The Screwup Letters

by Togi Kayako (土宜草子) Read this piece’s entry on the Shousetsu Bang*Bang wiki. A letter, rolled up and tied with an uneven twine bow that smells vaguely of meat. The text is scribbled in multiple colours of crayon across the back of several pages of a child’s maths worksheets. My dearest, most darling Nella, I […]



by Togi Kayako (土宜草子) illustrated by The Winter Cynic See this piece’s entry on the Shousetsu Bang*Bang wiki. I slam my study door behind me with more force than necessary, cutting off Andy’s plaintive meows. My hands are clenched too hard on my phone, and they shake a little as I dial Will’s number. He […]


Even More Shivers And Chills!!!

See this piece’s entry on the Shousetsu Bang*Bang wiki. by Togi Kayako (土宜草子) Your first step off of the bus is heralded by a perfectly timed rumble of thunder. A drop of rain hits your bare arm, quickly followed by several more. There’s no shelter, of course, and your connecting bus won’t arrive for at […]


Contact Zones

by Togi Kayako (土宜草子) → I first see Shelly at the local high school track, on New Year’s day, though I won’t learn her name for ages. She’s built sturdy as a tank but looks like Bambi as she eases up off the bleachers, wobbling on her spotless pastel pink skates. She hears me skate […]


Herr Hall

by Togi Kayako (土宜草子) (mirrors http://s2b2.livejournal.com/99677.html) There’s a widower that lives in my neighborhood, and he has two sons. The older one, Andrew, is everything he wants in a kid: tall, blond, muscled, handsome, good at sports, gets all the girls, etc. The younger one is me. I’m a bit below average height, lanky, I’ve […]