Look at the World from a New Perspective

Alex was avoiding Jesse.

Jesse couldn’t help but think he might be a bit paranoid, but the thing was, despite having breakfast and lunch and dinner with Alex everyday just as he’d always done for the past two years, he was somehow spending less time with Alex. And talking to him less. When he wanted to speak to Alex, Alex would be in the middle of some hugely interesting debate with someone else. When Jesse slung an arm around Alex’s shoulder, Alex would somehow pull off some kind of manoeuvre and – hey, presto – the next thing he knew, Alex was about two feet away from him. He wasn’t quite sure how Alex was doing it, just that he was. And Jesse? Jesse was feeling hurt, yeah, but also kind of pissed off because he knew exactly why Alex was doing it, and while he understood the reasoning behind it, he also knew that Alex was being a complete chicken shit jackass.