8 thoughts on “Shousetsu Bang*Bang no. 104 Cover

  1. A gorgeous cover!! The limited palette works wonders here, and I love how the electronic font gives it an added edge. You could put this on some neo-noir techno movie or something and it’d work equally wonderfully. Well done!

  2. I love this cover so much. The striking high-contrast background plays into the idea of a heist or spy story without directly lifting references, and the white of your subject’s skin makes her practically glow; it also pulls the eye towards that parcel full of cash and jewels she’s no doubt completely legally acquired! Really fun that you used her sternum to actually place the title, and smart, too, since I think her obscured eyes wouldn’t be as visually striking if any of her face was obscured or detracted from by a title closer to her head. Just great, really!

  3. This cover is beautiful! I am astonished at how saucy it is??? Like it’s suggestive of both theft and seduction. Wow!

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