The Bet

by hColleen


“So, when you gonna let me?” Tyler asked, his lips brushing the base of his lover’s cock. He looked up to see hazel eyes struggling to focus on him under tousled brown hair.

“Let you what?” Mark gasped between kiss-swollen lips. He really didn’t want Tyler to stop what he was doing for this conversation again.

“In here,” Tyler clarified, his finger circling Mark’s asshole.

“After you let me,” Mark grumbled, squirming away from the questing finger.

Tyler sighed, crawling up to lie on Mark. “We’ve been living together for six months now. Why won’t you let me?”

“Why won’t you let me?” Mark countered, kissing Tyler’s neck. They’d had this discussion so many times, it had almost become a part of sex for them.

“I’ll make you a deal.” Tyler’s offer was punctuated by a moan.

“What?” Mark asked. He stopped to look at his dark-eyed lover. Tyler’s brown-black eyes held challenge and lust as they gazed at him from under blond hair.

“A simple contest. We’ll each tell a story and try to scare the other. The winner will be the one who gets the biggest reaction. The prize will be getting to fuck the other first.”

A smirk curved Mark’s lips. “You best start gettin’ your ass ready for me.”

“You gotta win first, love. I’ll even let you go first.” Tyler squirmed until he was lying next to Mark.

“You’re so kind,” Mark grumbled sourly. “Couldn’t you have finished what you were doing first?”

“When I win, I will.”


“That’s where I plan to be. Now, tell your story. Or are you going to forfeit?”

“So,” Mark sighed. “How do we judge who reacts more? And,” he continued, jabbing Tyler in the chest with his finger, “don’t say something stupid like who yells the loudest. And no poking or goosing or anything like that.”

“I’ll play fair. I don’t want to lose on a technicality. Besides,” Tyler leaned over and kissed Mark, “I want to savor my victory.”

“That’s what you think.” Mark rolled them over and straddled Tyler’s stomach. “So, all I gotta do is scare you?”

“God, you look hot like that,” Tyler purred, running his hands up Mark’s legs.

“You’d look hotter with your legs around me.” Mark leaned over and kissed Tyler again before slipping off the bed. Tyler sighed when Mark put his boxers on again. “I’m not going to let you be distracted while I’m telling you my story.”

“Oh, believe me, you’ve got my attention.” Tyler rolled onto his side, watching as Mark sat on the floor. “So, tell me.”

Mark frowned at his lover. “It was a dark and stormy night,” he began.

“Always is,” Tyler murmured, settling onto his stomach.

Mark glared at Tyler a moment before beginning again. “It was a dark and stormy night. Thunder filled the spaces between lightning strikes. Joe was stuck working the graveyard shift at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. He hadn’t had a customer in hours and dawn was still a long way off. He’d already cleaned everything in the store, even moving the displays to mop under them. He was tempted to lock the door and crash in the back when the bell tied to the door handle jangled.” Mark glanced at Tyler to see dark eyes focused on him, drinking in every word.

“Joe looked up and there was no one in the store. He looked outside, but the trees were bending the wrong way for the wind to have pushed against the door. Just to be sure, he walked through the store. Nothing was out of place and no one was hiding down any of the aisles. Figuring he’d just imagined the sound of the bell, he went behind the counter and began reading one of the magazines to pass the time.

“About halfway through the magazine, he heard the bell again. When he looked up, no one was there. He shook his head, thinking maybe he’d dozed off, and went back to the magazine. Before long, the telltale jangle sounded again and was still ringing when he looked up. Frowning, he stared at the door. Icy fingers crawled up his spine as the bell danced on the end of its string.”

Tyler shifted closer to the edge of the bed, his breathing tense with excitement. Mark watched Tyler a moment, enjoying the attention his lover gave him despite how he felt about having to tell a story in order to get sex.

“What happens next?” Tyler’s voice was breathy with anticipation.

Mark hadn’t realized he’d paused so long. “The bell danced on the end of its string,” he repeated to pick up the story again. “It was crazy, like someone was yanking on it or throwing it against the door, but there was no one in the store, no one touching the string. Joe watched from across the room as something moved it. Then, the bell just stopped ringing. It just dangled on the string like it was supposed to. Joe stared at it for a long time, waiting to see if it’d do anything else, but it didn’t. He swallowed hard and went around the counter to get a closer look.

“As he slowly made his way across the store, an icy chill surrounded him. This made him pause, since it was the middle of summer and even with the storm it was hot and muggy outside. ‘Who’s there?’ he yelled, looking around. All the hair on his body stood on end while he waited for an answer. There was no one in the store, but he expected one.” Mark shook his head, glancing to see Tyler’s eyes focused on him, wide with anticipation.

“The pressure around him built, the air getting colder and colder, he suddenly found it hard to breathe. ‘Who’s there?’ he asked again, barely hearing his own voice over the thudding of his heart.

“A huge bolt of lightning flashed and suddenly, the power went out in the store as thunder rattled the building. Joe blinked and he was in the middle of a field with a large tree on a slight hill. There was a mob of people under the tree, but he couldn’t really make any individuals out. His feet began to carry him closer to the scene, despite his mind protesting that he didn’t want to be any closer. The mob milled around under the tree, their voices an angry buzz of sound. As he got closer, he saw faces, people he knew, old teachers, friends from high school, a lover or two.

“Then he saw that there was a rope suspended from one of the thick tree branches, connected to someone in the middle of the mob. They were going to hang someone.

“Joe didn’t want to see, but his feet continued moving though he tried to make them stop. He couldn’t turn away, couldn’t close his eyes, though he tried. He knew who was being hanged and he didn’t want to see it. The mob heaved and the body dangled from the end of a rope, twitching. He couldn’t see the face yet. If he could make his feet turn around, he wouldn’t have to see. But, he walked forward, terror filling him, making him want to scream, to tell them to stop, but he couldn’t even whimper.” Mark glanced at Tyler, watching as his lover breathed quickly, his eyes wide in anticipation.

“And then?” Tyler asked, his voice tense.

“And then, the body swung around and Joe saw his own face. He screamed over and over again. Another lightning bolt flashed before his eyes. He was back in the store. He ran, screaming into the night, never to return.”

Tyler’s eyes were wide and Mark could see a shudder run down his body. “Dude…seriously, creepy.” Tyler rubbed his arms. “That’s going to be hard to top.”

Mark leaned back onto his hands, smirking. “Well you can forfeit, if you want.”

Tyler laughed. “Oh, hell no. I got a good story. Guaranteed win.”

“Not likely. I like horror stories, remember?”

Tyler just smiled and moved to sit on the edge of the bed. “Ya might want to get it ready,” he said, pointing at his own dick.

Mark focused on the soft flesh. “Why?” he asked, not looking up. “You gotta tell your story first.”

“I will.” Tyler rolled his hips while leaning back on his hands, enjoying the hunger in Mark’s eyes. “Ready?”

“Yeah,” Mark replied, distracted.

“Your mother’s coming over for dinner.”

“What?” Panic filled Mark. He hadn’t told her yet that he was gay, mostly because she was a member of a fundamentalist Christian church. She knew he lived with a roommate, but if she came over to their one bedroom apartment, the truth of their relationship would be found out. He really didn’t want to deal with that. His face white, he looked up at Tyler. “You’ve got to be shitting me.”

“I win.”

“The fuck?” Mark’s fear turned to anger. “That’s not fair! That is not a story!”

“It’s not the truth.” Tyler was beginning to feel he’d overstepped the bounds of fair play. He held up his hands to ward off Mark’s anger, though thinking about it, he couldn’t blame his lover for being mad.

“Better fucking not be!” Mark stood, stomping over to the door where his clothes had been dropped. “That’s not even funny.”

Tyler moved quickly, wrapping his arms around his lover from behind, dropping kisses of apology onto his shoulders. “I’m sorry, really. I’m really sorry. I just wanted to win. I wanted to make you feel good.” He continued to kiss Mark’s shoulders, caressing his chest until he felt his lover’s anger begin to abate. “I really want to make you feel good.”

“Funny way you got of showing it,” Mark growled, still tense in Tyler’s embrace.

“Tell you what. How about I tell you what I’m most afraid of, okay?” Mark just grunted in response. Deciding to take it as assent, Tyler kissed Mark’s neck softly before saying, “I’m afraid of my grandparents. They’re Mormon, the old school kind, that believe in reprogramming. My mother threatened to tell them I was gay after she walked in on me and a boyfriend in the kitchen.”

“What the hell…oh, no, you weren’t! In your parent’s kitchen? Are you insane?” Mark turned to look over his shoulder at Tyler.

Tyler had the grace to blush. “My parents weren’t upset about me being gay, just being gay in the kitchen.” He looked away from Mark. “He was a good top, though, aside from never taking a ‘no’ or ‘wait.’ We broke up soon after, but he taught me how to be good.”

“Being fucked only feels good for the guy on top,” Mark muttered darkly.

Tyler bit back his exclamation of surprise. “I wouldn’t have enjoyed it if he was the only one feeling good. And I never would have asked you if I thought I was going to hurt you. I want you to enjoy yourself.”

Frowning, Mark turned in Tyler’s arms. “I’ve never felt…” he let his words trail off and looked away.

“Never felt what, love?”

With a sigh, Mark continued reluctantly, “I’ve never felt good under anyone.”

“Why?” Tyler asked softly, caressing Mark’s back.

Mark just shrugged.

“Are you really afraid?” When Mark remained still, Tyler kissed his cheek. “Let me try. If you’re really not enjoying yourself, I’ll stop, okay? Just let me try, please?”

Mark turned his face into Tyler’s neck. After a moment, he began dropping kisses there. “I’ve…never tried it with someone…I love.”

Tyler moved Mark so he could answer with a kiss that was gentle, still asking forgiveness. As their lips remained joined, their kiss deepened, their tongues sliding over each other. Tyler slowly slid Mark’s boxers down, caressing his lover’s skin as it was bared, taking his time in reigniting the passion they’d been enjoying before his suggested game. As the boxers fell to the ground, he led Mark back to the bed.

“If you hurt me, I’m breaking up with you,” Mark panted out as he slid onto the sheets.

“I don’t want that,” Tyler murmured, reaching under the bed to find the bottle of lube he’d bought, hoping Mark would some day let him fully make love to him. He dropped the bottle onto the bed and slid his hands up Mark’s legs, his lips following as he crawled onto the bed. “I love you,” he whispered over Mark’s knee before continuing to kiss up his thigh.

“Hurry,” Mark’s voice was tight. Mark’s eyes were shut tight, his hands twisted in the sheets as his body trembled with tension. “Before I lose my nerve, hurry up.”

“If I hurry and you’re tense, it’ll hurt. Just relax and let me show you that I love you.” Tyler moved up to kiss Mark, hoping to distract him from his fear. He used the half year of experience making love to Mark almost daily to find every sensitive place on his lover’s body, kissing him under his ear, nibbling his neck just where his collarbones ended. He found the sensitive place on Mark’s chest near his arm and let his tongue leave a trail to his nipple while his hands caressed Mark’s stomach. He poured his love, desire, need into every touch, every kiss, and Mark responded with growing passion.

Mark tried to guide Tyler to every place his body ached to be touched, moaning and begging for more as his lover seemed to read his mind. Though he was desperately afraid of letting Tyler fuck him, he also couldn’t deny the lust his blond lover could inspire with a single glance, nor the hunger that grew in him when they kissed.

Tyler settled between Mark’s legs, lifting one over his shoulder as he kissed the other. Mark whimpered with anxiety and need. Blindly, Tyler sought the lube while his lips moved closer to Mark’s cock. “I love you,” he whispered again, his breath teasing Mark’s hip joint before his tongue tasted the skin.

Mark only whimpered, some anxiety still in his voice, but the sound was mostly lust. Again, his hands went to the sheets, twisting as he fought to keep his anxiety at bay.

After spreading a little lube on his fingers, Tyler teased the puckered opening, listening to Mark moan as his tongue traced a path to his lover’s balls. He drew one of them into his mouth as his finger pressed in.

Mark yelped in surprise. “What?” he gasped.

Tyler hummed a moment, wriggling his finger. Mark groaned again, the sound almost pure lust. “Gotta get you ready,” Tyler whispered when he released the treasure, moving over to suck on the other. He enjoyed his lover’s taste and sounds while his mouth sucked and his finger thrust gently. He hummed as he felt Mark’s body relaxing, accepting his intrusion. “More?” he asked before running his tongue up Mark’s cock.

“More,” Mark moaned, his body beginning to glow with a film of sweat.

“As you wish,” Tyler murmured, removing his finger and then sliding two in as he licked the head of Mark’s dick. Mark whimpered a little, a touch of pain in his voice that quickly vanished as Tyler sucked the head of his cock into his mouth.

Mark’s hands left the sheets and found Tyler’s head, massaging his lover’s scalp in appreciation as he moaned in pleasure. “You’re too good at that,” he groaned when he found his voice, only to have Tyler hum around his shaft and steal it again. Mark groaned loudly while Tyler bobbed on his shaft slowly and thrust his fingers into his ass.

Tyler released Mark’s shaft with a pop of suction and then licked it a few times before kissing up his body. “Ready?” he purred over Mark’s chest, sliding his fingers out of Mark’s body.

Fear crept back into Mark’s eyes. “I think so,” he said thickly.

Tyler kissed him gently. “Just stay relaxed and when I tell you, breathe out, okay?”

Mark nodded, watching Tyler closely as his lover sat up. Though the thought of what was coming scared him a little, watching Tyler stroke himself with lube made him almost forget his fear.

“Just relax,” Tyler murmured, supporting his upper body on one hand, his other hand guiding his shaft.

Mark tensed when he felt the slick flesh press against him.

“Relax, love. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Mark nodded and tried to think about how good it felt for Tyler to touch him.

“Breathe out, love,” Tyler’s voice gently broke through his anxiety.

Mark took a deep breath in and blew it out. His eyes widened as Tyler pressed against him.

“Just relax,” Tyler whispered again. “Breathe out, go slowly. I love you.”

Mark’s ass burned with the stretch as Tyler’s dick began sliding in but it didn’t actually hurt. He reached blindly and grabbed his lover’s arms, surprised to feel him trembling. He cried out, panting open mouthed, as he felt the head pass the outer ring of muscles. “More,” he moaned, a little ashamed of his need.

It was an eternity before Mark felt Tyler’s hips press against him and his lover kissed him.

“You okay?” Tyler asked, his own voice breathless.

“Yeah,” Mark panted, his eyes unfocused as he tried to look at Tyler.

Smirking, Tyler rolled his hips a little, enjoying Mark’s expression as his lover arched into the motion, his head going back, his eyes closing in pleasure. Hunger filled him and he claimed Mark’s lips, drinking in the moans of pleasure as he began moving slowly in his lover’s body, fighting his desire to pound Mark through the bed.

Mark was lost in passion, his hands seeking purchase on Tyler’s back, his arms, in his hair, anywhere he could cling, no matter how briefly. He needed something to give him some connection to a world that wasn’t filled with flames of desire. “Tyler,” he moaned out when his lover’s lips left his to kiss his neck. He gasped, groaning in pleasure as Tyler moved harder in him. “More,” he begged, his hands moving to hold Tyler’s ass, encouraging him as his legs wrapped around his lover.

Tyler moved to hold himself up, ready to protest that he wanted to take his time, but the hunger he saw on Mark’s face erased the words, the intent from his mind. He claimed Mark’s mouth savagely and began thrusting harder into his lover. Mark’s hips met each thrust, groaning in desire, his legs tightening around Tyler as his ass tightened. “Fuck!” Tyler gasped. He reached between their bodies for Mark’s shaft, his mouth going to Mark’s neck as he continued to thrust in and out of his lover.

Mark sobbed in pleasure, dragging his nails up Tyler’s back, trying to maintain some hold on his quickly vanishing sanity. “Fuck me,” he begged between cries and yelps of pleasure.

“Come for me,” Tyler whispered hotly into his ear. “Come for me, baby. Let me feel it.” Each encouragement was accompanied by a thrust that drove them both up the bed.

Mark’s head pressed against the wall as he screamed, his body pulsing with release.

As Tyler cried out his completion, he thrust into Mark so hard Mark’s shoulders were against the wall.

While his body would still cooperate with him, Tyler rolled them both over, his shaft slipping out. When Mark was resting on his chest, he collapsed into the bed. “Fuck, you’re amazing,” Tyler panted out as his breathing began to slow.

“Wait till I get your ass,” Mark mumbled.

“Tomorrow,” Tyler promised. “If you’re up to it.” He coaxed his arms around Mark. “How do you feel?”

There was a pause before Mark sighed. “Not as bad as I thought it would be, but I’m gonna be sore.”

“I’m sorry, love. I’ll give you a massage.”

“Yeah,” Mark sighed, nuzzling into Tyler’s neck. “I love you,” he mumbled, sounding as if he were falling asleep.

Though he knew they should probably wash up, Tyler couldn’t bring himself to move or rouse Mark. He managed to move enough to find the sheet and pulled it over them. “I love you, too, my love.”

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