Shopping Trip

by Purrsia
illustrated by Ad-ad Wifey


The store had called her name for a couple of weeks now. It was clearly a porn shop, but it seemed like one of those girly ones, with decent lighting and a policy of cleanliness. Linda thought she might just walk in after work one night. She wouldn’t have to look at the… stuff. She could just look at the nightgowns, if she wanted. There were some pretty ones in the window, next to the… vinyl ones.

She finally got up her courage on a Thursday night. Alan had kept her at work late editing the final proofs for their catalog; she thought the store might ease her frustration. And a little… alone time might help with her fatigue and stress as well.

There was no one in the store when she came in but the clerk, a lovely, thin woman with cafe au lait skin and bright green eyes. Linda couldn’t place her ethnicity. It didn’t matter, anyway. The woman nodded to her as she came in, and Laura nodded back and went to hide in the lingerie. There was a pretty babydoll nightgown in red satin trimmed with red lace; they were sized by bra size, so it was easy enough to figure out what might work.

illustrated by Ad-ad Wifey

She considered it for a minute, then decided to try it on. It was pretty, and she needed to feel pretty.

“Can I try this on?” she said to the woman behind the counter.

“Sure,” the woman said, and took a heavy ring of keys from the countertop. “Let me unlock the dressing room for you.”

The keyring had a tiny rubber dildo on it. It was neon green. Linda tried not to stare.

The dressing room was just out of the way, behind the video rental boxes. Linda tried not to stare at those either, though she did catch sight of a pair of legs in fishnet stockings with tiny bows on the back. She went into the room and locked the door.

At least the dressing room was clean, though not as well-lit as the shop itself. Linda pulled her dress over her head.

Some unplaced paranoia led her to check the room for any kind of camera; there was a mirror, and she supposed there could be one behind that, but otherwise the room was clear. She turned her back to the mirror before she unhooked her bra, just in case.

Her breasts felt sensitive, and even more so as she slipped the nightgown on over her head.

“Do you need any help?” the clerk asked, and Linda almost jumped. “A different size?”

The nightgown felt a little tight. “Um… yes. Please. A… cup size bigger, I think.” She slipped the nightgown off and handed it and the padded hanger over the door, feeling vulnerable.

“Sure,” the clerk said, and disappeared. Linda wondered if she should put her bra back on while she waited, and then felt foolish. The clerk was back quickly, anyway. “Here it is,” she announced, before she handed the nightgown over the door.


This one fit better. Linda looked… kind of sexy in it. She turned, slowly, before the mirror, and decided it might be….

Yes. She should buy it.

She slipped it off over her head and put her bra back on. Her nipples were still hard, and she tried to ignore them. She was in a sex shop, it wasn’t that unusual to be thinking about sex, after all. She pulled her dress back over her head and slid her shoes back on.

Maybe she should go over to the… toys.

She put the babydoll over her arm like a shield and walked out of the dressing room.

“You want me to take that for you?” the clerk asked. “I can put it right on the counter.”

“Um,” she said. “I’ll just carry it.”

The clerk nodded. Linda noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra under her thin dress; she could see the outline of the girl’s nipples.

Linda walked to the shelves of sex toys. She still felt like she was being watched. It was almost like a physical awareness; something in the back of her neck, her spine, her breasts.

It was a pretty nightgown. She liked it. She didn’t need anything to go with it, really.

There was a whole wall of dildos and vibrators. She shouldn’t bother looking.

She bit her lower lip and tried not to look at them too obviously.

“Do you want some help?”

Linda almost jumped; the girl from the store was almostat her elbow. When had she gotten there?

“I–” she said. The words died on her lips.

“What do you like?”

Linda closed her mouth. “Well,” she said. “I’ve never. I–”

“Oh,” the girl said knowingly. “First time? We’ll try something simple then, huh?”

“…all right,” she said.

The girl walked confidently over to the shelves. “Would you like to try something hard, or soft?”

“How– how can you do that?” Linda blurted out, and then bit her tongue.

“Do what– this?” The girl grinned. “It’s just sex, you know. It’s one of the most natural things we can do.”

“But…not like this. Not in a store. Not–”

“What’s the difference?” The girl took something off a shelf and walked closer. “In the Middle Ages, people used to wait outside the marriage bed for the bloodstained sheet. It wasn’t always in a dark room with the lights turned off.”


“Try this,” the girl said, and slipped a rubbery dildo in her hand. “You can even put it in the dishwasher.”

illustrated by Ad-ad Wifey

“I,” Linda said. “I’m not sure I’d want to–”

“That way it’s nice and clean after,” the girl said. “I bet you like to stay clean.”

“I–” Linda said. “I–”

“You want to try it?” the girl said. She stroked the dildo in Linda’s hand.

“I… I’m straight,” Linda said. Her heartbeat had picked up. “And… the store. Open. People… someone might come in. And–”

It occurred to her that that might not have been what the girl meant at all. Her face flushed red. “I mean–”

“The store’s closed,” the girl said, leaning forward. Her breath brushed against Linda’s ear. “It closed when you were trying the nightgown on. The door’s locked.”

Linda’s nipples were tight against her bra, now.

“So,” the girl said. “You wanna try it?”

Linda remembered the shop window; you couldn’t see into the store, even if you tried. “Um,” she said. “Okay.”

“All right,” the girl said, and licked Linda’s ear. Her tongue was warm and wet, which didn’t really surprise Linda; what did surprise her was her body’s violent reaction. Her knees felt weak and shaky; her stomach, hollow. She realized now how wet her panties had gotten. “Mmm,” the girl said, and slipped an arm around her waist. “Good?”

Linda nodded; she no longer trusted her voice.

“All right,” she said, and pulled Linda’s skirt up. Her fingers pushed Linda’s panties aside with practiced ease; Linda wondered, briefly, how many other women had had this pleasure, and then the fingers were inside her panties, inside her skin, and she hadn’t even realized how wet she could get until this girl found her clit and rubbed it, light, fast, perfect.

Linda couldn’t move for a moment; and then she had to move, had to shudder against the girl, whose soft, free breasts were now pressing into Linda’s back. The girl slipped the dildo out of Linda’s hand and suddenly it was sliding between her legs.

It felt slippery and hard and amazing. Linda opened her legs a bit more and let the girl fuck her, gently at first, then harder as Linda pressed back into the pressure. “Good?”

Linda could only manage a whimper.

“Yeah,” the girl said. “That’s what I thought.”

When Linda came, it was like a landslide in her body; harder than she could remember coming in ages. Her nipples felt raw, though the girl hadn’t touched her breasts, and her body was drenched in sweat. “God,” she said, when the world stopped shaking.

“So you wanna buy the dildo?” the girl said. She was licking her fingers and looking as satisfied as a cat.

“Um,” Linda said. “Yes. Yes please.”


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