Huh. Never knew how sweet Tohru smelled- is that some sort of cologne or something? Though he doesn’t seem like the type, but still it’s such a nice smell…

“Uh. Jun. What are you doing?”

When the boy snapped out of his thoughts he found himself nuzzled against Tohru’s arm, and realized that for the last minute he had been rubbing against the boy, purring happily. His face suddenly exploded into a deep red as he jerked away, falling backwards onto the ground in the process.

“Oh…oh god…!”


“I’M SORRY! I totally didn’t mean to do that, hahaha, it was a joke, y’see?”

“Are those…cat ears on your head?”

“Wha…?” Jun suddenly noticed that his wool hat was suddenly lying next to him on the ground, leaving his head (and the pointy pair of cat ears that stuck out of it) out in the open.

A heavy silence passed between the two boys.

“Looks…like I have some explaining to do…doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, looks like.” Tohru replied.

“Listen, it’ll all make sense when we get to my house- my mom can explain it much better than I can.” Jun muttered, pulling Tohru by his arm as the walked from school. The other boy sniffed a bit, rubbing the handkerchief Jun gave him to his nose.

“I still don’t see why you need to continue wearing that ridiculous hat, I’ve seen them already.”

“It’s so everyone one else doesn’t see how my weirdness has now taken a physical form! Gimme a break, Tohru- you can’t expect people to take this in stride like you did! I’d never be taken seriously again!”

“It’s not like you were ever taken seriously before…”


“You’re making way too much of this. The ears aren’t that bad, I think they look kindaaa…aaah…”

“Good, we’re home. Mom better be here or-”

“AAAH-CHOOO!” Tohru’s sneeze propelled him forward in front of the Matsumoto’s front door, pulling Jun down as well.

“GAH! Tohru, you idiot!”

“I can’t help it- I’ve got a cold, remember?!”

“Oh dear, what was that…?” Mrs. Matsumoto proceeded to open the door, greeted with the image of her son writhing on the ground, his friend Tohru positioned firmly on top of him.

“Oh my~~ If I had known you two were in such a hurry I would have left the door open~!”


“Wow. I thought you only saw this sort of things in cartoons.” Tohru commented upon seeing Jun’s tail (it was such a relief for him to release it- it had been bothering him all day). The boy flopped down onto a chair in the kitchen, defeated.

“I know. What did I ever do to deserve this…?”

“Oh, stop being so melodramatic, Junjun! It’s not nearly as bad as you make it seem. Would you like some sweets, Tohru?”

“Thanks, that would be nice.”

“ANYWAY, Mama, I brought Tohru here so you could explain why I suddenly have these…growths on me.”

“Couldn’t you do it yourself? After all, it seems that you and Tohru are already so…close.”

“Just do it, Mama!” Jun growled, his tail flicking back and forth in aggravation.

“Well, you see…Junjun’s father is descended from a long line of cat spirits. The physical form doesn’t show up until around puberty, and at that point it’s a bit hard to control…so that’s why Junjun’s adorable ears and tails are showing right now.”

“Cat spirits…?” Tohru pulled the handkerchief to his nose again.

“Yeah, apparently my dad has been hiding this from me since I was born. And I have to live with this crap until I’m old enough to hide it…which isn’t any time soon!”

“Aa-choo!” Tohru sneezed again, rubbing his head. “So that’s why I’ve been feeling so under the weather recently…”

“Wait, don’t tell me…”

Tohru scratched his arm, sniffing. “I’m horribly allergic to cats.” He looked down at his arm, “Yep, hives.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me! But…but you’ve gotta save me during my time of need! I can’t do this alone!”

“Sorry, no can do. I nearly died last time I stayed with a cat for too long.”

“Oh dear, that’s terrible story…!” Mrs. Matsumoto sobbed, wringing her hands together.

“And it’s all yours and Papa’s fault!!” Jun cried out, pulling at his hair in despair.

“Now calm down, Junjun…there is away to prevent this!” Mrs. Matsumoto smiled, her eyes sparkling.

“What…? A way to get rid of an allergy?” Tohru asked, genuinely curious.

“Well, an allergy to spirit at any rate…you see,” Mrs. Matsumoto began to blush, “…the only way to rid yourself of a spiritual allergy is to make love to it. ♥”

“…What.” Jun said, frozen in his spot. Mrs. Matsumoto clasped her blushing face, her smile growing even bigger.

“That’s how we ended up with you, Junjun~~ I was allergic to your father as well, and was cured in a jiffy after your father had his way with me~ He was such an animal in bed, it makes me blush just thinking about it…!”


“It’s just the truth, Jun~”


“Jun! You get out of your room this instant! Is this the way you treat a guest?!”

“You’re ruining my life!”

“Oh, Tohru…I’m sorry, I must have gone too far this time…”

“It’s all right Mrs. Matsumoto. If it’s all right, I can try to get Jun out of his room…?”

“But your allergies…”

Tohru smiled. “Don’t worry about that.”

“Oh.” The woman stopped. “Ohohoho! Well…have fun, my dear~”

Tohru began to pound at the door. “Oi, Jun. Open up. Your mom is gone now.”

“…You sure?”

“I’m sure.”

A moment passed before Jun finally creaked open the door cautiously. “Come in, quick.” Tohru complied, and Jun shut the door firmly behind him.

“Well, now that you know every secret ever about my family along with the fact that I may kill you if you stay with me for too long…why are you still here?”

Tohru shrugged. “Well, you invited me over. I figured it would be rude to leave.”

“What part of ‘allergic to cats’ don’t you understand? Didn’t you say you nearly died last time? What are you, stupid or something?!”

Tohru replied by walking forward and seizing Jun’s lips into a long kiss. When he pulled away, the boy was too shocked to say much more. Tohru on the other hand, rubbed his nose again.

“She was right. I do feel a bit better now.”

“What…what…WHAT in the WORLD do you think you’re doing?!” Jun finally snapped to reality, his ears standing straight up. Tohru gave his friend a small smile.

“Well, this is the only way we’ll get to see each other, right?”

“Yes, but…but…it’s WEIRD!”

“What’s weird about wanting to be with a friend? You don’t want to leave me either, do you?”

Jun’s ears flattened at the thought as he began to fiddle with his fingers. “No, not really…”

Tohru pulled closer to Jun, grabbing the boy’s tail and stroking it. “Then there’s only one thing left to do.”

“Ahh…aah! Don’t do that…!” Jun gasped out, face red.

“Oh, a sensitive spot? Heh,” Tohru grinned, pushing Jun on top of his bed, pinning him down and lightly kissing his lips. That smell again. Tohru’s smell. Jun couldn’t help himself, he nuzzled the boy once more, licking his nose ever so slightly. Tohru could feel his cheeks burn a bit. Jun…was adorable like this. He took this chance to grab the boy’s tail again, rubbing it as he began to push down Jun’s pants.

“Aaaahhhnn….To…Tohru….” the boy panted out, his tail flicking in his friend’s hands. Tohru continued rubbing up Jun’s tail until he got to the very top, where he paused, pulling Jun’s sweating body close. He nipped at the boy’s lips before saying,

“We’ll start off slowly, Jun.”

“…Ahh…what?…WHAT?!” Jun’s eyes widened in surprise as Tohru’s fingers entered him. “Nnngh…what are you doing…” he moaned out, his ears flattening. Tohru kissed down Jun’s chest tenderly, removing his boxers with his teeth. Upon seeing Jun’s stiff length, he smiled, kissing the top before licking down, feeling the boy begin to writhe in response has he gave out a rather catlike moan. Tohru sucked on Jun’s length eagerly, egged on the adorable sounds he made. Afterwards, he pulled away, kissing Jun’s lips deeply before taking his finger out. He drew closer to the boy as he finally thrust into him, hearing Jun give a feral howl out in response.

Jun’s claws dug into Tohru’s skin as the two of the rocked back and forth, but somehow the sharp pain of the claws seemed to excite Tohru more, and he moved faster, hearing himself moan out in rapture along with Jun.

They continued at this for what seemed an eternity until the two of them, too exhausted to move, fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Jun woke up to see Tohru sitting at the edge of the bed, rubbing his head.

“Did that…really happen?”

Jun’s tail flicked in annoyance. “Why are you asking me? You’re the one who started it!” He paused, red. “I mean…not like it was bad or anything, but…anyway! The important thing is that you’re not sick now, so….”


“…What?” Jun felt himself begin to sweat. Why was Tohru still sneezing?

“Huh.” The other boy said, “…I guess it was a cold after all. I’m pretty sure my cat allergy subsided a while ago. Haha, how funny!”



“…Yeah?” The boy suddenly felt nervous.

“…So you were sick?” His tail was flicking back and forth in a rather disconcerting way.


Silence again.

“Once my ass stops hurting I’m going to murder you, just so you know.”

“Yeah, all right, I guess I deserve that.”


A week later, after Mr. Matsumoto has returned from his business trip.

“The time…it has finally come…!”

Upon seeing the ears and tail that his son now adorned, tears began to flow from the man’s eyes. He leapt towards the boy, arms stretched as he wept out, “Papa has waited for this moment for so long~!”

Jun replied by kicking the man in the chest, “YOU STAY AWAY FROM ME OLD MAN!”

“Ohohoho~! I told you your father would be proud, Junjun!”


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