All parts there made one prisoner

by Sparklebeard   Colin was in the middle of straightening up his living quarters for the third time, nervously placing and re-placing the throw pillows on his small sofa, when his tablet chimed to signal an incoming call. He nearly dropped the tablet in his haste to grab it from the table, and took a […]


Scoring Pass

by Sparklebeard The first time she met Julianne, Minerva was very drunk. She hadn’t meant to get shitfaced, but her roommate Aura kept buying more drinks which she didn’t have the heart to turn down, plus she wasn’t in the habit of drinking much anymore, so her tolerance had eroded a bit. Maybe more than […]


The Purple Pony Job

by Sparklebeard (mirrors http://s2b2.livejournal.com/339012.html) When the three of them had decided to find a place to live and work out of together, one of the few things they’d all agreed on from the start was that they each needed their own bedroom. It seemed natural that three criminals with their own quirks, only a few […]



by Sparklebeard illustrated by Iron Eater (mirrors http://s2b2.livejournal.com/314348.html) Nicola showed up for her date with Girril dressed, for the most part, appropriately for an evening in the Ri district of the station. While her normal style tended to involve dresses in the brightest colors and busiest patterns she could find, etiquette demanded that she forego […]