by Ms. C. Mouse

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I knocked on the front door and waited for Kevin to answer. While I waited, I shifted the six-pack of beer to my right hand to balance out the weight of the small pack hanging on my left shoulder. The beer was my peace offering to Kevin. I was over an hour late and when he didn’t answer the door right away, I began to think that he might not be home. It was no big loss and besides it meant more beer for me. I turned to leave, but then I heard the thunk of the dead-bolt being drawn back and the rattle of the door knob.

Kevin opened the door and I immediately wondered if I had been set up. He had a towel draped around his neck and he was only wearing a pair of dark blue sweatpants. His short brown hair was spiked out at odd angles as if he had just finished rubbing it with the towel and I forced my eyes to meet his so I wouldn’t keep checking him out. However, there was still something arousing about the pink tinge to his freshly scrubbed face. “Hey, Tom,” he said, “Come on in. I got home about twenty minutes ago.

“Don’t sweat it. I’ve been running late all day,” I said as I entered the apartment. “I hate classes that include a group project. Doesn’t matter if it’s two people or ten, the group can never seem to find a convenient time to meet up.” I handed off the six-pack to him.

“Thanks. You want one now?” He closed the door before walking to the kitchen area. “Or would you like something to eat first?”

After kicking off my shoes, I immediately headed to a couch that was conveniently located only a few strides away. I stretched out and put up my feet. This day had been one load of crap after another and I only wanted to relax for awhile. “I’ll have the beer.”

But this was a pretty good way to cap it off. I looked around the spacious and well furnished apartment. Damn, this was so much better than the apartment that I was staying in. It was clean and organized, although I could see where Kevin had stormed through on his rush to get to the shower. There was a shirt hanging on a chair and a crumpled pair of trousers on the floor. Nonetheless, what amazed me was the overall look of the apartment. I had expected – because this was his girlfriend’s apartment – a frilly, feminine, cottage retreat type of theme, but it was decorated in a hip urban style with just enough color to make it interesting without being an eye-strain. Instrumental jazz drifted from a nearby CD player, and although that will never be my first choice in music, I tolerated it.

Kevin returned from the kitchen carrying two bottles of beer. “I figured you had stopped by earlier and left. It surprised me when Sarah told me you’d visit this afternoon because, as I recall, you’ve always had a date for Friday night since 9th grade.” He placed two coasters on the coffee table between us before setting down the bottles. Oh, yes, his girlfriend Sarah had him well trained. The Kevin I knew in high school would have tossed me an unopened bottle and he wouldn’t have given a shit about some coffee table.

I picked up the bottle and quickly drank half the beer. A welcomed buzz couldn’t come soon enough at this point. “Envy much? Besides there were times I had to go places with my parents on Fridays even though I didn’t want to. So how’s everything with you and Sarah? I hardly ever have a chance to talk with her at work since we’re in different departments and I’m only working part time.”

In fact, it was only a few months ago that I’d found out that Sarah was dating Kevin. When he had shown up at the office, I hadn’t even recognize him because he had looked so different, so put together. Nevertheless, he had recognized me immediately and had greeted me like I was still his best friend in the whole world. Two years had gone by without seeing him and I hadn’t missed him. I had been too busy to talk that day, so he had invited me over to the apartment that he lived in with Sarah. After several weeks and a few reminders from Sarah, I had finally promised to show up.

Kevin picked up the shirt and trousers as he talked. “Sarah’s made a huge difference in my life. She’s introduced me to people who have connections to galleries and art reviews. She helps me stay on track and I’m getting my art projects in on time. I’m even doing better in my other classes. You sure you don’t want something to eat? Sarah made lasagna last night and there’s plenty left over.”

I shook my head. “I had a late lunch. Sit down already.” He annoyed me with the way he kept flitting about, putting things away and pacing back and forth from the living room to the bedroom. His hair was dry and combed now and he was wearing a t-shirt, yet his face still looked flushed. “Are you sick?” I didn’t need to catch a cold with my busy schedule.

“Huh? No, I’m okay. I find it hard to relax when Sarah isn’t here. She went out of town for the weekend to visit her parents.” After sitting down in a sleek leather recliner on the other side of the coffee table, he picked up a sketch pad and set it in his lap. “She’ll be back Sunday afternoon. So how are things with you?”

I stifled a yawn, though not very successfully. “Can’t complain. Less than two months and I’ll be done with classes for awhile. That’s the good news. The other news is that my latest girlfriend left me because she decided that she doesn’t like how I’m running my life.” Kevin hunched his shoulders by the smallest degree. “I’m not worried about it. I think I need a break from dating anyways. Women are too damn demanding at times.” I waited to see if he would object to what I just said since it was obvious that Sarah had so much control over him.

He raised his bottle. “Well here’s hoping that you find someone more compatible. Besides, you’ve never had a problem attracting people to you. I’m thankful that Sarah took an interest in me when she saw the potential in my artwork. She’s really boosted my confidence.”

Confidence wasn’t the only thing he’d gained. Kevin had been a loser in high school: pasty white, covered in acne, awkwardly tall and way too skinny. His skin was clear and smooth now, and he appeared to have achieved some muscle tone at last. Sarah probably reminded him to eat three proper meals a day. Maybe she even bought him a membership at the local gym. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad it’s working out between you and Sarah. Getting some pussy every night has made a new man out of you.” His brow furrowed for only a fraction of a second and he looked like he was about to speak, but he closed his mouth. I counted to five very slowly and when he still hadn’t said anything, I pointed at the sketchbook in his lap. “What’re you working on now?”

“I have a commission.”

“Good. More of your dark, erotic artwork, or have you branched out into more traditional areas?”

“Yeah, though it’s more of the erotic than the dark this time. My client is interested in a portrait of an idealized male body with the main focus on the face and torso.”

“Great. Got any sexy naked sketches of Sarah to show me?”

“Hah, you wish I’d let you see those. You could help me with the commission though. I need a model and Sarah suggested that I ask you because we’ve been friends since grade school. I told her it was unlikely that you’d agree since we haven’t really seen much of each other since graduating from high school. We’ve been at the same university for almost three years and what… I saw you once, maybe twice, during the first year.”

I nodded. “That’s true. I suppose it would be more often if I went home for the holidays like you do. Have you told your folks about your living arrangements?”

“Hell no. They wouldn’t understand. They never visit me anyways, so I’m not worried about them finding out.” Kevin’s fingers kept riffling the corner of the sketch book as he looked at me. “So, would you model for me? I’d pay you the standard fee for your time.”

He was trying to keep eye contact with me as he said all this, yet his gaze keep shifting away as if he was hiding something. I immediately guessed why he was so nervous. “You told her about that time in the backyard didn’t you?”

He leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees. “It wasn’t like you told me to keep that a secret. Besides, she’s the only one I’ve ever mentioned it to.” He had no trouble meeting my eyes this time.

I shook my head. “No wonder she gives me those strange looks when I walk by. She must think I’m some kind of exhibitionist.” Kevin’s forehead wrinkled a bit, as if he didn’t like the idea of his girlfriend checking me out. “Shit, I was only thirteen years old at the time. So I got a boner while you were sketching me. It’s funny now.”

“Okay. But you ran off without saying anything. I thought you were angry at me.”

“Did you really want me to say something like, ‘I’m goin’ home and jack off now. I’ll see you later’. Shit, yeah it was embarrassing at the time. In fact I’ve never put on any Speedo type swim wear after that, but it wasn’t the fucking end of the world.” Actually I had been aroused that summer day because of the intensity of his gaze as he carefully studied me and mapped my body with his pencil and paper. Perhaps I should say aroused and repulsed because at age thirteen he had already entered into his awkward and ugly stage. Back then, I couldn’t tell him how he had affected me. And even now, I didn’t want to explain it to him.

“You never mentioned it again.”

“I suppose I should have talked about it like you went on and on about getting a hand job from your cousin Gracie. You’re such a girl sometimes.”

Kevin leaned back in his recliner. “Bite me. What can I say? It was my one sexual experience with another person in high school. Of course you never offered to model for me again either. You told me it was girl’s work and that I would draw your nose too big on purpose.”

“Yeah, so I was a jerk in high school. Tell me something I don’t know – like why me.”

“You’re in good shape. Are you still studying Tae Kwon Do and running every day?” I nodded once. “So you have a strong, flexible body that isn’t overly developed. Of course I wouldn’t use your exact facial features or anything that would identify you as the model.”

“You want me to model tonight?”

“No, not tonight. I figured if you agreed then we could set up a time that worked for you. So what do you say?”

“Let me think about it.” Even as I said that, I knew I wanted to pose for him. Unfortunately, Kevin probably wouldn’t want to talk to me after today. Sarah had helped him achieve a whole new look during the last two years and he was much more attractive than I had remembered him. Before now, I had never even considered using the word sexy to describe Kevin. I had been his friend in high school only because he lived next door and he had an older brother who could get us beer when we wanted it. Checking him out now, all I could think was, “Yep, I’d hit that,” even though he was taller than most of the guys I was interested in. I generally liked men who were the same height and build as me, but it didn’t bother me that he was nearly five inches taller. I wanted to be on top of that mountain.

“Hah, there’s that look!” He flipped open the sketchbook and started sketching with a pencil that seemed to appear out of nowhere. “I’ve been trying to recall that look you would give the cute girls when they would pass by in the hall. It’s almost a smirk. Your eyes close a little and there’s a slight tilt of your head.” He stopped talking as he continued working.

I drank the rest of my beer as I waited for him to finish. I was about to stand up and get another one from the fridge when he glared at me from over the top of his sketch book. “What’s your problem?” I asked. “Are you upset ’cause I moved?”

“You better not be thinking perverted thoughts about Sarah while looking like that.”

It was all I could do not to laugh in his face. “What if I told you I was thinking about you? Hmm?”

“Fucking idiot. You never take anything seriously, do you?”

“I take fucking very seriously. Don’t be so up-tight. I find Sarah to be a sexy, intelligent, and very confident older woman. However she’s not someone I want to date. She’s too dom for my tastes, if you know what I mean.”

“Shit, you make her sound like she’s old enough to be my mother. She’s only thirty-three. And I happen to like that she tells me exactly what she wants from me.”

I shrugged. “She looks so clean cut and professional at the office. Is she really that hot in bed?” His eyes glazed over for a moment as he stared off into nowhere. I took that to be a strong yes. “So why are you so tense? If you miss her that much, take matters into your own hands while you wait for her to get home.”

He frowned as a blush colored his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. “Sarah and I have an agreement. I promised.” He paused to wipe his hands over his face. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“I think I understand perfectly. Mommy told you not to play with yourself.”

“Stop being a dick-head! We have an agreement that I won’t beat-off unless she can watch.”

“You always do everything she tells you to do?”

“I try.”

“Ka-pish.” I made a whipping motion with my hand. That didn’t go over well with him.

“Damn it! Can we talk about something else? I get hard too easily as it is.” He turned to the next page in the sketch book and started drawing.

I left the couch and walked over to the kitchen to grab another beer from the fridge. A recycling bin for glass sat in one corner and I rinsed out my empty before setting it inside. I also snagged a paper towel from the dispenser attached to the side of a cupboard.

When I returned to the living room, I snuck up behind Kevin so I could stare over his shoulder. He was drawing some angry looking cartoon characters and making random designs on the paper. “I could help you,” I whispered.

The pencil wobbled before stopping. “What the hell do you mean?” Lifting his chin, he scowled at me.

I gave him ‘the look’. “You know what I mean.”

“Stop messing with me. You think it’s funny because I haven’t had any in two weeks, but I’m not laughing.”

“Two weeks without getting laid. No wonder you’re pouting. Is there trouble in paradise?”

I thought I heard his teeth grinding together. “It’s been a combination of bad luck and bad timing. First there was the business trip, then her period started and then she was tired from working long hours and now she’s gone to check on her parents.” He waved his pencil at me. “You might as well get the fuck outta here ’cause I’m tired of you giving me a ration of shit. I swear that nothing has changed with you since high school.”

I slowly circled around to the front of the recliner and I set the bottle down on the coaster. I didn’t smile as I locked my eyes on his because I wanted him to see how serious I could be. This was a critical point as I knelt down in front of him. He would either spread his legs or wallop me with the sketch pad. I touched the calf muscle of his left leg before letting my fingertips slide to the back of his knee. He stared at me like I might have snot hanging out of my nose, yet he didn’t pull away or hit me.

“You can’t be serious,” said Kevin. “Are you really offering to give me a blow job?” One of his eyes was twitching now.

“I’m offering.” I lightly stroked the palm of my left hand over his right thigh.

“I’m not gay!”

“Me neither.”

His adam’s-apple bobbed a few times before he finally spoke up. “I heard rumors that you were gay, but I figured it was something girls said if they were jealous of you.”

“I enjoy men and women. So what’s your answer?”

“I…uhm…look…” He squirmed in his chair as his eyes drifted away from mine. “I can’t do this. It would be like cheating on Sarah.”

“I won’t tell her if you don’t. You said she wouldn’t be back until Sunday night. I’ll leave right afterwards, if that’s what you want.” I kept my voice calm, but inside I could feel my heart going just that much faster. My left hand was under the sketchbook now, near the waistband of his sweatpants. I moved my hand a little to the right and immediately felt his length pushing against the soft cotton fabric. “Can’t let it stay like that all weekend. You’ll get blue balls.” I took hold of the sketch pad and set it on the floor. His hands covered his hard-on as if that was going to stop me. “I promise I won’t scrape you with my teeth.”

I licked his hands, pressing the tip of my tongue between his fingers. I could taste the sweat on his hands and I could smell the sharp scent of the deodorant soap he had used in the shower. One of his thumbs was placed above the other. I took it into my mouth and sucked on it.

When I tugged sharply on his sweatpants, his hands immediately grabbed for the waistband. That left his dick and his well trimmed pubes uncovered for my inspection. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see any piercings, but I knew that Kevin truly wasn’t that kind of masochist. It was amusing how he wouldn’t let go of the sweatpants as long as I kept trying to slide them off his legs, yet I could tell it was all a show. I leaned forwards to put my lips around the tip of his cock. My tongue went to work while I moved slowly up and down on him.

That was all it took for him to crumble. He gasped as he let go of the sweatpants and, for a moment, I thought that he might pull my hair. He gripped the armrests of his recliner instead. It was just as well he did that since I don’t like anyone messing with my hair while I work. As I sucked him, I finished removing his sweatpants and tossed them aside. Now that I had convinced Kevin, I released his cock and pushed his legs farther apart so I could see everything that interested me. A flash of neon pink caught my eye. “Is that a butt-plug?”

He gurgled in reply.

I took hold of it and drew it out part way. “I bet you were playing with yourself when I knocked on the door. Am I right? Tsk, tsk, what would Mama Sarah say?” I liked watching his opening expand and contract as I gently played with the sex toy. It made my soldier jump to attention in record time. “So you and Sarah like anal play?” Kevin was panting now and I wondered if he would even be able to answer me.

“Sometimes…Sarah wears…a strap on.”

“Damn, and here I thought you and Sarah were so vanilla. Ever had a real cock up your ass?” He shook his head, keeping his eyes closed. I went down on him again, licking and sucking while I gently rubbed his balls. The recliner creaked as he rocked his hips, yet I still heard him mutter ‘Sarah’. Can’t say I was happy about that. After he came, I discreetly spat into the paper towel that I had brought with me from the kitchen. All I could think about was how much I wanted to do him. I swallowed some beer to get rid of the aftertaste while I watched him enjoy the post sex bliss.

His body was finally relaxed and his head lolled to one side. He looked as if he had gone to sleep, so I moved to the side of the recliner to whisper in his ear. “I want to put my cock in you.” He was attempting to ignore me, but I saw a frown flit across his lips. “I’ll make it good for you. I promise.” I licked the shell of his ear before catching his earlobe between my teeth.

“I told you I’m not gay.”

“Just bend over and pretend that I’m Sarah. You won’t regret it. I know how to hit the sweet spot.”

He pretended to be permanently attached to the recliner; nevertheless, I grabbed him under one arm and pulled him to his feet. He wouldn’t say what he wanted, yet his body was already reacting to the idea of me fucking him in the ass. He was becoming aroused again as we made our way to the bedroom. His relationship with Sarah was probably similar. She most likely told him how and where and when she wanted it and he went right along.

“The lube and condoms are in the nightstand.” He pulled back the covers, took off his t-shirt and flopped down face first on the bed. I quickly undressed and then helped myself to a condom. The nightstand drawer had anal beads, padded cuffs, a dildo and other interesting things in it beside the condoms and lube, yet I didn’t want to play like that right now. I closed the drawer and crawled up next to Kevin.

He raised his ass in the air, offering himself to me. “There are other positions we could try,” I said.

“Shut up.” I pulled the butt-plug out of his ass and dropped it on the floor. He lifted his head just a bit as he hummed in pleasure before hiding his face against the mattress once more.

I put some lube in my hand, although I knew that it wouldn’t take much to prepare him since he was already relaxed. I fingered him for longer than I needed to because I liked seeing his body accept more and more of my hand. Eventually I reached a point where I couldn’t wait anymore, so I pulled out my fingers and I put my cock up to his opening. With slow and careful pressure I pushed my way into him. Pausing occasionally to allow him to adjust, I held on to his hips to keep him from pushing backwards and rushing things.

“I can’t believe…I ‘m letting you do this. Ahhh.”

I was all the way inside him now. Rubbing my hands along his back, I slowly leaned forward to grasp his shoulders. “Get ready. I’m gonna move now…mmm, you feel so damn hot, Kevin.” I thrust into him several times before changing the angle slightly. He grunted into the sheets.

A number of minutes later, I pulled out to apply more lube because everything was turning slightly gummy. Once that was done, I rolled him onto his back before forcing his knees upward and apart. Kevin yelped in surprise as I entered him like that, but he did not resist.

There was no way petite Sarah could ever do him like this. She didn’t have the weight or strength to keep Kevin balanced on his shoulders with his hips in the air. This would be something just for him and me to remember. The back of his legs rubbed against my chest and shoulders as I made like a pile driver and filled the room with the rhythmic slapping of my hips hitting his ass. Slamming into him again and again, I admired his face and chest – flushed red and splattered with his own jism. The sight of him in such a position made me come.

His legs dropped limp and trembling onto the mattress when I let go of them. Now that was one well fucked bottom. Kevin’s face appeared so peaceful as I gazed down at him. While struggling to quash the sudden guilt that was assaulting me, I rested against his chest so I could kiss him on the lips. The kiss tasted of beer and sweat and the bitter remains of his second climax. “I’m sorry,” I told him, yet he probably didn’t hear me. I barely remembered to pull out and tie off the condom before I dropped down by his side.


I woke up to the soft hiss of Kevin’s slow, steady breathing. He was still asleep and seemed to be resting comfortably, so I rolled out of the bed and stretched as I looked around for a clock. It was a little after 2 a.m. Time for me to leave. I gathered up my clothes and moved toward the bedroom door. Even as I reached out for the handle, I remembered that neither Kevin nor I had closed the door last night. I took a deep breath, put on my best smile and opened the door. I said, “Good morning, Sarah,” as I quietly closed the bedroom door behind me. “You’re back early.”

She glanced up from her computer to give me a quick flash of a smile. “All done now?” She clicked on an icon and replayed a small portion of my conversation with Kevin.

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you that it was impolite to eavesdrop? Not a very trusting soul are you?”

“That’s right. When I heard you two going at it, I decided that I better show up right away to start my slave’s new training regimen.”

Even though I wasn’t looking at her, my ears caught the sound of her sniffing. “Nothing quite like the smell of man-sex in the morning,” I said teasingly. She ignored me. “So how are you going to punish him?” Sarah gestured towards an item that was resting on the table next to her computer. It was a male chastity belt, complete with a stainless steel lock. “Hmm…better him than me.”

“You should be wearing one also. I gave you permission to suck him off, not fuck him until his brains leaked out his ear.”

“He seemed to enjoy it.”

“I know. I suspected this would happen. You were eye-fucking my boy-toy that day he brought my lunch to me at the office.”

I turned away from her and set my clothes on the couch. With practiced movements, I dressed myself at a leisurely pace. I didn’t have to look over my shoulder to know that she was watching me. I wiggled my ass a little as I pulled up my trousers and I heard her laugh. “Get out of here already. I’m not going to allow you to watch his humiliation. That treat’s just for me.”

“Fine, but let me know if you ever want a threesome. I’ll be glad to help you with some of your kinks.” After putting on my shoes, I grabbed my pack and blew Sarah a kiss before opening the front door. “See you at the orifice.” I left her groaning at that cheesy pun as I shut the door and walked away. However, Sarah was the fool if she really believed that I was all done with Kevin.

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