by shukyou (主教)
illustrated by serenity_winner


“He’s pretty cute, isn’t he?” asked Jahi.

“I’m sure she is,” I said without even looking, making sure I came through loud and clear over the thudding music. I had come out for the evening for a drink and some relaxation, not for Jahi’s half-assed attempts to hook me up with every warm body that could walk upright. Besides, Jahi was so horny that to her, everyone was a he.

With a roll of her eyes, Jahi flipped her long braids over her shoulder; they shimmered as they hit against one another, the threaded pieces of kinetic ribbon within them sparking as they made contact. I had wanted to do the same with my own hair for a long time, but I also had a day job at a government port that made drab the order of business. That generic near-anonymity was nice at docking control, because the last thing you wanted to do was be memorable enough to find yourself the specific target of cargo captains felt they’d been wronged. It was also (I argued whenever Jahi offered to make me an appointment with her stylist) nice on nights like this, because I could sit with my drink and let the sub-bass roll into and out of my stomach in waves almost so low-frequency as to be inaudible, and nothing would ever bother me.

Of course, that was when a tall person in a pink miniskirt walked by, hips swaying under tight iridescent fabric, and Jahi laughed as she watched my gaze follow that particular sight until the press and shift of the crowd made viewing no longer possible. “You’re not fooling anyone,” she said, poking me in the center of my chest. “In fact, I’m having this memory from a week ago when I got to hear the sad sad story about the little boy who never gets laid anymore?”

It was two weeks, but I wasn’t going to concede one of Jahi’s points by arguing the other. “Maybe another time,” I told her.

Jahi snorted and poked me again, which was her way of saving her breath by not pointing out that I said that every time. And maybe I did. No, I definitely did, at least more often than not. Look, I’d never argued that I wasn’t a messy excuse for a human woman.

We were friends because we got one another, even when we didn’t get one another. Jahi was the only person I’d ever told about my brilliant business plan to design a service that would abduct beautiful clubgoers and teleport them directly to the bedrooms of sad, horny subscribers before said subscribers could chicken out. She’d laughed and agreed that as soon as we could get past those pesky kidnapping laws, we’d make a fortune.

We were still waiting on that. We were well into our twenties now and we were still waiting on a lot of things.

“Nice place,” she said, giving the whole scene a once-over. “Glad we tried something new.”

Despite all appearances to the contrary, I was too. Everything in the club was a madhouse, a loud press of bodies and lights under a high ceiling. Acrobats of various shapes and sizes spun up and down long silk cloths suspended from the ceiling, aerial inspiration that seemed to defy gravity. They shone like stars in the darkness, costumes and skin alike covered in reflective and phosphorescent paints as they rose and fell, giving kisses at the floor level before ascending to the walkways and tiers that let others take their places nearer to the sky. I loved best how there was no way to not touch everyone; even seated at the edge, as we were, people moved by us in all directions, making contact both deliberate and accidental. Between my job and living by myself, I could go days without actually touching another person. Every bump and caress here reminded me that I wasn’t alone. Maybe it was mostly passive connectivity, but it was what I told myself time and again was enough.

So of course I’d just settled into my most principled, recalcitrant funk, bound and determined not to do anything more energy-intensive than sip my drink and prove Jahi’s hookup urges wrong, when I looked out across the dance floor — not looking for anything, just looking to look — and saw him.

The Perfect Erotic Object is a myth, like soulmates and destined lovers are myths. We, humanity, will never eliminate superstition and magical thinking; at our very best, we may cloak it in numbers and use the language of science to imagine statistically improbable scenarios that might as well be fairy tales. I’d known since almost before I could walk that anyone who offered to calculate that out for you was trying to sell you something, if not several somethings. But damn if I didn’t right then and there believe it all.

He was petite, as little in adulthood as I’d been before my last growth spurt, and his skin was chalky pale, so that his exposed arms and back caught and reflected every colored light and laser in the place without distorting the tone. His dainty hands flipped and turned above his head like butterflies, ascending and descending as he watched them, mesmerized as though they were no part of his body, but moved on their own. And all of this happened at a precarious spin, as his strong legs caught the cords that held him in place, pendulous above the writhing bodies below. At a younger point in my life, I might have thought I was witnessing a ghost, or perhaps an angel. The greater miracle was perhaps now, though, that seeing him could cut through my well-cultivated disdain to make me think things like that.

“You like him, don’t you?” Jahi chuckled next to my ear.

I couldn’t even feign disinterest at this point. “He’s, um….” I just nodded, unable to finish the sentence. He’d gotten me good.

Jahi hopped up from his seat and held out her large, strong hands to me. “Come on,” she said.

I gave her a look pointed enough to cut. We’d known one another for almost fifteen years, and we’d been fine from the start with knowing she had a thing for me and I didn’t have a thing for her, and our friendship had progressed by mutual agreement that we would be all right so long as neither of us pushed the other too far in a direction one of us didn’t want to go. Dancing was definitely close to pushing. “What?”

She looked back out to the beautiful acrobat, the cause of my uninvited metaphors. “You’re not going to get his attention by sitting here.”

“I might,” I said, which was a total lie. I was still wearing my dull grey work clothes, minus my uniform jacket. The only time I stood out was when the wall behind me lit up with color and I became a silhouette against it, a little black hole, identifiably only by what I made absent.

“Come on,” Jahi said again, and this time I put my hands into hers and let her pull me from my chair before I could think better of it.

Those better thoughts still came, of course, but as they were happening, I was being yanked forward, tugged behind Jahi’s brilliant braids into the crowd. I was drab, I was underslept, I had bags under my eyes that made me look closer to ninety-five than twenty-five, and I had never been coordinated enough to impress anyone by dancing. In short, I was no one’s Perfect Erotic Object, no matter how anyone’s computer tallied traits. I tried to dig my heels in, first metaphorically and then literally, but Jahi was larger than I was, and her grip was too strong, and before I could engage in a more coordinated refusal, there I was, face to face with those dancing white butterflies.

The owner of the hands looked at me then, near-colorless eyes making a search from a face dotted with a half-mask of dark freckles. I must have forgotten how to move, because that was when Jahi put her hands on my hips and began first making me sway, and then swaying with me. I lifted my arms up over my head, trying to find a way to reproduce the music’s rhythm with my body that didn’t look too stupid or awkward, and this made the acrobat smile. Using me for stability against the swing of physics, he ran his hands up my bare arms, fluttering in a way that made me shiver and gasp. I guess that meant he liked me.

Jahi didn’t leave, and I didn’t ask her to. In fact, I have no idea what I would have done if she’d gone — probably just ground myself to a halt again, the eighth awkward wonder of the world. But she could dance, in fact, and I’d seen her use that particular skill set before to get desired attention. Up to this point, though, I’d managed never to have it put into play on my behalf.

The acrobat pulled his arms back in a spine-bending curve, grabbing the material above him before letting go of the cloth with his legs. I wanted to grab for him, to make my own sort of gravity and keep him in reach, but he spun and rose faster than my hands could reach. Up, up he went, toward the cheering unseen people on the landing above, dancing and twisting through their outstretched arms as they reached over the edge of the railing.

I inched back for a better look, and in doing so pressed my body closer to Jari’s. She was still dancing, and still moving me in time with her hips, and I found that not only was I allowing this sway, I was learning a way into it that maybe wasn’t so bad. Instead of just letting myself be guided into the motion by Jari’s palms, I began to find my own territory. I leaned back and Jari’s hands slipped forward, coming to rest on the front of my pelvis instead of the sides. This close, I could begin to smell her sweat, and I surprised myself by liking it more than I’d expected to.

That was when the acrobat fell — or seemed to fall, more accurately, because at no point was his descent uncontrolled. But from where I stood, he looked as though his support had been cut, sending him in a terminal swan dive toward the ground. I even reached out my hands to stop him. He reached back, but not out of panic or fear — he caught me at the same time he caught himself, hitching the cloth around his knee with a sharp kick that stopped him at eye level with me. It was just that from the level where our eyes met, my body went down while his went up. He twined his fingers with mine and let me pull him in for a kiss.

He was as dreamy to my mouth as he was to my eyes, tasting of sweat and sweetness, the latter of which was probably due to his sugar-pink lip gloss. From behind, I felt the steadying nudge of Jahi’s body, gyrating both of us together in slow time to the music’s deep underbeat. Around us, a few people cheered and let out whoops of approval, which made me blush; I was far more used to being the watcher than to being the watched. But making advances on a performer was a surefire way to gain attention, and as the acrobat thrust his tongue into my mouth, I could find no more reason to complain.

illustrated by serenity_winner

Jahi’s hands ran up and down my sides as we danced, and I knew I could have moved away, or at least told her politely to stop, but instead I felt myself sinking further into the rhythm and shared motion. The acrobat broke from the kiss, twining his way back upward, and I fell back in a swoon against Jahi. Her hands slid upward to grope my breasts, moving at a speed that telegraphed her intent, but I made no move to stop her. When her fingers flickered across my nipples, I gasped and ground my ass back against her hips, feeling the hard press of her cock against me. The thought that she was enjoying this as much as I was made me smile.

It wasn’t that Jahi wasn’t attractive, I thought to myself as I stood there, letting hands touch me from behind as I leaned back and watched a beautiful man slip and spin above me. It was just … it was something. Had been something. I wasn’t sure what it was now, or if it was anything at all.

This time when the acrobat descended, he brought with him an object suspended by a long, thin that disappeared into the darkness of the ceiling structure. It wasn’t until he was almost to me again that I realized it was a ring about the size of his head. He held it out to me with a playful shake.

I took it from him, but frowned, uncertain and unsteady. Jahi leaned over my shoulder to look at it. “Step in,” she said.

“What…?” I examined the ring and saw its inner surface had been flattened, making it look like a steadier foothold than it might otherwise have been, but even so, not something I ever would have on my own considered trusting with my weight.

The acrobat nodded and flipped until he was hanging upside-down on the cloth, his legs crossed about it. “I’ll bring him right back,” he said, and his voice was so musical, all his vowels lilted by an off-world accent I couldn’t identify, that I didn’t for a moment realize that he was speaking to Jahi, not me. Jahi’s response was to give a bright smile and help me lock one of my boots into the ring. With only the one cable supporting me, I began to spin, but the acrobat held me steady and gave a wink.

And then we were gone, rising above the crowd with such speed that at first I didn’t realize the ring was lifting both of us, serving at once as my step and the acrobat’s handhold. We stopped almost at the level of the third tier, where the acrobat wrapped his legs around the cloth again, securing himself into place and leaving me to swing on my own.

From that high above them, the floor-level dancers became a writhing, living mass. I could see Jahi below, and a few others near her as they looked up at us, but most just danced, too caught up in music and sensation to be distracted by someone else. The acrobat held himself parallel to the floor, taking a long, slow spin to the acclaim of those watching from the high railings, before turning back to me and planting a kiss on my nose. “Is he your boyfriend?” he asked, nodding below.

This wasn’t a conversation I had been expecting to have while clinging to a heavy cable for dear life. “She’s just a friend,” I shouted above the music, no longer quite sure where those lines were drawn.

The acrobat laughed and wrapped his legs around my waist, keeping his hands fisted in the cloth. “Friends isn’t a bad place to start,” he said with a sly wink. “And you’re a lucky man to have such a handsome friend.”

I was glad for those powerful thighs holding me into place, because hearing him use such overtly interested language about me was making my palms sweat. Of course I’d known he was at least somewhat attracted to me — I gathered the performers didn’t kiss and then hoist every club-goer. But you could respect someone’s attractiveness in the abstract and still speak of her as a woman, as I did with Jahi. But he had called me a man, and that meant this went beyond the abstract to the personal.

With a laugh, the acrobat sat up and wound the cloth around our joined hips, holding us in place. Even though I knew we must’ve had dozens of eyes on us, he had a way of making me feel like the rest of the club had been washed out to sea. “I’m Alice,” he said.

“Mel,” I told him. It wasn’t the strangest introduction I’d ever been a part of.

Alice laughed and gave me another kiss on my lips, this one briefer yet no less sweet for that. I could feel his legs tighten around me as he reached for the hem of my shirt. “If you let go, you won’t fall,” he promised. “I’ve got you.”

That was a ridiculous thing to trust someone with, so high above the ground, and the most ridiculous part of it was that I did. I lifted my arms above my head and let go, leaning back out over the crowd just far enough that my center of gravity didn’t start to give. Alice grabbed the hem of my jacket with his strong hands and pulled it up over my head, leaving me only in my undershirt. He let the jacket flutter to the ground below, and some distant part of my mind hoped that he’d aimed well enough to land it in Jahi’s hands. The greater part of my consciousness wasn’t concerned with that, though, not as Alice leaned in and took one of my nipples between his teeth. Others in the crowd cheered as I gasped and grabbed for the cable by reflex, but I wasn’t in any danger of falling. Alice had me.

Alice laughed at my reaction, flicking his tongue over my exposed collarbone as he did. “You’re a pretty boy,” he teased me, tracing callused fingertips up my side. “Everyone likes to look at you.”

“They’re all looking at you,” I said. I convinced one of my hands to let go of the cable and ran it across Alice’s short, powder-white hair, down the crest of his head to the top of his shoulders, where his pale skin was spotted with freckles down to the nape. His shirt tied behind his neck, and I hooked one of my fingers beneath the knot, giving it a light tug. “May I?” I asked, thinking it only fair.

“Of course!” Alice laughed and took his weight back onto his arms, then twisted his body so his legs still had me in a loop, but I could see the way his top fastened behind him. My hands were still sweat-slick with nervousness, but I managed to unfasten first the tie behind his neck and then the tie at the small of his back. Freed, his shirt fluttered like a shot bird to the ground. Exposed, his nipples revealed bright prismic jewelry that caught the lights and sent them back in even more complex colors. I wanted to take them in my mouth and suck them, see what kind of reaction I could get for my effort. I very nearly did.

What stopped me was a shift in the music and lights, slowing everything down and robbing the room of every color but blue. My foothold began lowering me to the ground, and Alice came with me, sliding down the silks at the same pace. “Management likes to change it up every so often,” he explained as we shared a slow, calculated descent. “But I’ve got a room backstage. You want to find me, tell the woman at the door my name.”

The ground felt unreal as I stepped from the ring; in such a short time, I’d already forgotten there were things in the world that didn’t sway. Jahi’s arms caught around my waist, holding me steady. “Okay,” I said, and right then I knew I was going to chicken out, find my jacket, find the door, run home, head for the hills, maybe change my name and move to Europa. It was the only safe or sane plan left to me.

There was a twinkle in Alice’s eye as he looked Jahi in the eye before stepping into the ring and letting it ferry him up. “You come too. Always room for two pretty boys in my bed.”



At first I thought it was a joke, or maybe some elaborate hallucination brought on by alcohol and altitude. But when Jahi and I approached the indicated bouncer, her bushy moustache didn’t so much as twitch in surprise as she stood aside and let us in. “Up there,” she directed us, pointing to a set of iron steps so steep they were just this side of being a ladder. But it made sense, I supposed, that someone like Alice would be found up a perch like that, so I started climbing with Jahi at my heels. Neither of us said anything to the other; I guessed at that point, we just plain weren’t sure what there was to say.

There was only one door on the top landing, and as I lifted my hand to knock, it opened wide. “Hi,” said Alice, inviting us into what looked less like a room and more like the inside of a suitcase. Clothes and fabric were everywhere, piled high on every flat surface until I began to doubt there were any flat surfaces to be had. Alice seemed not a lick embarrassed by the state of his space, though, especially as he took my hand and dragged me over to a nest that revealed itself to be a bed. He patted the space next to him, which Jahi took, then leaned back into Jahi’s arms. “First time backstage?”

“Something like that,” I said, trying to sound casual and cool even as Jahi nodded and gave it all away.

Alice laughed, stretching his lean body across the bed so that his muscular legs fell across my lap. “Alas, I’m still on for a few more hours,” he said, sounding pleased rather than regretful. Must have been nice to have a job you actually liked. “But management’s good about breaks, especially with us high flyers. And I really want to get fucked. That okay with you?”

It was so okay that for a good long moment, I forgot what words were. Jahi, however, looked not at Alice, but at me, folding her dark brow into an expression approaching concern. “That okay, Meljie?” she asked, using a nickname I hadn’t heard since we’d been schoolgirls together.

And to a very real degree, it was hard to forget we’d been schoolgirls together. In fact, I’d spent pretty much every year of our shared existence remembering that. I’d held it as a truism about our relationship, unexamined, that everything between us was the same as it had been at the beginning. Static things were easier. One could make a whole comfortable life out of always expecting the expected. Heaven knew I had.

Maybe Alice was right, though. Maybe friends wasn’t a bad place to start at all.

“Yeah,” I said, looking Jahi in the eye — in his eye — as I did. How long had I been fighting thinking of him like that? Now that I’d started, it seemed so obvious that the years-long level of self-sabotage almost made me angry. But instead of getting upset with myself, as was so often my natural state, I chose to focus on the two beautiful men in front of me. “That’s really okay.”

With a laugh, Alice sat up and threw his arms around my neck, kissing me hard. I trembled as he thrust his tongue into my mouth and moaned as he sucked my lower lip. His strong legs closed around my waist as he pulled himself into my lap, then reached behind to draw Jahi into the mix, making a sandwich of himself. I reached for Alice’s breasts and found Jahi’s hands already there, so instead of pulling away, I interlaced our fingers. His hands were warm, strong, and talented, the last most obvious as he caught Alice’s nipples between his fingers, making it Alice’s turn to moan into the kiss.

Then Alice drew back and slipped from between us, leaving Jahi and me half-tangled on the bed. There was no time for awkwardness in the position, though, because our eyes were locked on Alice as he shimmied out of his tight leggings and panties. A curly white bush at the juncture of his legs framed the outer curves of a pretty pussy, and I licked my lips just thinking about how long it had been before I’d had my mouth on one of those. “Okay, you too,” he ordered, pointing at both of us.

How could anyone have said no? I was naked faster than I’d been in my whole life up to that point, shedding my awful work uniform and tossing it aside; it disappeared into the sea of fabric that was Alice’s room, and good riddance. My panties, I left in a little pile rather than flinging around, but they were so wet that I figured it would’ve been impolite to do otherwise.

I looked over to Jahi, who had complied with the order about as quickly as I had. The cock I’d felt brushing against me earlier was visible now, thick and ramrod-straight. Sure, I’d always joked that he was so horny he didn’t discriminate, but his body made it clear how much he wanted this, this in particular. A little strand of precome dangled from its tip, and I found myself licking my lips again. No, especially like this, it wasn’t difficult to think of him as a he at all.

With an appraising nod, Alice started rummaging through a carpetbag near his feet. “Now you’re packing what I’m in the mood for right now,” he said, pointing over his shoulder at Jahi. “But — hang on…” With a frown, he pulled out a few phallic objects, some of which I couldn’t identify, before settling on one that looked like a penis, anatomically accurate (except for being bright blue) and about the dimensions of Jahi’s, except that instead of ending at its base, it curved out into a right angle with an egg-shaped bulb at the other end. He ran a soni-clean cloth over it before holding it up for my examination. “Ever worn one of those?”

I didn’t even know what one was. “No,” I said, shaking my head.

“Spread ’em,” Alice ordered. He was so curt and forward that it was at the same time adorable and incredibly arousing. I sat back on the bed and parted my thighs, then gasped as Alice fell to his knees between them and gave my clit a good hard suck. I was sure I made some sort of undignified noise, but dignity had reached the point of being incredibly overrated. Then I felt the push of Alice’s fingers against my soaked pussy, sliding right in and opening me even wider.

And then something else slipped in, something I thought at first might have been the phallus until I squeezed my muscles around it and realized it was the egg-shaped side. I looked down to see that bright blue cock now jutting out from between my legs like it had always been there. The effect was surprising, but also weirdly nice. “Give it a second to warm up,” Alice said, stroking my lower lips.

No, that wasn’t right — he was running his fingertips up and down the length of the blue shaft instead, circling and teasing its head, and I was feeling every inch of sensation as though I’d been born with parts like these. I’d had small-scale interactions with biofeedback, as had most people, but never before that intense and never before attached to something that was sending all those pulses directly into my cunt. “Oh holy fuck,” I gasped as Alice flicked his tongue across my new cockhead. It took all the self-control I had to keep my hips on the bed. My nipples were so hard they almost hurt. Alice wanted a fuck and I was more than ready to give it to him.

With a wicked laugh, Alice turned me sideways so that my back came to rest against what was either a wall or a headboard, I couldn’t tell. “Doesn’t he look good?” asked Alice, stroking Jahi’s bare chest.

Jahi nodded and swallowed. “He looks incredible.”

Alice’s clever, strong fingers skimmed up the length of Jahi’s shaft, which twitched at all the attention. “Can you show him how to use it?”

“Yes,” said Jahi, nodding again. At Alice’s urging, he scooted forward until his legs were bent over mine. He took his pretty brown cock and my strangely blue one in one of his hands, pressing them together. The sensation made me gasp and twitch, and then I was coming already, my cunt pulsing and squeezing around the bulb inside me. “Do you like that?” he asked even as my writhing made the answer obvious.

“Fuck, yes,” I gasped as I thrust into his hand. That seemed to be one very nice perk to this arrangement — I wasn’t going to go soft anytime soon. I stretched my hands above my head, looking for something to grab, and found there silks like the ones Alice had ridden up and down in the club. With a twist, I wound them around my own palms and wrists, giving me leverage enough to grind against Jahi’s touch.

I could see that the tension had begun to melt from Jahi’s shoulders, being replaced instead by a more confident bearing. Where had this man been all my life? He squeezed the heads of our cocks together, letting the precome that seeped from his slit drip down both of our shafts. Maybe the bio-feedback wasn’t as sensitive as real skin, but I could definitely feel the slickness and the way the fluid went from hot to cool before it pooled against his fingers and he slicked us both up with it. I could feel the muscles inside my pussy begin to twitch again, making the cock end of the device buck and jerk, but he held it steady, like he knew what he was doing, and I stopped worrying and gave up the idea of control. He had me; that was good enough.

Jahi looked at me and grinned, those big brown eyes of his twinkling with mischief. “That’s a nice one you’ve got there, Mel,” he rumbled. “Good and thick. It looks so fucking good on you. God, I’d love to get fucked with it.”

“Wait your turn,” laughed Alice, and the sound of his voice actually startled me. Here I was, ready to have sex with my Perfect Erotic Object, surely calculable out to several digits, and I couldn’t stop staring at my best friend and how he kept stroking my new dick. This was definitely not where I’d expected today to wind up when I’d opened my eyes that morning. Alice put his pussy up against my face, letting me have a smell and long enough for one good lick, before pulling away with a teasing wiggle of his hips. “Later, handsome,” he promised me with a wink.

I didn’t know what to expect as he knelt and straddled our joined laps, face and tits to me, ass to Jahi. What hadn’t even made the list of considerations, though, was that he was going to lean in and take both of us in his pussy at once, sliding down on our twinned cocks without so much as a grunt of protest. Fuck, he was flexible, enough that he didn’t even stop until he had us down to the root. He grinned at me and grabbed my chest for support, giving my nipples a hard tweak.

“Oh, fuck!” I gasped, and I was coming again, twisting against my self-imposed bonds and jerking my pelvis as much as the weight of their joined bodies would let me. I could feel everything, from the hot tightness of Alice’s pussy to the way Jahi’s cock pulsed when we were inside him together. Maybe it was the bio-feedback, but I could have sworn I was even feeling them, not just how they felt to touch, but the raw feed of what they were feeling. It was a lot to parse, so much that I figured I was better off not for trying, but for letting it wash over and through me.

“That’s good,” said Alice, writhing his hips as he began to raise and lower himself. Beads of sweat were rolling down his pretty chalk skin. He looked over his shoulder at Jahi and demanded, “Tits, boy.”

Jahi didn’t hesitate, reaching around at Alice’s command and grabbing his breasts. Those prismatic pieces of nipple jewelry caught between his fingers, pretty rainbows in the contrast between his skin and Alice’s. Alice laughed as he tugged lightly at first, then harder still as Alice laughed and rocked his hips. “You two fit just right,” Alice said, his voice gleeful and breathless at once as he used those powerful thigh muscles to ride us both together. “Just call my pussy Goldilocks.”

As keyed-up and aroused as I was, I still snorted out a laugh at that, which just made Alice grin even wilder; fuck, he was handsome when he did that. Every resolution I’d made not to fall in love on the strength of an orgasm — even a really good one, or two, or the more-than-two I could feel building — was flying straight out the window. He looked as graceful as he had on the silks, as though he knew where every muscle in his body was at all times and had placed them just so for the best effect. I felt clumsy enough on a regular basis, all thumbs and left feet, and even worse now in contrast to the god of beauty currently fucking himself hard on my lap. He didn’t stop, though, but moaned and moved faster, and damn if that didn’t make me feel graceful and powerful too. If I could make someone that perfect make those noises, I could do anything.

That bruising rhythm slowed after a minute, though, and my eyes snapped open; I couldn’t see Jahi’s face from where Alice was between us, but I could see his hands draw still. A light was blinking above the door, which made Alice sigh. “Pinch my clit,” he told me between clenched teeth. “I’ve got to get back out there soon and I’ll be damned if I do it blueballed.”

What else could I have done? I unwound one of my hands and reached between his legs. My fingertips were chilly from the pose I’d been holding them in, but from the way Alice hissed in delight when they hit his flushed, erect skin, I wasn’t going to be kicked out of bed for it. I pinched as instructed, grabbing his clit between my thumb and forefinger and rolling the flesh there with more force than I myself would have liked. Alice loved it, though, bucking and gasping at the harsh sensation. And if this was a man who liked it rough, I could learn to give it as rough as I needed to.

He came not long after, crying out in a language I didn’t speak as his cunt squeezed our cocks together. I rubbed his clit until his whole pussy was too slick for my fingers to get any traction, and then I kept rubbing it anyway, knowing in some intangible, low way that whatever I was doing, it was working. Every gasp and writhe of his lean, muscled body was beautiful, and I was spellbound as I watched him come back down, let his shoulders relax, remember how to breathe.

And then he popped off of us with an acrobatic hop, landing beautiful and naked amidst the mounds of clothes that covered the floor. He picked up one and scrubbed it between his legs, then pitched it into what I hoped was the ‘dirty’ pile before tying on a smoky grey top and squeezing into matching leggings. “I’ll understand if you’re gone when I get back. Everybody’s got shit to do.” He paused just long enough to dab on that lip gloss again. “But if you want to make yourself at home for a little bit, I owe you both a couple more of those, and I can be back in a couple hours to make good on it. Fair?”

“Fair,” said Jahi with a somewhat anxious nod. Of course, I was half-boneless from a handful of orgasms, while his cock was still rock-hard and waiting for his first. Sometimes I was glad I wasn’t male.

“Great!” Alice nudged aside a poster until I could see the wall panel of a pantry unit behind it. “Eats, drinks, all yours. Just don’t wear yourselves out before I get back, okay, boys?”

I gave him a thumbs-up with the thumb still soaked with his juices, and he laughed as he shut the door behind him, leaving me and Jahi alone in an unfamiliar place to puzzle out just exactly what had become of us.

…No, while we definitely needed to do some puzzling, we also need something else first. “Turn over,” I said, slapping the side of his thigh, and he complied without question, finding his way to his hands and knees. I ran my fingertips over my new shaft, then looked down at his pretty ass. “You meant what you said earlier about getting fucked?”

His answer was half moan and half whimper, which I figured translated to ‘yes’. I looked down at the bright blue phallus jutting from between my legs, looking at how slick it was already and wondering if it was worth it to go looking for something more substantial. Then again, from the way Jahi was trembling, I didn’t think this was going to last long enough for a lack of lube to become a problem.

Indeed, as I got the head of my (for now, anyway) cock pushed inside of Jahi’s tight, hot ass, he moaned and fell half-forward as his elbows no longer saw fit to hold him. Face-down in the pillow, he looked absolutely eager. From smugly confident to full-on begging to be fucked, Jahi had shown a lot of new sides of himself today, and it turned out I was a fan.

I was right about the lack of a lube problem, though. All it took was for me to get the cock as far as it could go into Jahi’s ass, one good, solid thrust, and he was coming, soaking the sheets and clutching at the pillows. I hoped he wasn’t embarrassed, though, because he had no reason to be. I was already looking forward to making him do it again.

His knees gave way next, and as I pulled my blue cock out of his ass, removing his own remaining support, he collapsed against the sheet. There was a soni-clean cloth over what might have been a headboard, so I took it and gave us both a few swipes. Much better.

I didn’t take the cock out of my pussy, though. Instead, I lay back on the bed, looking at my body as it ran in expected curves and shapes, right until this great blue thing popped right up from between my legs. Something blue and something borrowed. I was halfway there, I thought, giving myself the giggles.

Jahi curled up next to me, flopping one of his strong arms across my belly. “Don’t get too used to it,” he mumbled, jerking a thumb in the direction of my lower half. “It’s more trouble than it’s worth.”

“I don’t know, I kind of like it.” I brushed his hair back from his face, smiling as the kinetic ribbons made pretty patterns. Maybe I would get them done, or some pretty piercings like Alice’s, or something that looked like I thought I deserved to be seen. Maybe in time, I’d even believe it. “I mean, isn’t it every little girl’s dream to one day be able to wake up, get dressed, do her makeup, shove in a big blue dick, and go out to face the world?”

Jahi snorted. “You’re so ridiculous,” he said, burying his face in my shoulder — and it was still his face, no matter how much I’d been ready to come back down from this incredible experience only to find that the more common-sensical parts of my brain had slotted Jahi back into her previous, more generic category. It seemed, however, that my attraction to him was to remain even after dicks had gone soft and Perfect Erotic Objects had left the room. How about that.

After a moment’s quiet, though, he lifted his head, making as though to pull away. “Hey, Meljie,” Jahi said, then took a deep, slow breath. “This okay? Because I know this is something I’ve wanted, but say the word and we’ll rewind. You know, this can be a fun one-off. Everything still the same, still friends no matter what.”

I knew right then that was why I wasn’t going to say the proverbial word — because he’d made the offer, and because he wasn’t lying about it either. But now seemed as good a time as any to try something new, to stop wanting and start acting. If it failed, hey, I could at least say I’d tried.

“Nah,” I said, pulling him toward me for another kiss. “I kind of like this new man I’ve got.”


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  1. Let me go all fanboy on you and say I love this. The blue cock is great — that would be an awesome thing. The pronoun thing is a nice piece of social commentary and also allows some really nice lines, like the talk of being schoolgirls together.

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