Kramping, His Style

by Cattus Politterarum Rupert could hear the elf skulking outside his office door. It did nothing to improve his temper, which was foul. “Don’t skulk outside my office door!” he barked. “Come in.” The elf did so, ducking their head as they passed the threshold. “Sorry, Mr. Knecht, sir, sorry,” they murmured. Rupert glared at […]


In the Playroom, with the Reanimated Couple

by Cattus Politterarum   Bobby pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of the tallest tower silhouetted against the sky, moonlight reflecting from what was left of the windows. He texted it to Lucas: Bobby_Miller [9:38PM] Proof The reply dots churned instantly: LucasHottie [9:39PM] you’re not even inside yet and you have to stay […]