Before Landfall

by causeways Jorge was waiting by the gate for his partner to show up for the last patrol before landfall. It was a miserable day, exactly the kind of day that needed a kaiju to really seal the deal. Normally the coast was warm and beautiful this time of year, but today the whole beach […]


Beyond My Imagination

I came to St. Louis in April 1847 with a letter of introduction from my schoolteacher in my pocket and a rucksack slung over my shoulder. The rucksack contained all my worldly possessions, save for my savings, which were in a small pouch tucked into the lining of my coat. I had an appointment on the afternoon of the day I arrived with Edwin Thatcher, a well-established attorney in the city, and I hoped to be taken on as a trainee under his tutelage. I was nineteen years old.