Ultimate Illusion

“Look, Briggs,” Shihaya says from inside the bridge, “I’m not asking for much.”

Kayla slows her steps, stopping just before the open door. With Romeo and the others away on their latest mission to acquire goddess-knows-what, they’ve been anchored two hundred feet up with nothing to do for three days. The prospect of anything’s happening, even if it’s Shihaya complaining, is too attractive to pass up.

“I mean, he says he loves me,” Shihaya says. “He says we’re destined to be together. And then he leaves me behind at every opportunity!” Her voice rises into a nasal whine. “‘Oh, Shnookums, you can come next time.’ But it never happens!”


Seasons of War

Dearest Leah,

I hope this finds you well. The news we have says things are moving forward; just last week I heard we took half the plain towards Isttyl. Are you eating enough?

My studies proceed apace – yesterday the Professor told me I was one of the most gifted students she has ever taught. I hope to be able to send you something soon, to remind you of home.

I’m waiting for you.


Shadows Of The Heart

It had been a day now, he thought. The ship had been attacked shortly before sunset, and it had been night and then another day since then, the sun starting to dip again towards the horizon. Score one for him – but he’d barely survived the night intact, cold doing nothing for the agony in his side, and although the sun had meant warmth, he had also now been a day without water.

He snorted at the irony, that he would die of dehydration while surrounded by water – but then, the wound might well kill him first. Almenia would never know what had happened to him; all the intelligence he’d gathered, his entire mission, useless.


Rules of Engagement

by Haitoku no Honou (背徳の炎) (mirrors http://s2b2.livejournal.com/105644.html) Amahlia guides the horse down a narrow lane as fast as she dares, walls to either side rushing past in a blur of motion as she strains to make out the passage ahead. The Princess Kestrel sits behind her on the saddle, clinging with both arms tight around […]