In Your Wake

“Why do you keep doing this to yourself?”

Dylan flinched and looked down at his coffee, trying to hide his scowl from the concerned face peering at him. For a moment he considered just not answering. Hiding was usually a nice safe option. He could feel the warm presence of his questioner, though, standing expectantly and hard to ignore. Distraction was sometimes almost as good as hiding. Sometimes better, though he knew Cass wouldn’t go for the usual sort. Conversation it was, then.

“Doing what?” He tried to sound casual.

“C’mon, now,” the voice continued, gentler now. “You come in sopping wet at 4AM, order a coffee in as few words as possible, and hunch over in the corner booth? At least you remembered your clothes this time.” Cass chuckled. “But no one comes here to be left alone, even you.”