Love to an 80s Soundtrack

All the gift shops said you should say it with flowers. Rich Tabron preferred to say it with ’80s music lyrics.

“Mick, wait up! Hey, Mickey!”



“There you go.” I flashed a smile as I handed over the gaily coloured package to the waiting customer. “One present, wrapped and ready for Christmas.”

“Oh! How lovely!” The pretty but frazzled-looking woman placed the box gently on top of her baby buggy, wrapping crinkling under her careful fingers. The infant inside cooed with delight at the twists of ribbon dangling in front of his face, batting one chubby hand towards them. I smiled.

Clink went a handful of coins into the donation box. “Thank you so much,” the lady said, with a smile that took years off her face.


Lights, Action

by Oneira (mirrors http://s2b2.livejournal.com/117503.html) “Alright, move it!” Frank bellowed, his taskmaster’s voice booming over the din of the busy set. “I want those lights in position! Tim! You working up there or just looking pretty? Get to work!” Tim nodded in automatic agreement, eyes never leaving the confused tangle of cables at the back of […]