I’m living time backwards.

I know this for certain because I was in the middle of doing something, of completing something, and suddenly I was undoing it in the way that I’d done it. And I just kept undoing.


At First Kiss

“Caleb! Get out here this instant!”

With a sigh he set down his pen and notebook on his cluttered desk and grabbed a relatively clean tee-shirt off his bed. He gave it a sniff and wrinkled his nose before slipping it on. Relatively clean for helping his sister with chores. He stepped out from his caliginous room and into the brightly lit hall that led to the brightly lit kitchen. The walls were a light yellow, amplifying the sunlight that streamed in through the surprisingly large windows that lined their apartment.

“And poof! I’m here,” he announced as he entered the kitchen.

“And the peasants rejoiced.” She threw a dust rag at him, then wrinkled her nose. “You need to do laundry.”


Rules of the Game

“Why are you doing this?”

He looked up, startled at the harsh accusation. “Pardon?”

Dennis’ cheeks flushed, “Nothing.” He took the offered books, pressing them against his chest, and turned away, moving as quickly as he could without breaking into a run.

Victor stared after him, watching the yellow-haired boy leave, wondering if he’d done something wrong.